Victories of Nitin Khanna

Successes in business bring more customers and resources. Many firm owners know the right time to induce their plans in the company to attain achievements. Nitin Khanna has brought his venture into its accomplishments through the goals he sets to follow as his plan for his breakthrough. Through MergerTech, he has enabled other companies to connect with their ideal mergers. Firms that have shown an interest in acquiring other ventures have successfully through the facts services that the entrepreneur offers in his venture.

Nitin Khanna brings a lot of expertise in the investment industry. He uses his high knowledge to impact other companies by helping them turn out as the best. Besides, he is keen on the policies he implements in his venture as he is aware that every step that he partakes in its operations affect it in different ways that are at times unpredictable. He has served in other businesses through which he helped them continue achieving progress and proven to people as the best. He has transformed ventures into multimillion companies that have not only created high employment to people, but it has also brought higher achievements in transforming the economic status of various countries.

He believes in the impact of technology in the globe. The strong drive and passion he has towards the technology have driven him to invest in its use and this has facilitated the operations in her companies. Nitin Khanna uses a combination of skills to keep his enterprise on top. Innovation and dedication have always guided him in his work. He focuses on creativity to come up with new trends that enable him to avoid any delays that other ventures experience when they fail to pay attention to the issues that their clients point out.

Nitin Khanna is organized as a leader e puts his attention towards addressing the issues that he knows will bring a huge change in his venture before attending to the minor issues that may only bring a little impact in his company. His keenness as a leader has saved him from failures that could cause him more trouble in terms of expenditures.

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The Passion of Jeffry Schneider

Jeffry Schneider has built an impressive career in the financial world. Over the last two and a half decades he has proven he has the skill to be a leader in this world. Jeffry Schneider is the the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Ascendant Alternative Strategies. This company is a a managing broker-dealer, that provides investment banking solutions. Schneider himself has lots of experience in the financial world where is a respected advisor.

Jeffry Schneider got his start by attending the University of Massachusetts at Amherst where he earned his degree. Today he resides in Austin, Texas where his firm works. His firm takes a unique approach to building its brand. They seek out companies that maintain high standards concerning debt and income. Under Schneider’s leadership, Ascendant has experienced incredible growth. Today Schneider’s company has more than fifty employees. They work with a variety of financial workers including investment advisors and broker-dealers.

Jeffry Schneider’s resume include a number of impressive stops. He has held a number of leadership positions including his current position as CEO at Ascendant. He has had the privilege of working with some major companies which include Merrill Lynch, Alex Brown, and Smith Barney. On top of all his responsibilities with Ascendant, Schneider spends lots of time giving back to others. He has committed his time to working with a number of charitable organizations which include the Gazelle Foundation, and Cherokee Home for Children and Wonders and Worries.

Today Jeffry Schneider and his company continue to thrive. He believes his company’s success is the result of creating a great team. Schneider sees his employees as dedicated and team players. Schneider’s passion and commitment appear set to lead him to more success in the years to come.

Rick Shinto CEO at InnovaCare Health

Talking about Innovacare Health without mentioning the leadership team is difficult. This company is one of those that have invested in a team that has a lot of collective experience. Before joining the company, most of the board members and managers were serving in other prestigious positions. It, therefore, comes as no surprise that the company has been posting improvements every year since placing Rick Shinto and Penelope Kokkinides at the helm as CEO and CAO respectively. Let us look at their careers and experience in this industry.

Dr. Rick Shinto

One of the most talented leaders in the Medicare Industry, Dr. Rick Shinto brings a lot of expertise to InnovaCare Health. He is the brain behind most of the new leadership styles that the company utilizes Apart from being the overall leader; he also serves as the head of all subsidiaries in Puerto Rico, a position he handles through MMM Holdings. This subsidiary is responsible for the health of more than a quarter a million people in that region.

His experience e includes serving as the head of NAMM for over four years. In between other jobs, he was also the COO and CMO at Medical Pathway Management Company based in California. At MedPartners, he was the Vice President while at Cal Optima, he served as CMO.

About his education, he has attended various universities including the University of California where he got a medical degree. He graduated in the same faculty from the State University of New York and the University of Redlands. He worked as a pulmonologist and intern in Southern California before moving up the ladder to his current job at InnovaCare Health.

Penelope Kokkinides

A lot has been published out there about Penelope Kokkinides, the Chief Administrative Officer at InnovaCare Health. Most notable about her professional profile is that she has more than twenty years of experience in this industry. Although she joined this company in 2015, she was already working on many similar projects. Some of her past occupations include working at Aveta Inc., Touchstone Health, AmeriChoice, and several other companies. She is a graduate of the New York University and Columbia University of Public Health.

