Bhanu Choudhrie Talks About His Life As An Entrepreneur

Bhanu Choudhrie is the founder of C&C Alpha Group, a holding company for a group of private investors who have been in business for 30 years. He is also an important figure to the Megalith Financial Acquisition Corp and the charity organization called Path to Success. In one of his recent interviews, Choudhrie talked about his life as an entrepreneur and his inspiration in creating his own company.

The Choudhrie family has been in the different businesses in India for 30 years. Bhanu Choudhrie got the idea of setting up the C&C Alpha Group by combining the best elements of his family’s ventures, as well as adding new areas of interest. Today, the company have investments in a lot of industries, including health care, banking, aviation, real estate, utilities, and hospitality.

Bhanu Choudhrie usually starts his day at 6:30 AM, checking his email as well as the news in India and all around the world. After that, he will start heading to his office at 10 AM to answer calls and meetings that involve the day to day operations of the company’s different businesses. Choudhrie will always make sure that he will be out of the office at 6 PM and do other activities such as working out or swimming. These activities help him in creating more ideas. Before going to bed, he will enjoy the end of the day by watching a movie or reading a book.

One of the trends that excite Bhanu Choudhrie is the steady growth of the health and well-being sector. Choudhrie is interested to see how the next generation will improve their lives and the communities around them. He also makes sure to exercise regularly. If there’s something that he would advise to his younger self, that would be to “worry less about what you don’t yet know”.

One of the reasons why C&C Alpha became successful is because Bhanu Choudhrie surrounded himself with a great team. He also believes that reading, continuing education, being always informed in happenings globally, and learning different things every day will help in seeing and creating opportunities as they arise.

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How Shervin Pishevar Views Facebook

Shervin Pishevar created quite the storm on Twitter last year. 50 tweets were sent in the span of 21 hours, talking heavily about the state of the economy and the monopolies that the United States has allowed to grow in power. Facebook was identified as one of these monopolies.

Why is Facebook a monopoly?

Facebook, according to Shervin Pishevar, is one of the few companies in the United States that has access to more information and data than a sovereign nation. The recent news has highlighted that he’s not the only one to think that Facebook is a monopoly, either. Even the co-founder of Facebook is calling for it to be broken up because of all of the power.

Plenty of people, including Zuckerberg, however, believe it’s not a monopoly. They say that it’s a form of social media and an advertising platform. There are other social media platforms and other advertising platforms. It’s not a vital part of life. If it went away, no one would be too dramatically affected. It’s more of a convenient communication tool.

What are the other monopolies?

Shervin Pishevar talked openly about several of the monopolies in the United States. This includes Apple, Microsoft, Alphabet (the owners of Google and YouTube), and Amazon. It’s easy to see how many of these companies are, in fact, monopolies. If Alphabet were to simply go away, many people would be affected because of how dependent people are on Google.

Facebook definitely has access to too much information. Shervin Pishevar is right when he says that they have too much power. Especially with recent news, it’s clear that their business model is poorly built. With the information they have, who knows what they are capable of. Whether they’re a monopoly or not, something has to be done so that they are not allowed to grow and gather even more data.

Ted Bauman Claims That Amazon Couldn’t Be A Monopoly

Large international companies have always had a certain amount of criticism thrown at them, for a variety of different reasons. As such, one company that’s drawn a significant amount of criticism in the last few years has been Amazon, which has received comments on the likes of its business practices and much more. Having said that, though, one thing that people have repeatedly leveled at the company has been the fact that it’s a monopoly. However, financial and investment expert Ted Bauman has claimed that, while some accusations may be accurate, the Monopoly one isn’t.

This is chiefly because, as Ted Bauman notes, the online retail giant doesn’t meet much of what could be seen as the criteria for a monopoly. One of the most notable examples of this has been that Amazon has an extensive amount of competitors in all of their main markets. Furthermore, many of these rivals are generating more revenues than the e-commerce giant. Pointing to Walmart, he noted that it was able to generate about three times as much yearly revenue as Amazon. On top of this, Walmart, eBay, Apple, Target, Macy’s and other competitors take a share of roughly 56 percent of the e-commerce market. As such, Ted Bauman has noted that the company hasn’t been able to monopolize the market, as many believed it might have.

