Understanding Organo Gold’s Business Model and how it has helped the Growth of the Brand

Organo Gold is one of the world’s largest manufacturers and distributors of health and wellness products and supplements. The company was established in 2008 and has its base in Canada. Throughout the past ten years, the company has managed to spread its roots and reach other continents, and today, it is a household name everywhere. The products which are under this company include:

  • Coffee products such as lattes, mochas, and lattes
  • Personal care products such as soap
  • Green tea
  • Supplements such as grape seed oil and mycelium

The business model that the company uses was created by Bernardo Chua, the founder, and CEO of the company. Chua was born in the Philippines and spent time working in China before he finally moved into Canada. He learned a lot about the world of multi-level marketing, and he rose to the rank of president at Gano USA. He then decided to open a company to sell one of the products that he is an expert in, coffee.

Chua has been the leader of a brand that is concerned with wellness for over a decade, and during this time, he has managed to help people who distribute the products to make a living. There are several ways in which people make a living from the products. They sell products on behalf of their clients. When you sign up as a merchandiser for the brand, you earn between fifty to five hundred percent profit. The other way that people earn is getting a fast start bonus from the promotional packages offered by the company. There are also uni-level and dual team commissions.

The company has of late been expanding their products, and they have recently included new coffee-based products. It is one of the most successful companies, and the success is a result of Chua’s hard work.


Rick Shinto CEO at InnovaCare Health

Talking about Innovacare Health without mentioning the leadership team is difficult. This company is one of those that have invested in a team that has a lot of collective experience. Before joining the company, most of the board members and managers were serving in other prestigious positions. It, therefore, comes as no surprise that the company has been posting improvements every year since placing Rick Shinto and Penelope Kokkinides at the helm as CEO and CAO respectively. Let us look at their careers and experience in this industry.

Dr. Rick Shinto

One of the most talented leaders in the Medicare Industry, Dr. Rick Shinto brings a lot of expertise to InnovaCare Health. He is the brain behind most of the new leadership styles that the company utilizes Apart from being the overall leader; he also serves as the head of all subsidiaries in Puerto Rico, a position he handles through MMM Holdings. This subsidiary is responsible for the health of more than a quarter a million people in that region.

His experience e includes serving as the head of NAMM for over four years. In between other jobs, he was also the COO and CMO at Medical Pathway Management Company based in California. At MedPartners, he was the Vice President while at Cal Optima, he served as CMO.

About his education, he has attended various universities including the University of California where he got a medical degree. He graduated in the same faculty from the State University of New York and the University of Redlands. He worked as a pulmonologist and intern in Southern California before moving up the ladder to his current job at InnovaCare Health.

Penelope Kokkinides

A lot has been published out there about Penelope Kokkinides, the Chief Administrative Officer at InnovaCare Health. Most notable about her professional profile is that she has more than twenty years of experience in this industry. Although she joined this company in 2015, she was already working on many similar projects. Some of her past occupations include working at Aveta Inc., Touchstone Health, AmeriChoice, and several other companies. She is a graduate of the New York University and Columbia University of Public Health.

About the company

If you have been following news about Medicare Advantage Plans, you must have already heard about InnovaCare Health. This company sets the pace when it comes to service delivery. By assembling one of the most experienced leadership teams in the industry, there is no doubt that they will only get better as the days progress.


Peter Briger takes two decades of experience at Goldman Sachs to Fortress Investment Group

Peter Briger attended the University of Princeton where he got his Bachelor’s Degree before joining Pennsylvania University where he got his MBA afterward. It is with this academic background and shrewd personality that Peter Briger has been able to earn quite the reputation in the finance industry in the United States and beyond. Peter Briger got his big break in his career when he got employed by Goldman Sachs. Goldman Sachs is one of the most prominent firms in the finance market. Peter Briger boasts of almost two decades of working in the firm. As much as being slightly affiliated with this firm can open doors in the industry, Peter did not settle for anything less than success. Peter Briger was able to solidify his position by earning the promotion to partner in the year 1996.

As a partner at Goldman Sachs, Peter was able to make a name for himself by co-establishing the firm’s special situations group. What made this group a success is a secretive but highly profitable nature in trades. The group is also famous for being the main source of the majority of the revenue that Goldman Sachs was making at the time. Even after Peter completed his tenure, the group continued to bring in more than a hundred million dollars in revenue in the company. Peter left the company when he saw greener pastures in Fortress Investment Group where he began working in the year 2002. Read this articles at bizjournals.com to learn more about Peter Briger.

