Rona Borre Shares the Strength behind her Success

CEO Rona Borre heads the Instant Alliance. The Chicago-based firm is considered as one of the fastest-growing staffing firms in the US. Rona started the firm in 2001 from her spare bedroom, and in six months, she already had about 50 staff. Currently, her woman-owned enterprise is consistently increasing revenue every year. Being a leader in the Chicagoan community, Rona Borre sits on the board and assumes leadership roles with the Young Presidents Organizations, The Chicago Network, and the Chicagoan Economic Club.  Head over to for additional reading.

Rona claims that the idea for Instant Alliance hit her mind while she was working in the recruiting and staffing industry after she was through with college. Being a young entrepreneur, she was eager and worked hard as a recruiter in order to learn hot trends and technology in the market.  For a good read on an interview with Borre, hit on

Rona’s typical days are not that different from each other, and this, she claims is what makes her love her job. Her passion is to be out there with clients and develop relationships that will help her firm become an effective recruiting partner. Rona highlights that her productivity is much related to an energized team. This is why she has identified top talents and merged them with her clients. She strongly believes that in any organization, people are the ultimate differentiating factor.  Continue reading here.

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