Jed McCaleb Explains How Stellar Helps The World’s Unbanked Population

The original idea of cryptocurrency was to reduce the fees it takes to engage in banking activities and give people a way to exchange money with others all over the globe. This basic concept, though, has largely been forgotten as so many pursue initial coin offerings and crypto projects that widely diverge from this idea. One of the pioneers of the industry, Jed McCaleb, is trying to go back to that original idea with his nonprofit organization, Stellar Development Fund (SDF). The big idea is to providing banking services to people who presently are cutoff from banks.

Stellar Development Funds cryptocurrency is called Lumens (XLM). Unlike other cryptocurrencies getting Lumens is close to free. This is on purpose because it helps to fulfill Jed McCaleb’s goal which is to have his organization advance a number of social causes. He co-founded SDF with the idea that banks and other financial institutions put a number of unreasonable obstacles in the way of regular people using their services, especially those in impoverished nations. He says the global banking system is fundamentally broken and any person or family that doesn’t have enough financial resources is ignored.

The Stellar network is a decentralized platform launched in November 2015. It has both fast and secure transactions, the speed of which also differentiates Lumens from bitcoin. Being nearly free it can help the 2.5 billion people around the globe who have been left behind by banks and financial institutions. By their being able to freely send and receive money it will create better business and employment opportunities for those who have become poor and unbanked.

A big problem for people who are poor and unbanked, as Jed McCaleb describes the problem, is that this leaves them as easy targets to take what little funds they have managed to scrap together. They store cash in their houses which all of the criminals are more than aware of and they know every conceivable place a person would hide this money. By providing easy and very inexpensive access to storing money online Stellar helps people hang onto their money.

Here’s a demo session with Stellar’s Jed McCaleb:

Nick Vertucci Releases Book Sharing Personal Experiences

There are times when the experiences of one person can help others to grow and learn and find success. Nick Vertucci has put out a book that shares some of the personal experiences that he has had and that he hopes will help others to become successful. This book is something that shares the ups and the downs that this man has faced. The book is something that gives a real look at the life that this man has lived. The book, titled “Seven Figure Decisions: Having the Balls to Succeed”, is something that gives people the chance to get to know this man and understand his journey.

The book that Nick Vertucci is already something that is endorsed and spoken well of, and it is something that is sure to gain much attention. The book has been endorsed by an actor and producer. Dean Cain has spoken well of this book and put his stamp of approval on it. This book features a forward by Kevin Harrington from Shark Tank. The book is a bestseller on Amazon and a highly rated business memoir. It is available to those looking for a Kindle book to read and to anyone who likes to read their books in paperback.

Nick Vertucci has come through ups and downs, and he lived through some bad experiences. He pushed on through all that he faced, and he hopes that his book will help those who are in negative places push on and keep going. The book shares his personal experiences and it also gives people a chance to look at his strategy and to learn through him. This book shares help for those who hope to gain financial freedom and run a sustainable business.

There are some who write a book without really having experience dealing with the topic that they are writing about. That is not true with Nick Vertucci and the book that he has written. He is someone who has spend years in the real estate industry and he is someone who knows what he is talking about. He has started an academy to help those who are looking to make it in the real estate industry, and he shares information in his book that is similar to what he shares through that academy. Nick Vertucci is someone who has the knowledge that he needs to help others who are looking to be successful like him.

HCR Wealth Advisors Help People Make Better Financial Plans

HCR Wealth Advisors is just what people need if they are trying to get a financial plan in place. HCR Wealth Advisors is a registered investment advisory firm that helps investors from different walks of life to achieve their goals when it comes to the creation of long-term retirement plans.

People that may have wondered how they could possibly retire in style should contact an investment firm like to HCR Wealth Advisors, an experienced group of advisors that have a diverse skill set in advising clients. HCR Wealth Advisors can educate clients on investment strategy and create personalized financial plans, to help clients ensure that their investments are set up to help them reach their financial goals.

The professionals at HCR Wealth Advisors are able to help people build the type of portfolio that can help them get the best bang for the buck in their golden years. It takes experienced advisors to help people sort out practical numbers for how much they will need to save when they are trying to engage in better financial planning.

Many people do not have realistic numbers in mind when they are looking at what they are going to need for retirement. HCR Wealth Advisors is here to aid individuals into becoming more aware of what will realistically be needed to sustain the same type of lifestyle that they had during their working years.

