Jeunesse Global Revolutionary Products for Youthful Skin Defies Aging Process

Jeunesse Global is more than passionate about redefining youth through the use of revolutionary quality skin products- the company is passionate about changing peoples’ lives with one exclusive skin product after another.

Jeunesse products give people more than just a reason to accomplish being their best. The products provide opportunities for people to dream bigger dreams than they ever thought possible. That is something unique and distinctive that Jeunesse products offer and the reason why the company has earned more than 300 worldwide awards.

Instantly Ageless is a micro-cream that targets the areas of the face which have lost a certain amount of elasticity during the natural aging process. The revolutionary product produces results in as little as two minutes. With a formula designed to give a flawless looking appearance, Instantly Ageless lifts the skin to diminish any signs of natural aging and reveals a visibly toned and well-defined skin texture.

The key areas that are quickly benefited from the use of Instantly Ageless include:

  • Forehead Wrinkles
  • Eyebrows
  • Hooded Eyes
  • Under-Eye Bags
  • Crow’s Feet
  • Facial Pores

Application tips are provided with each product purchased in order for users to get the full benefits and results intended.

The product line of Luminesce adds to the revolutionary skin care items that Jeunesse Global has developed. With an exclusive APT-200 formula, Luminesce dermatologist-developed products complement the benefits of Instantly Ageless by giving users an everyday maintenance opportunity to take care of their skin. By helping to restore the vitality of the skin through a regular routine, Luminesce products provide users the opportunity to create a younger, smoother and softer looking skin that lasts. The product line is available in eight categories.

Jeunesse Global is based in Lake Mary, Florida and was founded by Wendy Lewis and Randy Ray, after both business partners emerged from retirement in 2009. The premise for the company was fostered with the belief of empowering people to thrive in life and to manifest their highest potential. Wendy and Ray intended for Jeunessse Global to become a household name for cutting-edge products, which are now being distributed in 110 countries.

Waiakea Water: Hawaii’s Best Volcanic Water for Taste and Sustainability

Pure, clean water is everyone’s dream. Hawaii is known for its pure, clean water. There is nothing like the taste of water that has been filtered through volcanic rock. Waiakea water is special because the water is taken from the depths of Mauna Loa Volcano. The pressure of the rock and the natural production of minerals that benefit the human body are the best selling points of this water.

The texture and composition of Waiakea Water come from the mineral deposits containing sodium, potassium, magnesium, and calcium. The soft, silky taste comes from the silica in the water. These electrolytes are essential to good health. The pure, unspoiled source with its naturally porous surface makes the process easier. There is little processing involved with filtering out bad substances.

Sustainability is a key factor when producing bottled water for environmentally conscious customers. The facts are that making sure the water remains pristine and working towards degradable plastic bottles are just two of the ways Waiakea Water maintains sustainable ecosystems. Low-emission vehicles provide delivery drivers the means to save the environment while delivering fresh, clean water.

Hawaii volcanic water differs from other regions. The unique landscape of the Hawaiian islands combined with the unpolluted sources of rainwater creates a special atmosphere. The fact that Mauna Loa is still a fairly active volcano is also a determining factor in the water’s composition. The naturally occurring minerals produced by the natural flow create an alkaline pH level of 8.8. Alkaline pH levels are neutral at 7, so an 8.8 alkaline level is good for optimal health. Waiakea water ph levels then provide the optimal health benefits.

Waiakea is a good backdrop for the production of this water. Tourists visiting Waiakea are often fascinated by the beautiful and unique landscape at Mauna Loa. The local rainfall that refreshes the green forests that cover the area create a relaxing sense of timelessness. Volcanic water benefits the human body in two important ways. Doctors say that you should have at least 10 mg of silica in your body to maintain healthy brain function. Alkaline water can also reduce acid reflux.

UTC is Saved

The United Technologies Corporation pulled off the impossible, they survived the great recession. Throughout the 2000s, many businesses were closing their doors left and right. Unemployment was on the rise, the housing market had just crumbled, and people were unable to sustain their workers. The change of all of these things brought the demise in bankruptcy of many corporations. One industry that was hit perhaps the hardest was the airline industry.

As the airline industry was hit by this recession companies such as Delta and United Airlines and Southwest Airlines were unable to continue purchasing airline parts from third-party manufacturers. This included United Technologies Corporation which had been one of the most dominant corporations in all of North America. Many business analysts thought that the writing was on the wall for UTC.

