Neurocore Offering a Third Option

Neurocore focuses on how to help individuals with their own mental wellness. Through the use of brain based assessments Neurocore can create a training program tailored to what an individual needs. This brain training can help people from children to adults in managing the following challenges; ADHD, anxiety, memory, autism, migraines, stress, depression, and sleep problems.
They use repetition and positive reinforcement to retrain the brain to be more efficient.

Neurocore has offered a third option when it comes to the treatment of a behavioral and mental health challenges. They believe that when medication and psychotherapy fails that neuroscience offers hope for change. Through neurofeedback the people at Neurocore can identify what impacts the brain and change how it is impacted. It has no side effect like any pharmaceutical drug that can be prescribed.

Neurocore uses a technique that was first used back in the late 18th century, electroencephalogram or EEG for short. An EEG is used to start mapping the brain’s activity to get a baseline. They begin neurofeedback by letting a client watch their favorite movie while monitoring an EEG “hat” that allows them to see when the brain is functioning properly. The positive reinforcement comes into play by being allowed to watch the movie all the way through without it stopping when the brain doesn’t function optimally.

Neurocore is flexible when it comes to choosing your treatment plan. Along with the traditional in center treatments where you come in and do all the diagnostic and treatment, there are more convenient alternatives. There is an at home option where you can do all of the work from the comfort of your home. They will still receive and analyze your personal brain data to provide you with a plan to follow but now there isn’t a need to leave your home. If you need someone to talk to you can also schedule and appointment with a professional for therapy and counseling services. If you are looking to simply improve your brain function and memory there is also something for that. Memory Boot camp was designed to on an individual basis see where improvement is needed and how to train as well as recommend vitamins and supplements to improve brain function.

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