Isabel dos Santos – A Woman Worthy of Admiration


Isabel dos Santos is a woman making history for her home country of Angola and for Africa. Today, she is Africa’s first woman billionaire, worth about 2 billion. Her success in the business world is largely due to her own efforts, despite being the eldest daughter of Angola’s former President, Jose Eduardo dos Santos.

She spent most of her younger years in London where her mother continues to live. Isabel dos Santos received an Electrical engineering degree from King’s college and took her first managerial position for Urbana 2000, a company tasked with cleaning up the city. Following the completion of this project, she decided to establish her first business, a trucking company. Visit on her twitter for updates.

After noting the deficiencies in the telecom industry of the 1990s, she decided to invest her profits in the emerging telecommunications industry. Around this time, she also became the owner of Luanda’s first night club, the Miami Beach Club.

During the subsequent 20 years, Isabel dos Santos expanded her interests into other industries that brought needed services, income and technology to Angola. She also continued to expand her interests in foreign holding in Portugal, the Netherlands and Spain. Since 2008, Isabel dos Santos has held most of her investment holdings in telecommunications, media, retail, finance, energy and mining.

In Africa, Isabel is known as a woman who has it all, beauty, wealth and brains. She has achieved her success on her own with little help from her political influences.

Today, she is considered one of the most influential business women of the world. Isabel dos Santos is an inspiration to women seeking business success. She has held directive roles in world leading companies and has made very successful investment decisions. Isabel is certainly someone to admire, a self-made billionaire who achieved success solely with her own knowledge and efforts.

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The Richest Woman In Africa

Africa is often thought of as one of the poorest continents in the world but it would seem not everyone there is wallowing away in poverty. Isabel Dos Santos holds the distinction of being the richest woman on the continent. As the daughter of the former president of Angola, it’s not hard to deduce where the majority of her wealth came from but rest assured she is not taking any of her good fortune for granted. Born in the capital of Azerbaijan, Isabel Dos Santos went on to study electrical engineering at King’s College in London where she met her future husband. A couple years after graduation, she started her first business when she opened up a new beach club in the capital of Angola and subsequently expanded her interests into many other departments (BBC).

As someone in a position of power, Isabel Dos Santos has dedicated lots of time and effort to bettering the lives of people throughout Africa. A few years ago, Isabel Dos Santos gave a talk at an annual conference for the Yale Undergraduate Association for African Peace and Development. Most recently, she spoke at a student-led event being held on the campus of Yale University where she discussed many different themes including democracy, identity and sustainability among others. Back in June of 2016, stated by her father, Dos Santos is Sonangol Chairwoman, an Angolan state oil company. However, she was later dismissed from the position less than two months after her swearing in.

A few months prior to this, her father announced his intentions to retire in 2018, although he failed to disclose a particular reason for his sudden departure from office. In more recent years, Isabel Dos Santos has put down stakes in various different companies and businesses. This includes but is not limited to Trans Africa Investment Services, Unitel International Holdings, Santoro Finance, Esperanza Holding and Condis. At the moment, it’s not quite clear where she plans to go in the future of her entrepreneurial career but, from here, she has nowhere to go but up. We wish her the best of luck.

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Founded by Henry Ford in Dearborn, Michigan, the Ford Motor Company opened its doors in 1903, providing some of the first automobiles to individuals, businesses, and government agencies. Using two to three men to work together on a single vehicle, Ford’s system introduced the assembly line system of work. The automobile manufacturer may be as well-regarded for his production line innovations as the automobiles his company produced.

As Henry’s great-great granddaughter, Elena Ford is continuing with that type of forward thinking with her eagerness to improve upon the customer experience. Elena currently serves as the auto maker’s Chief Customer Experience Officer, so her focus is on giving Ford customer’s a more personalized experience. She has taken the time to consider what areas need improving and analyzing methods for addressing those aspects of car ownership.

In an effort to customize the Ford customer experience, Elena Ford is promoting the company’s new mobile app, FordPass. The app will help propel Ford into a future, where selling a car is just one step in forging a relationship with tech-savvy consumers. Ms. Ford says this change in how the company relates to its customers is necessary, because people are changing how they use their vehicles.

