PSI Pays Tight Security Protocols Lays Ground for Contactless Payment to Thrive

Many businesses have embraced online payments owing to its many benefits. Customers expect businesses to have such facilities since they can improve their cash-flow. That is part of the reason why Walmart and PayPal have come together to give their shared customers integrated services.


Online shoppers have increased over time and usually, they pay for goods and services using credit cards and debit cards. Buyers explore the internet to get reliable and convenient services whenever they want to make purchases. Therefore, businesses that do not incorporate electronic payments don’t have a competitive edge in the market and they ought to make special arrangements to be able to accept the payments. A business needs to have a merchant account to start accepting electronic payments.


According to a survey conducted recently, identify theft has become rampant and consequently, buyers are a worried lot. PSI Pay recognizes the importance of security and has put in place several measures to curb identity theft and fraud.


PSI Pay utilizes the reliable rules-based system, transactional as well as behavioral data analytics and external data brokers to not only verify the identity of customers but also prevent fraud and protect businesses. Additionally, it prides itself of qualified cybersecurity experts working to identify suspicious account activities and investigate them with an objective to combat fraud.


PSI Pay’s success in enforcing security measures to protect businesses and buyers from fraud prepared the ground for contactless payment. Contactless payment requires more sophisticated security mechanisms and therefore, payments are secured using RFID technology or near-field communication.


PSI Pay partnered with Kerv Wearables to take payments to another amazing level. With contactless payment, customers can make payments without entering a password, swiping or giving out a signature. The era of using cash money such as coins and notes will be gone completely and contactless payment ring, provided by both companies, will soon take over.


You are probably asking yourself, but what is contactless payment? Well, it is a technology that enables users to make payments for goods and services using credit and debit cards by what has been termed as “wave and pay”.


Contactless payment has been enabled by Kerv and PSI Pay’s proprietary ring which guarantees durability and comfort. The technology can only process transactions to a certain limit to prevent unauthorized payments. The technology has been embraced widely and according to the companies, it is going to change banking.


About PSI Pay


PSI Pay is a Fintech company which is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority in the UK. It provides digital accounts as well as convenient payment cards to customers in the UK and the whole world. Since 2007, the company has been operating under the umbrella of its policy, transparency, and efficiency.


GreenSky Credit Is Big Because Of CEO David Zalik – Here’s What He’s Done For GreenSky LLC

David Zalik, head executive and founder of GreenSky LLC, is worth more than one billion dollars thanks to his ownership stake in the fintech companies public stock. Without Zalik’s excellent business acuity and sharp mind, GreenSky wouldn’t be a sliver of what it is today.

Zalik is truly one of the best CEOs in the financial services business – and here’s what he’s done for GreenSky.

Why do GreenSky LLC and GreenSky Credit appeal so widely to consumers?

It’s true – GreenSky Credit is far from being the only financier that’s active on the World Wide Web, social media, and mobile applications. However, the company’s snag-free application process takes no more than a few minutes. Applicants never have to get dressed in business formal attire, take often-long trips to servicing financial institutions, and risk wasting valuable time only to find out their applications were denied. Further, GreenSky Credit’s simple system offers several unique advantages that other similar financiers simply do not bring to the table.

First, applicants visit either GreenSky’s official website, download the firm’s official mobile application via iOS or Android app stores, or call the company. Next, up to thousands of financial institutions who offer loans directly to consumers will determine whether the potential client is creditworthy or not – this step only takes seconds! Lastly, GreenSky provides all the necessary information for partnered lending institutions that offer to consummate such loans on behalf of the Atlanta, Georgia-headquartered financial technology company. Within two days, loan amounts land in clients’ bank accounts – it’s really that simple.

Here’s a short list of the best benefits GreenSky LLC offers

Independent contractors and construction companies often seek out loans to build projects prior to customers’ payments; most customers are only willing to pay in full once projects hit certain milestones or are entirely colly crmplete, typicaeating delays that cut down on revenues. GreenSky Credit helps builders receive customers’ payments – in effect – via loans offered by the company to keep business booming.

GreenSky’s lending offers last anywhere between just six and 144 months – that’s 12 years – to mold its financing agreements’ terms to the needs of clients on an individual basis.

Better yet – GreenSky’s loans are valid in every state in America.