Dr. Saad Saad: A Long Rewarding Career in Medicine

There are a lot of professionals out there that inspire people to push their boundaries. Ideamensch.com has an interview with Dr. Saad Saad. Dr. Saad Saad is in the media recently for the inventions that he has created to help ease common medical procedures so that doctors can work with patients to help them make a smoother recovery. These inventions are poised to reduce stress on both the patients and medical staff to streamline the process. It has been a very exciting time for Dr. Saad Saad, but he has always enjoyed tremendous amounts of success in his valued field of medicine.

Originally graduating at the top of his class at the University of Cairo, Dr. Saad Saad has always shown that he is willing to do whatever it takes to prove his exemplary dedication to the field of medicine.

While Dr. Saad Saad did not always think about becoming a surgeon, he did desire to make an impact. He originally spectated a career with his brothers in construction as an engineer but abandoned that plan when he found that he had little tolerance for the heat in Kuwait. Instead, he opted to attend college in Egypt and eventually go on to the UK and the US. Read more: Dr. Saad Saad Medical Missions | Chronicle Week and Life Lessons from Dr. Saad Saad, Pediatric Surgeon

His residency was an interesting time for him and he talks about it in the interview. One of the most powerful moments for Dr. Saad Saad was the connection he formed with his mentor. His mentor believed that children should receive medical care to treat their problems and it should not be about who they are or where they come from.

As far as he was concerned, socioeconomic status had nothing to do with a child’s worthiness to be treated for their ailments. Eventually, Dr. Saad Saad took that desire to heart and began serving on medical missions. He even participated in a program that would bring children to the United States so that he could perform complicated procedures on them that would vastly improve their quality of life or even save it.

His hard work did not go unnoticed by people all over the world. In fact, Saudi Arabia asked him to personally serve as a physician for its royal family after reviewing his distinguished career. He occupied that post for several years before he moved back to the United States so that his children could attend school.

It was a time where he got to help children all over the country regardless of status. His post let him spread medical care throughout the region and he worked with a lot of different individuals. Throughout it all, Dr. Saad Saad credits his ability to remain organized as a key determinant to his success. He hopes to continue that trend into the next leg of his career as an inventor.

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How Cassio Audi Utilizes His Time To Work On His Multiple Careers

Cassio Audi is among the most exceptional personalities who can split their time well to spend in their various jobs. Apart from being a talented musical artist, Audi is also a prominent businessman. He performs exceptionally well in all his professions as he has a penchant for all that he does. Read more about Cassio Audi at 12social.com.br.

In his financing business in South America, Cassio Audi is famous for his dedication and professionalism. Likewise, in his music vocation, Cassio Audi does an exemplary job, and he has millions of fans. Dividing his time to fit his both careers is more of a hobby than a responsibility.


Career history


Cassio Audi developed a drumming talent when he was little. He then decided to work on that passion after he grew up. That’s how Audi started composing rock and pop genre music during the 1980s and 1990s. He after that joined “Viper,” a musical group from South America. Follow Cassio Audi on facebook.com.


That music career still is among Cassio Audi’s passion apart from being a famous entrepreneur. He again works as a financier in a financial institution in South America. He also offers advice to his clients on how they can maximize the profits from the money he loans them.


His relevance today


Cassio Audi is currently splitting his time well, to ensure he is relevant in both music and business world. He has a YouTube channel where he advises his clients about business ideas. In the same channel, Cassio Audi plays all the music that he composes. He ensures that the talks and music on his channel are relevant to the world today, and that’s why he has a significant impact on Brazil.

Check: comhaha.com/brazils-cassio-audi/


Founded by Henry Ford in Dearborn, Michigan, the Ford Motor Company opened its doors in 1903, providing some of the first automobiles to individuals, businesses, and government agencies. Using two to three men to work together on a single vehicle, Ford’s system introduced the assembly line system of work. The automobile manufacturer may be as well-regarded for his production line innovations as the automobiles his company produced.

As Henry’s great-great granddaughter, Elena Ford is continuing with that type of forward thinking with her eagerness to improve upon the customer experience. Elena currently serves as the auto maker’s Chief Customer Experience Officer, so her focus is on giving Ford customer’s a more personalized experience. She has taken the time to consider what areas need improving and analyzing methods for addressing those aspects of car ownership.

In an effort to customize the Ford customer experience, Elena Ford is promoting the company’s new mobile app, FordPass. The app will help propel Ford into a future, where selling a car is just one step in forging a relationship with tech-savvy consumers. Ms. Ford says this change in how the company relates to its customers is necessary, because people are changing how they use their vehicles.

Elena adds that people are viewing transportation in general as a means to an end, so car ownership isn’t really the status symbol it once was for past generations. While people will continue to buy vehicles, functionality will be far more important than luxury.

The Ford Motor Company began by conducting extensive research in customer satisfaction, analyzing how companies like Nike and Amazon have adapted to new consumer demands. Those companies have received recognition in providing “best in service” customer satisfaction. Embracing that as a goal, Elena Ford looked at customer experiences people have with the automotive industry and tried to determine the best ways to resolve those issues. The most common “pain points” that FordPass seeks to alleviate is the car buying experience, obtaining financing, and getting the vehicle serviced.

