Matthew Fleeger Bio

Renowned for his business acumen and entrepreneurial prowess, Matthew Fleeger has the makings of an industry tycoon. Though Fleeger’s currently a prominent figure in the tanning, oil, and gas industries, his status was anything but handed to him. Before pursuing a career in his desired line of work, Fleeger earned a degree from the Southern Methodist University. It was here where Fleeger cultivated a keen understanding of financial and marketing affairs. Grasping these fields armed Fleeger with enough know-how and confidence to begin embarking on business pursuits. In 1986, after graduating from college, Fleeger set out to hit it big in the oil and gas industry.

Fleeger’s demeanor and expertise enabled him to find jobs rapidly. As an attempt to acquire substantial experience in his trade, Fleeger seldom said no to opportunities. Fleeger’s willingness to assume new responsibilities allowed him to diversify his skills. As a result, many companies were eager to hire Fleeger on as an executive. Upon receiving administrative roles, Fleeger knew that he’d found his niche. In the hopes of creating his own success, Fleeger deviated from his path and began exploring entrepreneurial endeavors. In 1993, Fleeger flexed his pioneering muscles when he materialized MedSolutions.

Fleeger developed MedSolutions as an attempt to turn the healthcare waste management industry on its ear by introducing all-new disposal and treatment methods. Fleeger’s ideas proved logical and effective, in turn making MedSolutions a reputable corporation. MedSolutions gained such notability that Stericycle wanted to acquire it. In 2007, Fleeger appeased Stericycle’s wish and sold the company for $59 million. After selling his company, Fleeger took a position at Gulf Coast Western, his father’s 38-year-old oil and gas enterprise. As the company’s CEO, Fleeger strives to remain in the vanguard of development for the sake of keeping Gulf Coast Western well-oiled and up to speed.

How Does Hussain Sajwani Believe People Should Learn Success?

Hussain Sajwani has an amazing record of success, and there are a lot of people who want to work in real estate, but they need to study Hussain Sajwani, his success, and his life. This is one of the best ways for someone to succeed in business if they can find a way to study someone who does the best work in their field. He is an expert, and his life shows how to become a more successful person.

  1. He Came To America For School

Hussain came to America for school when he was given a scholarship by the government of the United Arab Emirates. Someone who wants to study abroad might try to find a similar scholarship program to his own, and they could work in college in much the same way that he did. He was selling timeshares to the people near his college, and he wants to be sure that the people who are working work in a field that they believe in.

  1. The Real Estate Developments

Hussain has worked on a lot of real estate developments around the world, and he has partnered with many people who are in need of help with building. He wants to be sure that the buildings they make are much better and more modern than ever before. He believes that the Middle East should be a leader in modern building.

  1. His Giving

The people who are giving back to the world like Hussain are helping children and families prosper. He wants to help the people in the Middle East who are in need aid, and he has given to many charities in the communities where his company has built. DAMAC Properties is dedicated to the care of the people around them, and they always put more money into the communities where they build.

  1. Conclusion

Someone who wants to learn the world of real estate could do what Hussain did as he learned his craft. He has done a very good job of helping the Middle East grow, and he has partners around the world who trust him.

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The Icon, Shiraz Boghani

Shiraz Boghani has repeatedly shown his agility in the world of business. He is the esteemed Owner and Chairperson of Splendid Hospitality group. Shiraz Boghani has at least forty years of experience in hospitality services and hotel management. Among his achievements is being a certified accountant. After his migration to the United Kingdom, he set out to build his accounting career thus the achievement. After his certification, he served as an accountant in an International firm which specialty was to offer financial advice. In the year two thousand and sixteen, Shiraz Boghani received the Asian Business award which crowned as hotelier of the year. That award was deserving of him considering his efforts and numerous successes, not to mention several awards in the hotel industry. Connect with Shiraz Boghani by visiting his linkedin account

This specific award was judged from different perspectives by a group of experts in several fields of study. Top notch journalist, Amit Roy, Investment Banker, Jitesh Gadhia and, Shilesh R. were some of the panelists who took part in the decision making. Excellent leadership skills and, the effort by the Splendid Hospitality group were some of the reasons Shiraz Boghani stood out, not to forget his lifetime exceptional achieves. Since he joined the business world, he has managed to open over nineteen hotels including Splendid across the United Kingdom. He was also among the first in London to own limited service hotels in the nineties’.

