Carsten Thiel: The Revered Biotechnology Specialist

Born and raised in Berlin, Carsten Thiel is a revered expert specializing in biotechnology. He is a visionary professional with vast experience in creating and developing successful companies that specialize in the launch of high-profile medical products including Strensiq, Vectibix, Neulasta, as well as Prolia. He has also spearheaded the launch of various medical breakthrough therapies aimed at saving thousands of lives. Carsten Thiel is also equipped with ethics when it comes to decision making. His convictions have often called for the transformation of existing medical protocols as well as overhauls that have resulted in cohesive patient care as well as a customer-oriented relationship with patients.

Carsten Thiel specialized in chemistry. He aspired to garner experience in the conventional Anglo-Saxon educational syllabus. As such, he joined the University of Bristol in the United Kingdom. In the process, Carsten studied organic chemistry and focused on biochemistry before receiving his degree in Bachelor of Science. To complete his formal education, Thiel joined the Max Planck Institute for Biophysical Chemistry and completed his Ph.D. specializing in Molecular Biology.

Upon the completion of his formal education, Carsten Thiel joined the workforce in the innovative realm of pharmaceuticals at Hoffman La-Roche. This is a revolutionary international biotechnology firm. Before La-Roche, he worked as a communications manager while utilizing his skills in science to advance the company. In a few years, he was asked to join the industry of scientific marketing as a key accounts manager. Carsten flourished within this role. He became a successful professional in his business as his career grew tremendously.

After working for a few years within the global sector, his success paved the way for him to spearhead the product launch of Xenical, which was manufactured for those who are battling weight. Even though he has garnered tremendous experience as a salesperson specializing in vitamins as well as chemicals, this was an extended foray into the marketing industry for general masses.

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A Typical Day In The Life Of A Financing Expert

What is life like for a Financing Expert? Well, in this article we will be discussing that. Felipe Montoro Jens, if you have read our previous articles, is a man that is truly unique and someone who has become a legend in the realm of financing.

So if you ever wondered what people of high success do with their life then sit tight because this is the article for you.

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A Typical Day In The Life Of A Financing Expert

  • Ordinary Day: Breakfast, Gym/Running
  • Work. At work: 1-2 telephone calls with budgetary organizations/accomplices (in joint speculations)/potential financial specialists.
  • 2-3 inside/outer gatherings.
  • Audit contracts/understandings and compose answers (to the Board of Directors) about the most significant venture’s difficulties/results.

How Does He Remain Productive?

To be productive he avoids internet-based life and little talks at the office. He centers around important dialogs.

How he breathes life into his thoughts?

Perusing “genuine” and “inquisitive” news, observing great motion pictures and talking about/getting together with keen individuals.

What advice would he give his more youthful self?

Continuously put forth a valiant effort (regardless of what you are doing). Be immaculate with your words and don’t influence presumptions to inquire.

As a business person, what is the one thing you do again and again and prescribe every other person do?

Survey, audit and survey your introductions and reports. There is dependably space to improve what you are doing and to be progressively exact.

A Typical Day In The Life Of A Financing Expert

The life of an expert  financer, or the life of a successful person, all revolves around managing time but more importantly your mindset. What was your favorite thing form this article, sound off in the comments below.

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Isabel dos Santos impact on development in Africa

Isabel dos Santos holds a senior executive position at a phone operator in Angola, Unitel. During an Africa Summit, she outlined that the continent will be transformed through digital devices. The summit concentrated on building a healthy relationship between Africa and the European nations. In that session, she implied that there will be additional sales and operations via e-commerce. It is vital to utilize technology and urban planning to create better towns.

By doing this, they improve the lives of the citizens and also raise the economy of the state. Isabel dos Santos insisted on the importance of education as it results in the growth of countries. Isabel dos Santos studied at King’s College in London, where she pursued electrical engineering. After finishing her studies, she got an opportunity to work in the project management position for Urbana 200. During 1997, she initiated her own venture which was the Miami Beach Club.

For the past two decades, Isabel dos Santos held management spots in several firms listed on a European stock exchange. In addition, she has enlarged her passion for business which resulted in her to build various holdings. She had a passion for telecommunication, media and the energy sector in Angola. Under Isabel dos Santos management, she outlined that the institution will invest in education so as to equip engineers and technicians with skills and knowledge. The firm will also ensure they create job vacancies for the skillful and learned individuals.

