FlavioMaluf Successful Career History

FlavioMaluf is one person who has a fascinating history. He is from a family that has very stable business empires, but that does not stop him from waking up early towards pursuing his dreams. He has what it takes towards career success. He is the son of a very famous Brazilian politician who happens to be very wealthy. He has been able to have a great understanding of how businesses operate. In fact, he always tells people that when they establish new companies, that is usually not the right time to rest but a time to be even more committed to their activities. He has a great passion for career growth and advancement. Has prospered over the last few years he has been at the top positions managing family’s businesses. View Maluf’s profile on linkedin.

Flavio Maluf is an alumnus of Foundation of Armando AlvaresPenteado (FAAP). Whereby he graduated with a bachelors of science degree in Mechanical Engineering. He has a great understanding of all engineering concepts that have made him fit to work in all the industrial departments. He is also a graduate of New York University. He possesses great skills in business administration because of the degree he got from the University.

Eucatex is a family owned company that was established in 1951 by his family members; The company has been designing their products with precious materials that have made the name of the company remain relevant over the years.FlavioMaluf joined the company as an employee in 1987, and his uncle was the president. He worked for ten good years moving from the department of trade to the industry and have been passionately worked towards its progress. He was promoted to join the executive board in 1996 by his uncle and later after one year, he got a promotion and became the company’s chief executive officer.

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Infinity Group Australia Determined to Improve the lives of their Customers.

Customers in the finance industry have a reason to smile after the establishment of Infinity Group Australia. This financial institution has come to the rescue of the Australian families which for a very prolonged period have been exploited by the financial institutions whenever they intended to acquire financial assistance through borrowing. The lenders and the loan brokers have been providing the customers of their credit services with terms and conditions that were very unconducive for their repayment process. Besides that, some of the borrowers don’t have the adequate proficiency required for the proper management of the borrowed funds and the adequate planning on the repayment schedule. Instead of the financial institutions assisting these clients in the planning process so that they could make their repayment smooth, their greed for money could not allow. They only focused on the interests that they could gain from the customers after the repayment.


At this time, Graeme Holm was working in these banking institutions that did this to their customers. Graeme was never happy with this kind of service, and he felt that there was a lot more that was missing in the industry to achieve the required customer satisfaction. This market gap challenged him for very long and eventually pushed him to form a client-oriented firm that could tackle the challenges that he had identified in the credit services market. This is how Infinity Group Australia was formed by Graeme Holm, who is the director of the organization, alongside his wife who acts as his business partner.


Though the aid of Infinity Group Australia, Graeme Holm has been able to address the challenges that faced the Australian families such as the exploitation by the financial firms. One initiative that Infinity Group Australia has taken is that of educating their customers on the proper ways of managing their finances. They have been helping the Australian borrowers in their financial planning by ensuring that they develop budgets for their expenditures which help them in the control of their expenses. Infinity Group Australia also provides the borrowers with monthly statements of their outstanding loan balances that enable them to keep clear records of their repayment and make better plans for the repayment processes.


Through these initiatives, the clients of Infinity Group Australia have been able to overcome the excess and unmanageable debts that kept them in poor financial conditions in the past. They have also indicated that they are happy with the services they get from the firm, claiming that they feel more financially secure than ever before.

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The General Reaction after Fortress Investment Group Went Public

The astonishing event of Fortress Investment Group going public will forever remain in the minds of many people. It was considered as one of the riskiest moves that an investment management firm has ever made. However, it never turned out as ugly as many people could have expected. Instead, what followed was the massive following of the other investment companies of its kind trying to imitate the same move. It was a historical event that will never be erased from the walls of the investment industry. If you are wondering what am talking about, it’s about the 2007 event that saw Fortress Investment Group declare an initial public offer.

This event took place under the guidance of the new CEO of the company by then, Peter Briger. Before then, no other company of its type and size had ever tried to go public. However, Briger felt that the decision was right and productive enough to try. With the kind of trust and faith that the other co-principals had in him, they had no choice but to concur. The move emerged successful as both the company and the principals got a lot of popularity from the industry and the general public at large.

