“CEO Marc Bell Leads Renovia in Raising $42 Million in Funding “

Renovia Inc. (“Renovia”) is a startup firm focused on new innovations regarding women’s health. Renovia was co-founded by Marc Beer. Through his leadership as Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the firm, they have secured a Series B round of funding to the tune of $32 million together with $10 million in venture debt. The funding will be used to expand the efforts of Renovia to develop products to treat and improve the health of millions of women affected by pelvic floor disorders such as urinary incontinence. The first such product developed by Renovia, Leva, was approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in April of 2018.


This round of funding was backed by three leading investors in the healthcare sector: Perceptive Advisors, Ascension Ventures and the Longwood Fund. Doubtless, the confidence in Renovia’s research and development efforts expressed by these investors is due to the stellar reputation of Renovia’s co-founder and CEO, Marc Beer. Mr. Beer previously worked as a strategic consultant at the publically traded biotechnology firm OvaScience (Nasdaq: OVAS). In August 2018, OvaScience indicated that they would be merging with Millendo Therapeutics.


Marc Beer boasts an executive career that has spanned over 25 years. This includes development and market launch expertise in diagnostic, device, biotech and pharmaceutical enterprises. Mr. Beer was the founding CEO of  ViaCell back in April of 2000. This biotech firm developed unique products focused on umbilical cord blood stem cells. Under Beer’s leadership, ViaCell grew into a company of over 300 employees. They went public in 2005 and were subsequently acquired by PerkinElmer (NYSE: PKI) in 2007. During his tenure at ViaCell, Mr. Beer was also a member of the Board of Directors at Erytech Pharma (Nasdaq: EPYP). Learn more: https://www.crunchbase.com/person/marc-beer


Before taking on his role as CEO of ViaCell, Bell held a number of executive positions at Genzyme. As Vice President of Global Marketing, he oversaw the global launch of a number of products that targeted rare disease populations worldwide. Preceding his role at Genzyme, Marc served in a number of marketing and sales positions in the diagnostic and pharmaceutical divisions of Abbott Laboratories. Furthermore, Marc previously served on the Biotechnology Industry Organization Emerging Companies Section Governing Board

Madison Street Capital Closes Major Deal

When you are looking to grow or develop any kind of business, it is very important that you find successful examples of companies that have done well in your field. One company that has continued to do very well in their field is Madison Street Capital. This organization today is one of the leading providers of advisory services to customers in the venture capital and investment banking industry. What is even more amazing about Madison Street Capital is that the company has been able to grow and develop in an industry that is normally dominated by much older and larger firms. While some of the top competitors in the field have been around for more than 100 years, Madison Street Capital is much younger and hasn’t been around much more than a decade.


One of the main reasons why the company continues to be so successful is because of the firm’s reputation. The Madison Street Capital reputation for those that are in the industry clearly shows that the company has a strong footing in the field and the ability to close and act on more complicated transactions. Over the past few years, Madison Street Capital has closed a number of impressive transactions that has allowed the firm to be considered one of the top in the world.


This past year, Madison Street Capital helped to close a major transaction for their client, Sach Capital Group. For the past few years, the client has been working on ways to acquire RMG Networks. This proved to be a very difficult task for many people given the structure of the organizations. However, Madison Street Capital was able to come up with a unique approach to the deal, which has made everyone happy with the result.


The new transaction could be a great deal for The Sach Capital Group. RMG Network was is a leading provider of media hardware for signage and the company continues to bring in more and more Fortune 500 companies as customers. While the company continues to do very well, it still has plenty of room for growth, which Sach has seen as opportunity to add value.


Madison Street has also been largely applauded by those that are in the industry. Each year, Madison Street Capital is frequently awarded with a variety of different accolades and industry conferences. This helps to show that they are continuing to develop and become a leading firm in the space.


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JD.com Launch Research Lab

JD.com has entered a partnership with Intel to launch a new research lab that utilizes the Internet of Things (IoT) to offer solutions in smart retail. This joint lab which is digitized will use media and advertising solutions, vending machines and technologies that will be used in the future stores. This lab will expand and grow the existing relationship between JD.com and Intel. JD.com is a large retailer in China, and it has a large customer base in the country. Scientists have been able to so far incorporate some of the technology at Intel with that of JD.com so that they can analyze the customer traffic as well as the purchasing habit of the individuals. JD.com wants to create a personalized experience for its customers through smart retail solutions. With this cooperation with Intel, customers will be able to get the best class shopping experience and personalized shopping wherever they shop from.

