Clean up your email inbox using Unroll Me

Email is currently one of the most used media for official communication purposes. Often as we surf the internet, there are numerous prompts that prompt internet users to subscribe to a mailing service in order to for them to get a particular service. After a while, you will have subscribed to quite a number of mailing lists that you may no longer need. These mailing services end up cluttering your email inbox hence distracting you from reading a useful email. By the time you realize you have subscribed to way too many mailing lists, unsubscribing from each becomes a losing battle. However, Unroll Me was developed to make it easier and efficient.

Unroll Me is an email management service that helps users to unsubscribe from unwanted mailing lists instantly. Besides, the service helps you to organize your inbox efficiently. This email management service is free and was founded in 2011 by Jojo Hedaya, Josh Rosenwald, Steve Greenberg, and Perri Blake Gorman. The service is simplistic and uses simple steps to attain its intended purpose. Once you sign up for the service, you are presented with the following options; unsubscribe, keep it in your inbox, and add your subscription to the roll up. The option roll up in the service is so intuitive that it even organizes and prioritizes each email putting them in an individual category and hence a cleaner inbox. The unsubscribe option enables users to unsubscribe from multiple subscriptions with a single click while the roll up option gives you a daily summary of your subscriptions for easier management.

Just three years after inception, Unroll me was acquired by slice technologies at an undisclosed amount. The company has continued to offer free email management services to all users globally. However, the company announced that beginning from May 2018, their services will not be available to users in Europe as a result of the GDPR Data Privacy regulation enforcement. This, however, does not mean that the company does not comply with all the GDPR requirements, it is just a few portions of the enforcement, but the company does not specify the portions of the regulation it cannot comply with.

Understanding Organo Gold’s Business Model and how it has helped the Growth of the Brand

Organo Gold is one of the world’s largest manufacturers and distributors of health and wellness products and supplements. The company was established in 2008 and has its base in Canada. Throughout the past ten years, the company has managed to spread its roots and reach other continents, and today, it is a household name everywhere. The products which are under this company include:

  • Coffee products such as lattes, mochas, and lattes
  • Personal care products such as soap
  • Green tea
  • Supplements such as grape seed oil and mycelium

The business model that the company uses was created by Bernardo Chua, the founder, and CEO of the company. Chua was born in the Philippines and spent time working in China before he finally moved into Canada. He learned a lot about the world of multi-level marketing, and he rose to the rank of president at Gano USA. He then decided to open a company to sell one of the products that he is an expert in, coffee.

Chua has been the leader of a brand that is concerned with wellness for over a decade, and during this time, he has managed to help people who distribute the products to make a living. There are several ways in which people make a living from the products. They sell products on behalf of their clients. When you sign up as a merchandiser for the brand, you earn between fifty to five hundred percent profit. The other way that people earn is getting a fast start bonus from the promotional packages offered by the company. There are also uni-level and dual team commissions.

The company has of late been expanding their products, and they have recently included new coffee-based products. It is one of the most successful companies, and the success is a result of Chua’s hard work.


Rick Shinto CEO at InnovaCare Health

Talking about Innovacare Health without mentioning the leadership team is difficult. This company is one of those that have invested in a team that has a lot of collective experience. Before joining the company, most of the board members and managers were serving in other prestigious positions. It, therefore, comes as no surprise that the company has been posting improvements every year since placing Rick Shinto and Penelope Kokkinides at the helm as CEO and CAO respectively. Let us look at their careers and experience in this industry.

Dr. Rick Shinto

One of the most talented leaders in the Medicare Industry, Dr. Rick Shinto brings a lot of expertise to InnovaCare Health. He is the brain behind most of the new leadership styles that the company utilizes Apart from being the overall leader; he also serves as the head of all subsidiaries in Puerto Rico, a position he handles through MMM Holdings. This subsidiary is responsible for the health of more than a quarter a million people in that region.

His experience e includes serving as the head of NAMM for over four years. In between other jobs, he was also the COO and CMO at Medical Pathway Management Company based in California. At MedPartners, he was the Vice President while at Cal Optima, he served as CMO.

