Daniel Taub Uses His Position as an Ambassador to Give Back

Working as an ambassador allowed Daniel Taub to give back to the community he used to be a part of. He made a great ambassador because he knew what it was like to live in te UK. Even though he is an Israelite, he lived in the UK. He spent a large part of his life there going to school and growing up. Read more: Daniel Taub | Crunchbase and Daniel Taub | LinkedIn

He also learned a lot about the UK from the studies he had and that allowed him the chance to keep helping people with other things once he took the ambassador position in the embassy within the UK.

Daniel Taub not only studied in the UK but he also went to the United States. He attended Harvard and earned a degree. He went back to Israel after earning his degree and began putting it to use.

He knew what he wanted to do from the time he was young and that allowed him to choose an ambassador position that would be easy for him to do. He spent a lot of time working and growing in the position. It was his way of making sure Israel got what they needed and so did the UK.

While he was there, he felt as though he was at home. He chose to do things that other people in the UK were doing because it’s what he knew before. The ideas he had all went back to how hard he worked as the ambassador.

He enjoyed the food the UK had to offer as well as some of the activities he didn’t have when he was living in Israel. It made sense for him to keep helping people with the options they needed because he spent so much time there learning about it. Learn more about Daniel Taub: http://www.behance.net/danieltaub and http://israblog.nana10.co.il/blogread.asp?blog=864881

As long as Daniel Taub knew how to help people try things on their own, he was a great ambassador. In fact, the trade between the two countries almost doubled while he was the ambassador.

He made sure he was doing things the right way and that let him have the opportunity to do better.

Both countries were good at what they did, but Daniel Taub made them even better. He made sure people saw what he could do so they would notice how well each country was performing.

He also spent time perfecting his techniques so he could use them later on when he was working on different missions.

Perry Mandera; A Transportation Giant With a Big Heart

It’s one thing to acquire the operational mechanics needed to manage heavy trucking equipment. It’s quite another to take that hardwon know-how and leverage it into the basis of an entire company. Yet, it would seem that Perry Mandera did precisely that, initially learning the grunt-side of trucking as a Marine reservist, before eventually founding his own full service transportation company in the winter of 1986, while still in his twenties, five years after starting and then selling his first transport business. The now renowned industry leader, regarded as a pioneer in the transportation industry, Custom Companies Inc. has its current head office in Northlake, Illinois (Customco).

Mandera’s goal, which was both simple and yet far-reaching for its time, was to create a one-stop for a variety of wide-ranging transport needs. Beginning with two trucks and a mandate to provide the best possible, personalized customer service, Custom Companies Inc. has continued to fulfill that today, now with more than two thousand pieces of equipment at their disposal.

Despite earning a spot as one of the top-most transportation executives of the millennium, Mandera’s empathy for those in the trenches appears to have remained intact. Mandera’s generosity of spirit shines through his reputation as a philanthropist. Besides Custom Cares Charities, which is industry-specific in its charitable bent, Mandera supports initiatives aimed at eliminating hunger and Aids and specifically backs the ISCC, otherwise known as the Illinois State Crime Commission.

The non-profit works to create positive public engagement with law enforcement, besides targeting initiatives that take aim at gang activity and juvenile delinquency, while also honing in on problems, such as drug and alcohol possession among minors. Mandera has been singled out twice by the organization for awards. Besides big-heartedness, Mandera has shown a willingness to apply elbow grease where needed, pushing hard for legislative efforts that support trucker’s issues, as a member of the Illinois Trucking Association. One such issue is the repeal of Commercial Distribution Fee, which amounts to a hefty sales tax on truck license plates, with none of the generated income going to transportation-specific concerns.


Daniel Mark Harrison, a Famous Business Guru

Daniel Mark Harrison was born in London England and later moved to Asia following his education. He is the founder and chief executive officer of Daniel Mark Harrison & Co., a family office founded in 2015 that deals with developing residential properties. The business has extensions in Hong Kong, Singapore, and Bangkok. He is also a managing director at Monkey Capital which is a famous decentralized hedge fund. He was named one of the leading innovators and the brightest in the world of startups.

