Richard Liu, a Successful Businessman with Many Talents


Richard Liu is a businessman and the founder of Morningside Venture Capital. He is also an individual who has obtained a high level of education, having acquired a BA in 2002 from Cornell University, an MA in 2007 from Temple University, and a PhD in 2011 from Temple University.

Richard Liu is an associate professor at Brown University and has conducted a number of experimental research relating to the study in Psychiatry and Human Behavior.

An article with Digital Mode entitled “Changing Careers: Richard Liu’s Interdisciplinary Successes”, discusses exceptional thinker such as Richard Liu find it necessary to pursue a new field of professional employment, with the belief that this endeavor will bring long-term occupational success, meaningful employment, and a personal fulfillment only attainable by finding one’s true professional passion.

Originally, Richard Liu enthusiastically sought out a career as a dentist for himself. This stem from the fact that his mother was a dentist, whom he would often accompany to her place of employment. Consequently, Richard Liu was inspired to become a dentist like his mother. To this end, he would attend and successful complete dental school at Harvard’s School of Dentistry.

Subsequently, Richard Liu have a five-year career in dentistry. His career as a dentist was cut short because he was draw to business, his true calling. Initially, Richard Liu dabbled in business investing in a few number of startups. But that soon changed, and he determined to acquire a full-time career in business for himself and enrolled himself in the prestigious MIT university to get an MBA.

Things worked out perfectly for Richard Liu in terms of acquiring a successful full-time career in business. After working as an analyst for a few years, first for CRT Capital and then later for FTV Capital, he established Morningside Venture Capital.

Richard Liu’s firm specializes in acquisition of numerous startups in a variety of sectors. Forward-thinking companies showing potential to impact the global economy are also a prospective acquisition of Morningside Venture Capital. The venture capital firm manages around $1.7 billion in various investment assets.


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