Peter at Fortress Investment Group

After quite the successful run at Goldman Sachs, Peter left the company in 2002 and joined Fortress Group; a company that was looking to diversify from its currents private equity operations. Following his reputation in the industry, Peter joined the management of the committee at Fortress as soon as he joined the firm. After four years of tremendous work, he was made a member of the board of the company and three years later he was elected the Chairperson of the Board. At Fortress Investment Group, Peter is in charge of the Real estate and credit sectors of the company.

Visit: https://www.fool.com/investing/general/2015/05/23/peter-briger-frtress-investment-groups-23-billion.aspx


PSI Pay: Facilitating Secure Digital Financial Transactions Globally

Driven by technological advancements and inherent challenges associated with rudimentary methods of using currency money, merchants have increasingly developed secure and more decentralized forms of currencies that are reliable. As the primary players in the risk management industry involving currencies, banks have also evolved especially in their mode of transactions with more financial institutions such as PSI Pay and other well-established traditional banks opting for digital financial transactions that are more convenient and not burdened by the ethical issues surrounding traditional banking. Moreover, the banks are increasingly introducing new transaction models especially on the backdrop of the 2008 global financial crisis. Aimed at protecting the industry against such crisis, banks have introduced annual fees to encourage financial institutions and investors to put the interests of their clients first.


As the primary risk managers, banks earn from the interest rates they charge private users who borrow unused funds entrusted to them by private individuals. Individuals who deposit funds in banks also benefit from interest rates offered by the banks on the assets and earnings they place in the care of the banks. While currency is divided into three distinct categories including commodity, representative and fiat money, it is the latter that has revolutionized digital banking and financial transactions. Fiat money offers flexibility in when it comes to determining its value. Creators of fiat currencies have the exclusive right to determine the value and legitimacy of the currencies. One modern currency that shares significant characteristics with fiat money is cryptocurrency.


The Emergence of Alternative Financial Management Models


While cryptocurrencies especially Bitcoins have become buzzwords over the past few years, they are part of a broader drive towards developing alternative models of transactions that are not burdened by the inherent hindrances associated with traditional banking. The other alternative model that has gained traction within the global financial community is crowdfunding. Crowdfunding platforms such as GoFundMe, Patreon, and Kickstarter among others eliminate the need for third-parties such as banks. Transactions can be carried out directly between parties including investment companies. These platforms offer a highly customized model for financial transactions and give individuals greater liberty when it comes to decision making.


Cryptocurrencies offer similar liberties and are highly decentralized. Unlike traditional currencies, the transaction ledger is spread across various computers making them difficult to control by any institution or government. Moreover, decentralization ensures that cryptocurrencies are secure especially when it comes to hacking and network connectivity problems. However, the open-source nature of cryptocurrencies makes them vulnerable to value manipulation, especially by creators. They are also highly volatile. Despite these challenges, banks and financial institutions such as PSI Pay are increasingly incorporating cryptocurrencies in their digital financial transaction platforms.





Classdojo Continues to Innovate

Despite the growing technology work, communicating with parents can still be a challenge for teachers. Furthermore creating a community where everyone feels connected and empowered is also a challenge. Classdojo is working to change this fact. Classdojo is an amazing communication platform where parents, teachers and students can stay connected all the time. The platform also allows teachers to create a positive culture and encourage students to achieve at the highest level.

For years Classdojo has survived without charging its customers. In fact it is one of the few educational technology startups founded this decade that have been able to survive without making any revenue. Classdojo has incredibly successful. 95 percent of U.S. elementary and middle schools have at least one teacher using the tool. Nearly twenty percent of US families with a child under fourteen use the app at least once a day. The company has done all this while remaining steadfast to not charge schools or teachers.

Classdojo is now making a change to earn a profit. The new program is titled “ClassDojo Beyond School.” It is aimed at connecting parents and their kids through various activities like mindfullness, meditation and reflection exercises. One of the big new features allows parent to use the behavior incentivization system that most teachers use to motivate students. The app will also feature a number short videos that demonstrate how to lead students through mindfulness and meditation exercises. This app will be available in February 2019. The subscription service will available for less than ten dollars a month.

CEO Sam Chaudhary is convinced his company has survived this long as a result of its investors. The company has raised more than thirty million dollars as a result of investments from companies like Reach Capital, General Catalyst and GSV Acceleration. With this new program the company now appears set to move to even higher levels.

Brazilian Agricultural Exports Expert And President Of Eucatex Flavio Maluf

In a recent study of how well Brazilian agricultural exports have been doing over the last year, CEO of the building materials business known as Eucatex, Flavio Maluf, reported that there was a 0.7% decrease in sales for the current year, but he said that soybean production was expected to go up by 4.2% more than the crop from the previous year. The European Union, or EU, which consists of 28 countries, was reported to have been the biggest destination for Brazilian exports in the month of June, with an increase in the purchase of soybeans, orange juice, pulp and green coffee. Visit on his twitter for more updates.