We can proudly include philanthropy in describing Shiraz. He cofounded Sussex Healthcare. The commence of this company was aimed at providing top-notch health care services and provide homes. His efforts have seen the rise of eighteen homes with atlas five hundred beds. His love and dedication to health care has shown his support and positive approval of the Aga Khan Foundation and has become a partner with several charity organizations. His concern and charity towards healthcare have shown his love and care for humanity.

Hospitality can be acknowledged as his field of expertise. He has been strategist when it comes to this area thus enabling him to found several hotels in Leeds, York, and London, The Grand Hotel and Spa, Conard London are some of the hotels he has pioneered.



Sheldon Lavin Has Played An Instrumental Role In The Growth Of OSI Group

Sheldon Lavin is a prominent leader in the food processing industry. His fame accrues from his diligent service at OSI Group as the CEO of the company for more than forty years. Throughout his stay at OSI Group, Lavin has gained a deeper understanding of the company’s operations as well as how the food processing industry operates.

Background Information

Lavin is a finance expert. Prior to officially joining OSI Group in the 1970’s, Sheldon Lavin helped OSI to secure capital that was needed to complete the construction of a certain food processing plant. Eventually, Lavin got recruited into OSI Group as the CEO of the company. While serving as the CEO, Lavin has triggered immense growth at OSI Group. Under the tenure of Lavin as the CEO, OSI Group has become an international company.

In the past, OSI Group went by the name Otto & Sons. The company was once a butcher shop, but under the leadership of Otto Kolschowsky, who also worked together with his sons, the organization experienced an immense growth rate. Since Sheldon Lavin was conversant with matters pertaining to finance, OSI Group took him in as a managing partner. After joining OSI Group, Sheldon Lavin learned more about the company’s business culture. He also became conversant with the strategies that were being deployed at OSI Group.

Additional Information

OSI Group began its global expansion by establishing food processing plants in Europe in the 1970’s. Eventually, the company ventured into South America and Taiwan in the 1980’s. Later on, OSI Group expanded to Japan, Australia, the Philippines, Australia, and South Africa. At the moment, OSI Group is operational in 17 countries, and they have more than 65 food processing facilities in the respective countries.

Apart from being the renowned CEO of OSI Group, Lavin is also an active philanthropist. His philanthropic endeavors have benefited organizations such as the Jewish United Fund, the Boys and Girls Clubs of Chicago, the Ronald McDonald House Charities, and the Evans Scholarship Fund. With that said, Sheldon Lavin’s capable leadership in the food processing industry has not gone unnoticed. As a result, organizations such as India’s Vision World Academy have issued him wards such as the Global Visionary Award. The British Safety Council has also issued Lavin the Globe of Honor Award.


Alex Hern: Moving into the new world of XR

Alex HernXR is not necessarily new, but it hasn’t been talked about as much as Virtual or augmented reality. Tsunami XR is owned by David Ross and Alex Hern where they have remained at the head of XR and VR technology within the industry. Currently, there are a lot of challenges that XR will face and struggle with. It’s mainly between the illumination among augmented realities and real world objects. XR technology has the ability to be seamless when transitioning and will have to deal with making virtual and real realities difficult to tell apart inside similar perceptions. Another hurdle XR needs to conquer is motion sensing. Developers have their hands full in getting over this and are currently hammering out solutions. The biggest concern might be connectivity for XR technology as well. This is where 5G enters the picture and gives XR a bright future.

