Matthew Fleeger Bio

Renowned for his business acumen and entrepreneurial prowess, Matthew Fleeger has the makings of an industry tycoon. Though Fleeger’s currently a prominent figure in the tanning, oil, and gas industries, his status was anything but handed to him. Before pursuing a career in his desired line of work, Fleeger earned a degree from the Southern Methodist University. It was here where Fleeger cultivated a keen understanding of financial and marketing affairs. Grasping these fields armed Fleeger with enough know-how and confidence to begin embarking on business pursuits. In 1986, after graduating from college, Fleeger set out to hit it big in the oil and gas industry.

Fleeger’s demeanor and expertise enabled him to find jobs rapidly. As an attempt to acquire substantial experience in his trade, Fleeger seldom said no to opportunities. Fleeger’s willingness to assume new responsibilities allowed him to diversify his skills. As a result, many companies were eager to hire Fleeger on as an executive. Upon receiving administrative roles, Fleeger knew that he’d found his niche. In the hopes of creating his own success, Fleeger deviated from his path and began exploring entrepreneurial endeavors. In 1993, Fleeger flexed his pioneering muscles when he materialized MedSolutions.

Fleeger developed MedSolutions as an attempt to turn the healthcare waste management industry on its ear by introducing all-new disposal and treatment methods. Fleeger’s ideas proved logical and effective, in turn making MedSolutions a reputable corporation. MedSolutions gained such notability that Stericycle wanted to acquire it. In 2007, Fleeger appeased Stericycle’s wish and sold the company for $59 million. After selling his company, Fleeger took a position at Gulf Coast Western, his father’s 38-year-old oil and gas enterprise. As the company’s CEO, Fleeger strives to remain in the vanguard of development for the sake of keeping Gulf Coast Western well-oiled and up to speed.

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