Rodrigo Terpins Continues The Family Sporting Success

The Brazilian rally driver, Rodrigo Terpins is the latest member of a family dynasty built on the success achieved by his father and brother. In terms of the success achieved by the Terpins family, headed by a former basketball player, Jack Terpins who built an impressive business career after finishing his sporting career. Both Rodrigo and his brother, Michel have built their own sporting success in the motor racing sector which sees both drivers classed as among the best in the Brazilian nation.

Since entering his first Sertoes Rally in 2003, Rodrigo Terpins has been a consistent entrant into the rally which sees the best in Brazilian drivers compete against global rally stars. The Terpins brothers have been at the top of the Prototype T1 class which is the most popular for Brazilian drivers who are looking to make their mark in the sport.

Upon entering the 2014 edition of the Sorteos Rally, Rodrigo Terpins was hoping to become one of the few drivers to complete the course in its full seven stages. The rally is one of the most difficult on the circuit and often sees the leader of the Prototype T1 category reach the podium of the rally as the race continues.

As his commitment to his rally driving career has continued so has the ability of members of the Terpins family to take their love of the environment to a new level of support and success. During the running of the 2016 version of Brazil’s most famous rally, Rodrigo Terpins made a great leap forward by being given the prestigious Carbon Free Seal of the Green Initiative. This impressive certification came about because of the work completed by Terpins and his T-Rex team to offset all the carbon produced by the team during the race. An effective tree planting program has been undertaken in Brazil where deforestation is a cause taken up by Rodrigo Terpins a regular basis.


Driving Innovation with Lori Senecal

It’s not a small feat to be listed as one of Most Creative People 2017, but Lori Senecal doesn’t really believe in not making big impressions. Noted for her work for emboldening clients, it’s been big bold moves and innovation that earned her spot on the list.

When the beloved basketball franchise NBA 2K released its most current version in fall of 2016, it had a new inventive feature that encouraged players to link their NBA 2K profile directly to their Fitbits. This allowed them to improve their in-game characters to improve its abilities based on how many real-life steps the players took. This was in part facilitated by Senecal and CP+B, the company she watches over as CEO.

Another win for Senecal and CP+B came from the now infamous removal of artificial ingredients from its Mac & Cheese by Kraft Foods, reports Ad Week. This healthy change would alter the coloring and possibly a minor taste difference, a change that might alienate parents of picky eaters. CP+B advised against promoting it initially, letting over 50 million boxes be sold first. After which an ad campaign was released that copped to the changes that went viral, generating over a billion free media impressions.

Lori Senecal recognized her drive for success early, taking lessons from her high school years as a student coach for her school’s gymnastics team. This provided her with valuable traits in communications and goal setting that would follow her through life, she revealed on Medium. It gave her the direction she needed to move into the business world as an adult, knowing her true strengths lied with leadership and guiding others to success through well-planned strategies. Over the years she used this passion to rise to the position of president of the New York office of McCann Erickson, where she developed successful campaigns for companies like Xbox and Coca-Cola.

Senecal was appointed as CEO of CP+B most recently, bringing her years of experience to the company. She credits her drive on planning to never stay in her comfort zone. This drives her to keep one step ahead of the normal, pushing innovation in her industry. View her full profile on

Defining Success In Advertising

Mullen Lowe Brasil is among the top advertising agencies in Brazil. Starting from scratch, without investors nor banks, the founding partners, Erh Ray and José Henrique Borghi had to work hard to grow their Ad agency. In 2006 when José and Erh split the presidency, it attracted Lowe, who bought the company making it Borghi Lowe. With the merge with Mullen group, the Brazilian advertising agent became Mullen Lowe and José Henrique Borghi was given the position of co-CEO.

José Borghi is considered one of the influential advertisers in the advertising industry. He has created some of the best campaigns that are still remembered to date. His career was inspired by the commercial Vts that won the Cannes Lions when his sister took him to the Castro Neves Theater. From that day Mr. Borghi decided that he wants to venture into media. However, he did not know he will experience such great success.

