Gustavo Martinez: A Traditional Approach To Marketing In A New Era

When businesses are just getting their start, there is a lot that the entrepreneurs behind them might now know. When it comes to marketing a brand, experts like Gustavo Martinez who has been in the marketing and advertising industry for more than 35 years can offer advice that could give your business a better chance at thriving through business acceleration. While every successful business grows, accelerating this growth can help in many different ways including making the companies more effective and more flexible when it comes to adapting to change. After partnering with UV Business Acceleration, Gustavo Martinez has been working with the firm to help develop a business acceleration model that is definitive at helping improve the odds for startups. With 90% of startups going under within just three years, it’s clear that there is a lot of room for optimization.


When businesses are first getting their start, Gustavo Martinez can help them to avoid some of the guesswork through his consulting advice. While he may have changed his career path from serving as the President and CEO of large advertising firms, he is happy to be able to get back to his roots in the world of marketing consulting. It is becoming more and more competitive when it comes to startups and most of them just don’t have the time to deal with too much trial and error when it comes to their business decisions. That is why so many of them are starting to rely on the techniques suggested by seasoned and credentialed consultants like Gustavo Martinez and his partners at UV Business Acceleration.


Before moving back to the world of consulting, Gustavo Martinez had been serving in the role of Chief Executive Officer of J. Walter Thompson Worldwide. In the past, he had also served as President for Mather, Ogilvy, and McCann World Group. After being able to prove his ability in his first positions at Price Waterhouse and Henkel, he was able to move up in the marketing world rather quickly. Through hard work and talent, Gustavo Martinez was able to thrive in the world of advertising.


He holds a Ph.D. from the Universidad de Barcelona in Economics. While he was born in the country of Buenos Aires, he was raised in Spain and Italy. He is fluent in multiple languages and can speak Italian, English, Spanish, and Portuguese. In addition to his role in business, Gustavo Martinez has also taught the subjects of Marketing and Economics at several different business schools. In his free time, the marketing expert is passionate about sports including those of skiing and golf. Currently, he lives in Barcelona, Spain and does a great deal of work within the European Union.


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