Jed McCaleb and Technological Organization

Jed McCaleb is serious about technology. He uses it to minimize lack of organization. He depends on it to enhance experiences for human beings everywhere as well. This man is one of the people who set up for the world to enjoy. He’s also the mastermind behind eDonkey. This was an enormous network that focused on the exchange of all kinds of files. There were few networks of the type that competed in the size department. Mt. Gox is yet another McCaleb addition. Mt. Gox was a pioneer in the bitcoin exchange division. McCaleb established Ripple in 2010 and hasn’t looked back since then. He realized that the financial systems in the world were 100 percent dysfunctional and that bothered him. That realization prompted him to make a wonderful reality. has been functioning since 2014.

McCaleb is responsible for all matters that relate to technical development at Stellar, in brief, describes a global financial network that has substantial ambitions and aspirations. It strives to boost economic ease for people. endorses this network. It’s a not-for-profit group that integrates digital financial expertise and cutting-edge technological practices. It also offers a lot to open-source software options. McCaleb manages to advise duties for an organization that’s known as MIRI, too. MIRI studies AI (Artificial Intelligence) matters and then determines how it can take better advantage of them.

This technology guru has guided tiny groups of workers for longer than he can remember. He knows how to lead people efficiently and in an organized fashion. He knows how to handle all kinds of technical development tasks, too. McCaleb doesn’t think the two concepts are in any way alike. He’s equipped with two separate working styles. One style is decidedly “reactive” in nature. The other style is more “focused.” He takes on building and coding work when he’s in the latter mode. He manages emails and questions when he’s in the former mode. He appreciates these two paths immensely. They both provide him with enhanced clarify in totally different ways. They help him knock out tasks without any obstacles and setbacks of any kind.

The Oxford Club: A How-To Guide For Better Investing

To invest or to not invest, that is the question? If you’re looking for a way to generate long-term wealth, then investing is a great route to take. Investing in the 21st century is far easier than in past eras thanks to technological-advancements. Individuals no longer have to travel long distances to reach their investors thanks to online investment opportunities. There are quite a few to choose from that are really good, but all aren’t created equal. This is the case with the Oxford Club as it has demonstrated excellence through its online investment platform. The company has grown in size and in strength since its inception.

The Oxford Club is getting things done progressively and efficiently. The company is actually a global network of expert investors and entrepreneurs. Generating wealth that stands the test of time is what this company is all about. As of today, the Oxford Club serves more than 130,000 individuals. These individuals are located all across the world in over 100 countries. This only scratches the surface, but the statistics are rather staggering when being viewed on paper. “So, what can I invest in?” There is a simple answer for this question, and it comes in the form of stocks, precious metals, collectibles, cryptocurrency, options, real estate, funds, exchange-traded funds and base metals. Being a member of such an advanced company has its perks. The Oxford Club will give you a unique investment experience. Members will get a chance to network with other like-minded individuals, will have full-access to wealth-building resources and will receive a high-quality, monthly newsletter.

It would be very hard trying to find another similar company that goes above and beyond to make its clients happy. The Oxford Club is definitely leading by example, and it’s laying a firm blueprint of success.

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Advancing Medicine with Jorge Moll

Technology and medicine

Digital technology has spilled over into healthcare, heralding a new era in the industry. An example is Google glass which now gives a better patient experience by enabling patients to go for appointments with their doctors using a tool that retrieves all patient information using just a voice command. This has changed the way patients get cared for. The benefits that have been realized through this technology include;

A humanized interaction between doctors and their patients, it has also increased efficiency. Apart from the improved interaction, Google glass enables the doctor to focus totally on the patient. This is due to the fact that doctors now spend less time going through patient files or in note taking since the doctor only has to issue a voice command to the device and it will store and retrieve all the information needed. The device, therefore, allows for in-depth medical evaluation by doctors, improving the patients’ safety by protecting him/her from a misdiagnosis. Know more about Jorge at Crunchbase.

Jorge Moll founded Rede D’Or in 1977, as a health laboratory that did diagnostics imaging and has turned out to be the largest hospital and laboratory operators in Brazil. He is also the president of the company’s Board of directors. The company currently owns over 30 hospitals. In 2010, Moll sold part of Rede D’Or Fleury SA, a publicly traded company dealing in medical services provision. The deal is said to have been worth over $750 million. He then gained control of Sao Paulo’s Sao Luiz, another hospital group. Private equity firms Carlyle Group and GIC Pte then bought shares into the company. Learn more about Jorge on ideamenschcom.