Intel was very happy with taking its partnership with JD.com to the next level. In a statement issued by the Vice President at Intel, they are aware that JD.com is an essential partner if they want to develop their technology when it comes to smart retail. JD.com has always had a vision of making retail into service, and this partnership gives them the opportunity to do so. This new lab will also allow JD.com to share with other industries and retailers in their world their cutting edge technology. This way they can revolutionize the world of commerce. Other efforts that JD.com and Intel are involved with are efficient checkout solutions, smart price tags, smart shelving and brick, and mortar stores.

The main goal is that all customers have access to quality products and that they can buy what they want and whenever they want. JD.com will do this by also helping small, and big retailers modernize their stores. These two companies will revolutionize the world of shopping by using the capabilities that both companies have in data analysis. This will pave the way to a new sophisticated ecosystem in retail and allow the commercialization of products and introduce them to the global market.

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Dr. Rod J. Rohrich and Your Plastic Surgery Needs

If you find yourself needing to get some enhancements done, it may be best to get a good cosmetic surgeon that will not disappoint you. Some of these results are pretty much permanent. So you want to make sure that whoever you choose really knows what they are doing. If you happen to live in Dallas Texas. There is a surgeon that will gladly help out with the areas you would like to enhance and he will give you the best results possible. His name is Dt. Rod J. Rohrich.

You really do want a renown plastic surgeon handling your body. Dr. Rohrich is the right man for the job. He will make sure that the results you are looking for, you will have. You will see why lots people come into his office looking for their bodies to be flawless knowing that he is the surgeon to take care of it. You can have the same results. Dr. Rohrich specializes in breast augmentation, rhinoplasty, facelifts, necklifts, and revision rhinoplasty. That may not be the only thing he does but these are the most popular surgeries that are done at his office. If you come in to do a consultation, he can go over everything with you so that you can understand how these procedures are not only done but what your results should look like.

Make your appointment now and see why Dr. Rohrich is the plastic surgeon of choice. He teaches his craft as a professor along with appearing on many talk shows and magazines. People come to get his take and knowledge of the cosmetic surgery practice from everywhere. You can have him as your doctor performing the craft and enhancing your body to how it should look. Get your appointment today and see things for yourself.

Fortress Investment Group is Purchased by SoftBank Group

Fortress Investment Group was recently purchased by SoftBank Group, a larger group that will aid in bringing more investment expertise to the firm. The announcement was made at the end of 2017 that the transaction was final. The purchase amount of the firm totaled more than $3 million dollars, and all of the shareholders were given the chance to purchase outstanding shares.


While all of the standards of the transaction were satisfied, all shareholders were in agreement of the details of the transaction. Improving the landscape financially, the shares were priced at $8.08 per share, and they were ultimately to be divided equally with plenty of shares available for all those who were interested in purchasing from the company. Due to the nature of the shares, specific outlines were drawn up to ensure that all who purchased shares followed the outline accordingly. Visit https://www.fortress.com/contact


The common stock under the name of Fortress Investment Group was delisted, as is the usual procedure for a transaction like this. Financial statements and other documents related to the transaction will be consolidated to reflect the proper protocol.


The SoftBank Group has been largely focused on purchasing companies and shares of companies that are rooted in technology. The group has been functioning on a global scale for many years, and represents several aspects of telecommunication, internet services, and has more than 90 million in capital already secured.


Fortress Investment Group, based out of New York has been a leading firm with diverse global funds. They now have more than 36 million in assets, and they also have added what they refer to as institutional investors to their portfolio, along with their other clients that are focused on private equity transactions.


Some of the most savvy investors with Fortress Investment Group group include real estate investors, credit managers, and many others.

