Dr. Saad Saad

One of Dr. Saad Saad’s inventions has recently caught the eye of a major medical equipment manufacturer. This means that his catheter that is trackable using electromagnetic technology may soon be used in hospitals and operating rooms around the world. Dr. Saad Saad invented the catheter that works in a similar way to metal detectors because he didn’t like the way that catheters had to be placed.


The traditional method required X-ray machines or MRIs to be used in order to make sure that the catheter was being placed in the correct position. With this device, not only do medical professionals not have to use the bulky equipment that is associated with traditional catheters, they also don’t have to expose their patients to the harmful radiation that is used for those types of imaging.


Not only is Dr. Saad Saad known for his inventions that include both physical equipment and his own unique techniques, he is also a talented surgeon. In his 40 year career, he has helped thousands of patients. He specialized in complex surgical procedures on children of all ages. His prowess for creating new devices stems from his desire to have a career in engineering during his younger years. Fortunately for his patients and their families, he changed his mind and decided on being a surgeon.


His inspiration for the devices and procedures that he creates comes from necessity. When Dr. Saad Saad sees a problem or an area in surgery that he thinks could use improvement, he seeks out to be the one who makes a difference. Not only do his inventions help the medical professionals that are using them, they also help the patients by making the results safer with less pain and risks.


Dr. Saad Saad believes that all children should be able to receive the medical treatment that they need to live fulfilling lives. He holds himself and his staff up to the standard that all of their patients be treated in the same way that they would treat their own children if they were the ones on the operating table. No matter the child’s race, religion, background, or financial status, Dr. Saad Saad wants them to be able to live healthy lives. His inspiration for this came from the fact that he grew up in a struggling family in the country of Kuwait.


Dr. Saad Saad has lived in the United States for the last 45 years and during his career was the Surgeon-in-Chief at the K Hovnanian Children’s Hospital as well as their Director. His productive career has improved the lives of many children, both his own patients and the ones of other doctors that have implemented his techniques. Learn more: https://www.healthgrades.com/physician/dr-saad-saad-ys6d8

Jeff Yastine: Growth Of American Debt

Banyan Hill Publishing Company is most well-known for their publication of several investment advice columns. They employ some of the world’s leading experts on investment and financial advice. One of their leading experts is Jeff Yastine. Jeff Yastine first became well-known after receiving an Emmy nomination for his work on The Nightly Business Report. Since then he has gone on to have a successful career in financial journalism and currently works for Banyan Hill Publishing Company where he publishes his investment advice column Total Wealth Insider. Follow Jeff Yastine on Medium.

Jeff Yastine originally went to school at the University of Florida where he majored in journalism. Upon graduation, he began to work as a television reporter and in 1993 joined the PBS publication The Nightly Business Report. Whenever he joined the program, it was the countries most watched financial broadcast and was seen by more than 1 million individuals on a nightly basis. It was through his work with The Nightly Business Report that he first came into contact with some of the world’s leading finance and business members. He was able to work directly with individuals such as Warren Buffett, Steve Forbes, Michael Dell, and Bill Gross.

Jeff Yastine has seen all sides of the American economy first beginning work during the market crash of 1987. It was the response to this market crash that first spurred his interest in the mechanics of the American economy and stock market. He quickly began to invest in stocks on his own and learned through a combination of trial and error as well as through education from some of the world’s leading financial experts.

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He has taken this and created a personal philosophy that involves investing in stable profit yielding companies that are under the radar to the typical investor. It is with this philosophy that he creates his publication Total Wealth Insider. Most recently he has published about the growing burden of debt on most Americans. Today most Americans have a record amount of debt including balances owed on credit cards, car loans, student loans, and even mortgages. Currently, credit card debt owed by Americans is greater than $1 trillion. In the year 2017 alone an additional $92 billion was added to America’s credit card debt with 67 billion of that 92 billion added during the fourth quarter alone. As a result, there are significant investment opportunities in debt collection companies, although this does mean that the current growth in the American stock market is more than likely unsustainable. Watch this video on Youtube.

The Oxford Club Pointing Out Time To Buy

When it comes to trying to invest in the marketplace, there are many different ideas and strategies. Investors are more crafty than ever with their specific means of creating wealth, and whether it is complex investments or complex execution plans, the fact of the matter is there are just too many ways to generate wealth in the markets today, and whether you are investing in stocks, bonds, or even entire private companies, if you don’t have a helping hand along the way then you could truly be in for a stressful time. That’s why individual investors who are novices, as well as the experienced and high net worth folks alike, are finding help from the resources provided by The Oxford Club.

