A Positive Conversation About Sentient AI in Business

For a while now there has been a conversation about the possibilities modern technology offers businesses and individuals. It can help companies not worry about messages on social media coming in during the hours there is nobody that could answer them. It means the customer could receive a direct message answering simple questions about stock or working hours. In recent years more and more people talk about possibly replacing human workforce with machines and AI systems that would increase unemployment since companies would have no more need for as many employees. It would

Sentient AI could also be helpful to the marketing department make their work more comfortable and more beneficial for the company in general. Developing the right kind of marketing strategy is essential for the sales and revenue. It attracts new customers and makes sure the existing client base is still there. A good AI system would be able to help companies personalize advertising and include possibilities to interact with the content more. The discussion should turn from the idea that an AI will one day replace human workforce and introduce the concept of both sides working together to improve the efficiency of the company.

However, it is essential to strike a balance between the customer and business interactions well, so people don’t become overwhelmed. It is easy to have a sensory overload by the amount of information people want others to process, so businesses need to be careful and smart about approaching their customers. It can be a system that still posts social media messages introducing products or services but doesn’t flood the mailboxes of their customers with emails or flyers unnecessarily.

Marketing often is an exercise in problem-solving as much as it is in business insight. Using AI and the introduction of AI systems in business should be talked about in more favorable light since it can help both sides of the business stage. Increasing profits is in the interests of every company but if clients will leave if there is too much communication from a particular group. Being flooded with messages can be as much of technology as human error. However, it is easier for people to correct it working together with the system.

Certain aspects of personal human touch will never be replaced by technology, and it is the time the negative stigma that sometimes follows the topic of AI introduction to various business aspects would be turned over.

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An Inspiration To All Bussiness Women

Susan McGalla understands what it means to build a career from the ground up. She credits her upbringing for her success in business. Her father was a football coach who did not expect Susan to take any shortcuts because she was a female. Her two older brothers also challenged her to apply herself to every task she decided to get involved in.

Susan went on to work on the board of American Eagle Outfitters Inc. She was the only woman there at that time. Susan holds this experience in high regard. She believes that working at American Eagle gave her the insight to maneuver in a world that is unfamiliar to the most women. She held several positions while at the organization. She eventually advanced through the ranks and became the President of Merchandising.  For related article,  See pittsburgh.cbslocal.com

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Susan has since founded P3 Executive Consulting LLC. The company is a firm that advises its clients on marketing, talent management and branding. Susan McGalla is an in-demand speaker who gives thorough lectures on how women can obtain tremendous success in the business world. She has spoken at the Women and Girls Foundation of Pittsburgh, as well as Carnegie Mellon University Speaker Series for CEOs. Many are inspired by her story and seek Susan’s guidance and leadership in a very competitive industry.  Check this on wikinvest.com

Susan McGalla never behaved like a person who was owed something because she’s a female in a male dominated industry. She committed herself the way any person should who wants to attain success whether they were a man or woman.

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