About his education, he has attended various universities including the University of California where he got a medical degree. He graduated in the same faculty from the State University of New York and the University of Redlands. He worked as a pulmonologist and intern in Southern California before moving up the ladder to his current job at InnovaCare Health.

Penelope Kokkinides

A lot has been published out there about Penelope Kokkinides, the Chief Administrative Officer at InnovaCare Health. Most notable about her professional profile is that she has more than twenty years of experience in this industry. Although she joined this company in 2015, she was already working on many similar projects. Some of her past occupations include working at Aveta Inc., Touchstone Health, AmeriChoice, and several other companies. She is a graduate of the New York University and Columbia University of Public Health.

About the company

If you have been following news about Medicare Advantage Plans, you must have already heard about InnovaCare Health. This company sets the pace when it comes to service delivery. By assembling one of the most experienced leadership teams in the industry, there is no doubt that they will only get better as the days progress.

Jeunesse Global Supplement Lines

Jeunesse Global was created in 2009 by Wendy Lewis and Randy Ray. The company quickly became one of the top direct selling companies and is now one of the few billion-dollar global network marketing companies. They have a unique skincare and nutritional line that creates a synergistic anti-aging Youth Enhancement System. Randy Ray did not start out successful. He grew up in poverty in rural Tennessee. However, he used his optimism and hard work to create several companies with his wife, Wendy Lewis.

The couple was actually retired when they started Jeunesse. Both were starting to feel the effects of aging with creaky joints and knee pain. They were inspired when Randy was getting treatment for his bad knee. Stem cell research had made large improvements in the medical care available for joint pain. However, they also recognized the potential for stem cell research in the beauty industry. By using stem cell research in their skincare line, the company has been able to grow at a 518% rate for four years. They have more than 30 different offices across the world and thousands of distributors in more than 140 different countries.

The key to their success is the Youth Enhancement System, otherwise known as the Y.E.S. system. This includes nine different product lines that focuses on creating a youthful appearance while also improving the different biological systems. They have the Nevo supplement that provides immediate energy for just 50 calories. The Zen Bodi system is a supplement line that focuses on helping improve overall fitness by burning fat, building muscle, and curbing appetite. The Enhance Essentials line provides key vitamins and minerals to help the body fight against premature aging while improving mood, increasing energy, and allowing the body to sleep restfully. Their M1ND supplement is a gel packet that uses Cera-Q and l-theanine to improve memory while allowing the mind to focus on daily tasks without anxiety. They also have a Finiti supplement line that was created to restore the body with a proprietary blend of vegetable extracts and fruits. Their Reserve line is used to help the body protect itself against free radicals with antioxidants and superfruits.

Biography of Robert Ivy

Architect Robert Ivy was born in Columbus, Mississippi. He obtained a bachelor’s degree from Sewanee University and a master’s degree in architecture from Tulane.

As VP and Editorial Director of the McGraw-Hill Construction and Editor-in-Chief of Architectural Record (1996-2010), Ivy oversaw the publication of 33 publications in print and digital editions. Currently, Ivy is the EVP/Chief Executive Officer of the American Institute of Architects.

Ivy was awarded the G.D. Crain Award for lifetime contributions to editorial excellence in business media in 2009. He was named a “Master Architect” by Alpha Rho Chi in 2010.

He currently lives in Washington, D.C.

Michael Hagele interests and attributes to the society

Michael Hagele holds a position of a counsel in a variety of technology firms comprising of research companies which offer design and consultancy amenities. He has a wide experience of drafting technology licensing, distribution of contracts in the local and international internet. In addition, he is also familiar with the commercial contracts as they correspond to technology firms. Previously, he worked as an overall counsel of a capital internet firm where he handled the entire legal affairs. They consisted of corporate governance, job problems, and stock option plan administration. Follow Michael on Twitter @Michael_Hagele_

Michael Hagele pursued a degree in law from the University of California and later did his B.A at the University of Iowa. He formed and contributed to different businesses in the hospitality and restaurant sectors. Through his specialized expertise, he displayed that companies can regularly offer the best quality and economical legal amenities to the stakeholders. According to him, social media is a crucial component to rapidly develop the business nowadays. It is the main strategy he utilizes as it assists them to associate with the customers. As a businessman, it’s a priority to cater to the customer first since they play an integral part. While serving as an attorney, a client’s properties lie on your capability to do your all in order to safeguard them.