About the company

If you have been following news about Medicare Advantage Plans, you must have already heard about InnovaCare Health. This company sets the pace when it comes to service delivery. By assembling one of the most experienced leadership teams in the industry, there is no doubt that they will only get better as the days progress.

Paul Mampilly Talks About How Elon Musk’s Antics Affect Tesla Investors

Tesla has been in the news quite a bit recently due to the antics of Chief Executive Officer Elon Musk. Like a lot of CEOs, he seeks fame and popularity and has a huge ego. Ego can be good because it pushes them to innovate and take on risky business ventures. However, it can also lead them to say and do some pretty dumb things.Paul Mampilly says that other business leaders with large egos include Jack Ma of Alibaba, Richard Branson of Virgin Group, and Steve Jobs who had led Apple for years before his death. The fame can be good and bad and it won’t be every time that investors agree with a CEO’s business strategy or direction.

He reminds people that Steve Jobs was once bounced from Apple because its board of directors and investors didn’t like the vision he had for this company.Elon Musk has made some pretty bad statements in 2018, usually on Twitter. The financial media follows his Twitter account and every time he has another misstep or makes a bizarre tweet they are there to report on it, Paul Mampilly says. The question now is whether he is still fit to lead Tesla and whether investors should own that company’s stock or sell it.Paul Mampilly, who rights financial newsletters for Banyan Hill Publishing, says that Elon Musk has made a number of very poor PR decisions.

This included calling one of the rescue divers in Thailand a “pedo” for which he is now being sued. He was on Joe Rogan’s show where he smoked pot on camera. He said that he was coming to Flint, Michigan’s rescue and then failed to act.Tesla stock has been doing well and the company does seem to be in good shape despite Elon Musk’s antics. Paul Mampilly says that investing in Tesla is certainly not without risks but he sees their stock as having great growth potential. There aren’t really any reasons to believe that they won’t have decent production numbers and their cars have a lot of consumer interest in them.

Stream Cares: Stream Energy Puts Power Towards Helping the Needy

If you had a comfortable upbringing, it may be quite easy to forget that many others in the world are not as fortunate. Thankfully, a Dallas-based life services company called Stream Energy has taken serious efforts to help the needy with their recently-started philanthropy foundation, Stream Cares. Stream Energy sells nationwide life services by providing energy, wireless, and home plans for homes all over the country. However, with Stream Cares, their objective is not to sell to customers, but instead, share the company’s success for the benefit of those in need.

Partnered With Like-Minded Organizations

Following their mission to help those in need, Stream Cares cooperates with another organization based in Dallas called Hope Supply Company; which is an organization that assists homeless children. They organize a national event for children without homes called Splash For Hope. During this event, hundreds of children can enjoy a free day at the Hawaiian Falls Water Park. In addition, the children are treated to a lunch and a picnic and they are also given flip-flops and a free hat.

Attracting News Spotlights

Stream Energy has recently garnered the attention of Patch, an independent US news platform. The recent opening of Stream Cares has benefited people who were victims of Hurricane Harvey. This devastating storm caused at least $125 billion in damage and destruction in states such as Louisiana and Texas during September 2017.

Stream Energy has focused its efforts on helping neighborhoods affected by the hurricane. They were among the first organizations to provide financial assistance for the recovery of Harvey’s victims. The national spotlight is likely to get larger for Stream Cares in the future since this is only the beginning of Stream Energy’s official campaign for the disadvantaged.

An Ongoing Effort

Although Stream Cares may be their formal outlet for charity, Stream Energy has been providing their generosity to the poor and needy all over the US for more than a decade. Furthermore, the company shows no signs of wanting to stop. Stream Cares serves as a testament to their ongoing mission to do good in the world.

Larkin and Lacey: Trump is not the best leader

In October last year, Arizona witnessed a special activity that has remained in the hearts of many, several months later, Judge Susan Bolton surprised Americans when she announced that she had validated the pardon that was issued to Joe Arpaio by the American president, Trump. Joe is not a stranger to the people living in the United States. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: and

Many people have known her for being a powerful and untouchable sheriff who was working for the Maricopa County. Many people in the country did not think that this decision was possible. Joe is one of the American leaders who have misused their powers while holding office and people thought that he was going to go to jail and serve for the evil activities he performed.

Arpaio was convicted several months ago because of the criminal contempt, because he had decided to ignore the order from a judge because of a case that was filed ten years ago. The ruling by the powerful judge was made just two weeks to the time the politician was supposed to be sentenced.

