Victories of Nitin Khanna

Successes in business bring more customers and resources. Many firm owners know the right time to induce their plans in the company to attain achievements. Nitin Khanna has brought his venture into its accomplishments through the goals he sets to follow as his plan for his breakthrough. Through MergerTech, he has enabled other companies to connect with their ideal mergers. Firms that have shown an interest in acquiring other ventures have successfully through the facts services that the entrepreneur offers in his venture.

Nitin Khanna brings a lot of expertise in the investment industry. He uses his high knowledge to impact other companies by helping them turn out as the best. Besides, he is keen on the policies he implements in his venture as he is aware that every step that he partakes in its operations affect it in different ways that are at times unpredictable. He has served in other businesses through which he helped them continue achieving progress and proven to people as the best. He has transformed ventures into multimillion companies that have not only created high employment to people, but it has also brought higher achievements in transforming the economic status of various countries.

He believes in the impact of technology in the globe. The strong drive and passion he has towards the technology have driven him to invest in its use and this has facilitated the operations in her companies. Nitin Khanna uses a combination of skills to keep his enterprise on top. Innovation and dedication have always guided him in his work. He focuses on creativity to come up with new trends that enable him to avoid any delays that other ventures experience when they fail to pay attention to the issues that their clients point out.

Nitin Khanna is organized as a leader e puts his attention towards addressing the issues that he knows will bring a huge change in his venture before attending to the minor issues that may only bring a little impact in his company. His keenness as a leader has saved him from failures that could cause him more trouble in terms of expenditures.

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Mike Nierenberg And His Contributions As An Intuitive Leader In NRZ

Mike Nierenberg is one of the key faces of New Residential Investment Corp., a company that invests in excess MSRs and RMBS. In the last five years, the company has seen the growth that it has never seen before. This is all thanks to Nierenberg, who started leading the company and sharing his experience in the field.

New Residential Investment Corps usually target assets that give long-term cash flows. Finding the right asset to grow, and making it grow is not an ordinary task, especially if the funds are from the clients all around the world. Although this task is not easy, Mike Nierenberg manages to give a high-quality performance as NRZ’s leader. With his leadership, the company has been doing great for the last half-decade.

As one of the founders of the company, Mike Nierenberg has overseen its growth. He served as the CEO of the company from November 2013 until he passed the torch to Nick Santoro. Nierenberg is now focused on being the president of the company. He has been the president since 2013 and the Chairman of the Board since 2016.

Before NRZ, Mike Nierenberg also worked in the Bank of America Merrill Lynch and JP Morgan. He also served as one of the Board of Directors in bear Stears. Nierenberg is now focused on growing NRZ as one o the greatest companies in the industry. Click here to learn more

Stream Energy, a Company That Cares Profoundly Evident by Their Philanthropic Efforts

Stream Energy is a leading U.S. direct selling and provider of connected life services company that is headquartered in Dallas, TX. Stream provides their customers with various services such as energy, protective, wireless, and home services. Originally, Stream Energy’s business was centered on the provision of energy but expanded quickly to include connected life services. The connected life services that Stream provides include international wireless plans, digital voice service, Virtual MD, and more. To date, Stream Energy provides these services to Texas and eight other states, which include New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Illinois, Delaware, Ohio, and Georgia, as well as Washington D.C.

Stream Energy has recognized as one of the Texas’ Top 10 Most Trusted Retail Electric Providers. In some part this is due to the fact that Stream has been generously giving back to the community. Deserving and needy charities, causes, and people have been the recipient of Stream’s numerous philanthropic efforts. In fact, the company is so committed to making philanthropic efforts to better their community and the people therein that that Stream has established an entirely separate arm within the company that it calls “Stream Cares” in order to better go about making philanthropic efforts. Stream’s philanthropic efforts includes the donation of money to the victims of natural disasters, homeless children, and veterans.

