Want To Know How To Market A Product? Look at Entrepreneur Laerte Codonho

Laerte Codonho is a Brazilian entrepreneur who founded Dolly. This is a soda manufacturing firm that he leads as the chief executive officer. He was just 26 years old when he launched this brand. Founded in 1987, it found national success in the 1990s. The main reason this company grew to what it is today is thanks to his genius as a marketer and advertiser. The other major reason is his commitment to quality and consistency (Facebook).


One of his claims to fame is the introduction of diet sodas to Brazil. The Brazilian federal government had banned these years earlier due to concerns over the safety of their ingredients. Laerte Codonho assembled a team of researchers to figure out the truth. They determined that the necessary ingredients were safe and he presented their findings to government regulators. The government gave his company approval to launch their calorie-free soda. Laerte developed lemon and guarana flavors of his diet soda.


Laerte Codonho is known throughout Brazil for his marketing prowess and is aware of also educating consumers from a young age to take right decisions for healthier drinks and food. He uses this skill for two reasons. The first is to promote his products. The second reason is to fight back against what he says are unfair trade practices by Coca Cola and other multinational soda brands. Once his products were sold nationally, he started to have government regulators make things very difficult for him and his company.


Laerte Codonho also noted irregularities in the consumer market. Upon further investigation, he determined that the reason behind these problems was that Coca Cola didn’t like he was grabbing market share from their products. Laerte Codonho has fought back through lawsuits, but these, of course, take a long time to resolve. Laerte has also fought back by dialing up his marketing and advertising skills which make a more immediate impact. 


He was the brains behind his company’s highly popular mascot, Dollynho. This mascot can best be described as a green walking, talking bottle of soda. The mascot is very appealing to Brazilian consumers as it’s goofy in a good sort of way. This mascot has even achieved international fame as people have created memes on the internet about it.

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