Advancing Medicine with Jorge Moll

Technology and medicine

Digital technology has spilled over into healthcare, heralding a new era in the industry. An example is Google glass which now gives a better patient experience by enabling patients to go for appointments with their doctors using a tool that retrieves all patient information using just a voice command. This has changed the way patients get cared for. The benefits that have been realized through this technology include;

A humanized interaction between doctors and their patients, it has also increased efficiency. Apart from the improved interaction, Google glass enables the doctor to focus totally on the patient. This is due to the fact that doctors now spend less time going through patient files or in note taking since the doctor only has to issue a voice command to the device and it will store and retrieve all the information needed. The device, therefore, allows for in-depth medical evaluation by doctors, improving the patients’ safety by protecting him/her from a misdiagnosis. Know more about Jorge at Crunchbase.

Jorge Moll founded Rede D’Or in 1977, as a health laboratory that did diagnostics imaging and has turned out to be the largest hospital and laboratory operators in Brazil. He is also the president of the company’s Board of directors. The company currently owns over 30 hospitals. In 2010, Moll sold part of Rede D’Or Fleury SA, a publicly traded company dealing in medical services provision. The deal is said to have been worth over $750 million. He then gained control of Sao Paulo’s Sao Luiz, another hospital group. Private equity firms Carlyle Group and GIC Pte then bought shares into the company. Learn more about Jorge on ideamenschcom.

The conclusion

At the conclusion of the patient’s visit/consultation with his/her doctor, the information that has been collected gets remotely structured and is reviewed by the doctor/specialist visited. This increases productivity and also improves the patient experience. Tablets and other mobile handsets are also getting increasingly integrated into the medical world through various health applications that enable users to access their medical history and make online doctor’s appointments. This is a pointer to where the medical world is headed technology wise and hospitals and other medical services providers need to take note and adapt.


Glen Wakeman Is At The Center Of The Growth Of LaunchPad Holdings

Glen Wakeman steers LaunchPad Holdings as the company’s CEO. The business executive boasts of two decades’ experience in the field of financial services. Glen co-founded LaunchPad two years ago. The success he has attained in the corporate world can be attributed to his longstanding experience on matters finance and professional background. Glen Wakeman graduated from the Universities of Scranton and Chicago. During both his undergraduate and postgraduate he majored in Finance. Glen jumpstarted his career in the corporate world at GE Capital. Later he partnered with several individuals to establish Nova Four. GE Capital remembers Glen Wakeman for the robust strategies he deployed while working at the firm. Visit to know more about Glen Wakeman.

Over the years, Glen Wakeman has grown to become one of the most influential persons in the sector of financial services. His coworkers recognize him as an excellent mentor and entrepreneur who has shaped the careers of many. Glen Wakeman’s company manage an extensive asset portfolio of over $15billion. Wakeman has gathered a lot of experience in the launch and management of startups.

According to the serial entrepreneur, his love for implementation of great business ideas pushed him to start LaunchPad Holdings. With the company, he was able to appropriate resources to workable ideas. Glen Wakeman’s history working with renowned financial institutions remains to be his primary strength in the dynamic field of business. LaunchPad Holdings has built a business model that is geared towards assisting other companies to grow.


One of the ways Glen Wakeman has found to be useful during the process of conceptualization business ideas is sharing them with others. The more people you share with, the more enlightened you get. The sharing process also enables you to get the perspective of those who are experienced in various professions. LinkedIn is a social media platform that Glen has found to be unique whenever one wants to build vibrant connections. Glen Wakeman has made it his habit to outline concepts to other people so that he can get the viability of his thoughts. LaunchPad is expected to up its growth in the future given the unique approach that Glen Wakeman has deployed for the business. Read more about his interview at Ideamensch.

How Eli Gershkovitch is transforming the Canadian Craft Breweries

The Canadian Craft Breweries are making a difference in the crafted beers. The change in behavior and diversity appreciation has seen the young drinking adults creating a higher demand on crafted beers.

This is quite different from what used to happen as the older folks preferred mass market domestic beer. This led to creation of beer empires and those small breweries that tried to penetrate the market at that time could barely get a market share. Learn more about Eli at

As a result of their improved quality on beer, the Canadian Craft Breweries have been participating in the U.S Beer Championship and have won several awards. It has won 20 medals for beers under different categories with the Cameron brewery being on the lead in Canadian Craft Breweries.

