Richard Dwayne Blair: How To Choose A Financial Or Investment Advisor

Are you trying to find the right professional or firm to help you with investment or money management issues? Do you want to enlist the services of a reputable or reliable investment firm or financial planner?

Setting yourself up for a secure financial future is difficult when you don’t know how to go about it. If you truly want to achieve the best possible result with your financial planning or investing ventures, it is crucial that you go with someone who is well versed in all aspects of the industry.

When it comes to selecting a good advisor for your investment or financial planning needs, look no further than Richard Dwayne Blair – one of the top rated professionals in the industry.

Richard Dwayne Blair has been providing financial management and investment services for many years and has an established history of meeting his clients’ needs. Richard Dwayne Blair has a popular investment firm in Austin, Texas where he caters to the needs of his clients.

Many people have a hard time dealing with money management and investing matters and need a professional to advise and guide them properly. Investing can be complex, and very difficult for beginners. There are many things that you have to consider and many options available to you. It is crucial to determine your financial goals before you proceed. That’s where a knowledgeable investment advisor like Richard Dwayne Blair can help.

It is always advisable to research the background and reputation of a firm or profession you are considering. You need to find out whether the financial planner or investment advisory firm has been providing excellent services to clients. Taking the time perform thorough investigation can help you make the right decision.

Richard Dwayne Blair has been in the industry for many years and his investment firm, Wealth Solutions, is well equipped to provide each client with a comprehensive financial plan that meets their needs. Contact Richard Dwayne Blair to find out more about investing or financial planning offered by his firm, Wealth Solution.


Malcom CasSelle: The Development Of WAX Tokens

Worldwide Asset Exchange has recently released a new cryptocurrency referred to as wax tokens that promise to help revolutionize the way that transactions take place in the digital world. The corporation’s presidents Malcolm CasSelle recognized the ability for blockchain technology to help alleviate numerous issues that have been plaguing the virtual asset exchange industry for years. He took this opportunity and launched his own company which has since gone on to become one of the leading blockchain technology companies involved in worldwide digital asset exchange.


Malcolm CasSelle believes that Worldwide Asset Exchange will help to eliminate the issues of geographical fragmentation and fraud within the virtual worlds. Until now individuals who wished to transact with each other would often encounter issues due to foreign exchange policy. These Forex issues are the result of geographical fragmentation as individuals around the world do not always share a common medium of value. By creating his own cryptocurrency, he created a store of value which all members of the digital world’s can share in common. Thus eliminated the issue of geographic fragmentation. In addition to the elimination of the fragmentation issue, he has also promised to reduce the prevalence of fraud in virtual asset exchanges significantly. By utilizing the decentralized nature of blockchain technology, he has created a marketplace with no centralized location that can be targeted by hackers. This will help to significantly reduce damages caused by fraud in the virtual asset exchange industry.


Before launching his own company, Malcolm CasSelle has had a long and storied career in the digital technology industries. He first attended the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in order to receive his bachelor’s degree in computer science. Upon completion of his bachelor’s degree from MIT, he attended Stanford University and pursued his graduate education in computer science. He graduated from the University with a Masters degree in computer science and then entered the workforce.

Malcolm CasSelle has since worked for a number of high-profile corporations within the technology industry as well as investing during the early stages of several prominent tech companies. Some of his investment choices that are the most well-known are Facebook and Zynga.


Vinny Parascandola Helping You Meet Your Financial Needs Through Axa Advisors

Financial management is one of the most important things in life. Since 1859, one company by the name Axa Advisors has been helping both business ventures, and families make small but significant steps towards this important goal. The company deals in life insurance policies and retirement schemes. Service wise the company has ensured that its employees are well provided with benefits that motivate them to achieve the organizational goals whereas the clients are provided with advice that helps them take charge of their investment future.

Currently, Vinny Parascandola has been the man behind the many success that the company has been enjoying. As the Senior Executive Vice President of the company, Mr. Vincent is in charge of responsibilities like overseeing the management and sales activities in the company, recruiting, hiring, training and retaining employees within the organization, improving productivity and importantly offering financial advice to customers.

Mr. Vincent Parascandola has been able to do this and achieve success with ease thanks to his qualification and experience he has had in the industry. Vincent has more than twenty-five years of expertise in the industry. During this period, he has served in different capacities in various organization. Some of the notable moments in his career include his time at Prudential where he started his career working as a financial agent after graduating from the university. Vincent has also worked with MONY Life Insurance Company at a different managerial position.

In addition to the breadth of experience, the AXA Advisors executive is well educated. He has a bachelor’s degree in computer science from the distinguished Pace University, New York.

To Vincent Parascandola being a market leader in life insurance products for more than half a decade does not come easy. Nonetheless, AXA Advisors are equally equipped and ready for the challenge. Vincent and his team of highly skilled professionals hope that sooner than later the New Yorkers, and the world as a whole, will have access to quality and affordable financial and life insurance products.