Mighty Fortress Church Has a Welcoming Feel

St. Andrew’s Church in St. Paul, Minnesota is the location of an arts academy these days. It has a stunning brick design that combines elements of Romanesque and Spanish Mission Revival architectural approaches. Its roof has striking clay tiles, too.

The Church of Our Lady of the Angels at Sauk Centre is a Stearns County Catholic church that has a rather subtle exterior. Its interior, however, is a whole other story. People who visit this church can see an eye-catching Mary painting that shows her rising up into the clouds. Follow Mighty Fortress Church on Facebook.

The First Unitarian Church in Duluth is a quiet and peaceful structure that’s located in a residential area. This church has a Tudor-influenced appeal that includes both stucco and half-timbered components. Fans of turret, stained glass windows and dark granite won’t be able to resist the charm this church offers. It was constructed all the way back in 1910. It’s now a Quaker church.

Mighty Fortress International Church is located in Minneapolis. It can be a comforting haven for people who wish to learn more about Christianity. Mighty Fortress Church has an ambiance that’s welcoming and soothing. It has an ambiance that’s laid-back and easygoing at the same time, too. People who want to feel comfortable and included can get a lot out of attending worship sessions at Mighty Fortress International Church. This church has a vibe that makes everyone around feel 100 percent involved.

Bishop Thomas R. Williams is a smiling, calming and familiar face among people who visit the Mighty Fortress International Church on a regular basis. He’s been a part of the ministry universe for more than three decades now. He’s more than the senior pastor for the church as well. He also established it in the first place. View the interactive map at minneapolisnorthwest.com.

Bishop Williams attended Tulsa, Oklahoma’s esteemed Rhema Bible Training Center. He’s an alumnus of Minneapolis’ North Central University. He received a mass communications Bachelor of Arts degree through the institution. Williams, last but not least, is also a graduate of St. Paul’s Bethel University. He received an organizational leadership Master of Arts degree from the renowned institution.

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