When it comes to understanding economics and the global marketplace, there is always new information coming out. That means even if you understand everything going on today, it can be hard to keep up with all of the information coming out from every sector, segment, company, and government. It is even more difficult if you still have a day job, a family, personal hobbies or responsibilities, and even more. That’s why if you are able to tap into the top quality resources of The Oxford Club, you have professionals on your side who are able to help guide you each and every step along the way.

While it may seem like you can do it on your own, you have to truly understand the value of taking on assistance from a professional in The Oxford Club. Not only could you better understand and quantify what you are actually exposing yourself to from a risk point of view, but you are also able to discover why an investment might be good or bad. At the end of the day, the point of investing is to try and maximize your returns compared to your level of risk exposure. That’s why having professionals who can help you to better understand not just the expected returns but also the risk exposure will be one of the best investments you can make when it comes to your investments!

The RealReal Deal

In 2011 CEO Julie Wainwright created a successful, yet different, consignment shop “The RealReal”. The store started online primarily selling women’s designer fashion goods that were ready to be passed on to the next owner. The RealReal sells famous brands such as Christian Louboutin and Gucci. With The RealReal, consumers have the opportunity to get their favorite designers at a bargain. Also if the consumers have products to sell that are in great condition, they can sell what may be overlooked in the closet.

The process that The RealReal goes through to keep their consumers buying authentic products is rigorous. They have several people on staff who are hired to sniff out the phony’s in fashion. This is so the consumer will have no doubt in their mind that the product they are purchasing from the site is 100% authentic. As The RealReal grew past 170 million dollars in profit, the CEO started to consider taking products from the online world to a brick and mortar store. After opening a pop-up location in Soho New York for 2 weeks they realized a storefront could be wildly successful. The store made 2 million dollars in a short amount of time. After the success of the pop-up location, there are rumors that a brick and mortar store may open.

The rumor states that the first storefront is to open later this year in New York City. Additionally, it’s a possibility that the CEO, Julie, is seeking to raise another 100 million dollars for future endeavors. At this time, fans of The RealReal can only speculate on the growth potential of the company as they observe the popularity of purchasing state of the art second-hand products at a wonderful deal. The RealReal is a creative company with an amazing future ahead of them.

End Citizens United Become Important For 2018 And 2020

The traditional PAC, End Citizens United has been growing in importance for Democrats and those concerned by out of control election spending since the group was established in 2015. T

he PAC has become so important to left-leaning politicians and groups that it is now seen as one of those responsible for setting the standards by which future Presidential candidates are measured; one of the most influential aspects of the work of End Citizens United has been the financial pledge of election campaign expenses signed by many liberal politicians as the race for the 2018 Midterms gets underway.

The pledge created by End Citizens United President Tiffany Muller explains a candidate who signs will not accept funding from special interest groups and so-called “mega-donors”. Creating the campaign funding pledge was one of the main aspects of the work of Tiffany Muller when the PAC was established from its Washington D.C. base with the aim of overturning the 2010 Citizens United Supreme Court decision. The rising level of influence and importance to Democrats and left-leaning liberals has been seen in the fact the buildup to the 2016 Presidential election saw just three Democrats sign but over 70 have already pledged to reject special interest group funding by April 2018.

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Some of the most important names to the left of U.S. politics have already made their way to the End Citizens United PAC and shown their support for the election campaign finance work of the group. Those who have become linked to the PAC which caps member donations at $5,000 per election cycle including Senator Bernie Sanders, Senator Elizabeth Warren, and Senator Kirsten Gillibrand; the case of Gillibrand shows the importance of being on the correct side of progressive issues in the buildup to both the 2018 Midterms and the 2020 Presidential election which the New York Senator hopes to play a major role in.

Those around Gillibrand revealed she is looking to position herself for a Presidential run in 2020 and believes the issue of campaign financing will be a major in the coming elections. It has been reported, Senator Gillibrand will lose as much as $800,000 in financing by turning down special interest group funding but feels any decision to run for the Presidency should be accompanied by a high moral grounding which is offered by End Citizens United.