Clients of HCR Wealth Advisors may have found themselves in a place where they have found themselves taking care of an unexpected number of dependents. This may include both their children and aging parents.

The first step for many people when they contact HCR Wealth Advisors is check out how much they actually have in assets before they go any further. From this point forward, the firm will work with the clients to determine how much will be needed to live a certain type of lifestyle based on the income that the clients are currently putting into savings. Check out the updates from HCR Wealth here

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OSI Group Acquires Tyson Food Plant In Chicago, Illinois

Unfortunately, Tyson Food Group had a plant that was being forced to close due to the overwhelming demands of their clients and customers with no way of being able to fulfill their needs. When this happened, Tyson Foods was approached by fellow competitor and was offered a large sum of money in order to purchase the Tyson plant. When the plant was officially purchased, it sold for $7.4 million dollars. When the plant was at risk of closing, the estimated number of employees who would end up losing their jobs was close to 500.

On the last day of production, there was a little more than half the original employees still working for Tyson. These employees opted to stay on and further their employment with OSI Group. The OSI Group spokeswoman was asked the exact number of people who were remaining throughout the transfer of the plant and the response was that she was not at liberty to discuss the exact number. It is within their policy to not disclose the exact information regarding their customers or clients as well as employee relations. Any of the information that pertains to customers as well as to products is kept confidential.

Tyson was unable to be able to fultill the needs and wants of their customers and clients which is why OSI Group opted to purchase the plant. The plant that is located in Chicago, Illinois was purchased by the OSI Group that is headquartered in Aurora, Illinois. Through the use of the plant, OSI is able to create a wider network of clients with their new manufacturing capabilities.

While Tyson operated the plant, it served as their factory for prepared meals that were supplied to many hospitality vendors. The number of other clients that they served remained up in the air throughout the transfer. The plant located on the South Side of Chicago worked as a plant that provided foods like tempura chicken, omelets and crepes among other foods to various clients. OSI was able to come in and take over the plant without much change to the foods that they were preparing. OSI was able to further their horizons through the newly acquired plant.

The old Tyson Food Plant served over 200,000 square feet and is close to proximity to another OSI factory. With the newly acquired setup, te costs are kept minimal and the employees are kept close to both plants to help make it easier should an employee need to be switched to the other factory for unknown reasons.

About OSI Group:

Ian King: The senior analyst at banyan Hill Publishing

Ian King: The senior analyst at banyan Hill Publishing.

When one mentions the name Ian King, a lot of personalities come to mind. One of them is that he is an editor and the senior analyst at Banyan Hill Publishing. Aside from that, he is known for managing a famous hedge fund. He is also a known businessman who has been in the industry for over 20 years. He is as well- known as a cryptocurrency broker. He as well poses as an investment advisor. He has a bachelor’s degree in Psychology. Stay updated with Ian at

Publications such as Fox Business News and Zero Hedge have intensively covered Ian King’s venture into the digital coin business. The Lafayette College alumnus worked for Investopedia Academy. Here, he was able to come up with a unique investment platform that dealt with cryptocurrency. His coming up with this invention opened doors for such of its kinds.

Ian’s venture into business began with small strides. He served as a counter clerk. He worked for a firm called Salmon Brothers. The company mainly dealt with mortgage bonds. He then left this company for Citigroup where he worked in the credit derivative department. From here, he went to Peahi Capital, a hedge fund. Here he worked as the head options trader. He stayed in this firm for ten years. during his time with this company, Ian and his group earned the company a lot of profits. Eventually, Ian got tired of his position in this firm. He left the company and started out on a quest to find something new worth investing into. It is in his pursuit that he stumbled upon cryptocurrency and realized it was worth exploring. Follow Ian King on

About a year ago, Ian King decided to become a part of the Banyan Hill Publishing. When joining the firm, he had one agenda in mind. He wanted to use the site to reach out to subscribers who could be interested in cryptocurrency. He has since then provided useful insights and analysis of the digital coin trade through various articles, journals, and magazines. He also keeps the interested reader into the knowledge of any dynamics of this trade. Ian King holds an editorial position for the magazine called Crypto Profit Trader. He is also a columnist for the weekly edition known as Sovereign Investor Daily.

Banyan Hill Publishing is a very popular and briskly growing publication. The firm offers business insights and advice to over 400,000 people. The firm comprises a group of highly experienced businessmen and women such as Ian King. The publication’s primary goal is to provide useful investment advice to its subscribers.