When Hurricane Harvey besotted Houston’s neighborhoods with floods with resultant loss of lives, pets, and homes, Stream Energy was quick to act funding Houston’s recovery effort magnanimously with proceeds from its direct energy sales. Further, Stream helped to ease some of the financial burden that their customers were experiencing stemming from the impact of Hurricane Harvey. When a series of tornado struck Northern Texas in 2016, Stream was again eager to extend a helping hand mobilizing its members to aid the Salvation Army in raising whatever money they can for the victims of the tornadoes. Stream went on to match the amount of money that was raised. Stream Energy’s philanthropic efforts also include teaming up with Habitat for Humanity and the Red Cross to give back to the local community, with Dallas-based Hope Supply Co. to better the lives of thousands of homeless children, and with Operation Once in a Lifetime to offer moral and monetary support to local veterans and their families.

Ryan Seacrest Busiest Man in the Business

As arguably the busiest man in show business, Ryan Seacrest is clearly a jack of all trades.

His latest gig has him sitting next to Kelly Ripa as co-host of the “LIVE with Kelly and Ryan” morning talk show. Seacrest was awarded this role in 2017 after Ripa’s former co-host, Michael Strahan, left to join the team at “Good Morning America.” Because the show is filmed in New York City, Seacrest has had to take up the bi-coastal life, maintaining residences in both Manhattan and in Los Angeles.

In his radio pursuits, Seacrest is the host of “On Air with Ryan Seacrest”, the nationally-syndicated Los Angeles morning show produced by iHeart Media. In addition to this daily program, Seacrest also hosts a Top 40 countdown weekly gig.

Earlier this year, Seacrest revived his role as host of “American Idol” when the show returned to the United States. Auditions for the 2019 season are now underway, keeping Seacrest busy in his spare time away from “LIVE” and his radio shows.

The consummate entertainer also takes ownership of ABC’s New Year’s Eve program as both host and executive producer. No stranger to the awards scene, Seacrest works for the E! Network hosting various red carpet award shows.

Wanting to become more involved in the behind the scenes production, Seacrest launched Ryan Seacrest Productions (RSP) in 2006. The Emmy-winning production company is responsible for programming in a variety of genres, including “I Love Kellie Pickler,” “Keeping up with the Kardashians,” and “Shades of Blue.”

Known for his keen fashion sense, Seacrest launched his own men’s tailored clothing collection in 2014. Ryan Seacrest Distinction is sold exclusively at Macy’s and offers a variety of apparel and accessories selections. Seacrest is now busy with the launch of a new men’s skincare line, Polished. With an emphasis on providing quality anti-aging skincare for men, the line is backed and co-founded by Dr. Harold Lancer.


Steve Ritchie Strives To Correct Relations

The fact is that not everything is perfect. People, organizations and groups have problems. Sometimes, people try to deny or cover up problems, making believe that problems don’t exist. This is the most destructive thing to do for any person, individual or organization. If you do not identify problems, you cannot move forward and improve. Things need constant improvement in life, and things can go awry at any moment. The CEO of Papa John’s, Steve Ritchie, understands this deep fact.

Because of his understanding of this dynamic in life, Steve Ritchie has decided to go on a nationwide tour of America to visit workers in the Papa John’s universe. The purpose of the tour was to listen to what people had to say about their Papa John’s experiences. There were all kids of stories. Some stories were about the outreach efforts that franchises took part in to help their communities. Other stories were about interactions with customers. There were some negative interactions that the company had had with customers, many being a result of a loss of trust between people and the company.

The previous CEO of the company, John Schnatter, got into a lot of trouble because he was recorded saying the N-word and speaking a racist rant. This was “PR suicide” for the company, and it eventually led to him being pushed out of the company. His rant created a lot of tension between Papa John’s and people of African descent. The tension and loss of trust has to be countered. This is why Steve Ritchie Papa John’s is putting tender-loving care into the company by listening to what the employees have to say. It just so happens that many of the people who work for Papa John’s are people of color. Also, there are many Papa John’s locations that sit in neighborhoods where African Americans and other people of color reside. This is why it is of utmost importance to develop more trust between the high leadership levels of the company, the lower levels of the company and the customers. Visit bloomberg to see Ritchie’s profile.

