Equities First Holdings – Small Business Financing Options

The initial couple of years are regularly the most unverifiable for small business earnings. Without set up credit, numerous organizations get it difficult to secure working capital. This can make it difficult to invest in stock and offices, or staffing up to build a strong presence and income stream. Indeed, even as the proprietor of an entrenched business, you can in any case experience difficulties to get a conventional lender who will basically take a risk on your organization. Numerous entrepreneurs are swinging to alternative financing choices and Equities First Holdings which one of the companies that has been in the headlines for quite some time. The company offers affordable and low interest stock-based loans to startups businesses or individuals with high-net stock value. Utilizing the stock as collateral, new businesses can secure immediate and quick working capital to finance their operations. Equities First Holdings extensive variety of loan options let you pick what’s ideal for your business now and later on. The team will help you in planning and customizing the financing choices you require and finish your application. Equities First Resume .

What each business shares is the need to push ahead – to make the next stride. Equities First Holdings occupation is to offer you the banking apparatuses, learning and capacity you have to get it going – your way. In the current marketplace, you require a financial accomplice who comprehends your business banking needs, as well as has the aptitude to convey innovative business financing solutions with adaptable alternatives and competitive pricing. At Equities First Holdings, the business financing skill reaches out to an extensive variety of businesses. Regardless of whether you’re beginning up, hoping to streamline, or wanting to extend, the company seeks to comprehend your requirements comprehensively to come up with redid business financing solutions and guarantee your long haul financial prosperity.

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How EOS Has Taken The Lip Bulb Industry By Storm

The Evolution of Smooth dared to enter an already oversaturated lip balm market and overtaken the industry pioneers to become the millennial generations lip bulb of choice. For centuries, buying lip bulbs meant perusing through the supermarket aisles or drug stores for cylindrical tubes of chapstick. The sticks appeared more of a drug with a full list of active ingredients in the packaging.

But seven years ago, EOS pastel-colored lip balm orbs began to flood the market. They took over the aisle space at Walgreens, to Walmart, and Target. Beauty editors from Racked, Cosmo and Allure were the first to embrace the irresistible taste and color of EOS balls, and then celebrities Miley Cyrus, Kim Kardashian, and Christina Aguilera were spotted flashing EOS balls from their makeup bags.

According to Kline Research, EOS has singlehandedly spearheaded expansion in the oral care category. The company currently moves over 1 million units every week and the future prospects still promising. That is because the global lip-care market is projected to grow steadily to $2 billion by 2020.

Bold Dreams

EOS had a big idea that drove their bold step into the dominated lip bulb industry. It was not merely enough to develop an innovative product. To outshine global giants in lip care products like Chapstick who have been in the market for longer wasn’t going to be easy. The founders, Mehra who had spent his time in consumer product industry, joined forces with Jonathan Teller and Craig Dubitsky to make the dream come true. Mehra was familiar with the process making it easier for the team to access the market shelves. They additionally hired an experienced sales representative to champion the marketing strategies.

Targeting Millennial Generation

Besides getting the new product on shelves, the co-founders aimed to create a buzz around the EOS lip balm products. In addition to the ordinary adverts in televisions and magazines, the company embraced influencer marketing strategies, which was a smart way to reach their demographic.

They involved beauty bloggers in doing product reviews on Ulta and talking about it on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram. They coordinated with millennial celebrities to take the word out there through product endorsement and placements.

Despite the success, the company still works hard to extend the innovation to other products to ensure there is a consistent flow of new products on the shelves.

product link: http://www.target.com/p/eos-organic-lip-balm-sphere-strawberry-sorbet/-/A-13731791


Mike Baur And His Contribution To The World Of Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship is a broad field and many people have unique ideas that point to the problems the world has been facing for decades. To succeed in business, you have to offer solutions to the problems people are facing. It is a process that requires one to come up with ideas that are able to alleviate the issues the broader market faces. The biggest challenge is in formulating this problem and looking for the right answers to the issue.