UTC was able to get a new chief executive officer, Louis Chenevert, who truly changed everything around. When he arrived the stock price was only $37 a share. By the time he walked out, it was at $117 a share. Needless to say, a lot of people made a lot of money. Exactly how did he do this though?

He accomplished the impossible by using three strategies. The first strategy was simple, offset the deficit. He was able to offset the deficit by acquiring companies such as Pratt & Whitney and Otis and Goodrich. These key acquisitions were crucial because they allowed UTC to take the profits from those companies that were not being hurt by the recession and use it to keep UTC afloat for the time being.

The second strategy he took was to plug the leaks in UTC spending. He found that UTC spent a needless amount of money on transporting their own goods and interviewing new workers. By plugging those leaks, he saved the company 15 million a year.

The last strategy he took was getting UTC to the point that it was able to meet the strictest environmental regulations. By lowering their carbon emissions and the water consumption, they no longer had to pay the environmental fines to the Canadian and American governments.

Stream Cares: Stream Energy Puts Power Towards Helping the Needy

If you had a comfortable upbringing, it may be quite easy to forget that many others in the world are not as fortunate. Thankfully, a Dallas-based life services company called Stream Energy has taken serious efforts to help the needy with their recently-started philanthropy foundation, Stream Cares. Stream Energy sells nationwide life services by providing energy, wireless, and home plans for homes all over the country. However, with Stream Cares, their objective is not to sell to customers, but instead, share the company’s success for the benefit of those in need.

Partnered With Like-Minded Organizations

Following their mission to help those in need, Stream Cares cooperates with another organization based in Dallas called Hope Supply Company; which is an organization that assists homeless children. They organize a national event for children without homes called Splash For Hope. During this event, hundreds of children can enjoy a free day at the Hawaiian Falls Water Park. In addition, the children are treated to a lunch and a picnic and they are also given flip-flops and a free hat.

Attracting News Spotlights

Stream Energy has recently garnered the attention of Patch, an independent US news platform. The recent opening of Stream Cares has benefited people who were victims of Hurricane Harvey. This devastating storm caused at least $125 billion in damage and destruction in states such as Louisiana and Texas during September 2017.

Stream Energy has focused its efforts on helping neighborhoods affected by the hurricane. They were among the first organizations to provide financial assistance for the recovery of Harvey’s victims. The national spotlight is likely to get larger for Stream Cares in the future since this is only the beginning of Stream Energy’s official campaign for the disadvantaged.

An Ongoing Effort

Although Stream Cares may be their formal outlet for charity, Stream Energy has been providing their generosity to the poor and needy all over the US for more than a decade. Furthermore, the company shows no signs of wanting to stop. Stream Cares serves as a testament to their ongoing mission to do good in the world.

Paul MampillyAnd Internet Of Things Stocks

Paul Mampilly is one of the best at identifying stocks and buying low and selling high. His main stocks are usually found in the healthcare and advanced technology indexes and he shares his predictions on the market with followers of his newsletters. He’s mentioned the “Internet of Things” several times in interviews and newsletters, and he says stocks associated with it look promising for 2018 which might otherwise bring a bear market to pass. The Internet of Things would include technology like robotics, artificial intelligence, self-operating vehicles, smart appliances and other internet-based connectivity. He also names precision medicine and blockchain as other fields to look out for.

Paul Mampilly started writing stock newsletters for Banyan Hill just a couple years ago. Prior to that he was making investments for the top 1% on Wall Street. After graduating from Montclair State University in the early 1990s, he began in credit research at Deutsche Bank. Even though young, he impressed so many of his superiors with how quickly he learned to spot good investments. Mampilly also served at ING, Banker’s Trust, Royal Bank of Scotland and Sears. He also offered independent investment advice as a consultant for Capuchin Consulting, a boutique firm in North Carolina.

Paul Mampilly got to the upper echelon of Wall Street in 2006 when he joined Kinetics International Fund and led a public offering that boosted the firm’s AUM from $6 billion to $25 billion. Barron’s named Kinetics International Fund as the top hedge fund for annual returns as high as 43% thanks to Mampilly’s expertise. Mampilly during this same time made several predictions including the success of Sarepta Therapeutics and Facebook whose stock he bought, and the 2008 recession was also predicted. Even during the outset of the recession, Paul Mampilly picked investments that would go up, and it was while participating in the Templeton Foundation investment competition that Mampilly made a 76% gain investing in those.