The ruling by Judge Bolton will bring a close to the ten year chapter of the Joe Arpaio saga that has been followed by people from all over the world. Things started getting out of hand for Joe and other prominent leaders at the Maricopa County after the leader ordered the arrest of two innocent figures who were serving in the journalism department.

Michael Lacey and his longtime friend, Jim Larkin had to be separated from their families and loved ones forcefully by the powerful leader because of the news they were posting in the New Times. The two journalists were the leaders of the newspapers, and they were held responsible for the things that were taking place in the news platform.

The journalists did their best to expose Joe and all his scandals that took place when Joe was serving as a leader for the last twenty four years. Larkin and Lacey were jailed for a while, and they had to deal with the influential leader when they left jail. One decade after the painful ordeal, the two journalists are expressing their disappointment because of the situation they had to deal with many years ago.

Lacey, in a statement that was published in several platforms, said that he has believed what Rex Tillerson said several weeks ago. Lacey is highly disappointed in the activities that have taken place in the recent times, and he says that he is sure that Trump is a man who has just proved his behavior to the people in the country. Read more: Michael Lacey | Facebook and Michael Lacey | LinkedIn

The journalists say that the union between Joe and Trump is the perfect example of a marriage that has been formed between two corrupt personalities in the country.

Larkin says that Joe was a leader who promoted the torture and racism of the people he was leading. While serving as the sheriff of the Maricopa County, very many corpses and bodies that were mutilated came out of the American jails, proving that the prisoners were having tough time while serving their prison times.

Mike Baur- his role in helping startup business in Switzerland

Mike Baur’s Swiss Startup Factory is the largest independently owned startup company in Switzerland. This is the major difference that his startup factory has with other in the country. SSUF is a private enterprise that is not affiliated with another group or any political organization in the country. This means that all its operations are free from external interference. The decisions they make are independent and are made out of their own interests. Swiss Startup Incubator has recorded good success since it was established in 2014. The executive management of Swiss Startup Factory have been very keen with the success of the company and have been leading the organization into becoming the best in the globe. SSUF have been able to succeed because the leaders are committed to ensuring there is the adequate financing of the businesses that they mentor.


The cofounders of the Swiss startup factory have committed a lot of attention and finances into the organization in a bid to ensure that the business establishment changes the fortunes of many young entrepreneurs who would like to earn from the knowledge passed at the SSUF. Given the huge financial investment that the co-founders, Mike Baur and Max Meister have given to the business, they have to ensure that the company lives up to its mission and vision of mentoring digital entrepreneurs.


Mike Baur explains the term Factory in the company’s title to mean that the incubator is in a continuous process of creating new business enterprises in Switzerland. Their ideas are to produce companies that can perform in the country’s economy. He also associates the term factory with hard work. People in a factory setting must work hard to ensure that they realize the required outcome. Mike believes that young entrepreneurs have no option than to join the business sector with one resolve of working hard. To make it in business is not a simple thing. It requires long hours of building a business that will reward handsomely in the future. According to him, what people lack is the knowledge and commitment to achieve success.


Mike Baur still heads the operations of the company he started in 2014, known as Think Reloaded. He carries out his role in the company alongside that of Swiss Startup Factory. Think Reloaded is a company that was established to assist the affluent people in the society with business investment and financial management. As a person who has worked in the banking sector for more than two decades, Mike Baur possess every skill and knowledge required to carry out his mandate of financial advising.

Anthony Petrello Announces His Company’s Purchase Of Tesco Corporation

In an all-stock transaction, it has been announced that Nabors Industries, Ltd. has purchased Tesco Corporation, another firm in the oil industry. The transaction should close in the fourth quarter of 2017. The deal values Tesco common stock shares at $4.62 each which is a 19% premium over what it was trading for the day the deal was announced. Once the transaction is completed those with shares in Tesco will instead own shares in Nabor Industries at an exchange rate of 1 share of Tesco equaling 0.68 of a share in Nabors Industries.

Nabors Industries has the largest land drilling fleet in the world. They also provide technology, equipment, and services to companies engaged in offshore drilling projects. Tesco manufactures technology-based solutions for which they also provide their services. The deal has a lot of synergies and will result in Tesco’s existing tubular services business seeing a large benefit once the deal is completed.

Once the deal is completed it is expected that the combined company will save $20 million in the first year in operating costs. In future years they expect this to increase to about $30 million to $35 million in savings.

The chairman, CEO, and president of Nabors Industries, Anthony Petrello, said in a statement that the deal between his company and Tesco was part of the strategy he presented in November 2016 at the company’s Analyst Day. He says that in the future drilling rigs will serve as the main delivery platform for rig services to learn more about us: click here.

