OSI Industries, a Global Leader

OSI Industries is a massive company, they dominate the food suppliers market with over 65 facilities worldwide. OSI is now one of the largest private companies in the entire United States, but this behemoth of a company was not always the food industry juggernaut that it is today. OSI Industries actually has its roots in very humble beginnings, founded in 1909 as a tiny meat market in Oak Park, Illinois. The company started off small, with its Otto Kolschowsky having only recently moved to the United States to pursue the American dream. The company was a hit success and they soon faced demand far larger than what their tiny little business in Oak Park could handle.

1955 is the year that things really started to heat up for the company, this is when the owners of the company decided to partner with the owner of what would become Mcdonalds, opening franchises and expanding their businesses clientele. This proved to be massively successful for OSI Industries and in the seventies, the brothers/owners built their first mass-produced meat factory in order to keep up with the high demand that the McDonald’s franchises were placing on them. OSI Industries is a very unique company from a business perspective. With the company having such humble beginnings, starting off as a local staple, they know how to appeal to the locals better than anyone.

Most companies have the one size fits all philosophy when expanding into global markets, but not OSI Industries, they know how to appeal to the market that they are in and cater to the local community, not very many companies can say something like that. Over the recent years, OSI has expanded exponentially thanks to deals and contracts with warehouses, processing plants, and its ability to develop and market new products. There is no end in sight to the growth of OSI, the demand for chicken products especially continues to go up at significant rates. Recently the company invested millions of dollars in order to expand its chicken processing capabilities in Spain. With OSI one thing is certainly clear, they are not going anywhere for a long time. Learn More.

The Future of the Business World, Glen Wakeman’s Mentorship

If you are planning on getting involved with the modern business world you need to involve yourself in both domestic and international ventures. Gone are the days of isolating your business to a single country. We have become, thanks to the emergence of the internet, a globally connected planet, and one that deals with the reality of outsourcing and low production costs in different countries. Since the world is such a large place it is no surprise that many beginning entrepreneurs are intimidated by taking on such a complex and complicated market. Luckily for these individuals, there is a man who has decided to dedicate his entire livelihood to the mentoring on the progression of new and upcoming professionals, his name is Glen Wakeman.

Glen Wakeman is a very talented man who is an investor, entrepreneur, writer, and mentor. He has experience dealing with business venues both domestically and internationally and has personal experience working alongside a host of different ethnic groups of societies. His dedication to his craft means that he is willing to go to any ends to make sure that his clients are happy (Analystoffinance). On his blog, he frequently posts tips on how to increase your business, how to network, how to expand to overseas markets, among other useful information that any businessman just starting out would need to know. As much as he loves bringing up the acquisition of wealth and success Glen Wakeman also realizes the importance of family and staying involved with those that you love. He not only supports the working man but also the ability to have fun and move outside the work environment for personal wellness.

Alongside tips for bettering his clients business models and success Glen Wakeman also offers tips on how to see the sights of different countries and enjoy yourself at the same time as looking for a way to connect with possible business partners. Wakeman has been able to broaden the horizons of multiple people and has been responsible for the increasing greatness of the international trade community both online and in the physical world (http://blogwebpedia.com/ceo-glen-wakeman-demands.html#.WgYyXbaZOqA).