In the same study, which was conducted by the Brazilian supply company called Conab, Flavio Maluf also reported that during the first half of 2018, the Latin American country shipped 46.27 million tons of grain to other countries and saw a yearly revenue of $18.43 billion. The business executive’s own company exports its building products to 40 countries, including Germany, Mexico, Holland, England and the United States. The company’s name Eucatex is a combination of two words, eucalyptus and textile. Eucalyptus is the kind of wood the company uses to make its furniture slabs.

Eucatex was founded in 1951, and Flavio Maluf took over the family business in 1997 and has been successful at running it since then. He also runs another business called Grandfood, which is the manufacturer of the pet brands Golden and Premier. Born in Sao Paulo, Brazil, he attended the Armando Alvares Penteado Foundation and graduated with a degree in Mechanical Engineering, then later earned a degree in Business Administration from NYU in the US. He previously worked at Citicorp after college before taking the position at Eucatex.

Flavio Maluf is also a philanthropist who has helped other businesses in his community by donating medical equipment like X-ray machines to healthcare facilities such as Idio Carli Hospital and Maternity Clinic.

Visit: http://www.infomoney.com.br/negocios/noticias-corporativas/noticia/5913933/flavio-maluf-traz-dicas-que-podem-ajudar-transformar-sua-ideia


Gulf Coast Western

Gulf Coast Western is an international company based in Dallas founded in 1970 and specializes in the development, exploration, and acquisition of oil and gas in coastal Gulf reserves. It’s a private operative company with an average of 51-200 number of employees. The company has other active branches with drilling programs in Mississippi, Oklahoma, and Colorado also have plans to continue venturing in other places proven with gas and oil within the US. The company acts as the managing venturer of Gas and Oil General Partnerships known as Joint Ventures.

Since the establishment, Gulf Coast has reserved good record through maintaining transparent and open relationships with their accredited Partners. The connection is built on strong pillars of mutual trust and respect through operating with highest standards of honesty and integrity.

Gulf Coast Western has been involved in many philanthropic movements. The company has an unwavering commitment in helping and supporting organizations those which participates in assisting to build strong communities and care in health and well-being of children and families. Gulf Coast Western is a proud sponsor of “the family place,” “Smile Train” and other humanitarian Aids organization.

Having over a thousand accredited partners all over the country its clear indication that customers are satisfied with their profiting services. Mike Szot from California is one of the partners who have invested with Gulf Coast Western, and he testifies that before he joined the company, he had less knowledge of oil and gas industry. He says that Gulf service team assisted and provided him with insight understanding of oil drilling process and he cannot regret doing business with them now and in future.

Bill W., the president, and chief executive of an equipment rental company also testify his experience with Gulf Coast Western. He says Gulf Coast Western have portrayed professionalism, high skills in leadership and trust. He confesses his satisfaction in working with them and recommends anyone looking to invest in an oil and gas to look for no other place but Gulf Coast Western.

Harry Harrison Approaches Business With Innovation In Mind.

Harry Harrison was the head of the Barclays Non-Core banking institution located in London from 2014 to 2017. Since winding down his service at Barclays, Harrison has maintained his momentum in order to establish his newest financial services investment firm, Anthemis Group. Today, we are going to be taking a close look at the work that Harrison is doing with the Anthemis Group while also learning a little bit about the methods that Harrison employs in order to find continual success in such a competitive and difficult field. Let’s start by learning about Harrison’s background before delving deeper into his methods.

Harrison spent three years as the head of Barclays, located in London, but his career actually spans another twenty years prior to that position. Harry Harrison has an extensive resume that is backed by prestigious education from schools like the University of Cambridge and the University of Warwick. With a Masters of Philosophy in Finance and a BS in Economics, Harrison is as well educated as you could hope for in such a competitive and difficult field. That educational background, as well as the methods we are about to learn about, have made him one of the top names in the financial services industry. Now that we know a little bit about Harry Harrison’s background we can turn our attention to the work that he is doing with the Anthemis Group.

The Anthemis Group is a digital financial services firm that focuses on advising clients who are trying to navigate these new and tumultuous financial waters. Harrison is the founder and President of the business, serving in both capacities so as to stay as close to his work as possible. Harrison was inspired to establish the Anthemis Group after winding down his career with Barclays. His natural curiosity for business and his ability to analyze business models and micro/macroeconomics served as great launching points for taking the dive into establishing his own business. With that kind of natural curiosity, spurred on by various publications and podcasts that Harrison listens to regularly, gave rise to what we see as the Anthemis Group today.