The conclusion

At the conclusion of the patient’s visit/consultation with his/her doctor, the information that has been collected gets remotely structured and is reviewed by the doctor/specialist visited. This increases productivity and also improves the patient experience. Tablets and other mobile handsets are also getting increasingly integrated into the medical world through various health applications that enable users to access their medical history and make online doctor’s appointments. This is a pointer to where the medical world is headed technology wise and hospitals and other medical services providers need to take note and adapt.


Waiakea Water: How it is Good for the Environment

This article is about a company called Waiakea Water, which is good for the environment. There are many companies which sell bottles of water. There is an estimate that the bottled water industry is up to $100 billion over the world. It is very easy to notice different brands quickly if you are in a store. Also, the top consumer of bottled water as of now are Italians. But other countries are still in the fight for first place.

The current companies like to try to put a unique ingredient to put in their bottled water. For example, a tagline type which will make them different from the others. For example, it could be by a distinct filtration process or vitamins to set them apart. One example of a particular brand of water that does this is called Waiakea Water. Watch this video on Youtube.

One way this company is different is because it is Hawaii based. It uses the Hawaiian language in their name as well. Waiakea comes from the name “wai akea” which translates to “broad waters. It is a method to put the culture of Hawaii into the company and give the good feeling which ties in to purchasing Hawaiian.

Now, some general information about Waiakea Water. This company was established by the founder Ryan Emmons. This type of water is a sustainable and renewable resource. This was sourced from an aquifer with a recharge rate of 1.4 billion. It also uses renewable energy of thirty-three percent. The sustainable water aspect is highlighted in the same manner in which it’s packaged.

The reason it is considered friendly for the environment is because of the material it’s made with. For example, it is made with 100 percent polyethylene terephthalate which is a high-grade one. It also utilizes eighty-five percent less energy to produce virgin plastic or regular bottles.

Also, the process is a reduction of carbon emissions. This is by over ninety percent in comparison of traditional bottles. Also, the plastic is free of BPA. Finally Pump Aid has agreed to team up to donate 650 clean water liters to rural Africa. Read more articles on Affiliate Dork.

Joel Friant – From a Habanero Shaker to Cryptocurrency

Investing is not something that every person who knows how to handle their finances can do. An extensive amount of research, good instincts, and a substantial amount of luck are all required for one to turn their capital into a fortune. Joel Friant, however, is one of the people who has engaged in many different industries and turned his initial investments into hefty profits.

Friant is a businessman who can also be classified as a salesman, realtor, investor, public speaker, and more. He established himself as a successful person over 20 years ago when he created the first Thai restaurant that operated through the fast food concept. This also earned him the nickname of “The Thai Guy”.

During this time, he also started creating his most successful product. Friant is the proud owner of the Habanero Shaker that millions of people enjoy. This product is one of the best Habanero Chile Peppers in the market and Friant has found a way to merge his skills in the virtual world with sales of the shaker. After working in the mortgage industry for a while, Friant has decided to turn to some of the most modern investments.

Nowadays, this investor is very active in the cryptocurrency market that has been growing exponentially over the last few years. He also spent a lot of time studying the sales strategies of online retailers, which is where he now sells the Habanero Shaker.

People who purchase the shaker are usually the ones who do not mind the heat. According to the Scoville heat scale, this pepper has an average of 200,000 units of heat which is about 50 times hotter than a regular Jalapeno. Nevertheless, the convenient packaging and a very easy purchase available online has helped Friant grab a very substantial part of the market.

Some of the most recent endeavors that Friant has engaged in include public speaking. After many years of success, he now attempts to bring others up to speed on the forever-changing nature of the investment market. The venues for these displays range from public events to online seminars that are attended by thousands of people.

Mike Baur- his role in helping startup business in Switzerland

Mike Baur’s Swiss Startup Factory is the largest independently owned startup company in Switzerland. This is the major difference that his startup factory has with other in the country. SSUF is a private enterprise that is not affiliated with another group or any political organization in the country. This means that all its operations are free from external interference. The decisions they make are independent and are made out of their own interests. Swiss Startup Incubator has recorded good success since it was established in 2014. The executive management of Swiss Startup Factory have been very keen with the success of the company and have been leading the organization into becoming the best in the globe. SSUF have been able to succeed because the leaders are committed to ensuring there is the adequate financing of the businesses that they mentor.