Successful entrepreneurs like Mike Baur are simplifying the process through which young entrepreneurs go through to have their businesses featured among the most successful. Mike Baur has been working with entrepreneurs from across the world to help those with ideas to design their products better. He runs the Swiss Startup Factory, which he launched in 2014 and has been offering support to professionals whose input to the process has helped to build businesses. The Swiss Startup Factory offers an incubation program that is managed through a three months session, where the entrepreneurs are allowed to understand about running a new business in the highly competitive and complex market.



Before getting into the market to experience the challenges present, entrepreneurs need coaching that exposes them to unique ways of dealing with challenges. Through this coaching, they are taught about running the business despite challenges. They are also exposed to ideas that help them while reading the progress of the industry and in the process they can come up with more plans for expansion. This coaching is handed to professionals who are highly experienced and skilled on matters startups and business. To enhance quality through the coaching process, the Swiss Startup Factory has partnered with several leading universities in the country.


Marketing/IT support

Marketing is a vital process that exposes the business to the world. On the other hand, IT ensures the business is modern and conforms with modern trends in development that allow it to proceed seamlessly. All these support services are handled by experienced professionals at the Swiss Startup Factory.


More about Mike Baur

Mike Baur is an acclaimed entrepreneur and a professional whose support and ideas have led to the development of intelligent businesses. He runs the Swiss Startup Factory, which is founded in 2014 after exiting banking. His educational profile highlights an MBA that he acquired from the University of Rochester and an Executive MBA from the University of Bern.

Equities First Holdings Experiences Rapid International Growth Establishes Offices and Furthers Reach into Europe and Asia Pacific

Since 2002, Equities First Holdings, LLC (EFH) has furnished customers with option financing solutions, providing capital against open traded stock to empower customers in meeting their professional and personal objectives. EFH gives capital against the shared open trades all over the world. The organization has finished more than 700 exchanges and conveyed over $1.4 billion USD in financing to date. The worldwide organization has its workplaces in nine countries that entail Equities First Holdings Hong Kong Limited, wholly owned subsidiaries Equities First (London) Limited, Equities First Holdings (Australia) Pty Ltd and Equities First Holdings Singapore Limited.

Equities First works in creating productive option loaning solutions for organizations and high asset-worth people looking for non-purpose capital. The company offers securities based loaning services on the risk and future performance risks associated with bonds, stocks and treasuries. The organization was established in 2002 and is headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana and has a satellite office in New York City. EFH quickened its development in 2013 through planned partnership with Meridian Equity Partners, which is a world investment and admonitory firm based in London and Sydney. The organization likewise opened other workplaces in Singapore, Jakarta, Hong Kong, and Bangkok. EFH’s aggregate worldwide workforce expanded by half amid 2013.

EFH likewise multiplied the size of its base camp in the Market Tower in downtown Indianapolis, Indiana amid 2013, expanding its investment management staff and operations. The top-notch team was established to offer excellent customer care operations, services, and investment management. Today, Equities First Holdings (EFH) continues to invest its operations as it experiences rapid growth. EFH is proud of longtime key partners who include the globe’s biggest custodian banks, top law firms and top tier investment banks in the local and international jurisdictions.

Through EFH’s direct procedure, customers can increase quick access to liquidity at beneath market rates by utilizing traded open market shares as guarantee. Since its initiation in 2002, EFH has finished thousands of trades for customers running from worldwide organizations to ultra and high total assets people. EFH’s creative loading process has been proven to be effective through various transactions besides being an alternative to costly margin and traditional loans.

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Arthur Becker; A real Estate Mogul

Arthur Becker has the ability to find profitable investment opportunities. In layman’s terms, he has the Midas touch. Even though he is known as the tech mogul, it is his involvement in real estate that has put in the rank of the best investors in New York.

Arthur recently secured a worthwhile investment at the Sullivan Street. He is now the proud owner of three elegant and strategically placed townhouses on Sullivan Street. These townhouses are adjacent to each other. At the time he took the ownership of these townhouses, they were not complete. He said that after completion he would take one townhouse for himself.