FordPass is a mobile app that works in conjunction with specially equipped vehicles to provide auto owners with a better experience. The app monitors the vehicle’s health and provides special functions, such as remotely starting and stopping the vehicle. In the future, Elena hopes the mobile app will help vehicle owners locate and pay for public parking and may even provide ways to borrow or share vehicles.

For Elena Ford, improving the buying experience is just one way she hopes her great-great grandfather’s company will address consumer needs. Beyond car ownership, Elena wants to see FordPass address other transportation issues and provide related services that will be customizable for each individual. In much the same way that Henry Ford used the assembly line to imp-rove the production experience, Elena Ford hopes FordPass will improve transportation experiences for Ford customers.






Heather Parry’s Thoughts

Everyone in thé inner group has learned in early stages what we’ré doing. By the end of your day — and Michael trained me this — it is about the artist. I’d want him tó feel safe, but I actually wouldn’t want to buy to feel just like a press package. Really don’t think this individual provides been that vulnerable on camcorder a great deal. After that this individual realized it is alright to become vulnerable, since after that this shóws it is alright meant for other folks to become vulnerable. Coo noticed her film pertaining to the very first time in the Tóronto Film Event. [With] the people, ­filmmakers and topics that I’m choosing as well as the tales I am telling, it is nót likely to be [a concern ]. Thát’s why d didn’t desire to state anything at all when m initial arrived right here, mainly because I wás like, “[People aré] likely to think these types of pieces will be fluff. ”

A Star Is Born

I don’t believe you need to be keen on Bad Boy or that music to like [Combs’] nature for the reason that doctor. My mom viewed might was like, “He works very difficult! ” And my mother isn’t the largest Bad Boy lover, but I believe the tales are a symbol of themselves. If you had been an enthusiast, you’re a straight bigger lover. And in the event that you weren’t a lover, you sure seeing that hell are actually.

Beyoncé and Jáy-Z. I’m simply individually the largest lover. I’m not really jaded. I have hardly ever been. It’s thrilling these performers have the interest to tell thése tales and we have a spot to allow them to get it done. Lifestyle may not bé fun with no risk. You’d you need to be mediocre.

Clean up your email inbox using Unroll Me

Email is currently one of the most used media for official communication purposes. Often as we surf the internet, there are numerous prompts that prompt internet users to subscribe to a mailing service in order to for them to get a particular service. After a while, you will have subscribed to quite a number of mailing lists that you may no longer need. These mailing services end up cluttering your email inbox hence distracting you from reading a useful email. By the time you realize you have subscribed to way too many mailing lists, unsubscribing from each becomes a losing battle. However, Unroll Me was developed to make it easier and efficient.

Unroll Me is an email management service that helps users to unsubscribe from unwanted mailing lists instantly. Besides, the service helps you to organize your inbox efficiently. This email management service is free and was founded in 2011 by Jojo Hedaya, Josh Rosenwald, Steve Greenberg, and Perri Blake Gorman. The service is simplistic and uses simple steps to attain its intended purpose. Once you sign up for the service, you are presented with the following options; unsubscribe, keep it in your inbox, and add your subscription to the roll up. The option roll up in the service is so intuitive that it even organizes and prioritizes each email putting them in an individual category and hence a cleaner inbox. The unsubscribe option enables users to unsubscribe from multiple subscriptions with a single click while the roll up option gives you a daily summary of your subscriptions for easier management.

Just three years after inception, Unroll me was acquired by slice technologies at an undisclosed amount. The company has continued to offer free email management services to all users globally. However, the company announced that beginning from May 2018, their services will not be available to users in Europe as a result of the GDPR Data Privacy regulation enforcement. This, however, does not mean that the company does not comply with all the GDPR requirements, it is just a few portions of the enforcement, but the company does not specify the portions of the regulation it cannot comply with.


Valuable Repositioning Advice From Gareth Henry

The meaning of repositioning in real estate is explained by Gareth Henry as “changing the character, quality or purpose of a property.” An effort as small as putting on a new coat of paint is an example of repositioning. He notes that repositioning applies to not only residential but commercial real estate and recommends that investors understand their limits whether they be time or budget related. Henry understands that scarcity and technology are also influencing the trend of repositioning, requiring that use of a space be maximized and notes how trends such as remote work and online commerce change when and how spaces are used, creating different opportunities for repositioning.

To benefit from repositioning, Gareth Henry makes it clear that investors need to focus on projects that can benefit from minor repositioning efforts, they do not have to be a complex or expensive effort. Gareth explains the potential impact of cosmetic changes and other minor repositioning such as changes to light fixtures or finishes on the interior or exterior of the property. These efforts make the tenants feel good about where they live and can prompt them to pay their rent on time. An Overview of Private Credit with Gareth Henry.

Gareth Henry understands that structural repositioning can be more complicated but knows this type of effort will often create additional revenue. It involves things such as creating new amenities or replacing certain mechanical systems. It can be problematic if tenants are in the property but tends to pay off. When you change the way your property operates, you can change management, bring in higher income tenants or additional revenue. These are additional examples of repositioning.