The cofounders of the Swiss startup factory have committed a lot of attention and finances into the organization in a bid to ensure that the business establishment changes the fortunes of many young entrepreneurs who would like to earn from the knowledge passed at the SSUF. Given the huge financial investment that the co-founders, Mike Baur and Max Meister have given to the business, they have to ensure that the company lives up to its mission and vision of mentoring digital entrepreneurs.


Mike Baur explains the term Factory in the company’s title to mean that the incubator is in a continuous process of creating new business enterprises in Switzerland. Their ideas are to produce companies that can perform in the country’s economy. He also associates the term factory with hard work. People in a factory setting must work hard to ensure that they realize the required outcome. Mike believes that young entrepreneurs have no option than to join the business sector with one resolve of working hard. To make it in business is not a simple thing. It requires long hours of building a business that will reward handsomely in the future. According to him, what people lack is the knowledge and commitment to achieve success.


Mike Baur still heads the operations of the company he started in 2014, known as Think Reloaded. He carries out his role in the company alongside that of Swiss Startup Factory. Think Reloaded is a company that was established to assist the affluent people in the society with business investment and financial management. As a person who has worked in the banking sector for more than two decades, Mike Baur possess every skill and knowledge required to carry out his mandate of financial advising.

What Is Livio Bisterzo’s Next Move After Partnering With Leonardo DiCaprio

     Entrepreneur Livio Bisterzo is one of the few entrepreneurs who are concerned about the future of the snacks industry. Today, most consumers are looking for healthier substitution to the traditional meals which are either too sugary or full of empty calories. Livio has created organic snacks which are made from chickpeas. The businessman is the founder of HIPPEAS which is a brand of chickpeas that have grown in popularity in the US and the UK.

Livio Bisterzo believes that entrepreneurship gives individuals an opportunity to have an impact on the society. That is why the entrepreneur is keen on growing small-scale farmers who supply his business with the raw materials it requires. Livio is changing the lives of both the consumer and the producer.

Recently, Green Park Brands, HIPPEAS’ parent company inked a partnership deal with Strand Equity Partners. Strand Equity is associated with renowned actor Leonardo DiCaprio who has starred in numerous Hollywood blockbusters. This collaboration presents a new chapter of investment for Green Park Brands. The development demonstrates how much a success story HIPPEAS has become.

Livio Bisterzo exudes confidence on the future growth of HIPPEAS given the new celebrity investment and endorsement of the company’s products. HIPPEAS snacks couldn’t have debuted at a better time. Today, most consumers are keen on what they eat making the demand for healthier foods to spike.

While championing the idea of living healthy, Livio Bisterzo is also trying to ensure that his products are strictly organic and they are manufactured in the most professional ways. The popularity of HIPPEAS has been accelerated by the full range of flavors that the snack company has to offer. So far the light meals come in six different flavors.

HIPPEAS brand has managed to establish a robust distribution system for its products given that the snacks are already retailing in over 20,000 shops across the UK and the US. Acclaimed brands such as Starbucks, Target and even Amazon are some of the biggest retailers who have been left behind in stocking the snacks.

As part of Green Park Brands’ social corporate responsibility, the company dedicates some of the proceeds from its sales to the farmers in rural East Africa. The monies are used for initiatives that seek to lift the poor farmers from squalor.

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Equities First Holdings – Small Business Financing Options

The initial couple of years are regularly the most unverifiable for small business earnings. Without set up credit, numerous organizations get it difficult to secure working capital. This can make it difficult to invest in stock and offices, or staffing up to build a strong presence and income stream. Indeed, even as the proprietor of an entrenched business, you can in any case experience difficulties to get a conventional lender who will basically take a risk on your organization. Numerous entrepreneurs are swinging to alternative financing choices and Equities First Holdings which one of the companies that has been in the headlines for quite some time. The company offers affordable and low interest stock-based loans to startups businesses or individuals with high-net stock value. Utilizing the stock as collateral, new businesses can secure immediate and quick working capital to finance their operations. Equities First Holdings extensive variety of loan options let you pick what’s ideal for your business now and later on. The team will help you in planning and customizing the financing choices you require and finish your application. Equities First Resume .