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How the DAMAC Owner is Changing the Real Estate Market

Successful investors in the world are few. People start their businesses hoping that they are going to get good profits, but they give up when they realize that things are different from what they were interested in. Those who are weak will give up early before they start earning, but the strong and dedicated ones will forge ahead and wait for their success. Hussain Sajwani is among the few who have chosen that they will keep on pressing on. Over the years, the real estate investor has invested in many areas, and this had made him a wealthy individual, especially among the Asian communities. Hussain Sajwani is a name that is always respected because it is associated with success in real estate and the construction department. The businessman has had his ups and downs in business, but this has not affected his passion for real estate.

When Hussain Sajwani started his real estate company, DAMAC Properties, he had high hopes that he was going to make it. The businessman had already realized that there was an increasing demand for luxurious hotels in his country. This happened when the country authorities allowed people from all over the world to visit Dubai and invest in different industries. The DAMAC owner knew that this was a way of making good profits, and he took on this challenge with the seriousness needed. In a very short time, the company was performing too well and taking him to big places in the world.

When in business, it is vital for the investors to interact and share with other individuals so that they can land new contracts and business. The people who know this secret love to attend networking platforms where they can visit and talk to new people. Hussain Sajwani has been quite fortunate in his career life because he has been able to network and form good relationships with very powerful and influential leaders in the international community. The DAMAC owner shocked the international community when news emerged that he was very close to the president of the United States. The two have been in business for several decades. Follow Hussain on Twitter.


Entertainment Mogul Ryan Seacrest

Ryan Seacrest is a tv and radio show host and entertainment mogul. He is currently 43 years old. Ryan and his girlfriend Shayna Taylor are now on vacation in Italy. He was spotted on dinner with his friends and girlfriend in Portofino, Italy. Ryan has said that he is vegan when it comes to diet, but he has to work out to eat everything he wants. He also embarked on iZO superfood cleanse being a fan of detoxes. The wash that involves mixing juice or water with superfood powders is completed in three to seven days.

In his “American Idol” interviews, Ryan pointed out that he is a fan of sliced filet mignon in mushroom and onion. He enjoys dishes such as orange butternut squash. He is also a pop-culture junkie who hosts several TV shows. He is also a producer of radio and Television shows. Ryan Seacrest finds success through commitment, a good work ethic, and discipline. Along with his entertainment career, fitness became a large part of his life.

Many were left surprised when Ryan revealed that he grew up being overweight. He was teased most of the time about his weight as a child. His biggest motivation to remain fit is that he doesn’t want to feel the same way again. Losing weight also gave him the confidence he lacked as a child. He could now feel good when he saw himself in the mirror and satisfied putting on his best clothes.

According to Ryan Seacrest, the most important thing for being healthy emotionally and physically is having a balanced diet. He has made it his habit to attend the gym for his workouts. He doesn’t take busy radio and TV schedules as an excuse to miss the gym. His favorite snack is vegetable juices. His busy schedule forces him to eat from plastic containers. The Distinction owner’s resolution for the New Year would be having more meals without plastic containers. The secret to keeping one’s fitness goals according to Ryan is to keep it fun and exciting by mixing fitness activities.

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Hussain Sajwani Excels as a Real Estate Entrepreneur and DAMAC Owner

As an entrepreneur, you must be able to spot viable areas that are worth investing in. For Hussain Sajwani, the real estate industry seemed lucrative. By venturing into real estate, he was able to found DAMAC Properties. He is now passionate about DAMAC Properties, and under his care, the real estate company has emerged successful in a tremendous manner.

Background Information

Hussain Sajwani is a man who was born and raised in a humble background. The fact that he was not born and raised in a wealthy family did not hold him back from achieving his dream of being successful in life. Initially, during his childhood days, he would spend time at his father’s shop, and he was able to garner various skills that an entrepreneur should have. All in all, experience is the best teacher. By interacting with his father at his shop, Hussain Sajwani was able to grasp various concepts of how an entrepreneur should handle themselves.