Isabel dos Santos is committed to ensuring ladies acquire education and job vacancies to improve society. Often, she inspires women to take advantage of technology and artificial intelligence. Besides her role in encouraging women and managing the firm, she also participates in offering charitable donations. She is involved in a variety of developments which improve the small societies. Among them includes a project in Humpata, where she assisted to begin a strawberry field to improve lives. This development opened a vacancy for 120 women who gain an income from it. She believes that empowering women is the same as improving society since they use their income in the family.

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Article Title: The Hard Work of Carsten Thiel towards Improving People’s Lives through Medicine

Biotechnology is a relevant field and the sector with which Carsten Thiel has a vast experience, outstanding leadership, and professional experience. His administration has resulted in the transition of different medical products with remarkable profiles. They include Neulasta, Vectibix, Prolia, and Strensiq. Other than intensifying the market establishment of various medical treatments, Carsten’s has aided the lives of several patients through direct involvement. With regards to the ethics of medicine considered with regards to decision making, the convictions from him usually get a consideration during the revamp of the protocols present. Such services have resulted in cohesive patient care alongside a comprehensive link between the provider and the patient.

The story of Carsten Thiel started in Berlin as he was born there. In his studies, he performed well from the time he began. He later attended Marburg University to pursue Chemistry. He had a passion for the acquirement of a traditional encounter linked to the system of learning named Anglo-Saxon. Thus, he progressed to the UK’s Bristol University. He partook organic chemistry and later proceeded with biochemistry after graduating with his bachelor’s. He went to progress at Max Planck Institute which is a luxurious institution. He earned a Ph.D. from the institution with a major in Molecular Biology.

It is after graduation that his professional life started concerning the innovative setting linked to the pharmaceuticals. That occurred through the post alongside Hoffman La-Roche that remains a universal leader within the sector of biotechnology. He got a chance of serving as the manager on product and communications. It is through his appropriate application of experience, skills, and knowledge towards advancing his reputation with regards to the company.

Despite the progress, medicine alongside biochemistry and rising technological know-how, remembering the human character is critical. The reason remains that the medicinal goals have their goals connected to making the lives of people better and ensuring that they are happy.

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Serge Belamant And The Blockchain Technology

Financial expert Alec Hogg once dubbed Serge Belamant as the Steve Jobs and Bill Gates of the Republic of South Africa. He is the founding patent owner of blockchain technologies. His inventions as a software and applications developer have been monumental to the financial industry. His technologies served as the backbone in making various cryptocurrencies. Visit

His groundbreaking technologies can generate a disseminated independent transaction ledger. This is very helpful since it enables government, banks, and private institutions to quickly process various activities ranging from deposits to investments to payments and withdrawals in a secured setting.


Serge Christian Pierre Belamant was born in Tulle, France to a father who works as a tiler. When he was 14 his family moved to South Africa where he attended the Witwatersrand University in Johannesburg and studied computer science. His talent in digital financial transaction applications and software is beyond proficient. Because of this, he became an important member of various companies involved in the creation of several technological advancements that simplified and secured our financial banking systems these days.

Serge Belamant established Net1 UEPS Technologies, Inc in 1989. He also designed the EUPS, which stands for Universal Electronic Payment Systems. VISA worked with Belamant where he designed the company’s concept. The result is the Chip Offline Pre-Authorized Card. It is the kind of cards that we all use today.

He also created a digital payment system transfer grants in areas all over South Africa. His system is highly-demanded and is currently utilized by many other countries. This includes Iraq and Russia. Today, his company, Net1, is the leading software payment technology for established and emerging economies all over the world.

Serge Belamant also co-founded Zilch Technologies headquartered in the UK. Additionally, he is one of the Board of Advisors at Medikredit Integrated Healthcare Solutions and Prism Group Holdings Pty. Ltd.

In the world of application and software development, Serge Belamant is beyond excellent. His brilliant mind has brought the blockchain technology to unforeseen heights. Without his earlier contribution to the said technology, the IT world as we know it today could have never been the same.

Mike Nierenberg is a Businessman With Drive

As the current Chairman, President & CEO of the New Residential Investment Corporation, Mike Nierenberg has made a name for himself by combining effective business with a personal drive for success. This is largely due in part to his tendency to take opportunities with force, using his cunning tactics to maximize efficiency in any field he works in.

This isn’t necessarily news to anybody who has worked with Mr. Nierenberg, though. He has already had extensive runs at companies such as Bank of America and Fortress Investment Group LLC, the latter of which hired him specifically for his financial expertise that allowed him to shine brightly in any company.

