End Citizens United: An Organization With Political Reformation Goals

End Citizens United is a political action committee that has been making an incredible amount of progress in bringing the issues of the country to light. They have been behind various discoveries of corruption in government of America, which has ignited the spark of change in the minds of the people. The organization was founded by a group of individuals who wanted to bring about change in the country on a large scale, and once again, put the power of running the country back in the hands of the common people in America. The organization has been successful in numerous endeavors that they have taken on and hopes to make a much bigger impact in the future and for the 2020 elections.

The organization was founded in the aftermath of the Supreme Court ruling in Citizens United. This ruling allowed large corporates and businesses to invest into political parties, without having to disclose the information of the transactions to the public. This law was put in place to increase the amount of money that goes to the government and into political parties but ended up being a lot more disastrous than fruitful for the country. Corporates started using this as a way to bribe political parties, to get them to do things that benefit them more than the people of the nation. People started using this system to also pay for positions in the government. It’s no secret that there are indeed people in compelling positions currently that do not have the qualifications to be in those posts but are still because of the donations that they have made. This makes for an incredibly unfair system, and people who do have the qualifications and best interests in mind are not being able to lead the country because of having less money than a businessman focused on company.

One of the most significant ways in which the country can once again go back to what it was is by establishing a system that allows only educated people to get these positions, which is what End Citizens United is trying to enforce. The organization has been working to improve the system since the beginning and has received nationwide support from people who resonate with their ideologies. End Citizens United had also received an incredible amount of funds from people all over the country and has gone over their goal funding that they had set in place when they started the organization.

The organization has made it extremely clear that the party that they support is the democratic party, and is the better choice to lead the nation. They feel like the Democratic Party does have the best interests in mind when running the government, which is why they should be in the position.

Learn More: action.dscc.org/page/s/citizens-united