Harry Harrison Approaches Business With Innovation In Mind.

Harry Harrison was the head of the Barclays Non-Core banking institution located in London from 2014 to 2017. Since winding down his service at Barclays, Harrison has maintained his momentum in order to establish his newest financial services investment firm, Anthemis Group. Today, we are going to be taking a close look at the work that Harrison is doing with the Anthemis Group while also learning a little bit about the methods that Harrison employs in order to find continual success in such a competitive and difficult field. Let’s start by learning about Harrison’s background before delving deeper into his methods.

Harrison spent three years as the head of Barclays, located in London, but his career actually spans another twenty years prior to that position. Harry Harrison has an extensive resume that is backed by prestigious education from schools like the University of Cambridge and the University of Warwick. With a Masters of Philosophy in Finance and a BS in Economics, Harrison is as well educated as you could hope for in such a competitive and difficult field. That educational background, as well as the methods we are about to learn about, have made him one of the top names in the financial services industry. Now that we know a little bit about Harry Harrison’s background we can turn our attention to the work that he is doing with the Anthemis Group.

The Anthemis Group is a digital financial services firm that focuses on advising clients who are trying to navigate these new and tumultuous financial waters. Harrison is the founder and President of the business, serving in both capacities so as to stay as close to his work as possible. Harrison was inspired to establish the Anthemis Group after winding down his career with Barclays. His natural curiosity for business and his ability to analyze business models and micro/macroeconomics served as great launching points for taking the dive into establishing his own business. With that kind of natural curiosity, spurred on by various publications and podcasts that Harrison listens to regularly, gave rise to what we see as the Anthemis Group today.

As an entrepreneur and career business professional, Harrison knows that there are many different ways to find success in the industry. However, no matter which path you decide to take in your career, you have to commit to it fully. For Harry Harrison, success with the Anthemist Group has been buoyed by personal efforts to keep his mind and body sharp and healthy. Harrison swears by the benefits that yoga can offer from both a physical and mental standpoint and he would advise anyone, no matter their age, to get into the meditative exercise as soon as possible.

Looking past outsider concepts like yoga and listening to podcasts, Harrison also believes that to be successful in the financial field you have to be willing to push for innovation. Harrison relied on an innovative approach when he moved to New York in order to help Barclays get up and off the ground back in 2003, long before he was head of the company.

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