Michael Hagele rides a mountain to meditate and comprehend new ideas. He usually loves educating the new members about mountain bike riding. Furthermore, he advocates participating in a mountain bike skills camp is he gets a chance. The most crucial element to always keep in mind is to have access to live trail forecasts. It assists a rider to comprehend what to imagine at the following curve of the road. Bike riding provides an individual an opportunity to exercise at his own speed. Before riding, Michael Hagele suggests that a person should be physically fit.

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Steve Ritchie Strives To Correct Relations

The fact is that not everything is perfect. People, organizations and groups have problems. Sometimes, people try to deny or cover up problems, making believe that problems don’t exist. This is the most destructive thing to do for any person, individual or organization. If you do not identify problems, you cannot move forward and improve. Things need constant improvement in life, and things can go awry at any moment. The CEO of Papa John’s, Steve Ritchie, understands this deep fact.

Because of his understanding of this dynamic in life, Steve Ritchie has decided to go on a nationwide tour of America to visit workers in the Papa John’s universe. The purpose of the tour was to listen to what people had to say about their Papa John’s experiences. There were all kids of stories. Some stories were about the outreach efforts that franchises took part in to help their communities. Other stories were about interactions with customers. There were some negative interactions that the company had had with customers, many being a result of a loss of trust between people and the company.

The previous CEO of the company, John Schnatter, got into a lot of trouble because he was recorded saying the N-word and speaking a racist rant. This was “PR suicide” for the company, and it eventually led to him being pushed out of the company. His rant created a lot of tension between Papa John’s and people of African descent. The tension and loss of trust has to be countered. This is why Steve Ritchie Papa John’s is putting tender-loving care into the company by listening to what the employees have to say. It just so happens that many of the people who work for Papa John’s are people of color. Also, there are many Papa John’s locations that sit in neighborhoods where African Americans and other people of color reside. This is why it is of utmost importance to develop more trust between the high leadership levels of the company, the lower levels of the company and the customers. Visit bloomberg to see Ritchie’s profile.

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Peter Briger: The Face Of Fortress Investment Group

The opinion that experience is paramount in anyone’s career is quite essential. But experience shouldn’t be the only factor that determines one’s expertise. Peter Briger boasts of more than two decades experience and knowledge in the finance and investments industry. Before working at Fortress Investment Group, Peter accumulated his working experience from Goldman Sachs for an impressive 15 years. At Goldman Sachs, he clinched several leadership posts that made him better. In the year 2002, Peter moved to Fortress as a member of the management committee.Peter Briger currently holds the Co-Chairman seat at the Fortress Investment Group since 2009. He leads the real estate and credit management department in the firm. Briger has developed Fortress Group into one of the nation’s most reputable real estates and Investments Company.

Based in New York, Fortress Investment Group is thought to manage both physical and financial assets worth an estimated $70 billion.Its clientele base includes private firms, institutions, and corporate firms. Apart from Peter’s working experience, his skills are enhanced from his rich educational background where he graduated from Princeton University with a Bachelor’s degree in Arts and a Masters of Business Administration from the University of Pennsylvania.Being recognized by Forbes is quite a commendable achievement most of us still dream about, but for one Peter Briger, in 2007 he was ranked at number 317th in the 400 wealthiest business professionals. Additionally, together with three of his alumni colleagues from the Princeton University, they launched the Princeton University Investment Company.

