How Hussain Sajwani built DAMAC Properties to become among the top real estate companies in the Middle East

Hussain Sajwani is an Emirati National and a real estate guru who founded DAMAC Properties, one of the biggest property developing companies in the Middle East. Hussain Sajwani also happens to be the Chairman of the company. Hussain Sajwani was born in an entrepreneurial family where his father owned a shop that dealt in a wide variety of products including items imported from China.

Hussain Sajwani used to help his father at the shop until he got a scholarship to study at the University of Washington. Upon graduation, Hussain Sajwani earned a Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering and Economics. Hussain Sajwani’s professional activities began at the Abu Dhabi as Industries in 1981. In 1983 he started his own catering company which is still operational to date. It was in 2002, that he started DAMAC Properties.

Based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, DAMAC Properties is a firm that specializes in developing a wide variety of properties ranging from residential properties to commercial and mixed-use ones. It was founded in 2002 as part of the DAMAC Group. The company went through numerous challenges but was able to come out them victorious and stronger than before. In 2013, the firm became the first Middle East real estate firm to be listed on the London Stock Exchange. Two years later the firm was listed in the Dubai Financial Market. The company continues to grow and come up with magnificent projects each and every day. AKOYA Oxygen and DAMAC Hills are some of the projects, DAMAC Properties has put up.

Having collaborated with President Trump in coming up with the Trump World Golf Club, in Dubai it is obvious that Hussain Sajwani, the DAMAC owner, and President Donald Trump are very close. Hussain is married and has four children. Although the family lives in Dubai, they have all managed to maintain close ties with the family of President Trump. In fact, Hussain Sajwani once stated that his wife and Ivanka are very close friends and regularly communicate and visit each other.

Apart from raising a real estate empire, Hussain Sajwani has made many contributions to several charity organizations as a way of giving back. A while back, Hussain Sajwani made a contribution of 2 million AED to Red Crescent. The money was for buying clothing for 50,000 impoverished children

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Build to Last

Living your dreams isn’t easy. It takes persistence and tenacity, along with faith in yourself alone in God and in the vision he has given you. In bringing this all together Jim Toner Real Estate Investor and Philanthropist he gives 15 powerful responses to interview questions featured on Ideal Mensch.

Jim’s personal experiences and expertise in making real estate investment ” user-friendly” gives practical advice on how you can run your own business and sustain residual income. In this interview, he describes the power of determination and how the system seemly is designed to create obstacles that intentionally hamper entrepreneurial activity. He uses “the brand of rebels” as a metaphor claiming this is an attitude you must have regardless of how many roadblocks. He goes on to explain the mental toughness that is needed and having Faith in yourself that nothing can stop you. You must tell yourself “I will continue to give it my best shot and keep standing in the real world of business.” Finding ways to maintain good health is also a good habit to practice that helps toward productivity as an Entrepreneur. Maintaining a strong body by working out regularly, eating right and getting proper rest. Most will not agree, working 24/7 is not a good practice.

In summary, Jim Toner discusses several essentials tools needed to be successful as an Entrepuer. One is learning and building from other trailblazers who have shared their winning strategies on how they grew their business. Reading is another key ingredient to success; it’s the gathering of ideas and filling the holes in your game. Thirdly he shares how Master Mind Principals from “Think and Grow Rich” teaching framed and jump started his small beginnings. Lastly, realizing failure is not the end. Money is easily replaceable and quickly replaceable when you determine in your mind “I am build to last”. If I had to highlight a main point in recapping Jim’s Idea Mensch interview it would be “Clarity your ideal. Think of it as a receipt to follow. Find out what, and more importantly who, you need to get it moving. Develop a flexible working model and test it. Study your results, adjust, and test again.”

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Michael Burwell

Michael Burwell, commonly known as Mike Burwell is the current Chief Financial Officer of Willis Towers Watson Company. He received this appointment on 2nd October 2017. Mike was hired to replace the retired former CFO Mr. Roger Millay who voluntarily retired from office.


Mr. Michael Burwell spent more than thirty years serving PwC. He received significant experience and expertise while working with PwC. Burwell has practiced high-ranking leadership in various positions such as Chief Financial Officer and Chief Operating Officer in the United States, Head of Transaction Services in the United States and Head of Global Transformation. Additionally, Burwell has an experience of more than eleven years in audit services. Burwell also boasts 12 years of Transaction Services that involve assisting firms that have pre-merger due evaluation and diligence.