As an entrepreneur and career business professional, Harrison knows that there are many different ways to find success in the industry. However, no matter which path you decide to take in your career, you have to commit to it fully. For Harry Harrison, success with the Anthemist Group has been buoyed by personal efforts to keep his mind and body sharp and healthy. Harrison swears by the benefits that yoga can offer from both a physical and mental standpoint and he would advise anyone, no matter their age, to get into the meditative exercise as soon as possible.

Looking past outsider concepts like yoga and listening to podcasts, Harrison also believes that to be successful in the financial field you have to be willing to push for innovation. Harrison relied on an innovative approach when he moved to New York in order to help Barclays get up and off the ground back in 2003, long before he was head of the company.

Ryan Seacrest Busiest Man in the Business

As arguably the busiest man in show business, Ryan Seacrest is clearly a jack of all trades.

His latest gig has him sitting next to Kelly Ripa as co-host of the “LIVE with Kelly and Ryan” morning talk show. Seacrest was awarded this role in 2017 after Ripa’s former co-host, Michael Strahan, left to join the team at “Good Morning America.” Because the show is filmed in New York City, Seacrest has had to take up the bi-coastal life, maintaining residences in both Manhattan and in Los Angeles.

In his radio pursuits, Seacrest is the host of “On Air with Ryan Seacrest”, the nationally-syndicated Los Angeles morning show produced by iHeart Media. In addition to this daily program, Seacrest also hosts a Top 40 countdown weekly gig.

Earlier this year, Seacrest revived his role as host of “American Idol” when the show returned to the United States. Auditions for the 2019 season are now underway, keeping Seacrest busy in his spare time away from “LIVE” and his radio shows.

The consummate entertainer also takes ownership of ABC’s New Year’s Eve program as both host and executive producer. No stranger to the awards scene, Seacrest works for the E! Network hosting various red carpet award shows.

Wanting to become more involved in the behind the scenes production, Seacrest launched Ryan Seacrest Productions (RSP) in 2006. The Emmy-winning production company is responsible for programming in a variety of genres, including “I Love Kellie Pickler,” “Keeping up with the Kardashians,” and “Shades of Blue.”

Known for his keen fashion sense, Seacrest launched his own men’s tailored clothing collection in 2014. Ryan Seacrest Distinction is sold exclusively at Macy’s and offers a variety of apparel and accessories selections. Seacrest is now busy with the launch of a new men’s skincare line, Polished. With an emphasis on providing quality anti-aging skincare for men, the line is backed and co-founded by Dr. Harold Lancer.

Facebook: facebook.com/ryanseacrest/
Instagram: instagram.com/ryanseacrest/?hl=en

Jeunesse Global Supplement Lines

Jeunesse Global was created in 2009 by Wendy Lewis and Randy Ray. The company quickly became one of the top direct selling companies and is now one of the few billion-dollar global network marketing companies. They have a unique skincare and nutritional line that creates a synergistic anti-aging Youth Enhancement System. Randy Ray did not start out successful. He grew up in poverty in rural Tennessee. However, he used his optimism and hard work to create several companies with his wife, Wendy Lewis.

The couple was actually retired when they started Jeunesse. Both were starting to feel the effects of aging with creaky joints and knee pain. They were inspired when Randy was getting treatment for his bad knee. Stem cell research had made large improvements in the medical care available for joint pain. However, they also recognized the potential for stem cell research in the beauty industry. By using stem cell research in their skincare line, the company has been able to grow at a 518% rate for four years. They have more than 30 different offices across the world and thousands of distributors in more than 140 different countries.

The key to their success is the Youth Enhancement System, otherwise known as the Y.E.S. system. This includes nine different product lines that focuses on creating a youthful appearance while also improving the different biological systems. They have the Nevo supplement that provides immediate energy for just 50 calories. The Zen Bodi system is a supplement line that focuses on helping improve overall fitness by burning fat, building muscle, and curbing appetite. The Enhance Essentials line provides key vitamins and minerals to help the body fight against premature aging while improving mood, increasing energy, and allowing the body to sleep restfully. Their M1ND supplement is a gel packet that uses Cera-Q and l-theanine to improve memory while allowing the mind to focus on daily tasks without anxiety. They also have a Finiti supplement line that was created to restore the body with a proprietary blend of vegetable extracts and fruits. Their Reserve line is used to help the body protect itself against free radicals with antioxidants and superfruits.