Greg Blatt The Businessman, The Success Story

Greg Blatt is someone that has certainly led by example in his many leadership roles at the various companies he has served, where his knowledge and expertise has made a great impact on the success of those companies. It is no surprise that many people and companies are looking to him and analyzing his success to create the same successful trend in their companies. Greg Blatt‘s background is in the area of online dating, where he has acquired many high-level positions at some of the most popular dating platforms including; Tinder, Match Group and IAC.

Blatt served as CEO at all three companies as well as Chairman and Executive Chairman at Tinder and Match Group. His role at IAC that he held from 2003 until early 2009, which was Executive Vice President and General Counsel in addition to being a member of the Office of the Chairman shows the extensive skill level Greg Blatt possess in conjunction with his ability to focus while successfully performing each of these executive roles with undeniable precision. It is also important to note that before entering the ever-growing world of the online dating industry, Blatt also gave his services at Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia where he held the position of Executive Vice President in General Counsel and Business Affairs along with other prominent roles.

Greg Blatt’s success and discipline can be attributed in part to his education. As an undergrad, Blatt attended Colgate University, where he received a Bachelors of Arts in English language, literature, and economics. He then went on to graduate with a Doctor of Law from Columbia Law School in 1995 and would soon gain experience in the field by serving as an associate at two law firms between the years of 1994 and 1999.

There is no question of the leadership displayed by Blatt, and the mark that he left on the companies that he led. Greg´s leadership in the online dating industry helped boost those companies amongst the top of all others in the business by increasing their user base as well as their bottom line. Greg has led by example, and there is no wonder why he is the businessman and the success that all like-minded individuals aspire to be.

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Private Equity Firm Lincolnshire Management

Lincolnshire Management is a financial services firm that specializes in private equity. The firm looks to manage a number of controlled investment options in middle market companies that are steadily growing. Over the years, the firm has been involved with investing in a number of industries. It has acquired 85 companies over the last 30 years. The team at Lincolnshire Management uses a collaborative approach to managing private equity assets and uses its extensive investment experience to manage them in many cycles in a variety of industries. The firm was founded in 1986 and is based in New York City.

The firm Lincolnshire Management has a large amount of assets that are currently managed. There is over $1.7 billion in private equity funds that the firm currently manages. It’s most current fund is the Lincolnshire Management Fund which consist of $835 million in total assets. Lincolnshire Funds 2 and 3 have been rated as among the top quartile private equity firm in the industry.

Geographic proximity has helped Lincolnshire Management establish itself as a top investment firm. It is headquartered in New York City and has a regional office in Chicago, Illinois. The firm has been involved in investing in and acquiring a number of private companies and corporate divestitures. Along with these types of investment ventures, the firm is also involved in recapitalizations, management buyouts and facilitating growth for both public and private companies. You can read more about the investment firm diversification here.

One of the things that have made Lincolnshire a top investment firm is its team of professionals and executives. There is currently a team of 20 professionals who specialize in either investment, operating or origination. Over the years, the teams have worked together to provide the best financial management for clients. As a result, each of the teams has established a superior track record. At the firm, the professionals are assisted by numerous professionals that include analysts, associates and principals. More details about the professionals that are the driving force of this investment firm can be found in this link

When it comes to serving clients, Lincolnshire manages financial assets that are part of over 85 acquisitions. The assets that the company manages include private equity securities in middle market companies. These entities include Amports, Bankruptcy Management Solutions, Credentials Services and Holley-MSD. The firm is also involved in managing assets for companies such as Prince Sports, Riddell Sports, Transcraft Corporation and Wabash.

What Is Livio Bisterzo’s Next Move After Partnering With Leonardo DiCaprio

     Entrepreneur Livio Bisterzo is one of the few entrepreneurs who are concerned about the future of the snacks industry. Today, most consumers are looking for healthier substitution to the traditional meals which are either too sugary or full of empty calories. Livio has created organic snacks which are made from chickpeas. The businessman is the founder of HIPPEAS which is a brand of chickpeas that have grown in popularity in the US and the UK.

Livio Bisterzo believes that entrepreneurship gives individuals an opportunity to have an impact on the society. That is why the entrepreneur is keen on growing small-scale farmers who supply his business with the raw materials it requires. Livio is changing the lives of both the consumer and the producer.

Recently, Green Park Brands, HIPPEAS’ parent company inked a partnership deal with Strand Equity Partners. Strand Equity is associated with renowned actor Leonardo DiCaprio who has starred in numerous Hollywood blockbusters. This collaboration presents a new chapter of investment for Green Park Brands. The development demonstrates how much a success story HIPPEAS has become.

Livio Bisterzo exudes confidence on the future growth of HIPPEAS given the new celebrity investment and endorsement of the company’s products. HIPPEAS snacks couldn’t have debuted at a better time. Today, most consumers are keen on what they eat making the demand for healthier foods to spike.

While championing the idea of living healthy, Livio Bisterzo is also trying to ensure that his products are strictly organic and they are manufactured in the most professional ways. The popularity of HIPPEAS has been accelerated by the full range of flavors that the snack company has to offer. So far the light meals come in six different flavors.

HIPPEAS brand has managed to establish a robust distribution system for its products given that the snacks are already retailing in over 20,000 shops across the UK and the US. Acclaimed brands such as Starbucks, Target and even Amazon are some of the biggest retailers who have been left behind in stocking the snacks.

As part of Green Park Brands’ social corporate responsibility, the company dedicates some of the proceeds from its sales to the farmers in rural East Africa. The monies are used for initiatives that seek to lift the poor farmers from squalor.

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The Big Business of Eric Lefkofsky

Eric Lefkofsky is an entrepreneur with his hand in many different ventures including Tempus (co-founder and CEO)and Groupon (co-founder)to name a couple. His education after graduating Southfield-Lathrup High School (Michigan) included graduating with honors from the University of Michigan, as well as attending the University of Michigan Law school receiving his Juris Doctor degree in 1993. Click Here for more.

Tempus was co-founded by Lefkofsky in 2016. This is a technology company that lets doctors give personalized cancer care to patients. They use genomic testing to find a patients’ specific condition to help with therapies and treatments for cancer. Tempus has collaborated with the University of Chicago, the university of Michigan and University Seidman Cancer Center in different cancer programs to help assist patients with their cancer treatments.

Eric Lefkofsky along with his wife, Elizabeth, are involved in giving back to their community. They founded The Lefkofsky Foundation in 2006, which is a charitable foundation that focuses primarily on children. Lefkofsky is involved with Children’s Memorial Hospital in Chicago, The Art Institute of Chicago, and The Museum of Science and Industry where he is on the board of directors at all three places. He is also a part of a Chicago-based performing arts institution, The Steppenwolf Theatre Company, where he is a Trustee. Eric is also a board member of World Business Chicago, serving as co-chairman of its Technology Council. Along with these endeavors, he is also an adjuct professor at the University of Chicago.Visit 

Another idea from Lefkofsky is one called “accelerated disruption”. This is a concept for startup businesses to keep them from failing by recognizing how technology can cause challenges and how to overcome them. Some of the concepts it addresses for startup businesses include: picking the right industries to introduce new products and how to promote an idea in industry and resistance from investors as well as others.

Eric Lefkofsky has helped serve massive amounts of people with his companies and philanthropy work. He helps enhance the quality of life for others through education and improvement of human rights and medical research.

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