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Richard Liu Qiangdong is the founder and CEO of the Chinese E-commerce giant also called Jingdong Mall. The company is the fourth largest e-commerce company in China and is growing at a fast pace. Liu lists high-quality products on his portal and makes sure that they are shipped across China in the shortest possible time. His aim is to make the first name among e-commerce companies in China.

Richard Liu Qiangdong was born and raised in Suqian, Jiangsu province in China. Liu Qiangdong graduated in 1996 with a degree in sociology from the People’s University of China in Beijing and graduated in business management from the China Europe International Business School. He first started a restaurant that failed and later a chain of 12 successful stores selling genuine magneto-optical products.

His staff could not attend the stores because of the SARS outbreak and Liu Qiangdong decided to sell products online. He founded in the year 2004. His new business model was successful and he closed his 12 stores and focused solely on selling genuine high-quality products over the internet. Get More Information Here.

Richard Liu Qiangdong is a self-made billionaire who runs one of the most successful e-commerce businesses at the young age of 44. The business has a turnover of about $ 60 billion and employs over 1,67,000 employees. He makes sure that lists genuine products and all orders in cities reach customers within six hours and in rural China within a day.

Products currently listed on the portal are fashion and food-related and consumer electronics. He makes sure that proper invoices are provided to customers. He is a family man and aims to be a good son to his parents, a good husband and, a good father. Qiangdong plans to expand the business and sell products by establishing across the world.

Richard Liu is a leader in the e-commerce business in China and across the world. He has received many awards recognizing his achievements in China and world-class forums. Despite his celebrity status, Liu is known for his humility and his concern for the welfare of his family, partners and his smallest employee.




Sharon Prince Makes The Earth Day Celebration An Annual Highlight At Grace Farms


Sharon Prince, the founder of the nonprofit Grace Farms Foundation, spent decades as a leader in the business community. Sharon was the president of 66° North USA for half a decade among her other executive positions. She established the Grace Farms Foundation so that she could develop a place where people can experience nature and learn about topics like social justice and the arts.

Grace Farms provides a place for everybody in Fairfield County to enjoy. It’s an 80-plus acre property that had once been home to a horse boarding business. The Grace Farms Foundation bought the property so that it could be restored. Sharon Prince and her team are restoring wetlands, meadows, and forests across the property.

Admission to Grace Farms is free. It is open Tuesday-Saturday from 10 am -6 pm and Sundays from 12 pm to 6 pm. Near New Canaan, CT, it can be reached from both Route 124 and 123. It is open year-round and offers programming during each season.

One of the highlights of the year is Earth Day festivities. There are many activities to do each year with the all-encompassing focus on nature. Some activities highlight wildlife protection and conservation. This family-friendly event encourages guests to interact with nature and learn how to enhance it in their day-to-day lives. This event is held in partnership with the New Canaan Land Trust, The Nature Conservancy, and the New Canaan Nature Center.

There is a community garden at Grace Farms that everyone can enjoy. Sharon Prince hired gardening expert Nick Mancini to lead this garden and the initiatives it supports. People who are interested in starting a home garden can learn tips and techniques about how to be successful with one. This includes fruit tree pruning tips, seed grafting and how to successfully plant in early spring.

In an article with Gazetteday entitled “Vast Natural Offerings At Grace Farms”, Prince shared that the foundation aspired to preserve this site as a gift of open space, a peaceful respite for the community to enjoy and to encourage people to draw inspiration from nature, pursue justice, encounter the arts, explore faith, and above all, collaborate for the common good.



Sharon Prince Founded Grace Farms To Give People A Bit Of Nature


Grace Farms sits on over 80 acres of land and is open to the public seven days a week. It always has many activities going on, and it allows people to get out into nature and be inspired by it. There are thought leaders at Grace Farms who are willing to talk with anyone who comes to them in need of help or advice. They teach people various disciplines and help them better their lives. The beauty of the land is what inspired the founding of Grace Farms.

Everyone is welcome at Sharon Prince Grace Farms, no matter what place they are at in life. The farm has great foliage and is a beautiful place to be at any time of the year. There are many birds on the farm, and there is a trail that people can take in winter to enjoy the winter scenery. There is also a community garden on the property, and it allows everyone the opportunity to get in the dirt and grow their own food. And, Grace Farm puts on some fun Earth Day festivities to celebrate nature.

Sharon Prince founded Grace Farms in 2009. She did that through private funding and was hoping to create a place where people could go to find peace and to get the help that they needed to find justice and faith. She also hoped for the farm to be a place where people could feel a sense of community. She is involved in a lot of charity work and is passionate about preventing human trafficking and abuse. Go Here to learn more.

Sharon Prince is passionate about social justice, environmental justice and creative art forms. Sharon Prince is one of the few individuals who stands up for creativity.

Besides her role at Grace Farms, she is also a board member at Next Generation Nepal, a charity organization that seeks to reconnect victims of child exploitation with their loved ones.

Recently, an article was published entitled “Sharon Prince Grace Farms” which discusses their connection with Crystal Bridges, bringing culture to unexpected places and bringing it up to those who are looking for a better environment where they can pause and reflect is priceless.


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Sharon Prince Helped To Create A Vision In Glass


The atmosphere that was created by Sharon Prince and the rest of the team responsible at Grace Farms is one that unique from anything else in the United States. The 80 acres that the private reserve sprawls out in are filled with the natural beauty that nature has to offer while still featuring the modernism of features such as The River Building.

“The River Building” is a dedication to beauty made of delicate glass, steel, and wood that feels like a flowing river through the rolling hills of New Canaan. It provides a background in which people can enjoy nature and their community in the same place, which is exactly what their President Sharon Prince had hoped to accomplish with the project.

When deciding who she wanted to design the centerpiece of the park, Sharon Prince had about 2 dozen options that her non-profit organization was considering. Eventually, they chose a design group from Japan that had previously won the Pritzker Architecture Prize for their work. She had a lot of faith in what they were capable of accomplishing so she and Grace Farms Foundation were able to give them a great deal of freedom in their design.

Sharon Prince and others were inspired to create the Grace Farms Foundation in order to be able to preserve a scenic plot of land in New Canaan. Without the construction of Grace Farms, this area filled with so much beauty and peace may have been filled with mansions instead of nature. At Grace Farms, Sharon Prince wants to do more than just preserve nature.

Prince wanted to create a place for the community to be able to go and enjoy themselves while learning and engaging in important discussions about the future and the present. Grace Farms is truly a place of peace and inspiration for the world to enjoy.

In an article with Medium, entitled “Exercise Your Voice in Everyday Moments”, Sharon Prince shared that embracing hopeful progress and use our voices in the moment, could create a world of respect and parity. Our voices matter. Collectively, they are our greatest instrument for change in the world.


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