Fortress Investment Group is Purchased by SoftBank Group

Fortress Investment Group was recently purchased by SoftBank Group, a larger group that will aid in bringing more investment expertise to the firm. The announcement was made at the end of 2017 that the transaction was final. The purchase amount of the firm totaled more than $3 million dollars, and all of the shareholders were given the chance to purchase outstanding shares.


While all of the standards of the transaction were satisfied, all shareholders were in agreement of the details of the transaction. Improving the landscape financially, the shares were priced at $8.08 per share, and they were ultimately to be divided equally with plenty of shares available for all those who were interested in purchasing from the company. Due to the nature of the shares, specific outlines were drawn up to ensure that all who purchased shares followed the outline accordingly. Visit


The common stock under the name of Fortress Investment Group was delisted, as is the usual procedure for a transaction like this. Financial statements and other documents related to the transaction will be consolidated to reflect the proper protocol.


The SoftBank Group has been largely focused on purchasing companies and shares of companies that are rooted in technology. The group has been functioning on a global scale for many years, and represents several aspects of telecommunication, internet services, and has more than 90 million in capital already secured.


Fortress Investment Group, based out of New York has been a leading firm with diverse global funds. They now have more than 36 million in assets, and they also have added what they refer to as institutional investors to their portfolio, along with their other clients that are focused on private equity transactions.


Some of the most savvy investors with Fortress Investment Group group include real estate investors, credit managers, and many others.

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