Talkspace – Therapy App that is Accessible to All

If you are troubled by any kind of mental health issues, and it is affecting your personal and professional life, consulting with the therapist would be a good idea. However, the problem with the people is that they are not able to identify the common symptoms of mental health issues timely that lead to further and bigger issues in the future. One should be careful about their mental health as much as about their physical health and must not ignore the symptoms of mental health issues. As soon as you notice the symptoms of mental health problems like depression, anxiety, or anything else, which doesn’t seem to be going no matter what you do, having a detailed consultation with a professional the therapist would be beneficial in getting some answers you are looking for. Read more Talkspace reviews at

Talkspace has made the lives of millions of people easier over the years. Since the time it started its operations in the year 2012, Talkspace has become the leading name in the field of mobile therapy. Talkspace offers mental health therapy to the people at a fraction of the cost of the traditional therapy, and it has attracted people from all background and ages to come forward and open up about their mental health. There is no need to suppress your fears and insecurities that are leading to depression, over-thinking, stress, anxiety, and other such mental health issues as therapy is just a few clicks away on your phone itself. No need to go anywhere or worry about the hefty consultation fees of traditional therapy as Talkspace is the alternative that would perfectly align with your lifestyle and budget while providing the solution you are looking for without having to step outside your comfort zone. Talkspace prides themselves in having the best therapists from across the country who are committed to providing the best consultant to its clients.


ClassDojo Becomes One Of The Classroom’s Greatest Learning Apps

There’s been an ongoing drive by activists and reformers to make the classrooms in both public and private schools better and to try and get young students excited about learning again. Technology is an important part of this because newer generations of students are tech-minded. Matching this changing education paradigm are developers like Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don, the creators of the ClassDojo app. This app is just a little app doing basic things, but it’s got the educator community excited because it does just what it’s intended to do free of charge.

Chaudhary and Don came to the US in 2010 in search of a new venture for their tech-based skills, but they wanted something that wasn’t getting much attention in the business community but was still in high demand. They then thought about the classroom and felt that more could be done with apps to help teachers. They also knew the best way they could do that was to ask teachers what would make a good app.

ClassDojo’s earliest version was a behavior reward app, and even though it was so simple in design, it received a great response from the teachers who used it. It began to spread online through the Google Play store and iTunes as well as through social media reviews. Chaudhary and Don looked at customer reviews and saw requests for more features, and as they started adding them they noticed the app almost became more like a school Facebook app because of how teachers could take photos and tag students in them, and parents now had a way of seeing inside the classroom instead of just having to ask children. Many schools now no longer need parent-teacher meetings.

ClassDojo has had several rounds of public offerings, the latest of which was $21 million. So far all the capital has been used to improve the app itself including security features because Chaudhary and Don have opted not to spend on advertising. To return investor funds, they plan to roll out optional premium features soon.