Aaron Lupuloff’s Education Advocacy has Resulted into an Academically Oriented Community

The Senior Director of Gwinnet County Public Schools, Aaron Lupuloff, is a staunch believer in education as the true benchmark of a nation’s success. He strongly feels, based on his many years of experience working in the school system, that children do better in school and a more motivated to finish their entire education when they are happy and engaged with the entire process. Schools can only provide this kind of holistic environment when they offer extracurricular activities that bolster the children’s confidence outside the classroom. After all, learning just does not happen in the four walls of a classroom. In fact, the best teaching moments are those that occur outside its walls.

This is the reason why Aaron Lupuloff is hard at work in keeping money in Gwinnett County Public Schools for the betterment of their facilities and programs. His own five children are a product of the very same school system. He noted that he and his wife play crucial roles in his children’s lives, but he could also not discount the role that the school plays in molding children. The school provides an avenue for socialization, where they can engage with many different types of personalities. More importantly, in school they dabble in the arts, join athletic programs, and work academics. These elements all work harmoniously together in giving children opportunities and enough challenges to keep their minds stimulated.

Aaron Lupuloff is committed in seeing the success of the school district because a successful one equates to happy and successful children who pass through these schools. He is a firm believer that great schools build even greater communities. As part of his advocacy, Aaron Lupuloff has sought the help of the community, so they can all work together to improve the public schools.

Right now, Gwinnett County Public Schools are very lucky to be backed up by an academically oriented community, who provide their full support. Aaron Lupuloff said that fundraising efforts in GCPS aren’t just driven by the students, parents, and teachers, which is the norm. A lot of help come from many established businesses that want to see their local schools succeed in influencing and molding the lives of many children. To know more about Lupuloff visit usejournal.com


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