It had presented three craft beers and won the bitter beer category award from its One-Eyed Grouse. It also won a silver medal in the American larger category through its Captain’s Log larger among other awards from other categories.

One of the greatest contributors to the Canadian Craft Breweries has been Eli Gershkovitch, a law graduate from the University of Toronto. As an adventurer and an entrepreneur, Eli had noted how the drinking pattern had been changing gradually. He took interest in the industry and started crafting his own beer.

Eli started a small pub where he could sell his beer. He brewed his beer with exotic flavors that were unique and allowed consumers to have a variety to choose from. His beer continued increasing in demand and popularity and saw him expanding his business and obtaining patent for his beers.


He later established Transcontinental Restaurant to be able to accommodate his customers. The restaurant was then expanded and named the Rouge Kitchen and Wetbar. Eli’s variety became widely known and accepted and he was finally able to open a fully-fledged brewery: the Stemworks.

Eli Gershkovitch has ever since focused on crafting the finest beers; perfecting each new brand he creates. He spend years before releasing his beer to the public and upon releasing them, they always create a high demand due to their unique quality and perfect flavors.

Eli uses the profits he gets from the brewery to expand his business, to buy himself expensive cars and for adventure. Read more about his craft beers at The Bro Talk.

Mark Holterman The Children’s Hero

Dr. Mark Holterman serves as a professor at the Illinois College of Medicine University since the year 2011. Amongst his roles is, he is an attending paediatric surgeon at the Children’s Hospital of Advocate Christ, the Illinois Children’s Hospital and St. Francis Hospital.

Mark is an individual who has maintained associations with many proficient organizations like the American Academy of Paediatrics and the American College of Surgeons. His specialization is in the field of paediatric surgery and his study interests are reformative medication, stem cell treatments as well as fatness and innovative treatments of cancer. Read more about Dr. Mark Holterman at Dial Dish.

Holterman went to the University of Yale majoring in biology. He later earned his PhD and MD from Virginia University. Afterwards, he successfully finished internship in universal surgery at the Virginia Health Sciences University and his communion in pediatric surgery at the Children’s Hospital and Medical Centre. Previously, Mark worked as a chief surgeon at Advocate Christ Children’s Hospital and as an attending paediatric surgeon at Rush University Medical Centre.

His Heroism

Dr. Mark Holterman helps children using his skilled surgical practices in two separate hospitals in Peoria. All over his career, Mark has devoted his entire self in the creation of supplementary fit choices for the young generation. He goes even further to create time to manage Mariam Global Health which focuses on the growth of therapies of the cells and to donate a part of his little time to groups like the International Pediatric Specialists Alliance for the Children living in Vietnam. Learn more about Dr. Mark Holterman’s profile at

This group was founded with the aim of helping enhance the lives of the younger generation in Vietnam. IPSAC-VN’s biggest program was the International Academic Program that aimed at providing training activities for doctors from Vietnam in the United States.

Mark Holterman has been and continues to be a necessary element in the numerous initiatives carried out by the organization that render workers, medical provisions and other resources needed by the region. Mark Holterman’s determination is to get treatments to continuing illnesses that affect children. His partnership with the Children’s Hospital Los Angeles enabled them to launch a new program known as Camp PowerUp.


Louis Chenevert Supports Creativity Within The Organization

Louis Chenevert knows how to set an example that his company can follow. He has the vision to see opportunities and follow through on execution. However, Chenevert understands that it is a team who makes the organization. Louis was selected as the CEO of United Technologies Corporation and established a new flow to daily operations. He had a direct influence on the working environment at UTC by altering the nature of creativity. Louis wanted the innovative minds to feel like their opinions were going to be heard and that they had a platform of expression. This type of vision and passion for new ideas helped UTC storm back to the front of its industry. The company is dedicated to creating opportunity for its employees and others around the country.

Technology is a complicated industry that is always changing. The consumers of technology are highly sophisticated and constantly looking for the next gadget. Louis put UTC at the forefront of this demanding process by committing to hiring 25,000 personnel over a three-year span in the United States alone. Chenevert set the precedent that UTC is serious about supporting the creation of opportunities. Visit to know more about Louis Chenevert.

The main organization must grow in order for its affiliate brands to feel the overall success of the mission. UTC has a great deal of suppliers and knows that they must stand behind their support system. The company committed $40 over a three-year period to help its subsidiary companies produce the type of product that UTC is expected to receive.