What each business shares is the need to push ahead – to make the next stride. Equities First Holdings occupation is to offer you the banking apparatuses, learning and capacity you have to get it going – your way. In the current marketplace, you require a financial accomplice who comprehends your business banking needs, as well as has the aptitude to convey innovative business financing solutions with adaptable alternatives and competitive pricing. At Equities First Holdings, the business financing skill reaches out to an extensive variety of businesses. Regardless of whether you’re beginning up, hoping to streamline, or wanting to extend, the company seeks to comprehend your requirements comprehensively to come up with redid business financing solutions and guarantee your long haul financial prosperity. for more.

How EOS Has Taken The Lip Bulb Industry By Storm

The Evolution of Smooth dared to enter an already oversaturated lip balm market and overtaken the industry pioneers to become the millennial generations lip bulb of choice. For centuries, buying lip bulbs meant perusing through the supermarket aisles or drug stores for cylindrical tubes of chapstick. The sticks appeared more of a drug with a full list of active ingredients in the packaging.

But seven years ago, EOS pastel-colored lip balm orbs began to flood the market. They took over the aisle space at Walgreens, to Walmart, and Target. Beauty editors from Racked, Cosmo and Allure were the first to embrace the irresistible taste and color of EOS balls, and then celebrities Miley Cyrus, Kim Kardashian, and Christina Aguilera were spotted flashing EOS balls from their makeup bags.

According to Kline Research, EOS has singlehandedly spearheaded expansion in the oral care category. The company currently moves over 1 million units every week and the future prospects still promising. That is because the global lip-care market is projected to grow steadily to $2 billion by 2020.

Bold Dreams

EOS had a big idea that drove their bold step into the dominated lip bulb industry. It was not merely enough to develop an innovative product. To outshine global giants in lip care products like Chapstick who have been in the market for longer wasn’t going to be easy. The founders, Mehra who had spent his time in consumer product industry, joined forces with Jonathan Teller and Craig Dubitsky to make the dream come true. Mehra was familiar with the process making it easier for the team to access the market shelves. They additionally hired an experienced sales representative to champion the marketing strategies.

Targeting Millennial Generation

Besides getting the new product on shelves, the co-founders aimed to create a buzz around the EOS lip balm products. In addition to the ordinary adverts in televisions and magazines, the company embraced influencer marketing strategies, which was a smart way to reach their demographic.

They involved beauty bloggers in doing product reviews on Ulta and talking about it on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram. They coordinated with millennial celebrities to take the word out there through product endorsement and placements.

Despite the success, the company still works hard to extend the innovation to other products to ensure there is a consistent flow of new products on the shelves.

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Mike Baur And His Contribution To The World Of Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship is a broad field and many people have unique ideas that point to the problems the world has been facing for decades. To succeed in business, you have to offer solutions to the problems people are facing. It is a process that requires one to come up with ideas that are able to alleviate the issues the broader market faces. The biggest challenge is in formulating this problem and looking for the right answers to the issue.


Successful entrepreneurs like Mike Baur are simplifying the process through which young entrepreneurs go through to have their businesses featured among the most successful. Mike Baur has been working with entrepreneurs from across the world to help those with ideas to design their products better. He runs the Swiss Startup Factory, which he launched in 2014 and has been offering support to professionals whose input to the process has helped to build businesses. The Swiss Startup Factory offers an incubation program that is managed through a three months session, where the entrepreneurs are allowed to understand about running a new business in the highly competitive and complex market.



Before getting into the market to experience the challenges present, entrepreneurs need coaching that exposes them to unique ways of dealing with challenges. Through this coaching, they are taught about running the business despite challenges. They are also exposed to ideas that help them while reading the progress of the industry and in the process they can come up with more plans for expansion. This coaching is handed to professionals who are highly experienced and skilled on matters startups and business. To enhance quality through the coaching process, the Swiss Startup Factory has partnered with several leading universities in the country.


Marketing/IT support

Marketing is a vital process that exposes the business to the world. On the other hand, IT ensures the business is modern and conforms with modern trends in development that allow it to proceed seamlessly. All these support services are handled by experienced professionals at the Swiss Startup Factory.


More about Mike Baur

Mike Baur is an acclaimed entrepreneur and a professional whose support and ideas have led to the development of intelligent businesses. He runs the Swiss Startup Factory, which is founded in 2014 after exiting banking. His educational profile highlights an MBA that he acquired from the University of Rochester and an Executive MBA from the University of Bern.