Clément Perrette Shares His Passion Project “Call Of The Blue”

It was in 1992 that internationally recognized businessman Clément Perrette started working in the capital markets industry. He manages investments in the fixed income asset class, usually corporate and government bonds. Since February 2016, he has been a senior portfolio manager at the Swiss firm RAM Active Investments. Other companies he has worked for in senior positions include Barclays Capital and Deutsche Bank.

Clément Perrette is a philanthropist who is passionate about the ocean and the life it contains. He is one of the people behind the Call of the Blue project. This is a nonprofit book that is filled with stunning pictures taken in the world’s oceans. 52 of the world’s best oceanographers, biologists, and other scientists are featured in this book. These scientists wanted to share the beauty of the oceans and be guardians of it by protecting biodiversity.

Also participating in the Call of the Blue project were 20 people who are passionate about this topic. This includes authors, filmmakers, presenters, actors, explorers, singers, and sportsmen. The project was first named Life of the Blue but the title was changed to Call of the Blue to highlight that everyone involved is a guardian of the ocean.

The first edition, released in hardcover format, nearly sold out. Clement Perrette reports that they are looking to bring corporate partners on board to release a second edition. Their goal is to find someone willing to transmit an ocean preservation message.

Call of the Blue features 300 pictures that have never before been published. The text covers important topics such as plastic pollution, turtle egg poaching, and how manta gill racks are traded in some parts of the world. The hope is that people reading this book will be inspired to action, participants in promoting the health of the ocean.

More information about Call of the Blue is presented here.

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