On his speech, the Chief Executive Officer of Willis Towers Watson, John Haley, noted that the company was pleased to receive Mike Burwell in its management team at the best time that the firm was undergoing evolution. He praised Mike saying that Michael had brought with him world-class expertise in leadership, management and results driving capability to the company. The CEO also expressed his high confidence in Mike’s ability to transform Willis Towers Watson into an international firm.


John Haley also congratulated the outgoing Chief Financial Officer for his outstanding performance in the position he held in the firm. He pointed out that Rogers had left the Willis Towers Watson at a better mapping than the one it was when he joined.

Commenting on his nomination, Mike Burwell appreciated his appointment noting that he was pleased to be part of the Willis Towers Watson stuff. Michael Burwell pledged to commit all his efforts in developing and empowering the company. He expressed his excitement on the whole company especially on its culture of handling customers and collaborative spirit. He noted that he was set to contribute to the growth of the firm.


Willis Towers Watson Company is a global advisory firm that deals in solutions and broking. It assists investors and businesses turn their business risks into income and growth. The company is believed to have been founded in 1828. Presently, the firm boasts 40,000 individuals who it has employed to work in more than 140 countries throughout the globe.


The company delivers and designs ideas that help in managing risks, talent cultivation, capital expansion and benefit optimization. It also helps in strengthening and protecting private and institutional business agencies. Go Here for more information.

AvaTrade Review: A Must Read for Forex Traders

AvaTrade is one of the top Forex Brokers across the globe. Founded in 2006, the company has its offices in Dublin, New York, Tokyo, Sydney, Tokyo, and other locations. The Central Bank of Ireland is the regulator of the company which is licensed by the EU’s MiFID. AvaTradeis also regulated by the Australian ASIC, the Japan-based Financial Services Commission (FSC).

AvaTrade features

AvaTrade is known to be the leader in introducing CFD trading on indices, commodities, and stocks. It also spearheaded the introduction of digital currency trading which enabled ordinary retail traders to access Bitcoin market. AvaTrade also provides transparency access regarding its trading conditions which has been found by its users to be extremely refreshing. The company’s website can easily be navigated by first timers, and it is available in different languages including French, English, Germany, Japanese, Taiwanese, and Russian, thus, enabling access by multiple users across the world.


AvaTrade offers its new clients very generous bonus deposits ranging from $40 to $50,000 depending on the startup amount. The company also facilitates a unique program, Ava Select, which awards clients who make a single deposit of up to 100,000 as well as other special trade offering such as express withdrawal approvals, educational programs, customized trading terms, and a dedicated Ava Select hotline.


Another interesting feature of AvaTrade is the fact that the company’s clients are entitled to key educational benefits including online courses and live webinars. The company also offers Forex learning tools like the ebook and live market news.

About AvaTrade

AvaTrade is an online forex broker and CFDs trader which is based in Ireland, Dublin. The company specializes in trading services for commodities, Exchange Traded Funds, equities, market indices, bonds, and Bitcoin. Since it was founded, AvaTrade had expanded its base in over 200,000 accounts across the globe. The company transacts over 2 million services every month with a value above the average mark of $60 billion.

The company strives to offer its clients with a full range of products and services. This is evident from its diverse trading platforms and a multilingual team that serve clients 25/5. Aside from the operational base, AvaTrade maintains various offices in different regions with the aim of reaching several clients.

For more, visit FX Empire for an in-depth AvaTrade review.

Enhanced Athlete Doesn’t Let Others Bring Them Down

Since Enhanced Athlete started, they’ve made it their goal to give athletes the help they need. They know people try to do things right because of all the options they have and they know there are other opportunities they can give people so they don’t need to worry about the issues going on in their business. They’ve spent a lot of time preparing themselves for issues that could come from other companies, but they know they can do things right if they continue helping people with their issues. They plan to always give them the opportunities they need to be successful.


Part of the work they do relates to how they can give more attention to the issues people have. It is what they do to provide a positive impact on the community they work with. It’s also their goal to always give athletes a better chance at a good future on their own. If Enhanced Athlete can help athletes, they know what it takes to give people a chance at performing better. They also know everyone knows how they can do things the right way. As long as they are showing people the opportunities they have for success, Enhanced Athlete knows how they can do things.


When they realized they were going to have to fight Nutrition Distribution, Enhanced Athlete saw there was a problem. They didn’t want to keep doing what they were doing when it came to copying another company. Once they did research, though, they realized they weren’t really copying Nutrition Distribution. They found the company was just trying to make their lives harder and that was a big problem for Enhanced Athlete. They decided to fight back against the issues going on with Nutrition Distribution since they had really done nothing wrong to make the company try to sue them.