According to, Sajwani’s first step toward becoming an entrepreneur started with him launching a catering company. The company was able to emerge successful under his tenure. Since the company dealt with high-end clients, Hussain Sajwani did not hold back. He did interact with some of his clientele and even forged a good relationship with Donald Trump.

Additional Information on DAMAC Properties

Whenever an opportunity presents itself, an entrepreneur never holds back. Since foreigners were allowed to possess property and land in Dubai as of 2002, Hussain Sajwani saw the potential that lied in the real estate sector. Without hesitating, Sajwani founded DAMAC Properties. Owing to the fact that he owned a catering company that blossomed beyond his expectations, Hussain Sajwani knew that he had what it takes to tap into the potential that lied in the Dubai real estate sector.


Hussain Sajwani and President Donald Trump have proven to be like-minded individuals. They have built a positive portfolio in the real estate sector. By working smart, Hussain Sajwani and Trump have handled different projects together, and their teamwork amazes people. Hussain Sajwani has always put quality and client satisfaction before anything else, thereby rendering him a successful entrepreneur. DAMAC continues to thrive in his leadership.

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Fagali Uses His Experience to Help More Clients

Bruno Fagali always tries to take on as many cases as he can. He understands the importance that comes from helping people. He also understands there are ways he can make a difference for the people he works with. As a lawyer, it’s his job to show people they have someone who knows how to help them and can provide them with legal expertise that will continue getting better. It’s also how he knows to run the business. Because he worked hard to make sure he was doing things the right way, Bruno Fagali always knew what would continue getting better for him and the people he worked with. It was how he did things right and how he made sure he could help others through the different opportunities they dealt with. Based on his experience, Bruno knew what would happen if he could help even more clients in the future. Learn more about Fagali at

There were times when Fagali struggled to make sense for the legal opportunities he used for the future. It was his goal to always figure out what he was doing while he came up with new ideas to give others the right options. It was also how he pushed to make sure people could understand he was making more out of different situations. Based on the work he put into the business and how he made things better for people, Bruno felt confident he would be making things easier for the people he always tried helping. Visit to know more about Fagali.

As long as Fagali knew what he was doing and he pushed to make things better for people in different situations, he could keep making sure he was helping others with the options they had. It was his goal to continue showing people they had someone who was on their side and someone who knew what they could get out of different situations. Bruno often thought about all the opportunities he could use to come up with experiences that would help him in the future. Thanks to his hard work, Bruno knew there were times where he could make positive changes for the future.


Alex Hern and Detailed Entrepreneurship

Alexander F. Hern is a man who comes from the United States. His name actually is “Alexander F. Hern.” People he knows like to call him Alex in order to make things simple, however. He’s a big component of a company that’s called Tsunami VR, Inc. Learn more about Alex Hern at Bloomberg. He’s the company’s Chief Executive Officer and Founder. Although there’s no disputing the zeal Hern has for Tsunami VR, he has other big projects in front of him all of the time as well. He’s Mobile Work and Mobile Incorporated’s current Chairman. He established Mobile Work and Mobile Incorporated, too.

Entrepreneurship is nothing brand new to Hern. He’s been involved in the massive entrepreneurship community for 15 hard-working years and counting. He puts care into technology businesses that are relatively new. Inktomi is the name of a company that Hern knows extremely well. He did a lot of work for its board in the past. He was one of the people who set the company up from the start, too. Yahoo! is a famed Internet entity that purchased Inktomi after Hern’s involvement with it. People who have heard about YesMail may have also heard about Hern and all of his work. He was among the individuals who launched it. He was part of its board since day one. He even remained on the board for a lengthy span of time. Another organization purchased it after a while.


Many people know all about Milcom. Milcom is an abbreviation for “Military Commercial Technologies.” Alex Hern acted as Milcom’s Chairman and Chief Executive Founder. Perhaps not surprisingly, he was also a Milcom Co-Founder. Hern is the kind of professional who takes part in all sorts of speaking engagements on a frequent basis. He’s been a speaker at events that take place in engineering institutions around the United States. Follow Alex Hern on