Glen Wakeman, Formerly of GE Capital, Helps Struggling Business Owners

Glen Wakeman has lived in six different countries and worked in 32; He worked for businesses and helped transform them. Some of them, most recently GE Money Latin America, saw him as the CEO and oversaw 9 countries which totalled 15 billion dollars in assets and over 17,000 employees. He is the CEO and co-founder of LaunchPad Holdings, LLC, and he obtained his education at The University of Chicago. Currently he is now an entrepreneur helping struggling business owners, and frequently blogs about global business and emerging markets (

Glen Wakeman implemented a three-step plan to help business owners achieve their goals. All of them revolve around thoughtful perseverance and using your brain to think about how you can help improve your circumstances. The first step is what he calls focusing on benefits, not features. In other words, how can you be an asset to your customers instead of simply trying to sell them. The second part of his program is to seek what he calls disconfirming evidence. In other words play devil’s advocate, and think of what could go wrong. Look for holes in your plan because maybe your timing is wrong or your pricing is wrong. Or even maybe your product is not as desirable as you thought it was. These are just examples of things that you can do to improve your business relations and outlook. In his third and final step, he claims that you should build dispassionate support groups. Put your customers at the forefront. All of us get to a point where we can’t carry on anymore, and customers do not need “Yes Men” he says (Analystoffinance).

Don’t give up on your dreams and being an entrepreneur, because entrepreneurship is a hard yet worthwhile endeavor. Glen uses a SAAS website and digital marketing to help grow business owners’ businesses to become larger, and his previous role included General Director of GE Capital in London.


Reviews and Information of White Shark Media (R)

This will give information about reviews of a company called White Shark Media®. One review was from Kevin from Ohio. He and those from Ohio were satisfied with the improvements that have been steady and slow. These were improvements in the campaigns that moved up the program while having the costs lowered.

Kevin and the company seems to be forming a good working relationship with the work partners. It also seems that those they work with have a good understanding on what it to be done for the company. Finally, it seems that the company is accurate. It’s accurate in the way feedback it submitted about how problems can be taken care of and improved.

Max W. from Minnesota sounds all in with hiring White Shark Media®. He specifically recommends an employee Ana Stephenson as the account representative. The customer said that Stephenson has done a good job at showing her full potential, she showed great potential in an advertising program uses called “Google Ad Words. Another satisfied customer was Rafael J. He liked how White Shark had been comprehensible. Finally, there was a customer named Samantha who most often sends out updates and gives out great hints as well. She also helped the company stay on top of the budget and center business needs.

Now some general information about White Shark Media®. This company is the leader of the Digital exhale Marketing Agency it brings online marketing solutions that are specifically customized for businesses that are medium and small sized. It turned out the winning mix for this company was the mixture of a domestic and offshore presence with an employee base which is fully bilingual and carry a lot of talent. Finally, this company made number 786 of 5,000 on America’s fastest growing companies on Inc. Magazine. more information.

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