Gino Pozzo Makes Watford A Force In The Premier League

The innovative nature of the work of Watford owner, Gino Pozzo has seen the Italian-born club owner take on a much more dominant role than that of most soccer chairman. Pozzo is far more hands-on than the majority of owners who look to use soccer clubs as a plaything they can dip in and out of whenever they feel like it. In the long-term, Gino Pozzo believes he has the skills to keep Watford climbing up the Premier League with an array of helpers from Chief Executive Scott Duxbury to Chief Scout, Andrea Carnevale.

Gino Pozzo has looked back over the careers of the coaches who have passed through the doors of his former clubs, Udinese and F.C. Grenada where he was an important figure before moving to Watford. The Premier League is notorious for sacking coaches after a short period of time, which Duxbury and Pozzo saw as a failure when a coach is put in charge of buying players for the future. Instead of relying on a coach to make transfers and source new players, Gino Pozzo made the decision that he was going to use a team of global scouts who have the ability to identify the players of the future.

Instead of relying on the head coach to identify players, Gino Pozzo looks to a team of experienced global scouts who prepare reports on the players initially identified by Andrea Carnavale. The former Italian international striker is known to have identified some of the most exciting talents to come out of Watford in recent years headed by the striker, Richarlison. The future of the club is being guaranteed by the ability of the scouting network to provide Gino Pozzo with reports on possible signings and for the chairman to negotiate deals for the best players identified.

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