Jeremy Goldstein; a Successful Lawyer with a Mission

Jeremy Goldstein began his career in law many years ago. Unlike many, he loved this industry, and he always believed that he had what it takes to become a successful lawyer. After many years of hard work, the young executive got a chance to open a law firm in New York City. The institution shares a name with him, and it gives employment to many professionals in the legal section. Many clients, especially those who are living in New York, have received the representation they wanted in court from Jeremy Goldstein and his team. Becoming a top lawyer in the country has been a long journey for the experienced leader. When he was growing up, he saw how many lawyers would lose clients because of failing to maintain social and professional interactions. The lawyers in the market were always formal, scaring away many customers who wanted to interact and form a good relationship. When he became a lawyer, Jeremy Goldstein decided that he was going to be different from all the others. His only responsibility would be making a commitment and working hard to meet customer demands.

Getting profits, especially when you are new in the legal section, can prove to be challenging for anyone. When he was still new in the law section, Jeremy Goldstein discovered that diversifying his activities was going to help him. His primary goal in life was to become a consultant in law. However, with time, he started getting contracts to work in the corporate section. The attorney did not turn down this offer because he was highly experienced in the industry. These two activities have been giving Jeremy Goldstein a stable income for a long time.

It took some time before Jeremy Goldstein, and his company started making profits. According to the lawyer, surviving was tough in the start. However, the company was not only focusing on profits only. The attorney felt that the money he got from the business was a way of reinvesting, so he did not pressure himself to get profits. The lawyer uses his wealth to help the people who need assistance to live a normal life. Just recently, Goldstein and some of his close friends come together to support people struggling with drug addiction. The team held a dinner that brought together many people from the country. The guests in the dinner event enjoyed a hearty meal and gave proceeds to fund Fountain House. The guests also had the best wines in the world. Fountain House is the organization that received the donations from Jeremy Goldstein so that they could give hope to people with a mental health condition in many regions of the globe. The lawyer believes that no one has to lose their lives because they could not get mental healthcare.


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Rick Cofer Law – Legally Protecting Juveniles

Many lawyers and legal professionals argue about the issue surrounding determinate sentences. And most people agree that the classic law needs to be overhauled for the well-being of the parties involved, be it the criminal or the victim. Experienced lawyers like Rick Cofer emphasize separating the juveniles from the adults and treating them humanely. They also teach the importance of looking beyond the rules set forth to see what is in the real interest of the affected parties.

The debate around determinate sentences have generated options in order to create a problem solving environment for young adults and help them progress in the future. If you are in the legal business, you may be stuck for the right ways to deal with such laws regarding determinate sentences. However, Rick Cofer wants to analyze the big picture before coming into conclusion about the type of sentence given to juvenile offenders. This is to say that offenses pertaining to minors and situations surrounding them need to be scrutinized carefully taking into considerations every possible constraints.

A minor is likely to commit offenses like child sex crimes when he or she is at the mercy of an unhealthy environment. These are the group of people who are at the stage of development both physically and mentally. The way they live, the choices they make have a huge impact on how they handle a life situation. What they do cannot be justified but they are in a vulnerable position to defend themselves as well. Additionally, trying them at court with the same intensity as it is done with adults create more losers than winners. Should they be let go? Definitely not. But any flawed judgment can prevent them from escaping the web of severe sentences, says Rick Cofer.

The article for Rick Cofer Law notes that determinate sentences are not the ideal way to move forward. This may not seem obvious. Punishment for a crime like child trafficking is never enough. No matter what the law says you can’t lessen the severity of the crime or change the outcome, the distress caused to the survivors or victims. However, it is more of a burden than winning situation for many. The determinate sentence punishes the offenders especially the minors for longer period of time without giving them a chance to prove their innocence or undergo rehabilitation for their mental state.

In other words, determinate sentence is definite and not reviewed by parole board unlike indeterminate sentence irrespective of the sentence period. For instance, a juvenile sentenced jail term according to determinate sentence law for three years will spend no more than three years unless there is a time off for good behavior but will not get an opportunity to be heard. That does not make sense under the law, because it would be difficult for the juvenile to appeal in case he or she is innocent of the crime. Additionally, incarcerated young adults are more prone to mental illness and rehabilitation at a later period may become inefficient.

Todd Levine- The Best Real Estate Litigation Lawyer In 2019

Todd Levine is a founding lawyer of Miami-based Kluger Kaplan, Silverman, Katzen & Levine, P.L. He is a notable figure in this law firm because of the role he has played in giving it a good name. As a specialist in real estate litigation in the United States, Levine has proved his skills and ability to defend clients inside and outside the courtroom. He puts the right efforts towards achieving the right decision for his clients. He is also known for his love for music and art. He loves applying analytical and creative skills involved in learning and composing music in his legal practice. He finds it easy to win cases by applying creativity in creating a winning strategy. Also, Todd Levine finds it easy to explain his cases in a simple language that can be understood by everyone because of applying the analytical skills used in music.

Todd Levine believes that it is the hard work he has showed in his work that makes him successful. He has spent many years building successful winning strategies for courtroom battles. He prepares in advance for his cases such that he can counter any legal arguments that are brought against him the courtroom. When handling his cases, he considers more than one options. He believes that the trick to winning cases is being open to many possibilities. When you are prepared for multiple possibilities, it will be much easier to counter the arguments with solid facts.

Kluger Kaplan, Silverman, Katzen & Levine, P.L has been named the best law firm in America for 2019 because of the contributions of partners such as Todd Levine. During this year’s event, individual lawyers in this firm were also recognized for their good performance in different fields. For instance, Todd Levine was recognized for being the best real estate litigation lawyer. Other lawyers in the law firm were also recognized.

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