Hern has worked in many different job roles for companies serving as a board member, director and advisor. His focus remains with moving Tsunami XR into the future and betting on the computer world moving from CPU to GPU and opening up the need for more applications. XR technology will soon find its way into cloud-based computing in the coming years. Hern’s company has also been heavily involved in building their own studios and work spaces for business use. XR technology gives companies the excellent choice to conduct meetings on their private turfs through a connected workspace that can reach between states and countries. XR has many powerful qualities to it and Tsnami keeps pushing the boundaries and seeking out new opportunities. Hern also talks about the emergence of Artificial Intelligence. He sees this as a game changer in the market and is eager to research the subject more in hopes of creating another successful path by using this technology. Click here


Kirshen Iyer’s Changes in the Insurance Industry


Krishen Iyer is one of the most successful businessmen in the Insurance industry. He is an expert in managing companies related to the insurance industry and he has founded two successful companies that deal with insurance errands. He is a graduate who got his degree in Public Relations from the University of San Diego. He started his first company in 2002 known as Name My Premium LLC and under his leadership, the company has grown to be among the top 250 largest insurance companies in California. The Name My Premium Company deals marketing businesses related to insurances and it is also an online marketing broker.




Krishen Iyer started his second company in 2016 and he named it Managed Benefit Services. Like his first company, Managed Benefits Services Company also deals with marketing insurance businesses by helping insurance companies to market their services and products. The company also provides leads’ platforms and consulting services. Krishen Iyer pointed out that the platforms that his company provides give an opportunity to insurance companies to confirm and rate leads the way they are in real time environment.




Starting companies that help insurance providers to market their services and products has made Krishen Iyer unique because he was one of the first investors to invest in insurance marketing business. When asked how the idea of starting Managed Benefit Services Company came to him, Kirshen pointed out that he came up with the idea when realized that the insurance industry was facing a lot of marketing challenges. That is when he decided to bring change to the industry since he believed that the insurance business needed to be marketed widely just like any other business. He also pointed out that his talent in communication is the most important skill required in marketing. Kirshen also stated that he was determined to use his gift to bring change to the insurance industry.


PSI Pays Tight Security Protocols Lays Ground for Contactless Payment to Thrive

Many businesses have embraced online payments owing to its many benefits. Customers expect businesses to have such facilities since they can improve their cash-flow. That is part of the reason why Walmart and PayPal have come together to give their shared customers integrated services.


Online shoppers have increased over time and usually, they pay for goods and services using credit cards and debit cards. Buyers explore the internet to get reliable and convenient services whenever they want to make purchases. Therefore, businesses that do not incorporate electronic payments don’t have a competitive edge in the market and they ought to make special arrangements to be able to accept the payments. A business needs to have a merchant account to start accepting electronic payments.


According to a survey conducted recently, identify theft has become rampant and consequently, buyers are a worried lot. PSI Pay recognizes the importance of security and has put in place several measures to curb identity theft and fraud.


PSI Pay utilizes the reliable rules-based system, transactional as well as behavioral data analytics and external data brokers to not only verify the identity of customers but also prevent fraud and protect businesses. Additionally, it prides itself of qualified cybersecurity experts working to identify suspicious account activities and investigate them with an objective to combat fraud.


PSI Pay’s success in enforcing security measures to protect businesses and buyers from fraud prepared the ground for contactless payment. Contactless payment requires more sophisticated security mechanisms and therefore, payments are secured using RFID technology or near-field communication.


PSI Pay partnered with Kerv Wearables to take payments to another amazing level. With contactless payment, customers can make payments without entering a password, swiping or giving out a signature. The era of using cash money such as coins and notes will be gone completely and contactless payment ring, provided by both companies, will soon take over.


You are probably asking yourself, but what is contactless payment? Well, it is a technology that enables users to make payments for goods and services using credit and debit cards by what has been termed as “wave and pay”.


