Logan Stout is the Founder of Dallas Patriots that offers World Class Instructors

There are very few athletes who have been able to manage their lives after retiring from sports. Most of them have ended been broke while others have turned to be drug addicts. The main reason behind this is due to status change. However, few have been able to get it right. Logan Stout, a former athlete and a 16-time World Series player and a coach, is now one of the successful entrepreneurs from Dallas. His accomplishment as a successful business leader, motivation speaker and coach demonstrates his desire to break down barriers that stand between people and goals. Logan is the Founder and the CEO of IDLife.

IDlife is a health and wellness company that is at the forefront of personalized medicine. The IDLife business model is very efficient, and it has helped the firm to grow at a relatively high rate. The products sold by the company mostly comprise of vitamin packs that are specifically tailored for each based on sex, age, exercise, medical condition, sun exposure and even eating habits. The production of the drugs is carried out in a customized manufacturing set up, and the constituents are obtained from high-quality ingredients. The principal products produced and distributed by IDlife include Kraft, Hallmark, Keds, and Ford among many others. The company has adopted a network marketing model which ensures that the product goes directly from the manufacturer to consumers without involving intermediaries or expensive advertising campaigns.

Logan Stout started the company in the year 2014, and through his leadership, the company has been listed among the top 100 Solid Top MLM companies within a span of short period. He is a focused resilient leader who has a passion for helping others. He has substantially dedicated a significant share of his time to helping and mentoring young entrepreneurs. He has partnered with international speakers and authors who share his vision to help motivate and encourage young people and leaders in various businesses. Logan has been featured in numerous key publications such as Philadelphia Life Magazine the New York Times and other prominent live media platforms.

Talk Fusion – Highly Popular Video Marketing Company Based in the United States

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One of the most popular marketing and technology firms that have been able to exemplary delivery award winning video based marketing and communication products for over a decade is Talk Fusion. It is a company that has been developing many different types of video based products such as video chat, video mail, video newsletters, video conferencing, and more. The products designed and provided by Talk Fusion helps the companies to communicate with its target audience in an interactive and personalized fashion, which is sure to leave a positive impression on them.

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Scott Rocklage: The Director in Health care Management

Scott M. Rocklage has been in the health care management business for over three decades. Rocklage has worked in server companies before becoming a venture and managing partner at 5AM Ventures in 2003. The company 5AM is venture capital company that is dedicated to doing returns with their investors that relate to life science companies. The investors that work at the company have certain skills that apply to scientific, legal, medical, finance expertise and operational. 5AM depends on a hands-on approach and is involved in all of the work that they do as a business. Scott Rocklage on LinkedIn.

Previously Rocklage has worked as the Chairman and CEO of Cubist Pharmaceuticals. Rocklage also had various occupations at Salutar and Catalytic that include being the President as well as the CEO of Nycomed Salutar. Scott was also the Executive Chairman at Semprus, Ilypsa, and Miikana. Rocklage is also an inventor that has contributed to over 30 U.S. patents and more than 100 peers reviewed publications. Before Rockledge begin his career in healthcare, he obtained his Bachelor of Science in Chemistry from the University of California. He also receives a Ph.D. in Chemistry from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Scott Rocklage is also the Board Chairman of the companies Relypsa, Achaogen, and Semprus. As of today Scott continues to work in health care management and is constantly looking for new and inventive ways to make health care management better. Scott has placed all of his heart and hard work to make sure that health management will be better for our present and our future.


Logan Stout’s Successful Journey From Athlete To Entrepreneur

Leadership trainer, best-selling author, entrepreneur, keynote speaker, philanthropist, and business owner are just a few things that describe Logan Stout. Over his career, Mr. Stout has managed to generate more than a billion dollars. His financial success is also credited by his many principles surrounding success, leadership, and team building. These attributes continue to be the driving force behind his many ventures. This is what makes him the world’s premier keynote speaker.

Today, Logan Stout has been focusing the majority of his time and energy in his latest venture, IDLife, LLC. IDLife, LLC was created in May of 2014 and focuses on health and wellness. Ever since coming into existence, IDLife, LLC has developed into a nationally recognized entity due to its many partnerships with well-known athletes, fellow entrepreneurs, and celebrity experts. Together, Mr. Stout is able to continue to conduct health and wellness education as well as providing nutritional products. Because of this steadfastness, IDLife was able to obtain its place on 2016s 100 Solid Top MLM Companies list.

Because of his deep passion for building great leadership skills, Logan continues to help others succeed. Because of this, he put his technique in writing in 2013 by having his book “Stout Advice” was published. His book became instantly sought after and has received an endorsement from popular Shark Tank show entrepreneurs Daymond John and Barbera Corcoran.

Besides being very active with IDLife, Mr. Stout has also remained active with sports and created a baseball organization called Dallas Patriots. In his role as CEO, Logan strives to lead and mentor youth by providing excellent mentoring, coaches, instructors, and training. Graduates from the organization then earn an opportunity to be recruited to a coveted college or university baseball club where many have made their dream of playing in the MLB a reality.

Mr. Stout has made many television appearances, appeared at many live events, and conducted various radio interviews. Besides this, he has also appeared in various magazine and news articles from various media outlets including The Dallas Morning News, and Philadelphia Life Magazine.

At the end of the day, Logan Stout is seen as a true family man and enjoys spending quality time with his wife, Haley, and his two children at his Frisco, Texas home.

Find more about IDLife: http://www.broadwayworld.com/bwwfitness/article/Health-Wellness-Company-IDLife-Partners-with-Garmin-20170424