Elena adds that people are viewing transportation in general as a means to an end, so car ownership isn’t really the status symbol it once was for past generations. While people will continue to buy vehicles, functionality will be far more important than luxury.

The Ford Motor Company began by conducting extensive research in customer satisfaction, analyzing how companies like Nike and Amazon have adapted to new consumer demands. Those companies have received recognition in providing “best in service” customer satisfaction. Embracing that as a goal, Elena Ford looked at customer experiences people have with the automotive industry and tried to determine the best ways to resolve those issues. The most common “pain points” that FordPass seeks to alleviate is the car buying experience, obtaining financing, and getting the vehicle serviced.

FordPass is a mobile app that works in conjunction with specially equipped vehicles to provide auto owners with a better experience. The app monitors the vehicle’s health and provides special functions, such as remotely starting and stopping the vehicle. In the future, Elena hopes the mobile app will help vehicle owners locate and pay for public parking and may even provide ways to borrow or share vehicles.

For Elena Ford, improving the buying experience is just one way she hopes her great-great grandfather’s company will address consumer needs. Beyond car ownership, Elena wants to see FordPass address other transportation issues and provide related services that will be customizable for each individual. In much the same way that Henry Ford used the assembly line to imp-rove the production experience, Elena Ford hopes FordPass will improve transportation experiences for Ford customers.


Deirdre Baggot advocacy on Bundled payments

In the last five years, Baggot has researched and advised healthcare actors on the impact of the Affordable Care Act. According to her, the act will have a massive effect on the overall USA health sector and more importantly on the result of bundled payments. She points out that the policy wave will have an effect on the prepared and unprepared actors in the medical sectors. In her opinion, Baggot era for fee-for-service is slowly exiting. She explores the alternatives both the patients and caregivers have in the new payment dispensation.

As an expert in the payment systems, Ms. Baggot advice the healthcare facilities to maximize the use of data in modifying the bundles and payment plans. The purpose of data according to her helps the hospitals in identifying shortcomings in their overall payment plans. Besides, Baggot advises the health facilities to build a good environment for a better relationship between both the caregivers and the patients. Learn more about Deirdre Baggot at

Deirdre Baggot is optimistic that the current payment method is the solution to the affordability question on the healthcare. To her, this is one of the best innovation towards universal, affordable health care to both sides of the healthcare. Both the caregivers and patients are presented with a win-win situation with the bundled payments. She believes that as much as the human body is prone to diseases, the solution and remedies do not have to be complicated.

Deirdre Baggot is one of the most experienced personalities in the USA health sector, both in the academic and practice. Although she has worked in the academic world, her expertise in payments methods and business of healthcare has made her synonymous with innovations. Ms. Baggot has one of the best qualifications any medical strategists may have. In summary, she has a Ph.D. in Philosophy (University of Colorado) and MBA from the prominent Quinlan School (of Business). This vast knowledge makes her the ultimate expert in the sizeable medical sector.

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Susan McGalla is a Prime Example of Female Leadership

There are statistics that show businesses with a diversity of gender have a 15% chance of outperforming other companies while companies that are ethnically diverse have 35% more of a chance to outperform compared to others that are not as diverse. The belief is these kinds of companies have been able to outperform their peers is because they are more welcoming to new ideas. Diversity in the workplace will bring more perspectives to the table and one of the finest examples is Susan McGalla.

McGalla is one of the prime examples of women leaders has proven herself to be highly skilled in her position. For women, reaching a high-level position in the business world is a challenge and it can feel like an uphill battle.

McGalla has credited her success to how she was raised which has made her so at ease with working women and men. She grew up with a football coach dad and two brothers and was not given any breaks just because she was a girl. McGalla had to work for the things she wanted which led her to develop a strong work ethic early on as a little girl. She carried this attitude forward in life and it has helped her to be incredibly successful while also being able to hold multiple, high-level positions in the business world.

Just like in her childhood, McGalla had to earn what she wanted and rose through the ranks of American Eagle Outfitters. When she first started working in these high-level positions all the executives at the top were men. Before she had left the company, she had managed to work her way up to being the president. She then went on to found the P3 Executive Consulting and now holds the esteemed position of Vice President of Business Strategy and Creative Development for the Pittsburgh Steelers.