Dan Bethelmy-Rada Talks About The Development Of R.A.W And The Reason For Establishing A Natural Product Line

People all over the world are moving in a direction wherein they incorporate more natural and sustainable products in their daily lives. Brands all over the world are constantly trying to adopt a more natural approach when it comes to all that they want to offer to their customers. At the same time, having something that is genuinely good and attractive is also important in many instances. One company that has managed to stand out as a natural company that contributes positively to the global market is R.A.W.

R.A.W is a subsidiary of Matrix and is a company that offers a range of products that are in keeping with the demands that customers have. The product line is designed to deliver all natural goodness and is meant to give its customers a range of benefits that can be derived from natural sources.

One of the people responsible for the development and growth of R.A.W is Dan Bethelmy-Rada. Bethelmy-Rada has served at important positions within the company and has led several teams towards achieving their goals. He currently stands as the Global Brand President for Matrix / Biolage and is someone who has contributed immensely to the development of R.A.W. Bethelmy-Rada has an incredible amount of insight into the beauty industry and is someone who understands the finer aspects of the business. This trait gave him the ability to truly see what customers would respond well to and is something that helped him implement a number of positive strategies that could help in the development of R.A.W.

In a recent interview, Bethelmy-Rada outlined the reasoning behind wanting to establish a brand like R.A.W. In the interview, he stated that customers are no longer satiated with products that are simply inspired by nature. They want their products to have a number of benefits and be derived from natural sources. They are also on the lookout for biodegradable products that do good to the environment once they have been used up. Understanding this concept helped Bethelmy-Rada realize the direction that he needed to take with R.A.W, which ultimately resulted in the company reaching the position that it holds today.

Wengie’s Weight Loss Tips

Wengie recommends mixing two liters or quarts of water, the juice content of one lemon, one sliced cucumber, and 10 mint leaves will give help you lose weight,detox your body, and clear your skin. You can also mix three table spoons of lemon juice into a cup of water. Speaking of water, drinking two cups of cold water on an empty stomach can boost your metabolism by 30 percent. Before each meal, it’ll prevent you from overeating. If you do this for 12 weeks, you can lose 4.5 pounds.


Another trick to losing weight is to eat your meal off smaller plates. It’ll convince your brain that you’re eating more than you really are. It’s also a good idea to eat food off a plate with contrasting colors. Tomato based food can be eaten off a green plate. It also helps to try eating slowly, so you can fill up quicker.


It’s important to get seven to eight hours of sleep at night because it’ll boost your metabolism rate. After a good night’s sleep, you could have four Brazil nuts and a table spoon of almond butter in the morning to regulate the blood sugar for the day. Mono unsaturated fats in the morning are good for the metabolism.


On days you’re not going to school or work, it’s a good idea to wear your exercise clothes around the house because they will make you feel energetic and even inspire you to the gym. Be sure to work out in the beginning of the week.