Mental Illness, Jeremy Goldstein & Fountain House

The names mental illness, Jeremy Goldstein and Fountain House all falls under the same banner. The reason being for this statement is that Jeremy Goldstein effectively utilizes Fountain House to find solutions for mental illness. Jeremey Goldstein is an attorney in New York City, and Fountain House is a New York-based foundation. Fighting and treating mental illness is easier said than done. Many of the people who struggle with this disorder can sometimes feel left out because they don’t possess the necessary skills to survive on their own. Fountain House changes all of this by working closely with a group of individuals who struggle with mental disability. This nonprofit organization is quite huge as it houses 500 mental-illness patients. The main goals here is to create a life for its occupants. Enrichment brings joy as well as builds self-confidence.


Fountain House has a history that dates back to the early 1940s. Getting the patients involved in the community is what this organization can do. By doing so, each patient can develop new friends, attain gainful employment, increase their self-esteem as well as have pride in their accomplishments. On the other hand, Jeremy Goldstein may be a local lawyer, but he works closely with Fountain House by being on the Board of Directors. Goldstein handles many of business aspects, and he has brought in copious amounts of fundraising capital.


On May 21, 2019, Jeremy Goldstein used vintage wine and fine dining to raise money for this extraordinary organization. In order to attend this wine dinner, every participant must pay a fee of $5,000. Yes, this is absolutely right, and this money will go toward funding numerous programs at Fountain House. The Nomad Hotel was ground zero for this stunning event as it played host to a number of power figures. La Mouline, La Landonne and La Turque vintage wines were served.


All in all, Jeremy Goldstein is doing his part to improve the lives of many people. This man will continue to raise the bar while setting new trends.


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