Technology is created by the brilliant minds that are allowed to express their creativity. Louis Chenevert and UTC implemented a system to support their innovative technicians by sending them to college for a bachelor’s degree. Team members are able to attend college on a full company scholarship no matter what subject matter they choose to study. Read more at

Louis Chenevert was educated at the University of Montreal. He received his education from HEC Montreal, which is the business school at the University. He is a native of Quebec Canada and began a successful career in business right away. Chenevert spent 14 years with General Motors before he landed at Pratt & Whitney. After Pratt & Whitney Chenevert was chosen as the CEO of United Technologies Corporation. He resigned his position as CEO of UTC and has moved on to other opportunities.


Waiakea Water: How it is Good for the Environment

This article is about a company called Waiakea Water, which is good for the environment. There are many companies which sell bottles of water. There is an estimate that the bottled water industry is up to $100 billion over the world. It is very easy to notice different brands quickly if you are in a store. Also, the top consumer of bottled water as of now are Italians. But other countries are still in the fight for first place.

The current companies like to try to put a unique ingredient to put in their bottled water. For example, a tagline type which will make them different from the others. For example, it could be by a distinct filtration process or vitamins to set them apart. One example of a particular brand of water that does this is called Waiakea Water. Watch this video on Youtube.

One way this company is different is because it is Hawaii based. It uses the Hawaiian language in their name as well. Waiakea comes from the name “wai akea” which translates to “broad waters. It is a method to put the culture of Hawaii into the company and give the good feeling which ties in to purchasing Hawaiian.

Now, some general information about Waiakea Water. This company was established by the founder Ryan Emmons. This type of water is a sustainable and renewable resource. This was sourced from an aquifer with a recharge rate of 1.4 billion. It also uses renewable energy of thirty-three percent. The sustainable water aspect is highlighted in the same manner in which it’s packaged.

The reason it is considered friendly for the environment is because of the material it’s made with. For example, it is made with 100 percent polyethylene terephthalate which is a high-grade one. It also utilizes eighty-five percent less energy to produce virgin plastic or regular bottles.

Also, the process is a reduction of carbon emissions. This is by over ninety percent in comparison of traditional bottles. Also, the plastic is free of BPA. Finally Pump Aid has agreed to team up to donate 650 clean water liters to rural Africa. Read more articles on Affiliate Dork.

Josh Smith: A Green Revolutionary

Josh Smith is an entrepreneur who has embarked on several business ventures in his 18 years in Reno, Nevada. He has successfully launched and steered several businesses in Reno, Nevada, which is impressive in the little time that he’s done it. Josh Smith has one goal in mind, to benefit today’s society and the environment in which they live. Money is simply a bonus. He recently completed an interview in which he was asked why and how he started a business to begin with. Josh Smith answered that he just wants to make life easier for people, and he incorporates his art background in his inventions.

When transforming his concepts into solutions he sits down to draw out the diagram for the solution, and then writes down his additional ideas based on that. He then develops a plan to make that product marketable based on today’s societal needs. Josh Smith was also asked how he maintains his productivity with so many ventures at once. He says you must make sure that the project calls for creativity, and that you are genuinely inspired by it. He also focuses on productive tasks that help him to achieve more than one goal.

The interview gave light to what a remarkable, imaginative and inventive mind Josh Smith has. Over the years he has developed the mental strength to block out nay-sayers and wishes he had given this advice to his younger self when he was starting out. Over the years, he has also developed his own leadership and business techniques based on past mistakes he’s made. Josh Smith also recommends “The War of Art” as a good read for budding entrepreneurs, and to maintain healthy brain activity.

One of Smith’s newer and more popular ventures is the Modular Greenhouse that will neglect chemical usage in the growth of plants, making organic fruits and vegetables that much more natural. He genuinely believes in his mission to make food healthier for children in their developmental years, and has developed a team of individuals who share his vision, passion, experience and drive.

Follow Josh Smith here:

Joel Friant – From a Habanero Shaker to Cryptocurrency

Investing is not something that every person who knows how to handle their finances can do. An extensive amount of research, good instincts, and a substantial amount of luck are all required for one to turn their capital into a fortune. Joel Friant, however, is one of the people who has engaged in many different industries and turned his initial investments into hefty profits.