Since Enhanced Athlete knew what they could do to help people, they felt good about the things that were going on. They also felt they would have a chance to be successful on their own. If they knew what to do, they could help people understand all the options they had. It was their way of making sure people could see how things would get better. It was also their way of providing people with a chance to try things on their own. For Enhanced Athlete, the lawsuit is just one more thing they have to handle with their business.

Jeunesse Global Revolutionary Products for Youthful Skin Defies Aging Process

Jeunesse Global is more than passionate about redefining youth through the use of revolutionary quality skin products- the company is passionate about changing peoples’ lives with one exclusive skin product after another.

Jeunesse products give people more than just a reason to accomplish being their best. The products provide opportunities for people to dream bigger dreams than they ever thought possible. That is something unique and distinctive that Jeunesse products offer and the reason why the company has earned more than 300 worldwide awards.

Instantly Ageless is a micro-cream that targets the areas of the face which have lost a certain amount of elasticity during the natural aging process. The revolutionary product produces results in as little as two minutes. With a formula designed to give a flawless looking appearance, Instantly Ageless lifts the skin to diminish any signs of natural aging and reveals a visibly toned and well-defined skin texture.

The key areas that are quickly benefited from the use of Instantly Ageless include:

  • Forehead Wrinkles
  • Eyebrows
  • Hooded Eyes
  • Under-Eye Bags
  • Crow’s Feet
  • Facial Pores

Application tips are provided with each product purchased in order for users to get the full benefits and results intended.

The product line of Luminesce adds to the revolutionary skin care items that Jeunesse Global has developed. With an exclusive APT-200 formula, Luminesce dermatologist-developed products complement the benefits of Instantly Ageless by giving users an everyday maintenance opportunity to take care of their skin. By helping to restore the vitality of the skin through a regular routine, Luminesce products provide users the opportunity to create a younger, smoother and softer looking skin that lasts. The product line is available in eight categories.

Jeunesse Global is based in Lake Mary, Florida and was founded by Wendy Lewis and Randy Ray, after both business partners emerged from retirement in 2009. The premise for the company was fostered with the belief of empowering people to thrive in life and to manifest their highest potential. Wendy and Ray intended for Jeunessse Global to become a household name for cutting-edge products, which are now being distributed in 110 countries.

Stream Cares: Stream Energy Puts Power Towards Helping the Needy

If you had a comfortable upbringing, it may be quite easy to forget that many others in the world are not as fortunate. Thankfully, a Dallas-based life services company called Stream Energy has taken serious efforts to help the needy with their recently-started philanthropy foundation, Stream Cares. Stream Energy sells nationwide life services by providing energy, wireless, and home plans for homes all over the country. However, with Stream Cares, their objective is not to sell to customers, but instead, share the company’s success for the benefit of those in need.

Partnered With Like-Minded Organizations

Following their mission to help those in need, Stream Cares cooperates with another organization based in Dallas called Hope Supply Company; which is an organization that assists homeless children. They organize a national event for children without homes called Splash For Hope. During this event, hundreds of children can enjoy a free day at the Hawaiian Falls Water Park. In addition, the children are treated to a lunch and a picnic and they are also given flip-flops and a free hat.

Attracting News Spotlights

Stream Energy has recently garnered the attention of Patch, an independent US news platform. The recent opening of Stream Cares has benefited people who were victims of Hurricane Harvey. This devastating storm caused at least $125 billion in damage and destruction in states such as Louisiana and Texas during September 2017.

Stream Energy has focused its efforts on helping neighborhoods affected by the hurricane. They were among the first organizations to provide financial assistance for the recovery of Harvey’s victims. The national spotlight is likely to get larger for Stream Cares in the future since this is only the beginning of Stream Energy’s official campaign for the disadvantaged.

An Ongoing Effort

Although Stream Cares may be their formal outlet for charity, Stream Energy has been providing their generosity to the poor and needy all over the US for more than a decade. Furthermore, the company shows no signs of wanting to stop. Stream Cares serves as a testament to their ongoing mission to do good in the world.

Oxford Club and the Different Forms of Cryptocurrencies

Many people are hearing and talking more about cryptocurrencies these days. Therefore, companies like The Oxford Club are taking an interest in this topic. One of the most popular forms of currencies that have come out is the bitcoin. Many people have been mining the bitcoin. However, there has been a new discovery about the bitcoin. One new discovery is that people can create their own bitcoin. This brings forth an even greater opportunity for profits. Among the people and groups that are giving this opportunity some consideration is The Oxford Club. They are very passionate about helping people profit.

