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This will give information about reviews of a company called White Shark Media®. One review was from Kevin from Ohio. He and those from Ohio were satisfied with the improvements that have been steady and slow. These were improvements in the campaigns that moved up the program while having the costs lowered.

Kevin and the company seems to be forming a good working relationship with the work partners. It also seems that those they work with have a good understanding on what it to be done for the company. Finally, it seems that the company is accurate. It’s accurate in the way feedback it submitted about how problems can be taken care of and improved.

Max W. from Minnesota sounds all in with hiring White Shark Media®. He specifically recommends an employee Ana Stephenson as the account representative. The customer said that Stephenson has done a good job at showing her full potential, she showed great potential in an advertising program uses called “Google Ad Words. Another satisfied customer was Rafael J. He liked how White Shark had been comprehensible. Finally, there was a customer named Samantha who most often sends out updates and gives out great hints as well. She also helped the company stay on top of the budget and center business needs.

Now some general information about White Shark Media®. This company is the leader of the Digital exhale Marketing Agency it brings online marketing solutions that are specifically customized for businesses that are medium and small sized. It turned out the winning mix for this company was the mixture of a domestic and offshore presence with an employee base which is fully bilingual and carry a lot of talent. Finally, this company made number 786 of 5,000 on America’s fastest growing companies on Inc. Magazine. more information.

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Dr. Jennifer Walden: Cosmetic Passion, Determination & Ingenuity

When it comes plastic surgeons, the United States has more than enough to choose from. Unfortunately, all aren’t created equal because all plastic surgeons have different levels of experience. Have you ever heard of Dr. Jennifer Walden? If you haven’t heard, the you’re not alone. Dr. Jennifer Walden is an accomplished cosmetic surgeon who is board-certified. There are over 8,000 board-certified cosmetic surgeons in America, but only 851 are board-certified. Yes, this is a male-oriented field, but the female doctors provide some of the best, high-quality work that rivals the work of the males.

Dr. Walden comes from a family of professionals. Her mother was a surgical nurse, and her father was a dentist. She has always had a strong passion for the medical industry and this would be the field of choice for starting her career. Walden would attend the University of Texas after graduating from high school. After earning a bachelor’s degree in Biology, she would be waitlisted before attending the University of Texas Medical Branch. Years of studying and working hard has paid-off in earning a medical doctorate. To add insult to injury, Walden was the salutatorian of her graduating class. Walden is a media-mogul in a sense because she has appeared on numerous television shows such as “Dr. 90210,” and she has appeared as a commentator for both ABC News and Fox News. Harper’s Bazaar named her as One of America’s 24 Best Cosmetic Surgeons in 2014.

After obtaining her fellowship in aesthetic surgery from the Manhattan Eye, Ear & Throat Hospital, she would work in New York for many years. Walden attended medical-conferences, and she played a huge role in the rebirth of silicone-breast implants. As of today, Dr. Jennifer Walden is raising her twin boys in her hometown, and she has a very successful medical practice.

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Trabuco – War Machine Of Old

Do you want to defeat Goliath? Well, you are in luck, you’ll need a trabuco. The trabuco served as the manufactured mechanical device that defended territories in the middle ages. The trabuco is the equivalent of a very large swing that shoots.

Trabuco was used in old times to shoot large boulders over a protection wall to get the bad guys. The wooden trabuco structure stands tall at approximately three fourths the height of the protection wall. The protection wall was typically made out of brick. This allows that the weapon will not to be seen. A cross arm sits at the top of the vertical wooden structure and this cross arm is the swing that fires the boulder. The tip of the swing is held down with a lever rope that when fired at the enemy will be released with maximum tension. This will allow the shot to get maximum distance and arch.


Obviously the trabuco must be completely anchored to the ground or at least it should be heavy enough so that when the boulder or weapon of choice that you catapult toward the enemy fires, the trabuco stays in place.

Picture this. The mean enemy is on the other side of the wall. You can hear them. Raaar, I’m coming to eat you. Raaar! Quick, Johnson, ready the trabuco. Roger that! Load the boulder and fire on my command. Fire! Firing! The tension rope that holds the trabuco in place releases the arm that sits on the top of the vertical structure. According to, the boulder swiftly swings inside the trabuco and it is released above the wall and the boulder flies to the other side. Bang! Direct hit! Great work Johnson. Thanks Mitchell, we are safe again.

The longest distance for shooting a trabuco of maximum size was approximately 984 feet according to Accuracy was more important than distance however, as one might imagine. This was one of the most feared weapons of the middle ages. We can call it the larger than life-sized sling shot.

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Fabletics Has Fashions Available Now Through Amazon

Fabletics has fashions available now through Amazon. This move was made to corner that large group of mainly women shoppers that mostly shop on this one online site. Fabletics is already a popular fashion brand that specializes in beautifully made athleisure wear. Unlike those grungy athletic clothes of years past, women have decided that they deserve better looking and fitting athletic clothing for the prices that they are typically sold for. Fabletics is a fashion company built with the help of co-founder Kate Hudson. Her unique feminine take on these clothing styles has made this company a force that is seemingly unstoppable.


