Glen Wakeman Is At The Center Of The Growth Of LaunchPad Holdings

Glen Wakeman steers LaunchPad Holdings as the company’s CEO. The business executive boasts of two decades’ experience in the field of financial services. Glen co-founded LaunchPad two years ago. The success he has attained in the corporate world can be attributed to his longstanding experience on matters finance and professional background. Glen Wakeman graduated from the Universities of Scranton and Chicago. During both his undergraduate and postgraduate he majored in Finance. Glen jumpstarted his career in the corporate world at GE Capital. Later he partnered with several individuals to establish Nova Four. GE Capital remembers Glen Wakeman for the robust strategies he deployed while working at the firm. Visit to know more about Glen Wakeman.

Over the years, Glen Wakeman has grown to become one of the most influential persons in the sector of financial services. His coworkers recognize him as an excellent mentor and entrepreneur who has shaped the careers of many. Glen Wakeman’s company manage an extensive asset portfolio of over $15billion. Wakeman has gathered a lot of experience in the launch and management of startups.

According to the serial entrepreneur, his love for implementation of great business ideas pushed him to start LaunchPad Holdings. With the company, he was able to appropriate resources to workable ideas. Glen Wakeman’s history working with renowned financial institutions remains to be his primary strength in the dynamic field of business. LaunchPad Holdings has built a business model that is geared towards assisting other companies to grow.


One of the ways Glen Wakeman has found to be useful during the process of conceptualization business ideas is sharing them with others. The more people you share with, the more enlightened you get. The sharing process also enables you to get the perspective of those who are experienced in various professions. LinkedIn is a social media platform that Glen has found to be unique whenever one wants to build vibrant connections. Glen Wakeman has made it his habit to outline concepts to other people so that he can get the viability of his thoughts. LaunchPad is expected to up its growth in the future given the unique approach that Glen Wakeman has deployed for the business. Read more about his interview at Ideamensch.

Louis Chenevert Supports Creativity Within The Organization

Louis Chenevert knows how to set an example that his company can follow. He has the vision to see opportunities and follow through on execution. However, Chenevert understands that it is a team who makes the organization. Louis was selected as the CEO of United Technologies Corporation and established a new flow to daily operations. He had a direct influence on the working environment at UTC by altering the nature of creativity. Louis wanted the innovative minds to feel like their opinions were going to be heard and that they had a platform of expression. This type of vision and passion for new ideas helped UTC storm back to the front of its industry. The company is dedicated to creating opportunity for its employees and others around the country.

Technology is a complicated industry that is always changing. The consumers of technology are highly sophisticated and constantly looking for the next gadget. Louis put UTC at the forefront of this demanding process by committing to hiring 25,000 personnel over a three-year span in the United States alone. Chenevert set the precedent that UTC is serious about supporting the creation of opportunities. Visit to know more about Louis Chenevert.

The main organization must grow in order for its affiliate brands to feel the overall success of the mission. UTC has a great deal of suppliers and knows that they must stand behind their support system. The company committed $40 over a three-year period to help its subsidiary companies produce the type of product that UTC is expected to receive.

Technology is created by the brilliant minds that are allowed to express their creativity. Louis Chenevert and UTC implemented a system to support their innovative technicians by sending them to college for a bachelor’s degree. Team members are able to attend college on a full company scholarship no matter what subject matter they choose to study. Read more at

Louis Chenevert was educated at the University of Montreal. He received his education from HEC Montreal, which is the business school at the University. He is a native of Quebec Canada and began a successful career in business right away. Chenevert spent 14 years with General Motors before he landed at Pratt & Whitney. After Pratt & Whitney Chenevert was chosen as the CEO of United Technologies Corporation. He resigned his position as CEO of UTC and has moved on to other opportunities.


Oxford Club and the Different Forms of Cryptocurrencies

Many people are hearing and talking more about cryptocurrencies these days. Therefore, companies like The Oxford Club are taking an interest in this topic. One of the most popular forms of currencies that have come out is the bitcoin. Many people have been mining the bitcoin. However, there has been a new discovery about the bitcoin. One new discovery is that people can create their own bitcoin. This brings forth an even greater opportunity for profits. Among the people and groups that are giving this opportunity some consideration is The Oxford Club. They are very passionate about helping people profit.

