Clément Perrette Shares His Passion Project “Call Of The Blue”

It was in 1992 that internationally recognized businessman Clément Perrette started working in the capital markets industry. He manages investments in the fixed income asset class, usually corporate and government bonds. Since February 2016, he has been a senior portfolio manager at the Swiss firm RAM Active Investments. Other companies he has worked for in senior positions include Barclays Capital and Deutsche Bank.

Clément Perrette is a philanthropist who is passionate about the ocean and the life it contains. He is one of the people behind the Call of the Blue project. This is a nonprofit book that is filled with stunning pictures taken in the world’s oceans. 52 of the world’s best oceanographers, biologists, and other scientists are featured in this book. These scientists wanted to share the beauty of the oceans and be guardians of it by protecting biodiversity.

Also participating in the Call of the Blue project were 20 people who are passionate about this topic. This includes authors, filmmakers, presenters, actors, explorers, singers, and sportsmen. The project was first named Life of the Blue but the title was changed to Call of the Blue to highlight that everyone involved is a guardian of the ocean.

The first edition, released in hardcover format, nearly sold out. Clement Perrette reports that they are looking to bring corporate partners on board to release a second edition. Their goal is to find someone willing to transmit an ocean preservation message.

Call of the Blue features 300 pictures that have never before been published. The text covers important topics such as plastic pollution, turtle egg poaching, and how manta gill racks are traded in some parts of the world. The hope is that people reading this book will be inspired to action, participants in promoting the health of the ocean.

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Raffaele Riva Success Story

Raffaele Riva is a Briton who is influencing the global community. The angel investor is not new to startups. The last ten years have seen him grow from a student to one of the leading entrepreneurs in London. Most of his career has been spending helping early-stage organization to stand out from the tough competition. His love for the market has also forced him to fund many company owners who had a mission to accomplish in the market. The executive does not take his role in the market lightly. In an interview, Raffaele told the world about his busy and tight working schedules.

Unlike many wealthy people, Raffaele says that he wakes up very early, before sunrise. Regardless of the day, the business leader knows that he has an extremely important role to play in the market. Just a few blocks from his home, there is a coffee shop that the angel investor loves. This is where he takes some time to read emails and plan his daily activities. In a normal day, the entrepreneur has to deal with different chief executive officer and complex businesses that are located in many parts of the world. The time is always different in the world, and this is why Raffaele Riva has to wake up early and finish his day late. Setting the agenda of the day early, enough helps the executive to accomplish more goals and projects. His home office saves him time in traffic. Raffaele Riva has also learned about different ways of keeping his body healthy so that he can be extremely productive all the time. Eating healthy foods and going for workouts often ensures that he is alert and productive when his clients around the globe need him. Staying away from time-wasting activities have helped him to reach his destination in life too.

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Matt Badiani, the background of an financial investment specialist

Matt Badiali is a strategic investor who specializes in energy market research. Many people who took his financial advice received substantial returns of their investments in general, which is why we decide to take a closer look at this character.

About the formation of Matt Badiali

Badiali started his professional path with the formation of a geology scientist, a field that would help him to understand the energy sector in his future interactions in finance.

Penn State University:

  • Penn State University: As mentioned, the first move of Matt was studying earth sciences, receiving a bachelor’s degree.

Florida Atlantic University:

  • Florida Atlantic University: Along with his initial formation in earth sciences, Matt Badiali also completed his education in FL Atlantic University. He earns a Master of Science in geology and intends to keep on with his academic journey.

University of North Carolina:

  • University of North Carolina: Matt has the objective to master his field, which is why he continued studying geology for the next few years. He would work on earning a Ph.D. until he meets the financial industry for the first time in 2004.

The first steps of Matt Badiali as an investor

A friend of Badiali holds a Ph.D. in finance and introduced him to the financial sector. Matt was interested in the most related field to his scientific academic preparation: the natural resource market.

After a sequence of achievements, Matt Badiali could prove his excellent competence in creating profitable returns from his decisions. The advisor has started building a successful history in finance and helped several investors with his projections.

After realizing his potential, Matt made his financial service more professional and organized by creating the Real Wealth Strategist newsletter in 2017, an advisory program to benefit subscribers from his insights. View Matt’s profile on Linkedin.

How does Badiali strategize his market investments?

Unlike most beginners believe, investing can become a low-risk operation when you understand and research the market properly. Even though investment success is relative to probability, it is a game worth playing in the long term vision.