Life achievements of Ara Chackerian

Ara Chackerian is an entrepreneur, philanthropist and an investor. He has made major contributions. Currently, he is a board member of TMS Health Solutions of which he is a co-founder. This is a healthcare organization dealing with people suffering from treatment resistant depression.


According to, one of the current trends that excites him is the Digital Health care. With modern technology, telemedicine can be very helpful. Healthcare apps developed to monitor progress of patients is an example. Embarrassing technology in this sector can help save lives.


He has also taken part in promoting science dealing with x-rays and other affiliated medical facilities. Together with his business partner, he actively participated in building patients’ radiology centers. An example is the ones currently used in California. The spent almost a decade in coming up with this network.


As a forestry visionary, he has taken part in management of forests. According to him, forests are a great resource. Ara has provided tools necessary to preserve wilderness. In addition, he has affirmed suitable opportunities to harvest resources from nature.




According to him, each wilderness area requires precise planning. Furthermore, intricate resource management is also paramount. This helps prevent natural disasters such as drought, storms and fires. In turn, this preserves diverse wildlife and protects wilderness from decline.


Ara strongly believes in creating public awareness. According to him, the public should be educated on how to take care of the wilderness. Public dialogue and information sharing on this topic is paramount. If the citizens are knowledgeable, then the state is at a better position to conserve forests and the environment.


It is evident that forestry is not the only area that Ara is interested in. He however has a great passion for it. Together with other foresters across continents, he promotes forests conservation. He also encourages harvesting the abundant resources of nature offered by wilderness. These people is set to expand the communal commitment to wilderness management for a better future.

He chooses not to overpublicize his contributions. Ara Chackerian has personal connection to the causes that he donates to. The above achievements make him a great philanthropist.

Dispelling The Myths Surrounding Matt Badiali’s Freedom Checks

When Matt Badiali held up a six-figure check in a recent viral video and began to speak about the virtues of Freedom Checks, many viewers were confused by what is taking place. Some even believed that Freedom Checks were something that they could apply for and receive without putting in any actual effort.

This is certainly not the truth and those who take the time to pay attention to Matt Badiali’s video about Freedom Checks can learn more about them and how to obtain them. Did you know that these checks were created as a byproduct of a law that most Americans are completely unaware of? Learn more about Freedom Checks at

Statute 26-F allows investors to use their acumen to find the companies that are best suited for their needs. According to this statute, a business that can provide concrete evidence that at least 90 percent of their income is generated in a certain manner will qualify for a Freedom Check related investment opportunity.

The income must be generated through natural resources, specifically the production, storage, transportation and processing of these resources. A company that meets this qualification is then allowed to become a designated agency. Once a company becomes a designated agency, they are required to pay out Freedom Checks to their shareholders.

This makes Freedom Checks one of the most exciting investment opportunities that is currently available. Turning a profit is as simple as taking the time to research the company that meets all of the criteria that Matt Badiali has established. He provides a guide that should be used for all purchases of this nature. Read more about Freedom Checks at

It all starts by taking the time to research the company in full to find out more about their past track record. Do they consistently show the ability to offer their shareholders worthwhile returns? Are their financial records bulletproof and readily accessible? What about the track record of the business’ managers?

These are all questions that have to be answered before any sort of final decision can be reached. Matt Badiali does not make any investments in companies that provide Freedom Checks without receiving the proper reassurances.

If a company cannot prove that they are passing along a certain amount of money to their shareholders, this is a sure sign that we should consider other investments. The same rules that would apply to any other investment that we make are in full effect when it comes to Freedom Checks so be sure to bear that in mind.


OSI Group Has a New Food Processing Plant in Chicago

OSI Group, one of the biggest food processing plants in the food industry, has recently acquired a former Tyson Foods plant in Chicago, Illinois. The new plant helps the company increase its size and it helps the company continue to grow. The company has a lot of food processing plants and those plants are located in a number of states. OSI Group has food processing plants in Wisconsin, Iowa, Utah, Illinois, and California. The company also has a reputation in the food industry for delivering high-quality food processing services to their customers. The company intends the newly acquired food processing plant and food storage warehouse to help them continue to deliver high-quality food services to their customers.

When the former Tyson Foods plant closed, many workers lost their jobs. OSI Group has hired many of the workers to work with OSI Group. The company hires workers who want to work in the food industry. The company works to provide their employees with a working environment that is challenging and rewarding. They look to hire people who want to work in a team environment and they look to hire people who want to work hard to help OSI Group be the best food processing company that they can be.