Furthermore, Ted Bauman has noted that the brick-and-mortar industry hasn’t been impacted too significantly by Amazon, either. As he’s noted, it takes up one-twentieth of all U.S. retail income, with the majority of the other revenue going to more conventional stores and other competitors. Bauman also noted that e-commerce itself hasn’t been too detrimental to many conventional stores across the United States, as they still bring in the majority of revenues that are spent in the country. Having said that, one other thing that many critics have aimed at the company is that it’s involved in an extensive amount of markets. However, as Ted Bauman has highlighted, it also has healthy and extensive competition in each of these areas. Furthermore, Amazon also lacks the controlling interest needed in these markets to be considered a monopoly.

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Article Title: The Hard Work of Carsten Thiel towards Improving People’s Lives through Medicine

Biotechnology is a relevant field and the sector with which Carsten Thiel has a vast experience, outstanding leadership, and professional experience. His administration has resulted in the transition of different medical products with remarkable profiles. They include Neulasta, Vectibix, Prolia, and Strensiq. Other than intensifying the market establishment of various medical treatments, Carsten’s has aided the lives of several patients through direct involvement. With regards to the ethics of medicine considered with regards to decision making, the convictions from him usually get a consideration during the revamp of the protocols present. Such services have resulted in cohesive patient care alongside a comprehensive link between the provider and the patient.

The story of Carsten Thiel started in Berlin as he was born there. In his studies, he performed well from the time he began. He later attended Marburg University to pursue Chemistry. He had a passion for the acquirement of a traditional encounter linked to the system of learning named Anglo-Saxon. Thus, he progressed to the UK’s Bristol University. He partook organic chemistry and later proceeded with biochemistry after graduating with his bachelor’s. He went to progress at Max Planck Institute which is a luxurious institution. He earned a Ph.D. from the institution with a major in Molecular Biology.

It is after graduation that his professional life started concerning the innovative setting linked to the pharmaceuticals. That occurred through the post alongside Hoffman La-Roche that remains a universal leader within the sector of biotechnology. He got a chance of serving as the manager on product and communications. It is through his appropriate application of experience, skills, and knowledge towards advancing his reputation with regards to the company.

Despite the progress, medicine alongside biochemistry and rising technological know-how, remembering the human character is critical. The reason remains that the medicinal goals have their goals connected to making the lives of people better and ensuring that they are happy.

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Wes Edens Has been Creating Value for Decades

Wes Edens, a Titan In The Field of Finance

Most individuals are not aware of the person known as Wes Edens. Yet, the manager is a very influential figure and is one person to know. He has had quite a large career in finance and is one person worth paying attention to. Those in finance circles may know him because of his involvement in many different business dealings, activities in the community, and as his role in entrepreneurship and general business as a whole.

Wes Edens has had a keen eye for business and makes certain to keep his eye on the ball.

Wes Edens Background

Wes Edens rose to notoriety when he co founded the Fortress Investment Group. He was able to then parlay that role into acquiring The Bucks, an NBA Team.

His role n FIG has been a boon to him and to the many organizations, charities, and individuals around him. He was able to use his financial skills, his determination, and his mindset to create instruments of value. He is known for taking an alternative approach to investing.

He does not follow the herd, he leads the pack and others follow him in his many investing endeavors. This is evidenced in the growth of FIG, it started off as a simple and small private equity firm, it is now much more, it is a behemoth, it is a giant to contend with. Wes Anderson has helped FIG to go from a small scale player to one that manages more than $40 Billion dollars worth of the assets for many organizations around the world. It is certainly no small feat, and it is one that should be appreciated by those who are seeking to step into the financial sector. View Wes Edens’s profile on Linkedin

Fortress Investment Group Has Created Significant Value in More Ways Than One

The private equity firm has conducted a variety of activities over the course of its lifetime, one of these activities has been the development of new ventures and and the acquisition of existing ones. The firm has invested in a variety of sectors ranging from telecommunications, to finance, to real estate and media.