Scott Gelb’s Business Advice

As the Chief Operations Office at Riot Games, Scott Gelb knows a bit about business. Thus, it is no surprise that he talked about some exciting business ideas in a recent interview. His two business ideas that he was willing to give away were as follows. Learn more about Scott Gelb at

The first, a nicer and higher-end computer café, one that functions almost as a sports bar. E-sports can be broadcast on the cafés TVs and it creates a more social atmosphere around PCs and gaming. Another idea he recommended was a simple and easy kit that could help people with low levels of digital literacy secure themselves in an online world.


Scott Gelb also discussed his greatest entrepreneurial failure. Succinctly, he states that his failure was an inadequate ability to understand the team and how it was malfunctioning. Scott Gelb has often stated that a good team can make or break a leader’s success and this scenario was no different. He had a team that was not working well together but Gelb was only able to treat the surface issues that arose – he was too naïve to remedy the root cause of the problem. Eventually, upon realizing his mistake, he was able to fix the problem. Follow Scott Gelb on Medium.

Stratford Shield Impressive Career Life

Stratford Shields has a special role in the corporate section. The business leader is popular because of the role he occupies at Loop Capital Markets. For a long time now, Stratford has served as managing director at the institution, a role he loves whole-heartedly. Loop Capital Markets specializes in public finance investments. Most of its customers are in Northeast and Midwest. Before the executive took this role, he was serving in one of the largest government firms as the president. The hard-working leader recently shared some of his secrets of success.

Successful company leaders must maintain a routine if they want to be successful. Stratford Shield believes that starting his day very early in the morning helps him to accomplish all his goals in time. Unlike many leaders, the executive arrives at his office before all his workers. Before the others can arrive and settle, the finance executive takes time to think and strategize about his customers and their requirements. Many customers who visit Stratford at the office and all of them have unique needs. Being able to meet the complicated demands of these people requires hard work and so much commitment. This routine, however, changes whenever the executive has to travel outside town. This happens mostly when a customer wants him to visit.

As a leader of a prominent company that is doing so well in the market, Stratford has realized that reading a lot can be extremely helpful. According to him, reading helps to keep someone updated on the current events in the finance market. The business leader makes his decisions with the help of the information he has accumulated over the years. Reading online and offline is important for people who are in charge of large organizations in the finance section. The finance expert says that when he was young, he made mistakes. These mistakes have helped to shape his career.

Isabel dos Santos on Changing the Human Perspepctive

One of the aspects of modern business that tends to unsettle Isabel dos Santos more than anything else is the fact that it is often run on the basis of earning a profit rather than on the basis of helping the people. While she understands that this is the part of the way the business world operates in many ways, she believes that people ought to have reached a point by now where they realize that they are better than this. As long as we try to constantly develop our morals as a species, you would think that we would be on an ever-increasing trend, but Isabel dos said that this is not necessarily the case. In fact, in many respects, we are moving backwards as a species.

It would seem as though we do not care about the environment even remotely in the modern day, whereas in the past, we treated it with respect. According to Isabel dos Santos this is one of the biggest issues we face as a species in the modern world. Part of the problem with it, however, is that we are simply not treating it as a problem. She thinks that we should be actively looking for more solutions to counteract the fact that we will all run out of fuel for energy in as little as a few decades. Once this happens, there is no telling what might happen to our species if we do not have a backup plan involving renewable energy source.

Unfortunately, this kind of a plan requires that people look actively for solutions for the current problem, and as it stands, it does not seem like there are too many people who are willing to do this in the modern world. For that reason, it is important to Isabel dos Santos to constantly represent values that she believes are certain to benefit the state of human life around the world. In her own opinion, this is one of the most underrated aspects of life that we continually forget about when we consider what the best ways to live are. For this, she hopes to change the way we view our world. Click here.

Jason Hope Believes In The Bright Future Of Internet Of Things

Internet of Things is one of the tech trends which has the most promising future. A lot of people believe in the potential of the Internet of Things as one of the progressive new techs in the future. One of the people who believe and advocates the importance of the Internet of Things is Jason Hope, an entrepreneur, and a skilled futurist. Jason Hope has a great passion for everything related to technology. He is one of the watchers of technological trends. Hope believes that the Internet of Things will be an important player in modern society. This is evidenced by the growing number of devices which are already connected to the Internet. He is from Tempe and received his bachelor’s degree in Finance from Arizona State University.

Afterward, he pursued his MBA from ASU’s W.P. Carey School of Business. One of the things that Jason Hope do in order to support technology is by giving grants to the ideas of young students or budding entrepreneurs. He has a program which provides grants to entrepreneurs with amazing ideas. Hope believes that young and aspiring entrepreneurs are the future of the tech industry with their interesting ideas and innovation. Jason Hope also believes that the impact of the Internet of Things in the daily lives of people will soon become more evident. He stated that it will not be long before every home has IoT connected devices connected to the Internet.