The leadership of Fortress Group has been very pivotal in gearing the company towards achieving its goals and objectives. The three principals; Peter Briger, Wes Edens, and Randal Nardone have been so determined to ensure that all the strategic plans for the company are followed to the latter to ensure that they achieve success goals. One of the main strategies that the principals have been focusing on is training their employees in relationships building. The staff of Fortress Group have put great effort in establishing close relationships with the key stakeholders of other companies so that they can have an easy way out in the engagement of business partnerships.

As a result, Fortress Investment Group has been on record for having signed and engaged in various business relationships that range from partnerships, mergers and even acquisitions. This has helped the company tremendously in its growth process and also in achieving its financial goals.

Who Is Whitney Wolfe?

Whitney Wolfe Herd happens to have been one of the youngest women to have succeeded in the industry that has been dominated by men. She happens to have been the CEO of Bumble, famous dating website that has been in existence for many years and has been rated as the best in the industry. She was able to overcome all odds towards becoming a dating app guru. She is an international marketer with a lot of experience in the sector of dating apps.

Whitney Wolfe is also a co-founder of famous dating app known as Tinder. In fact, the app is the most popular in the world, but Whitney Wolfe happens to have played a major role towards marketing of the app. She did some of the most important things. Coming up with the unique name, Tinder and also helping in the marketing of the company. She took the marketing to herself and was able to go to every corner of the American based Universities to market Tinder.

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Whitney Wolfe was so focused and never thought that she would leave the company. She was sexually harassed by some of the colleagues at her place of work. Later she was compensated a whopping $1 million which she used to develop Bumble. The company is currently doing very well, and Bumble has been able to get so many members over the last seven years. It was launched in 2011, but today, the company is worth more than $1 billion. This has been a great process and also huge margins being witnessed over the last few years. In 2014, they were able to launch a famous vertical in Bumble known as Bumble BFF which has been able to foster more business connections.

Whitney Wolfe is a former student of Southern Methodist University whereby she specialized in International Studies that made her become a great genius in her career. She has been able to spend much of her time working towards great qualifications in the business. She is always motivated by career success and also growth in her areas. She believes in hard work and pursuit for dreams, and Whitney Wolfe has never given up despite many challenges she undergoes through.

OG Juan Perez, President Of Roc Nation Sports, Sets Sights On Expanding Clients’ Prospects Off The Field

A friend and confidant of Shawn “Jay-Z” Carter since the late 1990s, “OG” Juan Perez is the President of the sports management division of Jay-Z’s entertainment conglomerate Roc Nation, which operates under the name Roc Nation Sports. OG Juan was first introduced to Jay-Z in 1996 through mutual friend and co-founder of Roc-A-Fella Records Kareem “Biggs” Burke.

A friendship would form, and OG Juan would be involved in the establishment and management, in his role as president of record label Roc-La-Familia in 2005, a subsidiary of Roc-A-Fella dedicated to signing international acts. Jay-Z and OG Juan would go on to famously open a series of sports bars across the country, a collaboration born out of their mutual love for sports. The first, and possibly most famous of the bars, would be the 40/40 Club, located in Flatbush, Brooklyn. Over the next decade, both men would expand the venture to include bars in Las Vegas, Atlanta and Atlantic City.

The duo’s appreciation for sports would extend to a collaboration in athletic management, leading to the establishment of Roc Nation Sports. The management company boasts nearly fifty high-profile personalities from baseball, basketball, boxing, football and soccer, including Kevin Durant, CC Sabathia, Miguel Cotto and Romelu Lukaku.

While discussing the role of Roc Nation Sports in the business dealings of the client, OG Juan revealed in an interview that the end-goal was developing the brand, name recognition and prospects of the athlete off the field. In aiding the player in this manner, Roc Nation Sports puts them in prime position to grow their fanbase and bring more attention to their exploits on the field; this has the knock-on effect of improving their business and sponsorship prospects off the field.

OG Juan is married to Desiree Perez, Chief Coordination Officer of Roc Nation.

Netpicks: Offering A Variety of Ways to Learn how to Start Investing

Netpicks trading is a company that is dedicated to helping perspective investors get more comfortable with the concept of day trading. They offer a variety of courses that can assist an interested individual in learning how to go about investing in the stock market. For many people, the prospect of investing in the stock market is a scary one. It can also be incredibly intimidating. With these factors in mind, it’s no wonder that many people who are interested in trading on the stock market often struggle with actually pulling the trigger on that venture. Netpicks trading hopes to change this pattern and make speculating on the stock market more accessible to the people who are interested in it. Their company is run by experienced people. The professionals who serve as teachers for the service have a long track record was investing on the stock market. These professionals offer their services to better educate those wanting to get started. The clients they serve range dramatically.