Earlier career

After graduating from PUC in Advertising and Propaganda, José Henrique Borghi joined the agency Standart Ogilvy as an editor. He was recognized for his hard work and worked with other reputable agencies like Talent and Léo Burnett. After that, is he partnered with Mr. Ray to start their organization.

Henrique’s success

Part of what makes José Borghi succeed in advertising is his ability to recognize the need to change. According to the advertising guru, media should continually be updated because audience demands keep changing. He says it is important that media firms should study their clients to be able to give them what they want. José Henrique Borghi also recognized how the world is changing, how people are embracing online adverts and e-commerce. According to him, smartphones use is growing as time goes.

Mr. Borghi noted that the study by Narita Design & Strategy, about how much image influence people’s response will contribute to the media market a lot.

Social Media José Henrique Borghi:

José Henrique Borghi and his Agency Mullen Lowe Brazil Ad

Actions that castigate female violence are increasing by the day and this is what José Henrique Borghi does in his Agency Mullen Lowe Brazil ad. Brazil is seemingly a risky country for women since it is ranked 5th global in terms of women homicides and the cases of women assault also remain high. Agency Mullen Lowe is made by developing a striking advert for the Grupo Abril’s CLAUDIA Magazine.

The video created by Agency Mullen Lowe of José Henrique Borghi is a 15-second YouTube Skip Ad. It is a contextual content speaking against the aggression against women. The very first message here reads “IN 15 SECONDS A WOMAN WILL BE GRAZED IN BRAZIL”. Other phrases then appear underneath this message with the first one warning that whoever is watching this ad can stay put up to the start of the video, but the women victims cannot withstand this.

A few other words then appear after the first warning. These words encourage anyone watching the video to condemn female violence in the strongest possible terms. The piece created by Mullen Lowe Brazil notes that denouncing female violence can be done using a link that leads to number 180. CLAUDIA started this announcement on the International Women’s Day. The magazine used the target media strategy to focus mostly on the female audience. Click here to know more.

This specific ad however was not the very first announcement of a similar nature made by José Henrique Borghi together with his crew. He has always developed a myriad other pieces which have successfully passed the message and remained with the public for quite a long period of time. Being a co-CEO as well as a CCO of Mullen Lowe Brazil, José Henrique Borghi has won important national and international publicity awards, one among them being the has fourteen lions at Cannes.

Learn More About Him:

Mullen Lowe Brasil: A Company for Your Marketing Needs

A globally recognized advertiser and co-CEO of Mullen Lowe Brasil, José Henrique Borghi, has founded this company to help their customer in marketing their services and products to improve their sales. He has extensive years of experience in marketing and advertisement field which made him an ideal choice to work for the fame of your product and services.

It rebranded from Lowe network to keep growing and change with time. He along with another co-founder of Mullen Lowe Brasil is working very hard in prospering this business so that local of Brazil can get the quality of services which they deserve. Click here to know more.

As you already know that as the quality of your product and service will help your business to prosper so does the marketing. Because if you don’t do proper advertisement and marketing that people wouldn’t know about your product as there are a huge number of the product are already available which are old, and people know and trust them.

And in such case, we need a marketing and advertising agency that can help you to market your product in a way to achieve a higher number of potential clients. And when you have a customer, now comes the other part “Quality of your product.” So, take marketing and advertising as an ordinary thing.

One right and wrong can help you to rise or come down from the top. And if you live in Brazil, then you don’t have to worry about anything because Mullen Lowe Brasil is here and can help in your marketing and advertisement task. José Henrique Borghi with his team of professional is already working hard to find a way to attract potential client for their client.

So, when you get registered with Mullen Lowe Brasil, André Gomes and José Henrique Borghi will start their work and begin making an effective plan to promote your product or services efficiently and effectively in the local market.–henrique-borghi-/