The organization’s primary target was to build and grow the entrepreneurial ideas among students and alumni. Moreover, it went ahead to fund projects that had the prospect to amount to something big. Peter’s philanthropic side hold a leadership position at Silicon Valley Council, a program that ensures raised funds to go to children across the globe. He has personally driven millions to conserve the central park.Peter Briger is also known to have a progressive stand between the initiative taken by the Fortress and Well Fargo, a bank primarily based in San Francisco. The initiative was meant to discuss the possibility of introducing bitcoin exchange in the nation. Although the process of initiating the project has been slow, Peter remains firm that it will benefit many people living in this technologically aware era.Peter’s success is drawn from his perseverance, consistency and believes that a good customer relationship will always keep a business growing and moving.


Entertainment Mogul Ryan Seacrest

Ryan Seacrest is a tv and radio show host and entertainment mogul. He is currently 43 years old. Ryan and his girlfriend Shayna Taylor are now on vacation in Italy. He was spotted on dinner with his friends and girlfriend in Portofino, Italy. Ryan has said that he is vegan when it comes to diet, but he has to work out to eat everything he wants. He also embarked on iZO superfood cleanse being a fan of detoxes. The wash that involves mixing juice or water with superfood powders is completed in three to seven days.

In his “American Idol” interviews, Ryan pointed out that he is a fan of sliced filet mignon in mushroom and onion. He enjoys dishes such as orange butternut squash. He is also a pop-culture junkie who hosts several TV shows. He is also a producer of radio and Television shows. Ryan Seacrest finds success through commitment, a good work ethic, and discipline. Along with his entertainment career, fitness became a large part of his life.

Many were left surprised when Ryan revealed that he grew up being overweight. He was teased most of the time about his weight as a child. His biggest motivation to remain fit is that he doesn’t want to feel the same way again. Losing weight also gave him the confidence he lacked as a child. He could now feel good when he saw himself in the mirror and satisfied putting on his best clothes.

According to Ryan Seacrest, the most important thing for being healthy emotionally and physically is having a balanced diet. He has made it his habit to attend the gym for his workouts. He doesn’t take busy radio and TV schedules as an excuse to miss the gym. His favorite snack is vegetable juices. His busy schedule forces him to eat from plastic containers. The Distinction owner’s resolution for the New Year would be having more meals without plastic containers. The secret to keeping one’s fitness goals according to Ryan is to keep it fun and exciting by mixing fitness activities.

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Hussain Sajwani Excels as a Real Estate Entrepreneur and DAMAC Owner

As an entrepreneur, you must be able to spot viable areas that are worth investing in. For Hussain Sajwani, the real estate industry seemed lucrative. By venturing into real estate, he was able to found DAMAC Properties. He is now passionate about DAMAC Properties, and under his care, the real estate company has emerged successful in a tremendous manner.

Background Information

Hussain Sajwani is a man who was born and raised in a humble background. The fact that he was not born and raised in a wealthy family did not hold him back from achieving his dream of being successful in life. Initially, during his childhood days, he would spend time at his father’s shop, and he was able to garner various skills that an entrepreneur should have. All in all, experience is the best teacher. By interacting with his father at his shop, Hussain Sajwani was able to grasp various concepts of how an entrepreneur should handle themselves.

According to, Sajwani’s first step toward becoming an entrepreneur started with him launching a catering company. The company was able to emerge successful under his tenure. Since the company dealt with high-end clients, Hussain Sajwani did not hold back. He did interact with some of his clientele and even forged a good relationship with Donald Trump.

Additional Information on DAMAC Properties

Whenever an opportunity presents itself, an entrepreneur never holds back. Since foreigners were allowed to possess property and land in Dubai as of 2002, Hussain Sajwani saw the potential that lied in the real estate sector. Without hesitating, Sajwani founded DAMAC Properties. Owing to the fact that he owned a catering company that blossomed beyond his expectations, Hussain Sajwani knew that he had what it takes to tap into the potential that lied in the Dubai real estate sector.


Hussain Sajwani and President Donald Trump have proven to be like-minded individuals. They have built a positive portfolio in the real estate sector. By working smart, Hussain Sajwani and Trump have handled different projects together, and their teamwork amazes people. Hussain Sajwani has always put quality and client satisfaction before anything else, thereby rendering him a successful entrepreneur. DAMAC continues to thrive in his leadership.

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