In browsing the services they offer a prospective investor is able to understand that this is a comprehensive approach to learning how to invest in the stock market. This service does not offer quick fixes for investment but instead offers pupils the opportunity to completely understand the different investment strategies that professionals utilize, go right here (Crunchbase.com). By taking this approach on investing potential stock market investors can get a solid foothold in how the market functions and the best way to ensure success in it. Typically, people believe that in order to be successful in the stock market it takes years and years of experience. However, this is not the case a novice can get involved in the stock market and be successful with the right tools and their tool bag. Netpicks Trading seeks to provide the tools necessary for these individuals to succeed. They also have a YouTube channel. On this channel, they offer advice and quick lessons to the general public. These lessons offer a little peek into some of the expertise that is common in their courses. An example of expertise offered on this channel is the different strategies common to the stock market and how to choose the correct strategy for your particular investment type. They also have a video about how to stop emotional trading, additional information on dailyforex.com.

Visit Netpicks’ Crunchbase.com for more updates.

Sheldon Lavin Is The Driving Force Behind OSI Group’s Phenomenal Growth

Sheldon Lavin did not grow up eating out of a silver spoon. He worked hard everything he got, and his great expertise has ended up serving him and OSI Group in a way he could have never imagined. OSI was founded in 1909 and slowly expanded over the years. It was a German immigrant by the name of Otto Kolschowsky that founded the company, and his sons teamed up with him later on to make it a family business. It was during the 1970’s that the company decided to hire outside help, and Sheldon Lavin was the man they found to serve the company and its expansion efforts.

From the beginning, Sheldon Lavin focused on sustainability, green innovations, and food safety, and he now serves OSI Group as its CEO. Before Lavin joined forces with OSI, the company had made a deal with McDonald’s to be one of its few suppliers of meat and food products. OSI even opened a dedicated plant during the 1970’s that only served McDonald’s, and later on the company opened up other plants overseas that were dedicated to serving McDonald’s expansion efforts there. Lavin was instrumental in OSI’s overseas expansion and also helped it with its efforts to build new plants in Spain, Brazil, Germany, Taiwan, Austria, Mexico, Poland, and the Philippines.

Sheldon Lavin continued to be the leading force behind OSI’s expansion into new markets and regions during the 2000’s. A purchase made in Australia gave the company access to is beef market where it has continued to thrive to this day. In 1996, in order to increase its offerings, Lavin guided the company as it acquired an interest in a poultry company in the United States. During the 2010’s, he was part of the company’s efforts to expand into Canada, the United Kingdom, and even further into Germany. In 2016, he watched on as OSI purchased Baho Food, which gave the company access to customers in Germany and the Netherlands. Sheldon Lavin has admitted that he plans on staying with OSI as long the company is expanding and breaking new ground. This attitude is exactly what has been behind a lot of the company’s success, to-date.

Trabuco Bradesco-Retiring With Dignity after a Successful Banking Career

After serving for over a decade as the president of Brazil’s 2nd largest bank, Bradesco Seguros, Trabuco Bradesco will be leaving the bank a proud man having helped the bank scale the ladders of success hence becoming one of the most vibrant financial institutions in Brazil. The bank has already announced Octavio De Lazari Junior, who is also the bank’s Vice President, as the Trabuco’s successor. But even after his exit, Trabuco will continue serving as the President of the bank’s executive board until the next board meeting. From the statement that was issued by the bank shortly after making the major announcement, Mr. Octavio was appointed President following consultations through a formal process of appointment and succession. Visit the website weforum.org to learn more about Trabuco Bradesco.


While speaking to the press before the announcement regarding the change of leadership at the bank, Trabuco Bradesco noted that the entire process of identifying his successor would be done by the recommendations given during the board meeting. He, however, said he wasn’t willing to talk about the issue of succession at the moment since his comments would be perceived as an attempt to override the decision made by the council of board members. His departure from the bank was delayed following an extension of the retiring age. Before the extension of his term as the president of Bradesco, the retirement age of a sitting CEO or President was 65 years old before it was extended to 67 years old. Therefore, Trabuco Bradesco becomes the oldest President of the bank upon ending his career with the bank. Visit Wikipedia.org to know more about Trabuco Bradesco.