Contactless payment has been enabled by Kerv and PSI Pay’s proprietary ring which guarantees durability and comfort. The technology can only process transactions to a certain limit to prevent unauthorized payments. The technology has been embraced widely and according to the companies, it is going to change banking.


About PSI Pay


PSI Pay is a Fintech company which is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority in the UK. It provides digital accounts as well as convenient payment cards to customers in the UK and the whole world. Since 2007, the company has been operating under the umbrella of its policy, transparency, and efficiency.


Victoria Doramus Teaches Others About Overcoming Struggles

Victoria Doramus understands about having struggles and trying to stay strong in the hardest of times. The hard-working marketing professional is known for her marketing expertise among the New York and London areas.

The philanthropist started her career ladder by graduating from the University of Colorado with a journalism and mass communication degree. She was hired by a company knows as MindShare and later became involved in a creative art agency. While advancing, Victoria became knowledgeable in negotiating with vendors and as a consultant in the creative fields. She has also worked as a personal assistant to a film executive and researcher for authors and their books.

The professional has also used her journalism degree and created a long list of freelance articles involving what she has learned in her career and personal life. Victoria believes you can either be a victim or take control and get what you want out of life, no matter how hard it seems.

The career woman knows that hard work and determination has gotten her where she is and giving back to others only means that much more to her. That is why she is involved in several organizations that help others in need. She is involved in the Amy Winehouse Foundation, and the Women’s Prison Association. She is also involved in Best Friends Animal Society and helps with the foundation called Room to Read that gives to underprivileged kids.

Victoria Doramus is not ashamed to admit that she has had personal struggles in her life that have caused her to go down the wrong path., but due to perseverance she became stronger and knew what she wanted out of life. She had goals and knew it was going to be up to her to achieve them. No matter what your struggles she believes everyone that wants to, can overcome and reach their dreams.

Biography of Robert Ivy

Architect Robert Ivy was born in Columbus, Mississippi. He obtained a bachelor’s degree from Sewanee University and a master’s degree in architecture from Tulane.

As VP and Editorial Director of the McGraw-Hill Construction and Editor-in-Chief of Architectural Record (1996-2010), Ivy oversaw the publication of 33 publications in print and digital editions. Currently, Ivy is the EVP/Chief Executive Officer of the American Institute of Architects.

Ivy was awarded the G.D. Crain Award for lifetime contributions to editorial excellence in business media in 2009. He was named a “Master Architect” by Alpha Rho Chi in 2010.

He currently lives in Washington, D.C.

Michael Hagele interests and attributes to the society

Michael Hagele holds a position of a counsel in a variety of technology firms comprising of research companies which offer design and consultancy amenities. He has a wide experience of drafting technology licensing, distribution of contracts in the local and international internet. In addition, he is also familiar with the commercial contracts as they correspond to technology firms. Previously, he worked as an overall counsel of a capital internet firm where he handled the entire legal affairs. They consisted of corporate governance, job problems, and stock option plan administration. Follow Michael on Twitter @Michael_Hagele_

Michael Hagele pursued a degree in law from the University of California and later did his B.A at the University of Iowa. He formed and contributed to different businesses in the hospitality and restaurant sectors. Through his specialized expertise, he displayed that companies can regularly offer the best quality and economical legal amenities to the stakeholders. According to him, social media is a crucial component to rapidly develop the business nowadays. It is the main strategy he utilizes as it assists them to associate with the customers. As a businessman, it’s a priority to cater to the customer first since they play an integral part. While serving as an attorney, a client’s properties lie on your capability to do your all in order to safeguard them.

Michael Hagele rides a mountain to meditate and comprehend new ideas. He usually loves educating the new members about mountain bike riding. Furthermore, he advocates participating in a mountain bike skills camp is he gets a chance. The most crucial element to always keep in mind is to have access to live trail forecasts. It assists a rider to comprehend what to imagine at the following curve of the road. Bike riding provides an individual an opportunity to exercise at his own speed. Before riding, Michael Hagele suggests that a person should be physically fit.

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