With the recommendation of having a good plan and expectations that are realistic, Gareth Henry says that repositioning can add value and increase cash flow when you have chosen your location wisely. He recommends avoiding mistakes such as over improving for the neighborhood and double checking your budgets. Another issue is making sure you have a good understanding of who your tenant is, and Gareth highly recommends that you tie the budgets of improvements to the range of rents you are likely to get and keep realistic expectations of your competition within the neighborhood.

Gareth Henry’s Facebook Page.

Financial Investing and Its Recent Subordinated Debt Offering

Recently, NexBank has announced that they have received $54 million in floating rate subordinated notes specific to grow their debt and equity since 2016. This has enabled the company to grow in ways that would otherwise be impossible if it were not for this debt offering. Because the company is an investment firm located in Dallas, Texas, this amount is able to be put into companies that are looking to gain revenue and grow to become successful in their own right.


NexBank is a financial institute based out of Texas, however, they work on an international level. They offer three different options for those looking to make use of their services. The first option involves commercial banking and is ideal for entrepreneurs and those who own companies, businesses and enterprises. Commercial banking allows clients to receive lending and create accounts right on the NexBank website. The next option available through the company involves mortgage banking specific to those looking to buy homes, offices and other pieces of property. Mortgage financing is available to help people become both business owners and homeowners without the high fees that are often involved. The next option available with NexBank Capital involves institutional services including treasury management, financial advisory services and investment banking.


According to recouncil.com, because the company has grown exponentially since their inception in 1922 and is one of the oldest and largest financial institutions in the world, it is no wonder that they have a range of professionals and individuals who are utilizing them for their services. Because they take a humble and personalized approach to each and every customer account, you can get the care and expertise that you need with a professional bank that works on many different funds and investments. The most important thing to remember is that you can learn more about the company by visiting their site. You can also contact them if you are looking to make use of one or more of their services and would like to sign up for an account through their site. Everything is done confidentially and can be completed in a very short period of time. Read more about Nexbnak on banktracker.investigativereportingworkshop.org.


The Future of DAMAC Properties

Hussain Sajwani is the founder of DAMAC Properties, a real-estate ownership company operating from within the Middle East. The company is probably one of the, if not the, most successful businesses operating from the Middle East. DAMAC Properties was founded in 2002, and it has since been added to both the Dubai Stock Exchange as well as the British Stock Exchange. As the founder of such a large and successful business, Hussain Sajwani is your picturesque definition of a business tycoon.

Hussain Sajwani has many friends in the business; the most well-known of them would, of course, be the President of the United States, Donald Trump. However, before Donald Trump was the president of the strongest nation in the world, he was as is Hussain Sajwani, a businessman. As such, Hussain Sajwani has made it evident that although he relates to Donald Trump from the point of being in business with him through DAMAC Properties, he has absolutely no interest in mingling politics with business. This comes after criticism following his statement in support of the United States trade sanctions on China. Hussain Sajwani remarked that China has essentially obliterated the concept of ‘free’ trade with its current policies.

Recently, DAMAC properties had to face a major setback when its yearly revenue didn’t pan out as much as it had in the previous years. Nevertheless, Hussain Sajwani has refused to actually consider it as a setback. He believes that this is just an integral part of the business world that is the entire essence of business is its cyclic course. You can’t always expect to be on top just as you can’t always expect to stay at the bottom. What matters to Hussain Sajwani and what is in the best interest of DAMAC Properties is to focus more on the betterment of its foundation and dealings, rather than sit and sulk.

Hussain Sajwani doesn’t speak without experience, he’s been in this trade for much of his professional life, and he’s faced many more setbacks. So, he knows that these aren’t permanent.

Choose NexBank For Your Account Services

NexBank is a superior financial institution that has allowed their patrons to get the security they need with their hard earned money. If you’re fed up with your finances, the NexBank financial group has the assets and insurance you need to protect your money. There are many people that have latched onto their online financial services with over 346,000 new members. Their CEO, John Holt has led more people to online banking than ever before. You can choose from their primary personalized account services, industrialized, or commercial accounts. You can also watch your money grow with interest bearing savings with NexBank.

NexBank Available Services

– free direct deposit
– free checks
– no fee ATM’s
– complete online banking

IRA accounts
– money marketing accounts
– debt consultation
– and more…

You can get rid of student loan debt with a private student loan from NexBank. There are a lot of people that have been able to get student loans through federal government loans that have left students and parents frustrated. You can get help with your college loan expenses and your tuition reduced with the help of their college savings program. They offer their students over 1,400 programs. Their merger was made possible with a merger between College Savings Bank in New Jersey.

You can also buy a home for the first time and live the American Dream. You can get lower interest rates and a monthly mortgage by joining the NexBank home owners program. They have made it possible for many low income and moderate income potential home buyers to buy their home for the first time. There program is one of the first of its kind offered through a bank. Today, you can also finance a car with excellent installment loan options through NexBank financial