Trabuco Bradesco started his decades-old banking career as a clerk for the Banco Bradesco, just at the age of 17 years old. He passed through several assignments for over 15 years before becoming the marketing director. While serving as the bank’s marketing director, he was credited for modernizing the bank’s communication systems. Besides being the President of the Bradesco Seguros for over 15 years, Trabuco was also in charge of 8 other companies that are affiliated with the bank, among them Bradesco Saude, Bradesco Vida e Previdencia and Capitalization.




Trabuco Bradesco is leaving Bradesco Seguros after a remarkably successful career. His successor will ultimately need to work more to match his legacy at the bank.

Visit: http://www.meioemensagem.com.br/home/ultimas-noticias/2018/02/05/bradesco-anuncia-substituto-de-trabuco.html

OSI Is Poised To Become The Most Successful Meat Production Companies On The Planet

When a company has the kind of long-term success like OSI Group, chances are they are headed for the big time. OSI has been around since 1909. The company has well over 100 years of experience in  meat industry. Their meats and food products now supply thousands or restaurants and grocery stores all over the world. Let’s take a look at OSI and how they have become one of the leading food organizations in the world.

OSI Industries is also known as OSI Group and they are one of the world’s leading food suppliers. They provide various meals for restaurants from all over the world. OSI is based out of Illinois. They have been in the Chicago area for many years. This is where the organization was first created back in 1909 by German born immigrant Otto Kolschowsky. This man started off in a local butcher shop which eventually was given to his sons.

His sons managed the company for many years. Their big break came during the 1950s when they were the primary supplier of McDonald’s. They rode McDonald’s fame into the 70s when they first became a legitimate corporation. Then they also continued with McDonald’s into overseas markets. They no longer are McDonald’s primary supplier, but they have positioned themselves globally before they moved on.

OSI Industries slowly cemented their business during the 1990s and the 2010s. By 2015 they had supplied many restaurants all over the country. Did you know OSI Industries creates menu items that people at whenever they go out. That’s right. The dishes that people eat on a restaurant menu are premade and tested before they ever arrive at an eating establishment. OSI also has meat processing plants throughout the country and the world. These plants not only produce food for restaurants, they also sell products through local grocery stores.

OSI’s extensive experience and knowledge in the area of meat production and menu preparation. Over the years they have learned how to prepare meats, flavor them and to get the best cuts possible. They know what meats sell well with consumers and how certain menu items will appeal to people’s tastes. OSI Industries has moved on to become a leading meat producer and is set to become a dominant force in the food production business.

Sheldon Lavin Receives a Global Visionary Award

There are many speculations as to how to make it to the top. It is critical that we read all the success stories of the people who began the career before us. The combination of the theories may give you a way to get to the top. Sheldon Lavin is among the successful individuals that new investors can take notes from, and learn. In fact, Lavin just received a Global Visionary Award recognizing his efforts and perseverance to get to the top from India’s Vision World Academy. India’s Vision World Academy has been awarding the award to the entrepreneurs for five years now. They aim at encouraging the people to continue working hard.

It is also a way to encourage other investors to work hard and know the challenges they are facing are not permanent. Sheldon Lavin stuck to his dreams even when he felt like the tasks required to make it work were too mighty for him. He studied finance and accounting in the university. After completing school, Lavin began a financial consultancy firm. His end goal was to establish a chain of companies providing food and other daily needs to the clients. His confidence grew stronger after his breakthrough with the OSI Industries, which went by the name Otto & Sons. The firm approached him for financial aid to expand. He accepted their proposal, and a year later, the firm was known in the whole state.

Sheldon Lavin says that many entrepreneurs take years before getting any reasonable returns from their businesses. Well, this was not the case with him. He transformed all his ventures into multinational companies. This helped him gain returns in a years’ time. For a firm to be successful financially, they have to know the best ways to get more clients. Lavin says that his company gets a lot of referrals from their clients. Apart from their referrals, they have a very strong digital marketing team. They market their goods on all social media pages, and other marketing sites. They are also alert for other digital marketing methods that may arise.Sheldon Lavin advises other upcoming investors to embrace the technological trends.