Anthony Petrello has been at Nabors Industries since 1991. Before that he was a lawyer in New York City at a prestigious law firm for which he was the managing partner. He is a director at another company in the oil industry, Stewart & Stevenson LLC. He is also a director at Hilcorp Energy Company.

Anthony Petrello and his wife have a daughter who suffers from cerebral palsy. He is heavily involved in finding new therapies to treat this disorder. As part of his efforts he serves on the Board of Trustees for the Texas Children’s Hospital. He also spends time advocating for both research and clinical programs for children who suffer from neurological disorders.

Success Academy Shows The Need To Continue Advocating For Student Success

The Success Academy founded by Eva Moskowitz in 2006 has grown from a single school in Harlem that saw its first principal resign and many major building problems into a network of over 40 schools across New York City. Charter schools are often given a bad name in the press for the fact they tend to cater to those who are already given an academic advantage, but the Success Academy was designed by Eva Moskowitz from the outset to provide the highest of quality in learning and teaching. 

Charter schools are often given a bad name in the press for the fact they tend to cater to those who are already given an academic advantage, but the Success Academy was designed by Eva Moskowitz from the outset to provide a high quality educational experience to students who are living in disadvantaged areas and have already had problems at traditional New York City Public Schools. In 2017, the achievements of Success Academy have seen the school receive over 17,000 applications for its limited number of available spaces totaling just over 3,000 seats.


Eva Moskowitz has a long history in education and has taken on many of the latest trends in education that are often ignored by a New York public school system that is trapped using systems that provide the majority of benefits for educators and parents while ignoring the needs of students. The former history professor has revealed the needs of the students of many different socioeconomic backgrounds have often been ignored in New York and the majority of the students who are accepted into the Success Academy charter schools program arrive with at least a few strikes against their name. As a leading educational expert and education reform movement campaigner, Eva Moskowitz has built a network of charter schools that are proving a major success for thousands of students across New York City.

The former history professor has revealed the needs of the students of many different socioeconomic backgrounds have often been ignored in New York and the majority of the students who are accepted into the Success Academy charter schools program arrive with at least a few strikes against their name. As a leading educational expert and education reform movement campaigner, Eva Moskowitz has built a network of charter schools that are proving a major success for thousands of students across New York City.


One of the major differences between the work being completed at Success Academy by Eva Moskowitz and those at other charter schools aimed at providing a high-quality education for minority groups and those from financially disadvantaged neighborhoods, is the fact Eva Moskowitz did not set out to create a school for disadvantaged children; instead, the graduate of Johns Hopkins set out to develop the best possible school she could for students regardless of the background of the students attending her charter school.

Hussain Sajwani Is A Brilliant Entrepreneur

Hussain Sajwani is a brilliant man with an eye for opportunity and entrepreneurship. As CEO and founder of DAMAC Properties, he is leading the luxury real estate industry into a new era where anything is possible. When Sajwani first began buying up property in an undeveloped part of Dubai, people were unsure of what his plans were. After he had sold a 38 story residential building in the sector before it had even begun construction, people were amazed. To this day, DAMAC, under the guidance of Hussain Sajwani Family, has built over 17,900 homes and has a development portfolio of more than 44,000 units all at different stages in their planning and progress.

Before building DAMAC up to what it is now, Hussain Sajwani put together many other companies and made numerous successful investments. Being known for his keen skills for picking out a golden opportunity, he also started up an investment company named DICO Investments Co LLC. There he zeros in on acquisitions, mergers, and private equities, holds minority and majority holdings in many different publicly traded companies. With portfolios in local and global markets, he continues to turn a profit by tapping into his intuition.

Hussain Sajwani cares deeply about people, and his involvement in philanthropic efforts is well-known. Not only does he promote charitable organizations and humanitarian efforts, but he puts his money where his mouth is. In this way, he has donated $272,000 to the “Yemen We Care” campaign, which is an initiative that helps to offer basic healthcare, relief, and education to 10 million Yemenis. Many people and refugees can thank him for helping them to climb out of a hopeless situation.

As a family man, Hussain Sajwani lives with his loving wife, and together they have raised 4 children. He is a firm believer in family values and hopes to pass on his ethics and moral standards to his kids. As a supporter of higher education, Sajwani earned his Bachelor’s degree in economics and industrial engineering at the University of Washington, Seattle. He also has sat on numerous boards, and among them are the Majan University College in Muscat, Emirates Takaful Company in Abu Dhabi, and JUNO Online in New York.

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