However, the most important aspect of Mr. Nierenberg’s work personality is by far the way in which he can motivate and inspire those he’s working with. For example, he understands the necessity for somebody to lead a group of people with force, leading to his many personal initiatives to increase the teamwork present in any given company exponentially. Many who have worked with Mr. Nierenberg have been stated to feel motivated and inspired under his leadership, feeling capable of not only being efficient at what they do, but succeeding in the process.

Since he has taken control as CEO of New Residential, Mr. Nierenberg has transformed the company from a well-known entity to one of the most important forces on the market at the moment for mortgage-servicing rights. With recent stock offerings such as the $433 million one from 2018, it’s clear that not only is New Residential one of the most notable companies currently in the mortgage-servicing rights market, but they’re also at this point because of the incredible work done by Mike Nierenberg.

Nowadays, it’s difficult to find someone to run a business who is just as helpful as they are dynamic, just as charismatic as they are serious. This is why Mike Nierenberg continues to push through as an incredible figure in business.

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Gustavo Martinez Secret to Success in the Marketing Industry

For over thirty years, Gustavo Martinez has worked in the marketing and advertising sector.

Due to his massive success in the business, he has built his name internationally. Several prominent companies have incorporated his skills in their production through increased sales and profits.

Gustavo has always delivered commendable results within the industry through understanding his customer’s prospects and needs. Similarly, he is thriving achieve the goal of advertising products through other marketers produce. He not only pursues his goals but also care about his client’s bottom lines and the way of improving them with perfection.

Formerly, Gustavo Martinez was the CEO of J. Walter Thompson WW. He also proudly served as a regional president at Ogilvy and McCann. From the companies he gained his wealthy experience in marketing. He later became the sought after icon in the advertising and marketing industry.

Gustavo is a passionate marketer and he happily shares his knowledge to other people. He is always ready to face the challenges that comes hi way through the driving force of his marketing skills. From a recent interview, he talked about focusing on the future by putting his past mistakes behind. According to Gustavo, a positive mind is the driving force to success.

The idea of starting up his own company came from the ads he made in his previous positions. He likes to have an open mind in creation and innovation of outstanding marketing videos. Many of his ideas in the industry are generated from his diversified team. Read more: Gustavo Martinez | Ideamesh and Gustavo Martinez | Tumblr

He has mastered the art of listening to his clients and employees hence putting the ideas into implementation. The company’s success has been accelerated by the freedom of the employees to work in departments where they can thrive in. Being a proactive worker, he is able to generate results to the customer’s likings.

Gustavo Martinez is excited by the new emerging market trends such as the internet of things (IOT). This trend has enabled him to learn what his customers wants hence focusing on enhancing his marketing strategies. The former JWT employee values each and every person’s opinion which according to him everyone has some skills to offer.

Listening and responding to other people’s needs is a powerful production tool in entrepreneurship. Additionally, Gustavo recommends on meeting the needs of clients through proper analysis and research of the clients so as to thrive in the industry.

In conclusion, he advises the younger people to patient while building their careers. They should also learn from other people so as to take their goals to another level. Additionally, Gustavo is passionate about donating and giving back to the society. He believes that donation is important is done for the right reasons rather than advertising.

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Betsy DeVos – Her Work in Politics

Since 2016, Betsy DeVos has been working towards more educational options for students across the country. As the 11th US Education Secretary, many have criticized her policies while parents and students have seen the benefits of educational choice. So what can we gather from Betsy DeVos in 2019?


Last year, there were a few things tripping up America’s education system, and the worst of them wasn’t even standardized test scores. In 2018, Parkland taught us that campus security and gun control issues were harming the most innocent of all. President Donald Trump put Betsy DeVos in charge of school safety reform.


Since then DeVos has learned heavily on security professionals, teachers, school administrators, and lawmakers to implement policies that would smartly keep schools safe without adding more guns to the problem. She responded to questions in a “60 Minutes” interview by Leslie Stahl about teachers having guns with little interest. She stated the best policies would keep students safe without more guns.


These were just some of the issues that the new US Education Secretary had to face. She was also asked about the success of her educational choice programs. With just a little over a year in office, DeVos said that it was too soon to tell how these programs were doing, but many students who were in failing districts were now able to go to better schools and had options for schooling if they didn’t want to attend a school in their “zone.”


For many years, parents and students have complained about school zones and standardized testing. If schools don’t perform well, there’s a good chance that they won’t get any funding, which can lead to poorer education. DeVos knows that the public school system has issues, especially with the latest policies involving common core method. However, these are remnants of older administrations that were left half-done.


