How Rebel Wilson Plans to Handle Her Cats Role

When Rebel Wilson took on her latest role in Cats, she knew there were things she’d have to do that would make her a more serious actor. She also knew the role would be different from anything she’d ever done in the past. Read more: Rebel Wilson Joins Cats Movie Musical and Rebel Wilson Isn’t it Romantic First Book

Even though she mainly focused on how she could play in big movies, she also knew stage acting was a great way to expand her career and help show people she is serious about acting.

Rebel Wilson also knew doing things differently would help her make a more positive connection with everyone she worked with in the acting industry. It helped her show people they could try different things without losing who they really were as a person and as an actor.

Rebel Wilson knows a lot about what she can do for this role and she’s looking forward to participating in something different from any of the movies she did before.

Until this point, most people recognize Rebel Wilson as a comedy actress. While she is great at comedy and knows a lot about how to play a comedic role, she’s also adaptable to other situations.

With roles like Fat Amy under her belt, Rebel Wilson knows she can do anything she wants to with her acting career. It makes her want to expand her reach and try things other than comedy. Rebel Wilson knows she’ll stick to her roots, though, and won’t forget what she learned working on comedies. Learn more about Rebel Wilson: and

Growth as an actor is important in any role. Rebel Wilson knows this and also knows she needs to try something more serious if she wants to keep up with the growth she experienced until this point. For Rebel Wilson, it’s important to keep trying new parts and doing new things.

As long as she’s growing in her career, she can continue trying different options and making sure people understand the hard work she put into it. The growth can change people and Rebel Wilson wants some change. All of this is why she took on a new role that is serious.

After working on Cats, Rebel Wilson knows she wants to try something even newer. She plans to help people see a different side of her with all her new projects and that’s what she wants.

Even though she made huge strides for plus-sized actors in the industry, she also wants to show they can do more than just comedies. Rebel Wilson is a crusader for the larger actors and that’s an important part of her career.

By showing people they can do any role no matter their size, Rebel Wilson is opening the doors for a new generation of actors who come in many sizes.

The Chainsmokers Celebrate Diamond Certification of “Closer” with Halsey

When an album or single sells for over one million units it is awarded platinum certification. This comes in the form of a platinum-plated LP. Every time it sells a million copies this happens. So whenever a song or album goes double or triple platinum that means it has sold two to three million units. So what happens when a single goes ten times platinum? Just ask the Chainsmokers.

Fans of both the Chainsmokers and Halsey got a real Instagram treat last month when the artists posted some exciting news via photo. The artists collaborate smash hit “Closer”, which was released back in 2016, has gained diamond certification. Diamond certification is what the RIAA calls ten times platinum. It is a huge accomplishment and a testament to the popularity of what was by far their biggest hit of 2016.

“Closer” tells the story of two ex-lovers finding each other again by chance. It is the story of a unexpected hook up that bears no promise of going anywhere. The story is just as ambiguous as the lyrics that tell it. Underscored by a catchy beat, the song is definitely the kind that will crawl into your brain and stay there. It is done in typical Chainsmokers fashion. The lyrics tell a relatable story, pulled from their actual lives, and feature Andrew Taggart on lead vocals.

Although these are known mainstays today, back in 2016 they were still relatively new. As was Halsey. The singer was still a fresh face to the music industry in 2016. “Closer” was the hit that made her career and served as her first breakout. It also made Pall and Taggart recognized artists. The duo had formed back in 2012, and had been trying to seperate themselves from the EDM flock since their breakout in 2014. 2014 was the year of their breakout single, “#Selfie“. The duo quickly rose to fame but began changing their style. Taggart began taking lead vocals which most EDM artists never do. Now in the wake of a very active 2018 all three artists have had a decent blast from the past. Diamond certification is a much sought after achievement.

Alex Pall, Uncovered His Hidden Talent For EDM

Once confined to illegal raves and underground clubs, Electronic Dance Music (EDM) is now the largest segment of modern dance grooves. In 2012, two EDM DJs, Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart transformed Top 40s culture with their stylized beats. The Chainsmokers have achieved unprecedented popularity and commercial success. In an interview with the original initiator of the twosome, Alex Pall, he spoke about uncovering his hidden talent for producing EDM. Before Andrew, Alex had another partner who decided to pursue another path. It left him searching for a replacement. What he found was more than a replacement, another DJ who possessed his identical passion for the genre.

Alex Pall isn’t a household name, at least not yet. But, that doesn’t take anything away from the popular status the duo have achieved in just six short years. With the release of their 2016 hit, “Closer,” the Chainsmokers were launched in a solo category as excavators of good dance music. Contrary to what others might think, the genre requires more than standing in a DJ booth, playing sets. The EDM culture has never been dead, but it was slightly lethargic, because there weren’t enough standout DJs.

Enter Alex Pall and The Chainsmokers and their charged percussion laced beats and amplified lyrics. And what you have is something that Alex says happened, quite by accident. “I quit my job and that’s where it all started.” He was always heavily involved in producing EDM tracks. Initially, Alex Pall was working as an intern for Interscope Records in New York City. Back then he was only dabbling in the music scene, thinking about leaving his Syracuse college and relocating to Los Angeles. As club DJs, EDM follows a format. Alex Pall created a divergent path for the Chainsmokers, one which allows them to express who they are as individuals. This personalization has lead them away from being stereotyped as “typical” EDM DJs. The one defining moment came with the track, Closer and its pure electronic dance beats; this coupled with Halsey and Alex Pall singing, elevated the Chainsmokers into a breakout success.