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Hair Care Line Offers Simple Solution for Busy Women

Many women spend a large amount of time on their hair; washing,conditioning, drying, and applying hair products. Unfortunately, all of the products and tools we use on our hair can actually do more harm than good. Women are beginning to seek all-in-one solutions that not only cleanse and nourish their hair but also protect it from the hot heat of blow dryers and styling tools. Luckily, WEN has several products to suit every woman’s needs. From the Cleansing Conditioner, to the Nourishing Mousse, to the Anti-Frizz Styling Creme, and Remoist Intensive Hair Treatment all of your hair styling needs are sure to be met from this line. WEN by Chaz works on all hair types and textures because it doesn’t strip your hair of its natural oils and best of all it does so without the use of harmful sulfates!

WEN Cleansing Conditioner is a 5-in-1 product available on retailmenot.com that will replace your shampoo, conditioner, deep conditioner, detangler, and leave in conditioner. It cleanses your hair without the use of harmful sulfates, while not stripping your hair of its natural oils. WEN by Chaz’s Nourishing Mousse is lightweight which helps create volume without the sticky feel of some other mousse products. WEN Anti-Frizz Styling Creme will not only reduce your frizz, but has also shown to reduce hair breakage after just one use, even after using heated styling tools! Lastly, WEN Remoist Intensive Hair Treatment is a weekly-use product designed to soften and smooth your hair. With all of these amazing products you’re sure to improve the health of your hair, while also decreasing the time you spend in the shower! View the WEN company profile on inc.com.

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Music in Transmission with Alex Pall

July 27th 2016, The Chainsmokers’ single “Closer” was released, featuring Andrew Taggart’s vocals. This is usually uncommon for electronic music artists to sing their own songs as the typical approach would be to leave this element to an outside songwriter or vocalist. However Alex Pall (second member of the Chainsmokers) has spoken out about how he wants to create a more intimate sound by adding Taggart and his voice into the mix. He wanted to rise above being an ordinary DJ with only a mainstream, homogeneous sound. Pall actually began his music artistry as a side hustle but it was an entertaining aspect of his life that soon became his passion. After Taggart and Pall met, Pall mentioned that he came to a realization that electronic music was what he wanted to pursue full time. Shortly after, both Pall and Taggart became a symphonic duo.

“We got together every day and worked on music and creating our identity as artists”, Pall expressed to journalist, Mathias Rosenzweig. From an outsider looking within, it would seem as though Pall’s journey to becoming a dynamic DJ created a methodical environment of work obligations. In the beginning stages of developing their content, this was actually the case as Pall and Taggart music career had propelled forward with a lot to learn. The Chainsmokers wanted to have a unparalleled sound that was a soul exploration, which would create a deep connection for their fans. Standing out from various artists and having a distinctive edge was one goal but building a sound and making memorable performances that resonated with people was the ultimate catch.

What’s impressive is that the Chainsmokers perform live for their audiences around the world. For many music artists, it’s common to play a pre-recorded audio at a show. In addition, the average age demographic of their listeners range from ages 15 to over 30. To Taggart and Pall, the idea is to connect with people by pushing new boundaries and transcending a unique sound in order to represent their musical identity.


Matt Badiali Explains Why Sanctions Have Not Impacted Oil Markets

The oil market has shocked many analysts who were calling for higher oil prices. One financial analyst who has been saying that oil will eventually rise in price is Matt Badiali. He works for Banyan Hill Publishing and specializes in natural resource investments. He spent over twenty years traveling around the world as a geologist. One of his main arguments for higher oil prices were the sanctions that were placed on Iran. It was early in November that the sanctions went into effect. The Trump administration has been hoping to place enough pressure on Iran in order to force the nation to reach a new agreement regarding their nuclear program. Although it seems the Trump administration was successful in not disrupting the global oil market, Matt Badiali feels that the sanctions are going to eventually cause oil prices to skyrocket.

One of the reasons the price of oil did not move was that both the United States and Saudi Arabia increased oil production ahead of the coming sanctions. This means there is a current supply surplus in oil, which can temporarily keep the oil market calm. Matt Badiali also points out that it will be another six months before the sanctions have fully gone into effect. There are eight counties who have been given a six-month grace period to continue to buy oil from Iran. Until this period ends, the oil supply on the global markets should be able to meet demand.