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Matt Badiali Explains Why Sanctions Have Not Impacted Oil Markets

The oil market has shocked many analysts who were calling for higher oil prices. One financial analyst who has been saying that oil will eventually rise in price is Matt Badiali. He works for Banyan Hill Publishing and specializes in natural resource investments. He spent over twenty years traveling around the world as a geologist. One of his main arguments for higher oil prices were the sanctions that were placed on Iran. It was early in November that the sanctions went into effect. The Trump administration has been hoping to place enough pressure on Iran in order to force the nation to reach a new agreement regarding their nuclear program. Although it seems the Trump administration was successful in not disrupting the global oil market, Matt Badiali feels that the sanctions are going to eventually cause oil prices to skyrocket.

One of the reasons the price of oil did not move was that both the United States and Saudi Arabia increased oil production ahead of the coming sanctions. This means there is a current supply surplus in oil, which can temporarily keep the oil market calm. Matt Badiali also points out that it will be another six months before the sanctions have fully gone into effect. There are eight counties who have been given a six-month grace period to continue to buy oil from Iran. Until this period ends, the oil supply on the global markets should be able to meet demand.

Although it seems oil prices are going to remain steady, Matt Badiali feels that there will eventually be oil shortages, which will eventually push oil prices higher. According to his work, he estimates that after countries can no longer buy Iranian oil, Iran’s oil exports will fall by almost a million barrels of oil a day. He also pointed out that the rest of the world will not be able to rely on Venezuela to pick up the slack. Once a great oil producer, Venezuela now produces substantially less oil than it did just several years ago and the country continues to see its production fall.

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Understanding Organo Gold’s Business Model and how it has helped the Growth of the Brand

Organo Gold is one of the world’s largest manufacturers and distributors of health and wellness products and supplements. The company was established in 2008 and has its base in Canada. Throughout the past ten years, the company has managed to spread its roots and reach other continents, and today, it is a household name everywhere. The products which are under this company include:

  • Coffee products such as lattes, mochas, and lattes
  • Personal care products such as soap
  • Green tea
  • Supplements such as grape seed oil and mycelium

The business model that the company uses was created by Bernardo Chua, the founder, and CEO of the company. Chua was born in the Philippines and spent time working in China before he finally moved into Canada. He learned a lot about the world of multi-level marketing, and he rose to the rank of president at Gano USA. He then decided to open a company to sell one of the products that he is an expert in, coffee.

Chua has been the leader of a brand that is concerned with wellness for over a decade, and during this time, he has managed to help people who distribute the products to make a living. There are several ways in which people make a living from the products. They sell products on behalf of their clients. When you sign up as a merchandiser for the brand, you earn between fifty to five hundred percent profit. The other way that people earn is getting a fast start bonus from the promotional packages offered by the company. There are also uni-level and dual team commissions.

The company has of late been expanding their products, and they have recently included new coffee-based products. It is one of the most successful companies, and the success is a result of Chua’s hard work.


Alex Hern: Moving into the new world of XR

Alex HernXR is not necessarily new, but it hasn’t been talked about as much as Virtual or augmented reality. Tsunami XR is owned by David Ross and Alex Hern where they have remained at the head of XR and VR technology within the industry. Currently, there are a lot of challenges that XR will face and struggle with. It’s mainly between the illumination among augmented realities and real world objects. XR technology has the ability to be seamless when transitioning and will have to deal with making virtual and real realities difficult to tell apart inside similar perceptions. Another hurdle XR needs to conquer is motion sensing. Developers have their hands full in getting over this and are currently hammering out solutions. The biggest concern might be connectivity for XR technology as well. This is where 5G enters the picture and gives XR a bright future.