Paul Mampilly unexpectedly retired from Wall Street not only because he had enough in his retirement savings plan, but because he wanted to change what he was doing to help people who the big banks had neglected. He decide to bring his knowledge to Banyan Hill because they offer both free and premium information at a much more affordable price. Mampilly had a few doubters when he published the first release of his newsletter “Profits Unlimited,” but after his information was tested and people saw results, his followers grew to over 60,000 in just a matter of weeks.

Contact Paul Mampilly:

Jed McCaleb and Technological Organization

Jed McCaleb is serious about technology. He uses it to minimize lack of organization. He depends on it to enhance experiences for human beings everywhere as well. This man is one of the people who set up for the world to enjoy. He’s also the mastermind behind eDonkey. This was an enormous network that focused on the exchange of all kinds of files. There were few networks of the type that competed in the size department. Mt. Gox is yet another McCaleb addition. Mt. Gox was a pioneer in the bitcoin exchange division. McCaleb established Ripple in 2010 and hasn’t looked back since then. He realized that the financial systems in the world were 100 percent dysfunctional and that bothered him. That realization prompted him to make a wonderful reality. has been functioning since 2014.

McCaleb is responsible for all matters that relate to technical development at Stellar, in brief, describes a global financial network that has substantial ambitions and aspirations. It strives to boost economic ease for people. endorses this network. It’s a not-for-profit group that integrates digital financial expertise and cutting-edge technological practices. It also offers a lot to open-source software options. McCaleb manages to advise duties for an organization that’s known as MIRI, too. MIRI studies AI (Artificial Intelligence) matters and then determines how it can take better advantage of them.

This technology guru has guided tiny groups of workers for longer than he can remember. He knows how to lead people efficiently and in an organized fashion. He knows how to handle all kinds of technical development tasks, too. McCaleb doesn’t think the two concepts are in any way alike. He’s equipped with two separate working styles. One style is decidedly “reactive” in nature. The other style is more “focused.” He takes on building and coding work when he’s in the latter mode. He manages emails and questions when he’s in the former mode. He appreciates these two paths immensely. They both provide him with enhanced clarify in totally different ways. They help him knock out tasks without any obstacles and setbacks of any kind.

The Business Experience of Joel Friant

Joel Friant, business and entrepreneur extraordinaire, has taken his unique recipe for success and teaches it to others through seminars and articles. He has learned the ways of business through several years of operating business of his own and from creating and marketing the Original Habanero Shaker.

Joel has also spent a great deal of time studying other successful people, paying close attention to the details if their operations and methods. Additionally, he looked at businesses that hadn’t succeeded and determined what their owners and managers did wrong. By doing this Joel has been able to share powerful information with other business people, helping them to achieve success.

Joel is also known for the development of his famous Original Habanero Shaker. He had the idea for this product while working at one of his many business ventures – his Thai fast food restaurant. Joel noticed the customers of this original concept restaurant enjoyed the spiciness of the habaneros in their food. He decided to develop a way that people could use habaneros easily at home in their own recipes.

Joel experimented with these habanero peppers – a process that led him to discover the perfect way to dry and break them down into flakes. The final product, the Original Habanero Shaker, was bottled and placed on the shelves of grocery stores in Washington State.

Joel has also had experience in the real estate, both as a salesman and as the owner of a real estate mortgage office. After he introduced the Original Habanero Shaker, Joel returned to work as a real estate salesman and quickly became the best in his real estate office.

Joel currently studies cryptocurrency, hoping that he will be able to teach others how to employ it for their businesses. He also continues to grow his Original Habanero Shaker business by breaking into new marketplaces.

Siteline Cabinetry Offers Products That Are Worth Purchasing

There are many dealers who are turning to Siteline Cabinetry for custom cabinets. Dealers order the cabinets to resell to customers or use in home improvement projects. Siteline Cabinetry offers cabinets in styles ranging from traditional to modern.

Founded by Pat Corsi, Siteline Cabinetry became a part of the Corsi Group in 2015. The staff is made up of skilled workers and customer service representatives who are knowledgeable in their area. Siteline does not have warehouses scattered across the country, but their manufacturing plant can be found in Keysville.

Siteline does not build cabinets to sit in the plant for months. They start building and customizing the cabinets as soon as they receive an order. The staff works hard to fulfill an order in a timely manner, and it usually takes 28 to 35 days to build and deliver the cabinets.

Why do many dealers order their cabinets from Siteline Cabinetry? Dealers can request specific details that fit their needs. Siteline Cabinetry offers a wide range of material, finish and storage options. The materials include acrylic, cherry, maple and red oak, and the finishes include a variety of paints, stains and wraps. Dealers can also choose from a wide selection of cabinet doors to fit their style, and the drawers can be customized for kitchen, bathroom or laundry items. One dealer may order cabinets that are made of red oak with just two drawers, and these cabinets may be designed for a smaller area such as the bathroom or laundry room.