The Oxford Club is very passionate about helping people achieve the financial independence they hope for. The experts have a lot of knowledge and insight on what goes into the different methods of making profits. Given that they are very passionate about financial independence, they are always open to new opportunities, especially since the ability to make money sometimes depends on the ability to spot new opportunities. The ability to make new cryptocurrencies is an example of a new opportunity. The best thing about new opportunities is that there is the chance to take part in it before it becomes saturated.

Financial independence is one of the best things to shoot for. One of the people who have been investing in bitcoin for a while is Adam Sharp. He has been involved with bitcoin since 2013. One thing that Adam points out is that with the different cryptocurrencies out there, there is one aspect of the currency that is important. It is the code. People can do anything they want with the code. Therefore, it is possible to create more cryptocurrencies. As a matter of fact, there are thousands of cryptocurrencies that are on the internet for people to take advantage of.

Daniel Mark Harrison, a Famous Business Guru

Daniel Mark Harrison was born in London England and later moved to Asia following his education. He is the founder and chief executive officer of Daniel Mark Harrison & Co., a family office founded in 2015 that deals with developing residential properties. The business has extensions in Hong Kong, Singapore, and Bangkok. He is also a managing director at Monkey Capital which is a famous decentralized hedge fund. He was named one of the leading innovators and the brightest in the world of startups.

Along with his business skills, Daniel Mark Harrison is also a renowned writer. His exceptional writing skills saw him doing columns for Forbes, Wall Street Journal, and among others. He has been a writer for CoinSpeaker a field of Bitcoins and Altcoins and has had a lot of success accredited to him as a result. He is the founder of Marx Rand, a daily interest, and current affairs publication where he acts as both an editor and publisher.

His first book as an author was Butterflies: the Strange Metamorphosis of Fact and Fiction in Today’s World, a combination of both fiction and journalism received excellent reviews from other renowned authors and fetched a top position on the Amazon’s bestseller list with a 5-star review from fans. Other books he has written after that, like The Millennial Reincarnations, have been received warmly by his loyal audience and other authors.

Daniel Mark Harrison keeps himself up to date with new and key technologies, is keen to observe the different aspects of industries, technology, and finance across the globe and make informed decisions concerning investments. As a result, within short periods of time, he accumulates great amounts of wealth. His focus is on making investments that can improve the lives of people worldwide, that’s why he invests in companies that address world’s most pressing challenges like pollution, cyber security, and exploitation. This master of all trades is without a doubt in it for a good cause.

As an award-winning journalist and an inspirational entrepreneur has proved that being observant and considering everything before you set out to create anything will bring forth good results especially in writing and when making business ventures and investments.

Anthony Petrello Announces His Company’s Purchase Of Tesco Corporation

In an all-stock transaction, it has been announced that Nabors Industries, Ltd. has purchased Tesco Corporation, another firm in the oil industry. The transaction should close in the fourth quarter of 2017. The deal values Tesco common stock shares at $4.62 each which is a 19% premium over what it was trading for the day the deal was announced. Once the transaction is completed those with shares in Tesco will instead own shares in Nabor Industries at an exchange rate of 1 share of Tesco equaling 0.68 of a share in Nabors Industries.

Nabors Industries has the largest land drilling fleet in the world. They also provide technology, equipment, and services to companies engaged in offshore drilling projects. Tesco manufactures technology-based solutions for which they also provide their services. The deal has a lot of synergies and will result in Tesco’s existing tubular services business seeing a large benefit once the deal is completed.

Once the deal is completed it is expected that the combined company will save $20 million in the first year in operating costs. In future years they expect this to increase to about $30 million to $35 million in savings.

The chairman, CEO, and president of Nabors Industries, Anthony Petrello, said in a statement that the deal between his company and Tesco was part of the strategy he presented in November 2016 at the company’s Analyst Day. He says that in the future drilling rigs will serve as the main delivery platform for rig services to learn more about us: click here.

