Isabel dos Santos Tours the Globe for Development

Isabel dos Santos is no stranger to celebrity or success. The daughter of Angola’s former president, dos Santos has been in the limelight since her youth. Isabel is well-known for being a life-long entrepreneur, and her telecommunication company UNITEL is singularly responsible for bringing Angola to the present. The effect she has had on the world around her has garnered a global impact, and Isabel dos Santos has not shied away from talking about it (Affiliatedork).


Isabel is a firm believer in development. The work she has done with UNITEL has been to develop Angola’s technology. Essentially, bringing the country into the future and providing its citizens the same wealth of technology experienced elsewhere. The impact this has had on both community and economy is the subject of many of her speaking engagements. Isabel dos Santos treks the globe speaking to whoever wants to listen about the impact entrepreneurs can have on the economy. Her innovative ideas given more ground in the fact that she herself is one such entrepreneur. Most of these engagements occur at universities like Yale, where Isabel dos Santos tries to influence the next generation.


Isabel dos Santos first popped on the international radar because of UNITEL. She is an ardent believer in the importance of introducing high-level tech in economies where it is virtually non-existent. Countries like her native Angola. Angola was not a tech-savvy place until dos Santos arrived with UNITEL. Now Angola has access to high-level tech and the effect on its economy has been substantial. According to Isabel dos Santos this needs to be repeated everywhere else in the world. However, it is up to entrepreneurs to make it happen. 


In dos Santos engagements she speaks of the importance of internet in the international community. She marks how developing tech allows that community to come together. Providing internet access to Angola was a huge forward step in its quest of stability. As an entrepreneur who has made such change, dos Santos hopes to be an example for future entrepreneurs to follow. Isabel is also a symbol of empowerment for women in business as well.


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