Siteline Cabinetry does business with authorized dealers in the home improvement world, from freelance designers to construction companies. Indy Custom Cabinets, Luxcraft Cabinets and Forte Design Studios are just a few of the dealers who order cabinets from Siteline.

The company offers a limited lifetime guarantee that ensures the repair or replacement of any defective pieces. The authorized dealers handle most of the claims from customers, but Siteline will step in if the dealer stops selling the cabinets or goes out of business.

Dealers across the country are putting their trust in Siteline Cabinetry. Siteline Cabinetry employees professionals to build and deliver custom products in a timely manner.

Glen Wakeman Is At The Center Of The Growth Of LaunchPad Holdings

Glen Wakeman steers LaunchPad Holdings as the company’s CEO. The business executive boasts of two decades’ experience in the field of financial services. Glen co-founded LaunchPad two years ago. The success he has attained in the corporate world can be attributed to his longstanding experience on matters finance and professional background. Glen Wakeman graduated from the Universities of Scranton and Chicago. During both his undergraduate and postgraduate he majored in Finance. Glen jumpstarted his career in the corporate world at GE Capital. Later he partnered with several individuals to establish Nova Four. GE Capital remembers Glen Wakeman for the robust strategies he deployed while working at the firm. Visit to know more about Glen Wakeman.

Over the years, Glen Wakeman has grown to become one of the most influential persons in the sector of financial services. His coworkers recognize him as an excellent mentor and entrepreneur who has shaped the careers of many. Glen Wakeman’s company manage an extensive asset portfolio of over $15billion. Wakeman has gathered a lot of experience in the launch and management of startups.

According to the serial entrepreneur, his love for implementation of great business ideas pushed him to start LaunchPad Holdings. With the company, he was able to appropriate resources to workable ideas. Glen Wakeman’s history working with renowned financial institutions remains to be his primary strength in the dynamic field of business. LaunchPad Holdings has built a business model that is geared towards assisting other companies to grow.


One of the ways Glen Wakeman has found to be useful during the process of conceptualization business ideas is sharing them with others. The more people you share with, the more enlightened you get. The sharing process also enables you to get the perspective of those who are experienced in various professions. LinkedIn is a social media platform that Glen has found to be unique whenever one wants to build vibrant connections. Glen Wakeman has made it his habit to outline concepts to other people so that he can get the viability of his thoughts. LaunchPad is expected to up its growth in the future given the unique approach that Glen Wakeman has deployed for the business. Read more about his interview at Ideamensch.

Louis Chenevert Supports Creativity Within The Organization

Louis Chenevert knows how to set an example that his company can follow. He has the vision to see opportunities and follow through on execution. However, Chenevert understands that it is a team who makes the organization. Louis was selected as the CEO of United Technologies Corporation and established a new flow to daily operations. He had a direct influence on the working environment at UTC by altering the nature of creativity. Louis wanted the innovative minds to feel like their opinions were going to be heard and that they had a platform of expression. This type of vision and passion for new ideas helped UTC storm back to the front of its industry. The company is dedicated to creating opportunity for its employees and others around the country.

Technology is a complicated industry that is always changing. The consumers of technology are highly sophisticated and constantly looking for the next gadget. Louis put UTC at the forefront of this demanding process by committing to hiring 25,000 personnel over a three-year span in the United States alone. Chenevert set the precedent that UTC is serious about supporting the creation of opportunities. Visit to know more about Louis Chenevert.

The main organization must grow in order for its affiliate brands to feel the overall success of the mission. UTC has a great deal of suppliers and knows that they must stand behind their support system. The company committed $40 over a three-year period to help its subsidiary companies produce the type of product that UTC is expected to receive.

Technology is created by the brilliant minds that are allowed to express their creativity. Louis Chenevert and UTC implemented a system to support their innovative technicians by sending them to college for a bachelor’s degree. Team members are able to attend college on a full company scholarship no matter what subject matter they choose to study. Read more at

Louis Chenevert was educated at the University of Montreal. He received his education from HEC Montreal, which is the business school at the University. He is a native of Quebec Canada and began a successful career in business right away. Chenevert spent 14 years with General Motors before he landed at Pratt & Whitney. After Pratt & Whitney Chenevert was chosen as the CEO of United Technologies Corporation. He resigned his position as CEO of UTC and has moved on to other opportunities.