These townhouses are among the four homes that Madison Equities and the Property Markets Group developed. It seems like Arthur got the better part of the deal when he agreed to take ownership of these townhouses in exchange for his stake in the new development that the two companies are engaged in. These townhouses are strategically placed, and they are said to increase in value once they are completed.

Becker creates his fortune in the tech industry. He is currently the Chairman of the Zinio LLC a company that is involved in the distribution of the digital magazines. It is, however, his position as the CEO of the NaviSite that propelled his career. He served in this position for 8 years before leaving the company in 2010.

In addition to being the chairman of the Zinio Company, Arthur is the managing director of the Madison technologies a position he has operated in since 2001.

What you will find interesting is that he runs yet another company as the managing member bringing the total number of companies he is running to three at the moment. He is the manager of the Atlantic Investors company. He has served in this position since 2002. This is the company that has propelled his real estate investment projects.

Arthur attended the Bennington College between 1969 and 1972 where he did BA. He later attended the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth between 1973 and 1974.

Todd Lubar Makes Real Estate Loans Accessible

The real estate industry has many aspects that make it appealing to people who are interested in starting a career. One of the main things that the real estate industry provides for people who are looking to establish a career is a clear idea of what is needed for success. In the real estate industry, success is measured by specific numbers.


People interested in the real estate industry can see these numbers and understand what they need to do to be successful in the real estate industry. The numbers in the real estate industry tell the story. People interested in selling real estate know how much they need to sell to accomplish the goals they want to accomplish. People who handle loans know how many loans they need to complete to meet the goals that they set. The numbers are defined and made easy to see.


Therefore, success in the real estate industry is about meeting numbers. The people who are successful in the real estate industry learn how to meet the desired or needed numbers. A real estate professional who learned how to meet his desired numbers is Todd Lubar. A real estate professional since the mid 1990s, Todd Lubar worked in the real estate industry in the real estate loans area for over a decade where he learned about the industry.


After a decade in the real estate industry, Todd Lubar decided to go out on his own to start his own real estate company. The company helps people secure real estate loans. With the success of his first company, Todd Lubar started additional real estate companies. These companies also help people secure real estate loans.


The success that Todd Lubar enjoys in the real estate industry comes from his experience and knowledge that he learned in the real estate industry from working in various real estate loan jobs for over a decade.

Comparative Law – The Study of Foreign Legal Systems

Comparative Law in general is the study of how laws within different countries are different from one another. In other words, it involves studying the many different legal systems that exists in the world today. These legal systems include civil laws, common laws, canon laws, socialist law, and so on. It includes an analysis of the foreign legal systems even if no explicit comparison has been undertaken. Comparison law has become very important due to the age of internationalism, democratization, as well as economic globalization.

Authority on Competitive Law – Sujit Choudhry

Sujit Choudhry is internationally recognized as an authority on comparative constitutional law. Professor Choudhry combines a very wide ranging research agenda with the experience that he has had as an advisor to the constitution building process in such areas as Egypt, Libya, Jordan, Nepal, Sri Lanka, South Africa, Ukraine and Tunisia. Within his travels he has lectured in more than twenty four countries. His extensive research speaks of the constitutional design as a tool in order to manage the transition from a violent conflict to a peaceful democratic politics within ethnically divided societies; decentralization as well as secession; constitutional courts; federalism; minority and group rights; semi-presidentialism; bills of rights and proportionality; constitution building; transitions from authoritarian to democratic rule; official language policy, as well as security sector oversight.

Professor Choudhry is the actual Founding Director of the Center for Constitutional Transitions, which mobilizes as well as generates knowledge in order to support constitution building. Current projects that are underway are “Security Sector Reform and Constitutional Transitions in Emerging Democracies”, “Dealing with Territorial Cleavages in Constitutional Transitions”, as well as “Security Sector Oversight: Protecting Democratic Consolidation from Authoritarian Backsliding and Partisan Abuse”. Professor Choudhry is also a revered member of the United Nations Mediation Roster, as well as being a consultant to the United Nations Development Program and the World Bank Institute.