Along with his business skills, Daniel Mark Harrison is also a renowned writer. His exceptional writing skills saw him doing columns for Forbes, Wall Street Journal, and Street.com among others. He has been a writer for CoinSpeaker a field of Bitcoins and Altcoins and has had a lot of success accredited to him as a result. He is the founder of Marx Rand, a daily interest, and current affairs publication where he acts as both an editor and publisher.

His first book as an author was Butterflies: the Strange Metamorphosis of Fact and Fiction in Today’s World, a combination of both fiction and journalism received excellent reviews from other renowned authors and fetched a top position on the Amazon’s bestseller list with a 5-star review from fans. Other books he has written after that, like The Millennial Reincarnations, have been received warmly by his loyal audience and other authors.

Daniel Mark Harrison keeps himself up to date with new and key technologies, is keen to observe the different aspects of industries, technology, and finance across the globe and make informed decisions concerning investments. As a result, within short periods of time, he accumulates great amounts of wealth. His focus is on making investments that can improve the lives of people worldwide, that’s why he invests in companies that address world’s most pressing challenges like pollution, cyber security, and exploitation. This master of all trades is without a doubt in it for a good cause.

As an award-winning journalist and an inspirational entrepreneur has proved that being observant and considering everything before you set out to create anything will bring forth good results especially in writing and when making business ventures and investments.

How Louis Chênevert has been a Leader in the Aviation Industry

For several years, Canadian born Louis R. Chênevert was both the Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board of United Technologies Corporation (UTC). He is a graduate of HEC Montréal and holds a bachelor’s degree in production management. Later in his career, in 2011, he was given an honorary doctorate by this educational institution in recognition of the accomplishments he had made so far during his professional career.

Before his arrival at UTC, Louis Chênevert was the President of Pratt & Whitney, another company in the aviation industry. He worked at this company from 1999 until March of 2006 which is when he was named the top executive at United Technologies Corporation. He guided the company for several years, until December of 2014, when he resigned the position in order to pursue other interests.
It was under Louis Chênevert’s leadership that UTC weathered the storm of the subprime recession which started to take place in 2007. He carefully balanced the needs of the shareholders and customers of the company as well as other stakeholders such as the company’s employees. The company emerged from the recession in very good shape and has gone on to maintain its position as one of the leaders in North America’s aviation industry.
One of the challenges of the manufacturing industry, which UTC is a part of, is that large portions of it are in decline in North America. Much of the work has moved to other places such as Mexico and Asia in particular. Some manufacturers, though, have continued to do well. UTC is one of these company’s due to the effort of Louis Chênevert. During his time at the company, it maintained its leadership position and continued to thrive. Louis Chênevert didn’t do this on the backs of the workers as he continued to make sure employees of the company were paid a fair wage. He also made it a priority to follow all environmental compliance issues.
Due to his successes, Louis Chênevert was honored by Aviation Week & Space Technology as their Person of the Year in 2011. He was also given the role of Vice Chairman for the Business Council in that same year.

José Henrique Borghi and his Agency Mullen Lowe Brazil Ad

Actions that castigate female violence are increasing by the day and this is what José Henrique Borghi does in his Agency Mullen Lowe Brazil ad. Brazil is seemingly a risky country for women since it is ranked 5th global in terms of women homicides and the cases of women assault also remain high. Agency Mullen Lowe is made by developing a striking advert for the Grupo Abril’s CLAUDIA Magazine.

The video created by Agency Mullen Lowe of José Henrique Borghi is a 15-second YouTube Skip Ad. It is a contextual content speaking against the aggression against women. The very first message here reads “IN 15 SECONDS A WOMAN WILL BE GRAZED IN BRAZIL”. Other phrases then appear underneath this message with the first one warning that whoever is watching this ad can stay put up to the start of the video, but the women victims cannot withstand this.

