Dermatologist Tim Ioannides shares the vital role education can play in skin-care


The skin naturally ages over time and can become more weak and blemished. That is why it can be so important to take care of the skin especially as we age. For the elderly, it can be essential to take care of the skin and that is why having a good dermatologist can be such a big help.

Dr. Tim Ioannides is a doctor who truly believes in the positive impact of face to face communication and in educating patients on how to take better care of their skin. The dermatologist owns his own practice called Treasure Coast Dermatology, which cares for many patients and that has grown tremendously over the years. He is a graduate of the University of Miami School of Medicine and also completed an internship at the University of Florida School of Medicine.

Tim is interested in the medical side of dermatology, treating patients of any skin cancers or treating any normal kinds of skin conditions. He thinks of himself as an entrepreneur just as much as a doctor and believes in building lasting relationships with clients. Even in a digital age where technology is just about everywhere, Tim Ioannides does not believe in using computers or any technology in the examination room as it can kill the entire process of getting to know a patient and communicating effectively with them. See Related Link for additional information.

The dermatologist makes sure to take voice notes and write them down later to gather information on each individual that he sees. Tim Ioannides sees it as crucial to educating the older generation about skincare as it can get worse over the years and the likelihood of skin cancers can increase with age.

Tim is known for a procedure he does named Mohs Surgery to remove cancer skin cells at the root. Skin cancer tends to be high among the elderly as education can be a big key to them identifying if it is skin cancer and choosing to go see the dermatologist for an examination.

In an article with Medical Daily Times, Dr. Ioannides “Explains How Vitamin D Can Help Calm Skin Conditions”. The article discusses why the “sunshine vitamin” is a crucial vitamin for your health while being a cheap treatment that is readily available.


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