Hern has worked in many different job roles for companies serving as a board member, director and advisor. His focus remains with moving Tsunami XR into the future and betting on the computer world moving from CPU to GPU and opening up the need for more applications. XR technology will soon find its way into cloud-based computing in the coming years. Hern’s company has also been heavily involved in building their own studios and work spaces for business use. XR technology gives companies the excellent choice to conduct meetings on their private turfs through a connected workspace that can reach between states and countries. XR has many powerful qualities to it and Tsnami keeps pushing the boundaries and seeking out new opportunities. Hern also talks about the emergence of Artificial Intelligence. He sees this as a game changer in the market and is eager to research the subject more in hopes of creating another successful path by using this technology. Click here


Peter Briger: The Face Of Fortress Investment Group

The opinion that experience is paramount in anyone’s career is quite essential. But experience shouldn’t be the only factor that determines one’s expertise. Peter Briger boasts of more than two decades experience and knowledge in the finance and investments industry. Before working at Fortress Investment Group, Peter accumulated his working experience from Goldman Sachs for an impressive 15 years. At Goldman Sachs, he clinched several leadership posts that made him better. In the year 2002, Peter moved to Fortress as a member of the management committee.Peter Briger currently holds the Co-Chairman seat at the Fortress Investment Group since 2009. He leads the real estate and credit management department in the firm. Briger has developed Fortress Group into one of the nation’s most reputable real estates and Investments Company.

Based in New York, Fortress Investment Group is thought to manage both physical and financial assets worth an estimated $70 billion.Its clientele base includes private firms, institutions, and corporate firms. Apart from Peter’s working experience, his skills are enhanced from his rich educational background where he graduated from Princeton University with a Bachelor’s degree in Arts and a Masters of Business Administration from the University of Pennsylvania.Being recognized by Forbes is quite a commendable achievement most of us still dream about, but for one Peter Briger, in 2007 he was ranked at number 317th in the 400 wealthiest business professionals. Additionally, together with three of his alumni colleagues from the Princeton University, they launched the Princeton University Investment Company.

The organization’s primary target was to build and grow the entrepreneurial ideas among students and alumni. Moreover, it went ahead to fund projects that had the prospect to amount to something big. Peter’s philanthropic side hold a leadership position at Silicon Valley Council, a program that ensures raised funds to go to children across the globe. He has personally driven millions to conserve the central park.Peter Briger is also known to have a progressive stand between the initiative taken by the Fortress and Well Fargo, a bank primarily based in San Francisco. The initiative was meant to discuss the possibility of introducing bitcoin exchange in the nation. Although the process of initiating the project has been slow, Peter remains firm that it will benefit many people living in this technologically aware era.Peter’s success is drawn from his perseverance, consistency and believes that a good customer relationship will always keep a business growing and moving.


Efforts of Adam Milstein in condemning anti-Semitism

Anti-Semitism is hate against Jews. It is one of the oldest practices. It has completely refused to go away despite efforts to eradicate it. It keeps on haunting the Jewish community from one generation to another. Currently, there is a new wave of anti-Semitism that is sweeping across Europe and North America. These are areas that traditionally would be expected to have the lowest cases of this hate, but unfortunately, they seem to be the

According to a blog post created by one of the fiercest critics of the hate, Adam Milstein, Jews should be worried about the new support that traditional supporters of the hate are getting. Traditionally, the leading supporters of this hate are the radical Islamists. This group now seems to be getting support from unlikely people.

The extreme ideological groups have joined the bandwagon and are now supporting anti-Semitism. The far-right and far-left activist have combined forces with radical Islamists to promote this hate.

Adam Milstein who is a vocal activist does not fear to speak his mind. In fact, he is one of the Israeli-Americans who is trying to fight the spread of anti-Semitism in the world with vigor. From what he has seen with anti-Semitism, he cannot keep quiet while other people are propagating one of the most backward human practices.

Milstein notes with concern that far-left and far-right extremists are collaborating with a group that stands for nothing that they believe in. Radical Islamists will turn against them once they have helped them accomplish their mission. They do not support democratization or any of the western policies. They are against Americanism and will be happy to fight the Americans any day.

About Adam Milstein

Adam Milstein is a real estate investor with a company known as Hager Pacific Properties where he serves as a managing partner.

He is also into philanthropy. He has a family foundation that supports various needy initiatives affecting the Jews. He concerned with the education of young Jews. Teaching them about their heritage is a key concern for him. He spends $1 million every year through the family foundation.

Adam Milstein also leads another organization known as the Israeli-American Council.