The fact that great products even as early as 2017 have been appearing is a testament of his belief. Some products that are being used are devices which let the user adjust the lighting and room temperature even when they’re not at home. In addition, Jason Hope is also known for its involvement as an investor for the research institute called the SENS Research Foundation. The institute develops various usage of stem cells. He believes that medical research is headed toward the development of stem cells, and someone has to be at the forefront to support the development of the company. Hope is one of the donators of SENS research.

Matt Fleeger and Getting into The Business of Life

Matt Fleeger knows that one can move forward and go places when they are humble and they stay the course. When people are working and meeting deadlines and staying focused on the matter at hand they are able to achieve and succeed. That is why it is important to people like Matt Fleeger that everyone has good mental stability. If mental stability is present then this means that one can generate cash flows well into the future. This means that there is good human capital and creativity can definitely be unlocked overall.

This is a very important aspect to people like Matt Fleeger who are in traditional businesses but must always seek to have an edge to get to different heights within the business.

By staying calm and patient and taking the right actions when need be people like Matt Fleeger can lead organizations to success in a holistic fashion. This might seem like it is easy but it is rather hard to do and many shy away from it.

But because Matt Fleeger learns from places like the NBA and other organizations he is able to create and grow.

Since the NBA has a full roster of strong-looking and strong-headed men, the issue of mental health awareness is all the more prevalent for it. Even those with an understanding of their emotions might find that expressing them may take something away from their strength.

It is only through constant support and encouragement that such ideas could be tackled effectively. Prevention is always a better approach than cure, and that could only be adopted if those who are going through mental health struggles could come forward before their illness has gotten the better of them.

That is why, the NBA and NBPA need to continue on their mission to spread awareness about mental health, no matter how long the road ahead for them might seem at the moment.


Academy of Art University’s Annual Showcase is Here

Academy of Art University is an accredited university that was established in 1929 by Richard S. Stephens. This university holds the title as the school that was made by the artist for the artist. This amazing school has a very dedicated approach to preparing its students to have successful careers. The students are immediately exposed to very professional qualities even on the first day of class. Academy of Art University’s teaching staff is mainly composed of industry professionals who are enthusiastic about educating tomorrow’s leaders and giving them a head start. One of their most well-known events helps to exhibit just how dedicated Academy of Art Univerisity is about giving students this wonderful advantage.

The Annual Spring Show is a big event that gives the students a huge Academy of Art University styled experience. Industry professionals from everywhere show up to this showcase to observe and recruit the university’s talented seniors. Most professors at the university feel that in the proessional arena most students have to chase around the world to get their ultilmate opportunity. This fair helps to alleviate that struggle. The Annual Spring Show is Academy of Art University’s attempt to bring the opportunity to their students. This is a very professional and uplifting way to showcase their students’ talents and appreciation.

The Annual Spring Show should also help the students by exposing them to professional networking opportunities. This is another important skill that their professors stress. Networking skills are, infact, another skill that is addressed on the first day of class. It is taught that great artists today must be very good at this skill to expand and make their work noticed. If the students do well at the fair then they have opprtunities to acquire jobs right after they graduate! It is exciting to see what great artist’s rise up with the help of this inspirational university.

Why Ted Bauman Thinks PayPal is for the Wise Investor

A top investor, Ted Bauman, is now talking about one of the greatest payment processing tools in the world. PayPal, according to Ted Bauman, could easily become an investor’s best friend. It was once a great thing to say that cash is king, but is that really the case now? It really isn’t, especially now that so many payment services are digital.

His newsletter, published by Banyan Hill Publishing, just released some really useful advice and a great question. Ted Bauman opened his most recent newsletter asking his readers to recall the last time they used cash. It might be difficult for some folks to recall the last time they used cash. Some of the older readers, may recall a time when using cash was all they had, and they used it because there was an old business that only accepted cash. Read more about Ted Bauman at Bloomberg

Those were the days, but Ted Bauman says those days are truly over. This digital world we live in has created a new environment. Even gas stations have seen the uptick of using cards at the pump regardless of the holds, so there is no need to carry cash.

The use of retail cards is growing, and it’s amazing how much retail cards are being leaned on for those applicants who want to have access to a store that has everything. Cashless payments means PayPal and similar services are growing in popularity. Their becoming so popular, it’s the way everyone seems to exchange money endlessly for products and services.

Ted Bauman cautions people on the idea that a savings account isn’t even worth it anymore. He is often references his portfolio in his newsletter, The Banyan Hill letter to give everyone an idea of how to prepare ahead for the future. As the economy continues to change, it’s crazy to think that one can verify authenticity.

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