Anthony Petrello has been at Nabors Industries since 1991. Before that he was a lawyer in New York City at a prestigious law firm for which he was the managing partner. He is a director at another company in the oil industry, Stewart & Stevenson LLC. He is also a director at Hilcorp Energy Company.

Anthony Petrello and his wife have a daughter who suffers from cerebral palsy. He is heavily involved in finding new therapies to treat this disorder. As part of his efforts he serves on the Board of Trustees for the Texas Children’s Hospital. He also spends time advocating for both research and clinical programs for children who suffer from neurological disorders.

Jim Tananbaum Successful Journey to his Achievement

Jim Tananbaum got his education in B.S and a B.S.E.E from Yale University and furthermore, he went to MS from Massachusetts Institute of Technology and also Harvard Medical School and got M.S and also Harvard Business School with M.B.A these enabled him to be well skilled in creating innovative techniques in helping many other organizations to develop. As the president of Yale Advisory Council, he ensured that he provided better management and the staff members were motivated and they all worked extra hard to make the organization develop. He as well acted as the advisory board at Havard MIT HSR plan.

Jim has over than 25 years of experience as an entrepreneur and also as an investor which made him be recognized. He founded Foresite Capital because of the effort he put through. Foresite Capital Investment Company he also is the Chief Architect and his effective skills make the organization to advance. The organization also introduced in the sector of financial and proficient strategy that will better the health care sector.

As the co-founder of numerous biopharmaceuticals organization and also other health care investment sector. Jim Tananbaum is the co founder of GelTex Pharmaceuticals (NASDAQ: GENZ) when he graduated from Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard University is when he began the organization. More than $80 million is the money which made because of them creating two drugs. Jim Tanabaum was able to sell $1.6 billion because of it the top drug manufacturer globally. Theravance Inc is another organization that Jim is the co-founder and was successful in partnering both also made Innovative (NASDAQ: INVA) and Theravance Inc that they accomplished more than $3.2 billion.

In addition, Tananbaum is an associate with Sierra Ventures and as well as the founder partner at Prospect Venture Partners II and III. The vital aim of starting Foresite Capital is to ensure that they give proper investment podium. Jim as well ensures that he keeps his staff member in check through giving them values that they abide by them hence making Foresite Capital Investment Company be when one of the top organization globally.

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Success Academy Shows The Need To Continue Advocating For Student Success

The Success Academy founded by Eva Moskowitz in 2006 has grown from a single school in Harlem that saw its first principal resign and many major building problems into a network of over 40 schools across New York City. Charter schools are often given a bad name in the press for the fact they tend to cater to those who are already given an academic advantage, but the Success Academy was designed by Eva Moskowitz from the outset to provide the highest of quality in learning and teaching. 

Charter schools are often given a bad name in the press for the fact they tend to cater to those who are already given an academic advantage, but the Success Academy was designed by Eva Moskowitz from the outset to provide a high quality educational experience to students who are living in disadvantaged areas and have already had problems at traditional New York City Public Schools. In 2017, the achievements of Success Academy have seen the school receive over 17,000 applications for its limited number of available spaces totaling just over 3,000 seats.


Eva Moskowitz has a long history in education and has taken on many of the latest trends in education that are often ignored by a New York public school system that is trapped using systems that provide the majority of benefits for educators and parents while ignoring the needs of students. The former history professor has revealed the needs of the students of many different socioeconomic backgrounds have often been ignored in New York and the majority of the students who are accepted into the Success Academy charter schools program arrive with at least a few strikes against their name. As a leading educational expert and education reform movement campaigner, Eva Moskowitz has built a network of charter schools that are proving a major success for thousands of students across New York City.

The former history professor has revealed the needs of the students of many different socioeconomic backgrounds have often been ignored in New York and the majority of the students who are accepted into the Success Academy charter schools program arrive with at least a few strikes against their name. As a leading educational expert and education reform movement campaigner, Eva Moskowitz has built a network of charter schools that are proving a major success for thousands of students across New York City.


One of the major differences between the work being completed at Success Academy by Eva Moskowitz and those at other charter schools aimed at providing a high-quality education for minority groups and those from financially disadvantaged neighborhoods, is the fact Eva Moskowitz did not set out to create a school for disadvantaged children; instead, the graduate of Johns Hopkins set out to develop the best possible school she could for students regardless of the background of the students attending her charter school.