New York’s Shared Office Spaces Are Making Business Better

If you run your own business or work remotely as a customer service representative or IT support specialist, you might enjoy working from home or you might be looking for a bit of a change. If working from home in New York is starting to feel a little dull or lacking of interest, you might want to look for Manhattan offices for rent at a coworking space. Maybe the idea doesn’t sound appealing right away to spend money renting office spaces, but actually this is a very good investment when it comes to coworking spaces because these offices don’t come with leases or contracts that regular offices come with.


Coworking spaces in New York are starting to become very popular because they give workers certain benefits that traditional offices and working from home can’t give them. At these facilities ideas are allowed to be floated around freely and freelancers, independent contractors, or remote workers can hire, be hired, or meet new clients every day. They also have high quality WiFi and internet connections, as well as private office phones, fax, scanners, and printing and copying machines. Some also have lounges and billiards for play time, and some might even have gyms, spas or coffee shops for those needing to get their fix.


If you live in New York and are looking for some Manhattan offices for rent and start your business networking endeavors, Workville has what you’re looking for. This shared office space is right in the thick of Manhattan and if you’re coming from Times Square, Bryant Park, or the financial district, Workville is right around the corner from you. You can get furnished and equipped Manhattan offices for rent here, or you can use lounge and café spaces for a cheaper price. Workville gives its clients their own mail service, coffee maker access, balconies, and 24/7 building access for nights when you have to get a project done before a big deadline.

NYC Apartments Have Certain Amenities People Love


Everyone who is searching for NYC apartments for rent has to be sure that they are going to get the amenities they want. Stories are coming out talking about what people really want, and that is something that people need to be very clear about when they are trying to make the best decisions for their future. The young people who move to the city to work in tech or finance want to live in new apartments that are beautiful, and they expect that they will be much more modern than any other kind of apartment they are used to.


NYC apartments for rent will change the way that people approach their life in the city, and it is something that people need to take very good care to work on so that they can live well. They want to be able to set up their NYC apartments for rent with all the right things that make them feel at home, but they also want to be in a place where they can easily get the place that is closest to their work. Young people moving to the city know they can use city transit, and it makes more sense to live where they feel most comfortable.


The most comfortable people in the city are working with TOWN Residential every day. They know that they can get assistance from the TOWN Real Estate team finding NYC apartments for rent, and they know that they have a much better chance of getting a better price because of TOWN Residential. The idea is to create an environment where everyone is happy with the apartment they get, and they do not have to do any improvements. TOWN Residential will search the city for the right price and the right place to help all their clients feel at home in the city.

George Soros Influence

George Soros is one of the most influential people in the world today. He has a lot of power in various countries throughout the world, and he has done a great job of building a fortune through investing and business on Twitter. If you want to learn from someone who is great in business, he is a great example. Although he started out poor in life, he has been able to build up his business over time. There are a lot of people who look up to his life and his success. If you want to take the next step in your life, working hard like George Soros is a great start. Soros is passionate about a lot of things in life, but one of the hottest topics he is studying is criminal justice. There are a lot of people who are working to reform the system with him. This article is a good example of some of the work he has been doing in the field.

George Soros Early Life

From the time he was young, George Soros has always wanted to be great and influential. There are a lot of people who would have given up with all of the struggles that he had to face. He grew up in a very poor country, and he would eventually leave to go to England. While there, he had to work and put himself through school. This was just one of the stepping stones along his life that led him to where he is today. While in school, he started working for a financial advisor on Investopedia. This is where he learned all about investing and the markets. Throughout his career, he has never been afraid to stand against other people.

George Soros on Justice

The criminal justice system in the United States has come under a lot of pressure in recent years. There are many people who want to see the entire system changed for the better. If you are passionate about criminal justice reform, there are a variety of ways to change the system. For George Soros, it is all about influencing other people in the industry. He has a lot of political power on politico.com, simply because he has the money and influence that political leaders crave. There are a variety of things that he has put into place over time. In fact, he is known for causing a small financial crisis in England when he bet against the British Pound.

Overall, George Soros is someone who wants to do a lot of good in the world. He is wanting to overhaul the criminal justice system in the United States today. If you are someone who wants to take your life to the next level, George Soros is a great example to follow.