Although it seems oil prices are going to remain steady, Matt Badiali feels that there will eventually be oil shortages, which will eventually push oil prices higher. According to his work, he estimates that after countries can no longer buy Iranian oil, Iran’s oil exports will fall by almost a million barrels of oil a day. He also pointed out that the rest of the world will not be able to rely on Venezuela to pick up the slack. Once a great oil producer, Venezuela now produces substantially less oil than it did just several years ago and the country continues to see its production fall.

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How Rebel Wilson Plans to Handle Her Cats Role

When Rebel Wilson took on her latest role in Cats, she knew there were things she’d have to do that would make her a more serious actor. She also knew the role would be different from anything she’d ever done in the past. Read more: Rebel Wilson Joins Cats Movie Musical and Rebel Wilson Isn’t it Romantic First Book

Even though she mainly focused on how she could play in big movies, she also knew stage acting was a great way to expand her career and help show people she is serious about acting.

Rebel Wilson also knew doing things differently would help her make a more positive connection with everyone she worked with in the acting industry. It helped her show people they could try different things without losing who they really were as a person and as an actor.

Rebel Wilson knows a lot about what she can do for this role and she’s looking forward to participating in something different from any of the movies she did before.

Until this point, most people recognize Rebel Wilson as a comedy actress. While she is great at comedy and knows a lot about how to play a comedic role, she’s also adaptable to other situations.

With roles like Fat Amy under her belt, Rebel Wilson knows she can do anything she wants to with her acting career. It makes her want to expand her reach and try things other than comedy. Rebel Wilson knows she’ll stick to her roots, though, and won’t forget what she learned working on comedies. Learn more about Rebel Wilson:  https://www.vanityfair.com/hollywood/2018/10/pitch-perfect-4-rebel-wilson and https://www.broadway.com/buzz/194108/rebel-wilson-to-play-jennyanydots-in-cats-film/

Growth as an actor is important in any role. Rebel Wilson knows this and also knows she needs to try something more serious if she wants to keep up with the growth she experienced until this point. For Rebel Wilson, it’s important to keep trying new parts and doing new things.

As long as she’s growing in her career, she can continue trying different options and making sure people understand the hard work she put into it. The growth can change people and Rebel Wilson wants some change. All of this is why she took on a new role that is serious.

After working on Cats, Rebel Wilson knows she wants to try something even newer. She plans to help people see a different side of her with all her new projects and that’s what she wants.

Even though she made huge strides for plus-sized actors in the industry, she also wants to show they can do more than just comedies. Rebel Wilson is a crusader for the larger actors and that’s an important part of her career.

By showing people they can do any role no matter their size, Rebel Wilson is opening the doors for a new generation of actors who come in many sizes.

The Chainsmokers Celebrate Diamond Certification of “Closer” with Halsey

When an album or single sells for over one million units it is awarded platinum certification. This comes in the form of a platinum-plated LP. Every time it sells a million copies this happens. So whenever a song or album goes double or triple platinum that means it has sold two to three million units. So what happens when a single goes ten times platinum? Just ask the Chainsmokers.

Fans of both the Chainsmokers and Halsey got a real Instagram treat last month when the artists posted some exciting news via photo. The artists collaborate smash hit “Closer”, which was released back in 2016, has gained diamond certification. Diamond certification is what the RIAA calls ten times platinum. It is a huge accomplishment and a testament to the popularity of what was by far their biggest hit of 2016.

“Closer” tells the story of two ex-lovers finding each other again by chance. It is the story of a unexpected hook up that bears no promise of going anywhere. The story is just as ambiguous as the lyrics that tell it. Underscored by a catchy beat, the song is definitely the kind that will crawl into your brain and stay there. It is done in typical Chainsmokers fashion. The lyrics tell a relatable story, pulled from their actual lives, and feature Andrew Taggart on lead vocals.

Although these are known mainstays today, back in 2016 they were still relatively new. As was Halsey. The singer was still a fresh face to the music industry in 2016. “Closer” was the hit that made her career and served as her first breakout. It also made Pall and Taggart recognized artists. The duo had formed back in 2012, and had been trying to seperate themselves from the EDM flock since their breakout in 2014. 2014 was the year of their breakout single, “#Selfie“. The duo quickly rose to fame but began changing their style. Taggart began taking lead vocals which most EDM artists never do. Now in the wake of a very active 2018 all three artists have had a decent blast from the past. Diamond certification is a much sought after achievement.