Adam Milstein’s Work At The Milstein Family Foundation Earns Spot On Top 200 List

Adam Milstein is committed to helping the Jewish American communities and encouraging students to get involved with Jewish causes and Israeli activism. His Milstein Family Foundation has not only given a lot of money to these groups but has also supplied educational resources to the Jewish American community. He made the Jerusalem Post’s Top 50 Most Influential Jews list in 2016 and just a few weeks ago made the Richtopia Top 200 Most Influential Do Gooders of this year. That list includes notable personalities such as Elton John, Oprah Winfrey, Warren Buffet and even the recent US President Barack Obama. Milstein has given back to Israel because of what the nation has meant to him.


Adam Milstein is an entrepreneur who teamed up with David Hager and Robert Neal to build Hager Pacific Properties. He didn’t have a lot of cash flow to work with at the outset of building this company, but as the company acquired more assets and had more resources to work with it became a major broker in commercial real estate. Today Hager Pacific Properties owns millions in assets in properties across California, Texas and Illinois.


Prior to becoming a commercial real estate broker, Adam Milstein was a soldier and student at the Technion, Israeli Institute of Technology. He grew up in Israel after his parents had moved there from Latin America and served in the armed forces during the 1973 Yom Kippur War against Egypt. He completed his bachelor’s degree at the Technion in 1978 and also ran a business part time selling art while attending there. He married Gila Elgrably in 1974 and in 1981 he moved with her and his then two daughters to the US to complete graduate school at USC. Many years after founding Hager Pacific Properties he was running his own foundation known as the Milstein Family Foundation.


Adam Milstein has also been a founding member of the Israeli-American Council, a philanthropy that builds ties with Jewish American fellowships and calls on leaders to put Israel as a top priority. He’s also on the boards of Hasbara Fellowships, Israel on Campus, Students Supporting Israel and StandWithUs. Milstein has been a speaker at AIPAC and other summits.

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Omar Boraie: Developmet with the Community in Mind

While there are developers who are concerned about developing the most luxurious apartments and condos in the United States, a few others have resolved to make the community benefit as well. One of America’s most influential developers, Omar Boraie, is one of these few. He is bent on ensuring that development is not only a benefit of a few rich people but also the poor.

Omar Boraie is not only a real estate developer and businessman but also a philanthropist at heart. He moved to the United States from Egypt to pursue his passion as a real estate developer. He had big ideas when he came to the US and while most people were doubtful about his abilities to deliver on his projects, he proved them wrong.

Omar is the founder as well as the Vice President of his own company, Boraie Development. It is through his company that he has managed to actualize his dreams for the New Brunswick area and the rest of the neighboring areas. His company not only changed New Brunswick from nothing to a vibrant urban orchard but it also ensured that the lives of the people living in the area were also transformed in the process.

Omar is a visionary and he knew that the dying community which he found when he began his real estate company would soon be a thriving community. Currently, he is to thank for a number of projects in New Brunswick alone. Some of his biggest achievements include The Aspire, Rector Street and the Albany Street Plaza. Omar and his team of real estate and development experts have also completed various other noteworthy projects in the Atlantic City and Newark areas. See also.

With a 30-year old track record in the real estate and development sector, Omar Boraie has used his company as a tool to encourage long-term ownership of property by the members of the community. His company’s resources and hard work has enabled the development of property that attracts not only landlords but also tenants and New Brunswick residents alike.

While Omar is recognized for being one of the most influential and successful developers in the country, he is also reputed for his charity work. As a philanthropist, the businessman is always involved in projects which are aimed to empower and develop the community. One of the positions which he holds in New Brunswick includes membership in the board of trustees for the State Theater. His company has been the sponsor of many activities carried out by the institution. Some of them include summer events that bring together everyone in the community.

Another position which Omar holds is membership in the advisory board if Elijah’s Promise. This is a non-profit organization which provides food for the hungry in New Brunswick. According to Omar, feeding the hungry is one of the ways of transforming and developing the community. He also believes in and continues to encourage the New Brunswick community to participate in property development.