The Trabuco Is A Chinese Invention That Took The Ancient World By Storm

Ancient China was a marvelous place that helped shape the modern world. The ancient Chinese gave the world many important inventions including silk, paper and the compass. One invention that quickly took was a machine called the trabuco. This invention dates back over two thousand years to a period in time when China was arguably the most advanced civilization in the entire world. For centuries, Chinese leaders used this weapon to conquer the surrounding area and to create what would eventually become one of the world’s first and most important nation states.

The trabuco was one invention, that like many other inventions in China, was quickly seized upon and adapted by neighboring states. However, for over a thousand years, it remained the sole preserve of the Chinese nation state. Chinese leaders sought whenever possible to keep to themselves. Officials sought to do so because it was such an effective weapon. The trabuco was an improvement on an ancient form of weaponry known as the slingshot according to sinonimos.com.br. The origins of the slingshot are buried in time but it remains clear that the trabuco was a Chinese creation.

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Chinese Technology

One of the many things that people admired about Chinese society for many centuries was the sheer inventiveness of this time in the world. The Chinese society of this time frame is one in which inventors were given the freedom they need to conduct all sorts of experiments with many types of materials according to wordreference.com. Chinese scholars frequently worked closely with other members of their society to consider ways to improve many existing devices as well as create new ones. The trabuco is very much a product of this time in history. It builds on known weapons of the time and creates improvements that made it possible for the machine to be easier to move as well as easier to take along during any kind of battle. An existing technology such as the use of the lever was thus improved upon and made new again by the hard work of Chinese citizens. The result was a greatly admired and truly efficient war weapon.

Search more about Trabuco: http://www.infoescola.com/curiosidades/trabuco/

A Truly Ethical Collection Company, IC System’s Business Model Is Based On Tradition and Innovation

As one of America’s top accounts receivable management and collection companies, IC System is a family-owned business that is based in St. Paul, Minnesota.

IC System was founded in 1938 and is well-known for providing its clients with ethical and trustworthy service. This accounts receivable recovery company utilizes the same honest guiding principles that have driven the company for 80 years, yet maintains an innovative approach to collecting debt (Indeed).

Licensed and/or bonded to collect debt in 50 United States, Puerto Rico and Guam, IC System trains its representatives to treat clients with respect and dignity.

Even if a person who owes a debt has moved to another U.S. state from where the debt originated, IC System has the ability and knowledge to be able to collect unpaid debts from that individual.

IC System maintains a comprehensive focus on providing a secure network for their clients, and its true data security compliance has been verified by a qualified third-party security auditor. This thriving company also has a thorough CRMS, or Compliance Risk Management System in place.

As an active community-minded company, IC System regularly sponsors various types of sporting and charitable events. The company features a staff charity committee that helps a different charity every month, and helps IC System employees who are going through difficult times.

Among the many charities that IC System has helped through the years are well-known national and international organizations, as well as some that are located in their local region.

The corporate sustainability objectives that are in place at IC System include using efficient resources regularly, making purchases that are environmentally responsible, and urging its employees to practice sustainability values within their communities.

IC System maintains a well-deserved reputation of being a fair and reliable company that delivers results that regularly exceed the expectations of its clients.


Eric Lefkofsky – Focused On His Mission

Tempus is the Chicago-based company that is lead by Groupon’s co-founder, Eric Lefkofsky. The company’s mission is creating more personalized cancer patient treatment for people who have been afflicted by that disease. They recently received funding for the amount of $80 million. These funds came from a combination of existing and new shareholders.

With their current valuation of approximately $1.1 billion, their latest funding efforts elevate Tempus to “unicorn” status – a rare accomplishment for most Chicago area start-ups.

Tempus focuses on using available clinical data to analyze the trends in cancer treatment, as well as gathering biological data from the patients themselves during the treatment process. This type of information consolidation includes doctor’s notes related to their patients, which can be collected and stored electronically, allowing future retrieval and expansion of treatment opportunities.

Lefkofsky is excited at the potential benefits of these collaborations within the healthcare community. He believes, “We’re in the midst of one of the most significant paradigm shifts of our time.” The donors of this $80 million gift included new contributors Kinship Trust Company and T. Rowe Price Associates, in addition to Revolution Growth and New Enterprise Associates.