A few other words then appear after the first warning. These words encourage anyone watching the video to condemn female violence in the strongest possible terms. The piece created by Mullen Lowe Brazil notes that denouncing female violence can be done using a link that leads to number 180. CLAUDIA started this announcement on the International Women’s Day. The magazine used the target media strategy to focus mostly on the female audience. Click here to know more.

This specific ad however was not the very first announcement of a similar nature made by José Henrique Borghi together with his crew. He has always developed a myriad other pieces which have successfully passed the message and remained with the public for quite a long period of time. Being a co-CEO as well as a CCO of Mullen Lowe Brazil, José Henrique Borghi has won important national and international publicity awards, one among them being the has fourteen lions at Cannes.

Learn More About Him: http://grandesnomesdapropaganda.com.br/tag/jose-henrique-borghi/

Adam Goldenberg- The Successful Technopreneur

Adam Goldenberg began his entrepreneurial career at only 15 years of age. His first business that he created was the Gamers Alliance, an advertising site for games. He sold Gamers Alliance in 1999 before completing his high school studies and then joined Intermix Media, the parent firm to MySpace and Alena the same year. Despite his young age, Adam was named the COO of Intermix Media. It was during his time at Intermix that he met with his current business associate Don Ressler. After Intermix had been sold to News Corp in 2006, Adam and Don founded Intelligent Beauty. Currently, the two are the Co-CEOS of JustFab Inc. which was established in 2010. JustFab is currently a global head in the online subscription market and has approximately 35 million subscribers in several parts of the globe.

JustFab is a Unicorn
JustFab managed to get a funding of $85 million in 2014 from its investors at the time. That round of financing increased the firms funding to nearly $300million which transformed the business into a unicorn, a company whose valuation is above $ 1 million. When asked by Francisco about how he felt belonging to this special club, Adam Goldenberg retorted that at the firm they do not brag about being named a unicorn, but they are happy about the external validation that shows they are creating brands and that they clients are satisfied.

In the recent times, many companies have joined the Unicorn club, so Francisco asked Adam if the valuations were a little out of hand. Adam Goldenberg responded by saying that if one could invest in 100 unicorns, it would outperform the larger industry in ten years’ time. This is because most of the unicorns are overvalued, but dinosaur brands will die. Adam further expressed that they will come a time where there will be more online sales as compared to physical sales. This is because of the increased revenue from online sales in the last couple of years.

JustFab’s New Name
In 2016, JustFab Inc. changed its name to TechStyle Group on hudl.com. According to Mr. Goldenberg, the name change was to emphasize the corporation’s roots in technology with its range of brands like ShoeDazzle, FabKids, and Fabletics. The new name was proposed by Shawn Gold, the Company’s corporate marketing officer. Techstyle was ranked 679th position out of 5000 companies on the 2016 Inc.

Read more: TechStyle CEO Adam Goldenberg Talking Name Change on CNBC

Scottsdale, AZ Entrepreneur Jason Hope Expectations for the Internet of Things in Global Economies

In a recent article posted on Engadget, in January 2017, Jason Hope is featured for his expertise and writings in technology advancement, Internet of Things. He is recognized in Arizona and nationally as an entrepreneur, author, philanthropist, commentator, and futurist. Most of his articles are about the latest trends in new technologies and the direction it’s headed in the future. Mr. Hope believes in the Internet of Things and says it is the new wave of advancement to enter the tech industry.

Internet of Things is the latest technology that connects devices with each other using the same network and share date. Examples of devices that can be synced together are electronics, kitchen appliances, alarm systems, and automobiles. In one of his articles, he stated the Internet of Things is the largest investment big companies internationally will take on. Jason Hope forecasts it will evolve around the world to allow all devices connectivity with the other.

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Consumers are presently using smart technology with their personal computers, digital phones, and tablets. Jason Hope said within two to five years smart technology will advance to useful apps for controlling kitchen appliances and security systems & surveillance, for an example. The greatest benefit of Internet of Things is it’s able to eliminate waste and improve safety for the public. He added, it has improved public transportation, including public bus routes mapping and maintenance monitoring.