OSI Group processes many different kinds of food products. They process pork, beef, poultry, and fruit and vegetable products. The company also processes pizza products such as pizza, crusts, breads, dough, and cookies. They process hot dogs, flavored sausages, pepperoni, pot roast, steak, chicken, chili, and beans. The company also has experience processing flatbread, lettuce, cucumbers, onions, tomatoes, and corn, as well as burgers, meatloaf, meatballs, turkey products, and roasted pork.

The food industry is a very competitive industry. There are a lot of companies striving to produce food products for many companies that sell and serve food. OSI Group is a company that has a lot of experience delivering high-quality food processing services to their customers. They intend their newly acquired food processing plant to help them continue delivering high-quality food processing services and they also intend for the plant to help them continue to grow and continue to be one of the biggest food processing companies in the food industry.

Contact OSI Group:

The Success of Hussain Sajwani the DAMAC Owner

Every successful business professional has a story to tell. From the challenges encountered while climbing the ladder of success to the strategies implemented to conquer those challenges, a successful business professional possess some special traits that set him or her apart from the rest. As illustrated by Hussain Sajwani the DAMAC owner, success has its impending challenges. Nevertheless, there is always a multifaceted approach to assist in overcoming the challenges.


Background Check

Described as a successful entrepreneur, Sajwani hailed from a humble background with modest characteristics. His father imported men’s personal use items from China. Of course, there were challenges in the business and Sajwani experienced first-hand intolerance; he was a bit pessimistic when it came to inheriting the family business. As such, he decided to join a medical school in Baghdad. He was a brilliant student. However, his interests changed; thereby deferring to pursue other interests.


Education and Business

Sajwani relocated to the United States of America where he earned full scholarship as an engineering student. After school, he first practiced in GASCO, an oil manufacturing company in Abu Dhabi. As the contracts manager, he oversaw management and resource allocation. Later into a few years of service, he delved into the food catering business. This must have been the best decision of his life as the business picked up at an alarming rate. Away from serving hotels in the Middle East, his business provided the following services to clients;

  • Human resources supply
  • Event management
  • Camp maintenance


DAMAC Properties

Away from the hospitality business, Sajwani decided to invest in real estate by establishing DAMAC Properties. Founded in 2002, the company has been providing top notch luxurious property in Dubai. What is more, Sajwani has been working with high-prolific business professionals and leaders with President Trump being the most memorable. He admitted in an interview with CNBC, he assures the panel that Trump’s election as president is an added advantage to business. Over the years, DAMAC Properties has made groundbreaking results in customer service and property development.


The Outline of Leadership

Hussain Sajwani is a successful business leader, mentor to emerging entrepreneurs and an advisor in real estate investments.

DAMAC owner: A Remarkable Entrepreneur

Hussain Sajwani is a real estate entrepreneur who over the years has worked hard to ensure growth. In his early years, he got an education which paved the way for many things and achievements he has in life so far. He got support from different people including family and even the government which ensured he went to the United States for further studies. With the skills and knowledge acquired, he started his own company, DAMAC, which is specialized in offering services in different sectors such as catering, real estate, and hospitality among others.

As an entrepreneur with vision, he ensured the company’s growth from a minute level to the extent of being international. The company currently provides services not only in Arabia but even in other continents. His ultimate goal is to see lives change through his works and projects he does. He has built apartments for people to live and even buildings that are of use for other business ventures. Another goal is to ensure people get peace hence he has developed many leisure places such as big hotels in Dubai.

DAMAC owner Hussain has also been involved in many charitable works as he aims to make a difference in the lives of others. This is motivated by the fact that at his early age he also got support and motivation to achieve his dreams. Therefore, over the years he finds ways to change lives one being his contributions for the clothing of children worldwide. He also works together with the government of Dubai to make the difference.

To add on that, he works hand in hand with the United Arabs Emirates especially the manager of Red Crescent to change the lives of young people. The DAMAC owner believes that changing the youth by improving them is changing the nation. He gives his financial support to boost their services to ensure the provision of proper shelter, clothing and most importantly, medical services as the primary basic needs.

In his charitable works, the DAMAC owner considers all classes of people as he aims to provide luxurious homes and places for leisure such as hotels even to foreigners. This enables people to have the sense of belonging regardless of their challenges. Through DAMAC properties, he has built houses in Dubai that are affordable even to those who are yet to own their home places. Hence, Hussain has done great work to facilitate gradual global growth.