Susan McGalla Broke Down Walls in Corporate America Unintentionally

Susan McGalla is someone that I look up to. She started her own business to provide marketing advice. She has been an effective CEO. She is a courageous mother. She is a business women that knows the ins and outs of the marketing world, and I do not know if anyone else has worked as hard to break down walls for women in the corporate world.  Check also

Ironically, I do not think that Susan McGalla set out to break down these walls. She was simply working her way up the corporate ladder. She has a degree in marketing, and she appears to have always liked the job that she was doing. This is what has made her such a power house in the industry. Susan McGalla had a passion for what she was doing, and this carried her to the top. I don’t think that she had her mind on breaking down the walls in the corporate world for the leadership in the clothing industry. This was not what she set out to do.

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I go believe that there is a level of commitment that was made to do her job well. I believe that this was the only mission that Susan McGalla had. She knew that she had to work harder than her male counterparts, and that is what she did. This is what people need to take a look at. She made a name for herself as a successful CEO, and this caused women to gravitate towards her.  Know her better, Click here.