Learn more at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HIrKoNVbIzs

Mike Baur And His Contribution To The World Of Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship is a broad field and many people have unique ideas that point to the problems the world has been facing for decades. To succeed in business, you have to offer solutions to the problems people are facing. It is a process that requires one to come up with ideas that are able to alleviate the issues the broader market faces. The biggest challenge is in formulating this problem and looking for the right answers to the issue.


Successful entrepreneurs like Mike Baur are simplifying the process through which young entrepreneurs go through to have their businesses featured among the most successful. Mike Baur has been working with entrepreneurs from across the world to help those with ideas to design their products better. He runs the Swiss Startup Factory, which he launched in 2014 and has been offering support to professionals whose input to the process has helped to build businesses. The Swiss Startup Factory offers an incubation program that is managed through a three months session, where the entrepreneurs are allowed to understand about running a new business in the highly competitive and complex market.



Before getting into the market to experience the challenges present, entrepreneurs need coaching that exposes them to unique ways of dealing with challenges. Through this coaching, they are taught about running the business despite challenges. They are also exposed to ideas that help them while reading the progress of the industry and in the process they can come up with more plans for expansion. This coaching is handed to professionals who are highly experienced and skilled on matters startups and business. To enhance quality through the coaching process, the Swiss Startup Factory has partnered with several leading universities in the country.


Marketing/IT support

Marketing is a vital process that exposes the business to the world. On the other hand, IT ensures the business is modern and conforms with modern trends in development that allow it to proceed seamlessly. All these support services are handled by experienced professionals at the Swiss Startup Factory.


More about Mike Baur

Mike Baur is an acclaimed entrepreneur and a professional whose support and ideas have led to the development of intelligent businesses. He runs the Swiss Startup Factory, which is founded in 2014 after exiting banking. His educational profile highlights an MBA that he acquired from the University of Rochester and an Executive MBA from the University of Bern.

Chris Burch: The Entrepreneur With An Eye For Fashion

Christopher Burch is a notable investor, entrepreneur, and philanthropist. Chris attended Ithaca College where he graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in business. He cofounded Eagles Eye Apparel which he sold later for more than $150 million after completing college.


Burch is the founder of Burch Creative Capital and serves as its CEO. The company has worked with some brands such as Poppin, ED by Ellen DeGeneres, and Cocoon9. Chris is an investor and has made personal investments in some companies in recent years. These companies include Nanoleaf, Hooch, Split, and BaubleBar. He acquired Nihiwatu which is a hotel in Indonesia and refurbished it to a world class facility. Nihiwatu has been a success. The managing partner was named the Independent Hotelier in the world by HOTELS magazine this year.


Chris Burch is an active philanthropist and has donated to some organizations. He has supported the Henry Street Settlement, the Child Welfare League of China, and the Sumba Foundation. He started the Christopher Burch Award for Humanism to recognize people who were doing exceptional humanitarian work.


Chris writes regularly. One can find his articles on his site and other outlets. Chris Burch wrote a piece that showed how fashion and technology are coming together and how both of these industries could benefit from each other. He starts by explaining how products that were fashionable in the past were the ones that sold the most. There was the boombox from the 70s to the Walkman in the 90s. All of these products were the in-thing at the time. That is why their popularity spread fast.


Fashion designer Anouk Wipprecht has been using technology throughout her career to come up with unique items such as the dress that paints and the Daredroid (the dress that makes drinks). She says that technology opens up an array of possibilities for one to experiment.


The elegance of fashion has been used by some designers to redesign safety gear. Two female designers came up with a replacement for a helmet for cyclists. The airbag is contained in a device that one wears around the neck and pops out when there is an accident. Another pair of designers created gloves for firefighters that allow them to communicate when in the line of duty. The gloves detect gestures that the firefighters make and can send the message to nearby firefighters. Others have taken to using unconventional materials to come up with new fashions. These materials are recycled. They include bicycle tires and radiator copper.