Eric Lefkofsky’s entrepreneurial journey began after attaining his undergraduate and law degrees from University of Michigan in 1991 and law degree University of Michigan’s Law School in 1993. He and a college friend, Brad Keywell purchased a clothing company, Brandon Apparel in Madison, Wisconsin.

They co-founded a company that serviced mid-sized companies’ printing needs called InnerWorkings in 2001 and offered public stocks in 2006. In 2005 Eric and Brad had started Echo Global Logistics, which provides freight logistics support. Lefkofsky and Keywell had the “Midas touch” – attracted funding from New Enterprise Associates, then went public in 2006. They started additional successful companies, including Groupon in 2013. Eric stepped down as CEO of Groupon in 2015, co-founded Tempus in 2016 to use technology collaborate with health providers for better patient care.

Eric and his wife formed the Lefkofsky Foundation to support charities that benefit education, medicine and health initiatives worldwide. Giving at home and abroad is Eric’s mission.

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Enhanced Athlete Doesn’t Let Others Bring Them Down

Since Enhanced Athlete started, they’ve made it their goal to give athletes the help they need. They know people try to do things right because of all the options they have and they know there are other opportunities they can give people so they don’t need to worry about the issues going on in their business. They’ve spent a lot of time preparing themselves for issues that could come from other companies, but they know they can do things right if they continue helping people with their issues. They plan to always give them the opportunities they need to be successful.


Part of the work they do relates to how they can give more attention to the issues people have. It is what they do to provide a positive impact on the community they work with. It’s also their goal to always give athletes a better chance at a good future on their own. If Enhanced Athlete can help athletes, they know what it takes to give people a chance at performing better. They also know everyone knows how they can do things the right way. As long as they are showing people the opportunities they have for success, Enhanced Athlete knows how they can do things.


When they realized they were going to have to fight Nutrition Distribution, Enhanced Athlete saw there was a problem. They didn’t want to keep doing what they were doing when it came to copying another company. Once they did research, though, they realized they weren’t really copying Nutrition Distribution. They found the company was just trying to make their lives harder and that was a big problem for Enhanced Athlete. They decided to fight back against the issues going on with Nutrition Distribution since they had really done nothing wrong to make the company try to sue them.


Since Enhanced Athlete knew what they could do to help people, they felt good about the things that were going on. They also felt they would have a chance to be successful on their own. If they knew what to do, they could help people understand all the options they had. It was their way of making sure people could see how things would get better. It was also their way of providing people with a chance to try things on their own. For Enhanced Athlete, the lawsuit is just one more thing they have to handle with their business.

Daniel Taub Uses His Position as an Ambassador to Give Back

Working as an ambassador allowed Daniel Taub to give back to the community he used to be a part of. He made a great ambassador because he knew what it was like to live in te UK. Even though he is an Israelite, he lived in the UK. He spent a large part of his life there going to school and growing up. Read more: Daniel Taub | Crunchbase and Daniel Taub | LinkedIn

He also learned a lot about the UK from the studies he had and that allowed him the chance to keep helping people with other things once he took the ambassador position in the embassy within the UK.

Daniel Taub not only studied in the UK but he also went to the United States. He attended Harvard and earned a degree. He went back to Israel after earning his degree and began putting it to use.

He knew what he wanted to do from the time he was young and that allowed him to choose an ambassador position that would be easy for him to do. He spent a lot of time working and growing in the position. It was his way of making sure Israel got what they needed and so did the UK.

While he was there, he felt as though he was at home. He chose to do things that other people in the UK were doing because it’s what he knew before. The ideas he had all went back to how hard he worked as the ambassador.

He enjoyed the food the UK had to offer as well as some of the activities he didn’t have when he was living in Israel. It made sense for him to keep helping people with the options they needed because he spent so much time there learning about it. Learn more about Daniel Taub: http://www.behance.net/danieltaub and http://israblog.nana10.co.il/blogread.asp?blog=864881

As long as Daniel Taub knew how to help people try things on their own, he was a great ambassador. In fact, the trade between the two countries almost doubled while he was the ambassador.

He made sure he was doing things the right way and that let him have the opportunity to do better.

Both countries were good at what they did, but Daniel Taub made them even better. He made sure people saw what he could do so they would notice how well each country was performing.

He also spent time perfecting his techniques so he could use them later on when he was working on different missions.