Hair Care Line Offers Simple Solution for Busy Women

Many women spend a large amount of time on their hair; washing,conditioning, drying, and applying hair products. Unfortunately, all of the products and tools we use on our hair can actually do more harm than good. Women are beginning to seek all-in-one solutions that not only cleanse and nourish their hair but also protect it from the hot heat of blow dryers and styling tools. Luckily, WEN has several products to suit every woman’s needs. From the Cleansing Conditioner, to the Nourishing Mousse, to the Anti-Frizz Styling Creme, and Remoist Intensive Hair Treatment all of your hair styling needs are sure to be met from this line. WEN by Chaz works on all hair types and textures because it doesn’t strip your hair of its natural oils and best of all it does so without the use of harmful sulfates!

WEN Cleansing Conditioner is a 5-in-1 product available on that will replace your shampoo, conditioner, deep conditioner, detangler, and leave in conditioner. It cleanses your hair without the use of harmful sulfates, while not stripping your hair of its natural oils. WEN by Chaz’s Nourishing Mousse is lightweight which helps create volume without the sticky feel of some other mousse products. WEN Anti-Frizz Styling Creme will not only reduce your frizz, but has also shown to reduce hair breakage after just one use, even after using heated styling tools! Lastly, WEN Remoist Intensive Hair Treatment is a weekly-use product designed to soften and smooth your hair. With all of these amazing products you’re sure to improve the health of your hair, while also decreasing the time you spend in the shower! View the WEN company profile on

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Matt Badiali Explains Why Sanctions Have Not Impacted Oil Markets

The oil market has shocked many analysts who were calling for higher oil prices. One financial analyst who has been saying that oil will eventually rise in price is Matt Badiali. He works for Banyan Hill Publishing and specializes in natural resource investments. He spent over twenty years traveling around the world as a geologist. One of his main arguments for higher oil prices were the sanctions that were placed on Iran. It was early in November that the sanctions went into effect. The Trump administration has been hoping to place enough pressure on Iran in order to force the nation to reach a new agreement regarding their nuclear program. Although it seems the Trump administration was successful in not disrupting the global oil market, Matt Badiali feels that the sanctions are going to eventually cause oil prices to skyrocket.

One of the reasons the price of oil did not move was that both the United States and Saudi Arabia increased oil production ahead of the coming sanctions. This means there is a current supply surplus in oil, which can temporarily keep the oil market calm. Matt Badiali also points out that it will be another six months before the sanctions have fully gone into effect. There are eight counties who have been given a six-month grace period to continue to buy oil from Iran. Until this period ends, the oil supply on the global markets should be able to meet demand.

Although it seems oil prices are going to remain steady, Matt Badiali feels that there will eventually be oil shortages, which will eventually push oil prices higher. According to his work, he estimates that after countries can no longer buy Iranian oil, Iran’s oil exports will fall by almost a million barrels of oil a day. He also pointed out that the rest of the world will not be able to rely on Venezuela to pick up the slack. Once a great oil producer, Venezuela now produces substantially less oil than it did just several years ago and the country continues to see its production fall.

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How Rebel Wilson Plans to Handle Her Cats Role

When Rebel Wilson took on her latest role in Cats, she knew there were things she’d have to do that would make her a more serious actor. She also knew the role would be different from anything she’d ever done in the past. Read more: Rebel Wilson Joins Cats Movie Musical and Rebel Wilson Isn’t it Romantic First Book

Even though she mainly focused on how she could play in big movies, she also knew stage acting was a great way to expand her career and help show people she is serious about acting.

Rebel Wilson also knew doing things differently would help her make a more positive connection with everyone she worked with in the acting industry. It helped her show people they could try different things without losing who they really were as a person and as an actor.

Rebel Wilson knows a lot about what she can do for this role and she’s looking forward to participating in something different from any of the movies she did before.

Until this point, most people recognize Rebel Wilson as a comedy actress. While she is great at comedy and knows a lot about how to play a comedic role, she’s also adaptable to other situations.

With roles like Fat Amy under her belt, Rebel Wilson knows she can do anything she wants to with her acting career. It makes her want to expand her reach and try things other than comedy. Rebel Wilson knows she’ll stick to her roots, though, and won’t forget what she learned working on comedies. Learn more about Rebel Wilson: and

Growth as an actor is important in any role. Rebel Wilson knows this and also knows she needs to try something more serious if she wants to keep up with the growth she experienced until this point. For Rebel Wilson, it’s important to keep trying new parts and doing new things.

As long as she’s growing in her career, she can continue trying different options and making sure people understand the hard work she put into it. The growth can change people and Rebel Wilson wants some change. All of this is why she took on a new role that is serious.

After working on Cats, Rebel Wilson knows she wants to try something even newer. She plans to help people see a different side of her with all her new projects and that’s what she wants.

Even though she made huge strides for plus-sized actors in the industry, she also wants to show they can do more than just comedies. Rebel Wilson is a crusader for the larger actors and that’s an important part of her career.

By showing people they can do any role no matter their size, Rebel Wilson is opening the doors for a new generation of actors who come in many sizes.

Victoria Doramus contributions to the business and the society

Victoria Doramus is a specialized expertise with a huge experience in innovative remedies to recognize the market designs. The areas she has majored in comprise of the customer tendencies in fashion and lifestyle. She has a huge amount of skills that allow her to recognize, research and keep proper records of the trends in different areas. Through her innovative past, she has been able to get insights for fresh marketing approach and remedies in the industry. Lately, she has been working towards improving the society through her charity organizations which helps those who are in need.

Victoria Doramus pursued her studies from the University of Colorado Boulder, where she graduated with a degree in journalism and mass communication. After completing her studies, she worked as an assistant media organizer with Mindshare. She went further to gain more skills and knowledge in Stila Cosmetics. Later, she went to Trendera where she improved and built fresh client relationships, created marketing promotions and monitored contract employees. Furthermore, Victoria Doramus was in charge of creating Trendera brand through social platforms and handling interns. In 2013, she finished different writing and marketing projects for prominent publications. After a short period, she served various freelance projects while still handling different functions in the media sector.

Victoria Doramus decided to initiate her philanthropic efforts in 2016. One of them includes the Amy Winehouse Foundation, which concentrates on preventing drug and alcohol abuse for the young generation. It is dedicated to supporting the affected using music as a healing mechanism. The other charity under her management and leadership is the Room to Read. This institution concentrates on assisting the poor by guaranteeing the kids obtain an education. More than 12 million kids have been able to gain from this forum across different nations such as India and South Africa. This programs partners with the local government and society to inspire the young.

The Women Prison Association is another essential charity that aims at assisting women to prevent incarceration and operates with ladies in all phases of criminal justice. The Best Friends Animal Society focuses to save animals in shelters where they are heading to be put down.