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White Shark Media Provides Customer Service Support with its One-Time Free AdWords Evaluation

White Shark Media enhanced its customer service support by assigning an AdWords Certified Specialist to each customer account. To resolve issues pertaining to clients′ complaints about AdWords campaigns, White Shark immediately improved its customer support. Small and mid-sized businesses use AdWords services to increase traffic to their websites, with expectations to obtain new customers.

The service is effective with the help of trained specialists who evaluate, track and test campaign performance. One of the benefits of AdWords evaluation is it’s free to existing and new customers, which includes a live evaluation to explain overall performance.

The one-time free AdWords evaluations are offered to all businesses, with options to obtain management services with White Shark Media Specialists or companies may manage their own campaigns.

The initial evaluation gives customers the opportunity to learn techniques using AdWords tools and different strategies. White Shark Certified AdWords Specialist offers the performance evaluation risk-free; meaning, the client is under no financial obligation.

The professional will start the evaluation process by using conference application technology, which allows customers to see and follow information of the performance results.

AdWords campaign service offered by White Shark Media comprises of performance evaluations; selection of keywords; tracking endeavors; optimization methods; Ad testing strategy; and Ad extensions. During the free AdWords performance evaluation, White Shark Specialists will inform clients of their strengths and weakness, and make suggestions.

When businesses hire AdWords experts, they relieve themselves of costly advertisement expenditures and have more time to focus on daily operations.

Monthly meetings are scheduled by the specialist with each customer to review reports and to ensure performance is adequate. They monitor the campaigns and provide clients with feedback about the status of traffic and the efficiency of selected keywords.

White Shark Media started in 2011 as a digital marketing agency and since then, has grown tremendously. The agency offers Pay-Per-Click, SEM and SEO services, including evaluation and management.

Their services were perfected by paying attention to customers’ complaints and enhancing customer support. To ensure customers satisfactory, White Shark assign clients with Certified AdWords Specialists to help with improving campaign performance, educate, and to improve communication skills.

According to Citrite, the digital marketing agency manages approximately $36 million in advertising campaigns for international companies.

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