The Best EOS Lip Balm Flavors For Summer

Summer is here, and if you want to protect your lips then you will be keeping your EOS lip balm close. Fans of the brand know they can rely on all its lines to keep their lips smooth and sweet, but the summer sun calls for added protection. That is why EOS offers Active Protection Smooth Spheres. Gather more info here on

This line of EOS balms still comes in the smooth sphere form we all love. It also comes in two delicious, fruity flavors: lemon twist and fresh grapefruit. Both flavors offer amped up coverage for your kisser with SPF 30. You can even wear your Active Protection lip balm at the pool, because both flavors are water resistant for up to 80 minutes. At night, you can lower your guard and increase your glam with the sheer pink or pearl lip balms from the Shimmer Lip Balm collection. See collection here on

Introduced in 2008, EOS lip balms quickly became a must among beauty mavens. Their distinctive, pod shape first differentiated them on crowded chapstick shelves. But it was their smooth, roll-on applicator and fresh flavors that quickly won them millions of fans. Some of the biggest beauty and fashion icons in the world have been spotted toting their own EOS smooth spheres.

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