The Unforgettable Constitutional Impact Sujit Choudhry Made in Ukraine

Taking part in any constitutional process shows you have reliable knowledge and skills needed to shape how the lives of other many people would be governed. Anyone who successfully contributes to any constitutional process has a profound legal background. Making a constitution or even amending it requires legal expertise and people who have mastered law. As a qualified and experienced lawyer, ( had a significant role to play during the Kiev, Ukraine. The country needed to amend its constitution to accommodate the semi-presidential government system. With Sujit joining the legal team, Ukraine knew its constitutional situations and problems would find a permanent solution.

At the Center for Constitutional Transitions, Sujit Choudhry serves as the Director and Professor. As a legal specialist, Ukraine knew Sujit would come up with some incredible governing procedures to improve governance in this country ( The time he spent with the Ukraine experts discussing executive powers is always memorable to him. He affirms that the democratic system in Ukraine has been unsteady for more than 20 years. He cites that inadequate political groups and the focus on presidential authority had contributed to this wobbly situation based on

Some of the institutions that joined Sujit Choudhry and his legal team were Dalarna University and International IDEA. The name Sujit has carved out for himself in politics, and the comparative constitutional law is unmatched. With his immense legal expertise, Sujit Choudhry has adequate skills in gathering detailed research in any constitution-building process. His profound legal expertise has seen him travel to many countries to speak on legal matters. The Center for Constitutional Transitions, which Sujit Choudhry heads, is mainly involved in creating and mobilizing information necessary during constitution improvement. Sujit believes that any thematic analysis should provide legal practitioners with policy-based opinions.

Think Tank, NGO, and global network multilateral companies are some of the partners Sujit has worked with during the constitution amendment process. He has three global collaborative research projects he is leading at the moment. Sujit Choudhry is busy looking at the 2017 policy outputs and informational guides to see if they need to be improved. The United Nations Development Program and the United Nations Mediation Roster have joined him in this noble task. The World Bank Institute appreciates Sujit’s efforts for being its competent advisor, refer to (