The Oxford Club is very passionate about helping people achieve the financial independence they hope for. The experts have a lot of knowledge and insight on what goes into the different methods of making profits. Given that they are very passionate about financial independence, they are always open to new opportunities, especially since the ability to make money sometimes depends on the ability to spot new opportunities. The ability to make new cryptocurrencies is an example of a new opportunity. The best thing about new opportunities is that there is the chance to take part in it before it becomes saturated.

Financial independence is one of the best things to shoot for. One of the people who have been investing in bitcoin for a while is Adam Sharp. He has been involved with bitcoin since 2013. One thing that Adam points out is that with the different cryptocurrencies out there, there is one aspect of the currency that is important. It is the code. People can do anything they want with the code. Therefore, it is possible to create more cryptocurrencies. As a matter of fact, there are thousands of cryptocurrencies that are on the internet for people to take advantage of.

Gregory Aziz: Reviving A Sleeping Giant

The business world can be tough. There are so many things that can make or break a business. It takes a keen sense of direction and a good foundational knowledge to accurately navigate those hurdles to create something that is truly great. Not only does National Steel Car CEO Gregory James Aziz have those qualities, but he put them to the test when he set out to revive the once great company.


In a lot of ways, National Steel Car was a sleeping giant in 1994. The business was a large railcar manufacturer and engineering company. It had everything it needed to be a good company, but it was missing great leadership. Throughout most of its history it had been largely stable, but when James Aziz came along it was in a sort of decline. He wanted to breathe new life back into the company, but it was going to be a long process. The first thing he wanted to focus on was quality.


At one-time, National Steel Car, a subsidiary of National Industries Inc., was deemed a Canadian national treasure. It was started in 1912 and had a good production history until the Depression hit. World War II was a saving grace for the dwindling company, but that was of little comfort compared to the devastation caused by the war itself. National Steel Car remained a very interesting and versatile company for many years after that, only starting to go downhill again in the 1990’s. By 1994, then owner Dofasco wanted to sell the small company.


Gregory Aziz wanted to focus on the quality that always seemed to stand out in national Steel. Within two years of its purchase, the company had earned the quality award from TTX SECO. They have held that award consecutively since then. The other thing that Aziz did to set National Steel Car apart is that he sought ISO 900I: 2008. National Steel Car is now the only freight car manufacturer to hold this certification in North America. Read This Article to learn more.


The thing about Greg Aziz is that he is focused and determined. He used his business sense to push National Steel Car into the future that it was capable of, the future that it deserved. It is now a leader in its field and a strong example of what one individual can do to change the trajectory of thousands of people’s lives. National Steel Car is not only a marvelous business empire but a landmark to innovation.


Gregory Aziz Is Keeping Freight Car Industry Moving

Gregory Aziz is certainly one of the most respected men to enter the freight car industry. Since 1994 he has worked to make National Steel Car, a subsidiary of National Industries Inc, one of the most successful companies in Canada while it serves as the backbone for many industries. His work is certainly appreciated by the people of Canada, but it’s important to understand it within context. The National Steel Car company is one of the most powerful and long-lasting companies in Canadian history. It’s no surprise it’s managed to last this long given its importance to the economy, but it is a surprise how well it is lead.


Before Gregory J Aziz joined National Steel Car, he made a name for himself through his work at Affiliated Foods. He was so successful with the work he did there it became obvious he needed to branch out and do something much more productive. That’s where his idea to join National Steel Car came from. The freight car engineering company had a need for somebody who would understand how to handle the sort of things that are common issues for the industry. Fortunately, Gregory Aziz appears to be perfectly able to handle these things by himself without help.


The scope of National Steel Car’s operation is incredible no matter how you think about it. The company is doing business across the world and it’s bringing in income from all sorts of sources. Greg Aziz has managed to succeed in his work for National Steel Car because he understands how the company came to be and how to get it in the right direction for the future. It’s worked for him so far and he wants to see it continue to work. His dedication places him above other works who never even think about what they should be doing in their line of work. Click Here to learn more.


National Steel Car is currently leading the world in innovation, but there is so much more it can do. In order to unlock this potential Aziz is going to need to work diligently with others in order to unlock the true potential of National Steel Car. He is currently in a better position to do this than anyone else and he is fortunately trusted to do so. National Steel Car has prospered under him and seen incredible growth. If he continues to do more of the same work, we’ll be looking at a time-honored legacy soon.

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