DeVos knows that educational choice is just a bandaid, but it’s a way for students and parents to immediately change their situations. Of course, many have criticized educational choice as just a way to put public funding in private education pockets. Betsy DeVos has said that isn’t the truth.


She talked about this in her interview with Stahl, stating that people who claim this don’t understand how it works. Actually philanthropy has been the way that educational choice has driven the way for students. Now schools are receiving millions in funding from donors like Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, and Sam Walton. DeVos has also contributed $35 million and counting to education charities.


It’s clear that the US Education Secretary is a polarizing figure. It will be interesting to see how she handles the next two years in office.


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How Rick Cofer and the Kind Clinic are Improving Wellness Security for Austin’s LGBTQ Community

You are more likely to be welcomed and accommodated in Austin, Texas than in any other state in America. There are many reasons for this, but a few stand out. The people of Austin are more open-minded than any group of American citizens you will come across. Besides, this will not be the first time you hear people referring to the state of Austin as strange. While there are times you would agree that Austin is a weird place, it is also true that it is a kind place.

The acceptance of people from various background has led the thriving of the LGBTQ community in Austin. While this minority group often survive in other cities, the situation is different in Austin, and this explains why they thrive in this welcoming city. Healthcare facilities such as the Kind Clinic and professionals like Rick Cofer make settling in Austin worthwhile for people from various minority groups.

Sometimes there can be trouble in paradise, and this is evident in the state of Austin’s healthcare facilities.

The Health State of the LGBTQ Community in Austin, Texas

If you have ever been to a pride month event, then you are aware that Austin plays host to the most spirited ones. The city also has numerous bars and joints designed to offer unique entertainment while meeting the needs of the LGBTQ community; both local and foreign. But with all these amenities in place, one thing is conspicuously missing, and this is the availability of functional and sufficient healthcare institutions that can guarantee wellness security of the local LGBTQ community.

A recent study in Austin proved that despite the blossoming if the local LGBTQ community, there is a lapse in healthcare services. And while health care centers such as the Kind Clinic are proving to be crucial to the provision of wellness security for the local LGBTQ community, truth of the matter is that they are receiving minimal funding, while they provide healthcare services at minimal or no costs. Upon evaluating the scenario, Rick Cofer took up a personal initiative to help fund the Kind Clinic. For Kind Clinic to succeed in providing services for the local LGBTQ community, local community stakeholders need to come together and offer financial assistance for this worthy cause, reports

According to chronicleweek, Rick Cofer partnered with the Kind Clinic and threw a Halloween Ball for Austin’s LGBTQ community with the intention of raising funds while also having fun. The event was a success since it attracted the local community and gave them an opportunity to interact with the minority group. The event also provided an excellent platform for the Kind Clinic to market its services.

Shafik Sachedina: Innovative Dental Surgeon for Successful Endeavors

Shafik Sachedina is an inspirational businessman. Shafik Sachedina has been involved in the medical industry for over twenty years. Shafik Sachedina is qualified in the dental medical industry. Dental surgery is a brand of dental health. Dentists can conduct dental surgery if they are qualified. He became a fully certified dental surgeon during 1975. Guy’s Hospital Medical certified Sachedina as a result of his educational studies. He also attended the University of London. The University of London is a university for students, located in the United Kingdom. The purpose of the university is to educate students on a variety of topics raining from science to economics. Sussex Health Care Company allows Shafik Sachedina to serve on their unique and innovative board of directors. The board of directors determine important and altering decisions for the enterprise. Sachedina practices his dental specialties in South England of the United Kingdom. Sussex Health Care Company is named after Sussex County in England. Shafik Sachedina relocated to England when he was in his younger yeas. He became an official citizen of Great Britain.

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Sachedina’s goal as a dental surgeon is to provide the best care possible to his patients. In order for patients to be satisfied with the services they receive, they must feel comfortable and at ease. If the patient is nervous about the procedure, they will not feel comfortable enough to continue. If one is uncomfortable, they will not return or recommend the services to others. Many surgeons and doctors operate on a referral basis. Dental surgery is typically safe and requires minor healing. However, it is possible for the surgery to be invasive. In this scenario, it is important for the patient to extensively research the doctor. Once they feel confident in the procedure, they can begin the process. Dental surgery can be used for a variety of reasons including to repair teeth, palates and jaws. If an individual was involved in a series accident, they may need dental surgery to repair their ailment. Damage to the teeth can be repaired through dental surgery and other methods such as holistic remedies.

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