Friant is a businessman who can also be classified as a salesman, realtor, investor, public speaker, and more. He established himself as a successful person over 20 years ago when he created the first Thai restaurant that operated through the fast food concept. This also earned him the nickname of “The Thai Guy”.

During this time, he also started creating his most successful product. Friant is the proud owner of the Habanero Shaker that millions of people enjoy. This product is one of the best Habanero Chile Peppers in the market and Friant has found a way to merge his skills in the virtual world with sales of the shaker. After working in the mortgage industry for a while, Friant has decided to turn to some of the most modern investments.

Nowadays, this investor is very active in the cryptocurrency market that has been growing exponentially over the last few years. He also spent a lot of time studying the sales strategies of online retailers, which is where he now sells the Habanero Shaker.

People who purchase the shaker are usually the ones who do not mind the heat. According to the Scoville heat scale, this pepper has an average of 200,000 units of heat which is about 50 times hotter than a regular Jalapeno. Nevertheless, the convenient packaging and a very easy purchase available online has helped Friant grab a very substantial part of the market.

Some of the most recent endeavors that Friant has engaged in include public speaking. After many years of success, he now attempts to bring others up to speed on the forever-changing nature of the investment market. The venues for these displays range from public events to online seminars that are attended by thousands of people.

The Benefits Reading AvaTrade Review

AvaTrade is a structured dealer keen on giving its customers custom trading results. With Avatrade, you can start trading instantly on any of their state-of-the-art platforms.

AvaTrade was formed a few years ago, in 2006 to be exact, in Dublin, Ireland. They provide exchange opportunities in numerous countries with locations globally. AvaTrade is an agent that is dedicated to bringing you a safe exchanging platform. This company is completely accredited in the EU, in addition to Australia, South Africa as well as Japan.

The most noticeable feature of AvaTrade would be their unique trading packages that come bundled with their software. You only pay for the trades themselves with no additional costs like subscriptions or fees for accessing the platform. An example of one of their packages includes the Zulu trading system, AvaTrade’s own trading system, and various API’s.

Exchange Options

Accommodating each kind of trader, AvaTrade bids on a extensive assortment of platforms, both variations of automatic and manual trading – whichever you prefer. Each platform allows use of up to approximately 250 trading tools.

AvaTrade is one of the top trading or exchange companies with features such as one click trades on all possessions from a lone screen. It is an entirely customizable platform that allows you access to progressive registering, as well as live feeds.

The customizable platforms offer flexibility and control to satisfy all traders from complete beginners to the most experienced. The platform adjusts for you so you can trade in your preferred environment.

What They Do

The quality of the trades available on AvaTrade as well as the platforms you can are the biggest part of what makes this one of the most popular trading choices. AvaTrade is devoted to making your trading experience both enlightening and profitable. Educating traders in this type of business is available.

Getting Started

Signing up for AvaTrade is a painless process and you can start trading in no time at all. With information on how to use the platform and set everything up the way that will work best for you, you can start increasing your trading profits quickly

Oxford Club and the Different Forms of Cryptocurrencies

Many people are hearing and talking more about cryptocurrencies these days. Therefore, companies like The Oxford Club are taking an interest in this topic. One of the most popular forms of currencies that have come out is the bitcoin. Many people have been mining the bitcoin. However, there has been a new discovery about the bitcoin. One new discovery is that people can create their own bitcoin. This brings forth an even greater opportunity for profits. Among the people and groups that are giving this opportunity some consideration is The Oxford Club. They are very passionate about helping people profit.

The Oxford Club is very passionate about helping people achieve the financial independence they hope for. The experts have a lot of knowledge and insight on what goes into the different methods of making profits. Given that they are very passionate about financial independence, they are always open to new opportunities, especially since the ability to make money sometimes depends on the ability to spot new opportunities. The ability to make new cryptocurrencies is an example of a new opportunity. The best thing about new opportunities is that there is the chance to take part in it before it becomes saturated.

Financial independence is one of the best things to shoot for. One of the people who have been investing in bitcoin for a while is Adam Sharp. He has been involved with bitcoin since 2013. One thing that Adam points out is that with the different cryptocurrencies out there, there is one aspect of the currency that is important. It is the code. People can do anything they want with the code. Therefore, it is possible to create more cryptocurrencies. As a matter of fact, there are thousands of cryptocurrencies that are on the internet for people to take advantage of.