Some looked at Fabletics odd reverse showroom strategy with mixed emotions. This just wasn’t how to sell clothes. Fabletics is proving these naysayers wrong. Their goal was to capture their customer’s interests and build their company based on that. This fashion company has a unique and rather fun Lifestyle Quiz that all of their very important to the company customers are all urged to take. In just a few moments, they have the answers. Customers are awed by the results that they thought would turn out very different. Just about every woman has bought an outfit or two that looked good in the dressing room, but looked somewhat less pretty whey they tried to wear it at home. It seems that those darkened dressing rooms are dark for a reason. These stores don’t want customers to see the clothes are unsuitable for them in some fashion.


Kate Hudson is an esteemed member of Fabletics and has a lot of say in the company’s policies. She jokes how she once was just almost famous as an actress, then moved to Fabletics where she truly shines. She obviously has acting talent, and she has an independent and beautiful sense of fashion style all her own. She brings this talent to Fabletics, and Kate is devoted to providing ordinary women with clothes fit for celebrities. Even though Kate insists on using fine fabrics and high quality notions in the designs, she still resolves to sell these fashions at very affordable prices. As for those unable to buy great looking clothing, Kate urges everyone to take the company’s elite quiz for revealing answers that tell correct size ranges, cuts, favorable designs, correct colors and more. Customers are astonished by the new knowledge, and they become instant believers in this famed brand.

Barbara Stokes – Green Structure Homes

Green Structure Homes of Alabama share her mission of designing, building, and deliver along with offering on-site construction for mobile and modular commercial homes. Along with constructing residential structures. It has established itself as an experienced company, that offer in-house services in order to provide solutions to turn-key problems. Read this article at

Barbara Stokes, a graduate of Mercer University. Studied in Biomedicinal Engineering and Physics. Stokes also studied in Management and Manufacturing, Technical Communication, while also studying Property of Materials and structures and Thermodynamics. Barbara Stokes formed a partnership with Green Structure Homes, of Alabama after gaining experience during her time in Pisces Corporation along with Boeing. Stokes is also experienced in the field of government contracting. This allowed her to become the CEO of GSH.

The corporation also offers in-house project management. Along with independent engineering, with the experience of over 30 years in the planning, foundation, development, and installation along with inspection of construction projects. Their past performances include designing, engineering, and building 82 security gates for the Navy.



Designing and supplying underground training facilities for the Army. Engineering, designing, building, and installing 12 structures for the U.S. Air Force. Along with building security Bollards for the US Army.

Their In-house Services include land-planning, infrastructure, along with utility and foundation services. Architectural design that utilizes AutoCAD 2000 and 3D rendering, in-house production management supervisors that have been on staff since 1999, complete on-site utility coordination along with installation.

Their services also include residential and commercial builders for manufactured mobiles and molecular structures. Information support technology, and logistics modernization support. Read more about Barbara Stokes at

Oncortarget, a Journal that Explores New Developments in Medical Field

A research study carried out on Assisted Reproductive Technologies (AST) revealed that the method was not a major contributor of defects associated to birth. After an extensive study, the research revealed that there are other factors such as pre-fertile pregnancies and problems that occur during conception. Children born naturally were at lower risks of being defected as compared to those born through AST (

One of the most distressing things is being diagnosed with cancer. The idea of going through chemo therapy and other cancer treatment becomes more terrifying than the cancer itself. The side effects of these treatments become so severe that one might wish that they never started with the treatment. Check Oncotarget at

Patients with a type of cancer called papillary thyroid carcinoma experience a tough situation since after some time of treating the disease with vemurafenib drug, it starts resisting it. As a result, a team of researchers from the Harvard School of Medicine has committed to finding a solution for the resistance. They have suggested the use of a drug (palbociclib) that has been approved in the treatment of breast cancer that has advanced. They recommend it as a solution for the resistance to vemurafenib. Learn more about Oncotarget at

According to an interview done on one of the team members on the research findings which can also be found in Oncotarget’s podcast on iTunes, Stitcher and Player F.M, the research they carried out showed that treatment for thyroid cancer can be done by combining palbociclib and vemurafenib to overcome the resistance.

As cancer spread through cell division, the combined treatment was able to prevent the multiplication of the cells and it killed the cancer cells faster. This was after comparing how each drug acted on the cells which showed that their rate of killing the cancer cells was slow and thus combining them led to better results.

After carrying a deep research, the team is satisfied that the combined therapy can be used to treat the drug resistant thyroid cancer that has either primary or secondary drug resistance. The treatment has been proven by the researchers as ready to be taken to clinical level to be tried on patients.

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